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am I not your girl? Sinead O’Connor

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Sinead sure can sing.

She sure can piss people off, too.

This album really shows her voice off, it’s full of jazz standards. It makes me feel nostalgic, like I should take up making gin in my bathtub and smoking through a long cigarette holder.

And it makes me want to memorize the words for all her songs and then some.

Which is a decent thing for an album to make me want. I think it’s a good album.

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  • Yes, this album has not gotten it’s due. I particularly dig the drama of her version of “Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home.” I know it as a country song. Sinead’s is the best version I’ve heard, though.

  • James Bondage

    Isn’t she the one who burned a picture of the Pope on SNL?

    Ugghhh, how can we miss you, Sine Aid, if you won’t go away?


  • Eric Olsen

    Yes, but over time her act has come to look a lot more sensible.

  • does she still qualify for enshrinement in the Pantheon of Bald Entertainers? with competition like curly howard, kojak, avery “hawk” brooks, and the scientist from the muppets, it’s hard to say even leaving aside her defection. sinead ripped–she didnt burn it–a picture of El Papa in half–not a good career move, and in my view a poor expression of her anti-papist sentiment. i saw it live and was like “wtf?” for the rest of the night. ending the song with a quick refrain of “the pope is a dope” would have been tidier.

  • i particularly like “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”. good stuff.

  • ahh.. i just remembered a funny (sort of) story about this record.

    this was shortly after i had gone through a divorce, and had moved into a house with an old college friend.

    me & kevin were sitting around one night drinking a few beers..and i happened to have this cd on. an even older friend of mine calls me and says “what are you guys up to?”…right at that moment the song “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” was playing….and my reply to his query was

    “nothin’…just sittin’ around listening to show tunes”

    he sorta freaked out…”what the hell does THAT mean?!”

    heh…sometimes it’s fun to play with peoples’ minds.