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AlwaysOn and Technorati “Open Media 100”

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We at Blogcritics are deeply honored, and I am personally touched, to have been selected among the inaugural AlwaysOn and Technorati “Open Media 100 – the power list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution.”

I mean this is a serious, serious list of big-timers and innovators and we are profoundly humbled to be included in such company. We appreciate that our little corner of the blogosphere — our microcosm of the blogosphere with over 1000 members — has been included among the technical, conceptual, and intellectual giants of the field.

Always On’s Tony Perkins describes the list further, “You might think of the Open Media 100 as the new, new establishment – people you may not know but probably should. Although many of these folks may never grace the pages of the high-gloss pubs, they will most certainly be keeping an independent eye on those who do. As we’ve all witnessed, this is already happening. Both Dan Rather and CNN news chief Eason Jordon were handed their walking papers after being busted by bloggers.

“The purpose of this list is to provide an initial, helpful framework of this emerging industry and highlight its key players who are influencing the adoption of open media and proving the impact it is already having on the technology industry, journalism, and marketing,” he writes.

The list is divided into Pioneers, Trendsetters (Blogcritics was selected here), Practitioners, Toolsmiths, and Enablers. The list was created via “subjective and objective processes,” including nominations from bloggers, surveys, and measurable data using Technorati’s blog search engine, which tracks more than 11.5 million weblogs and over 1.2 billion links.

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About Eric Olsen

Career media professional and serial entrepreneur Eric Olsen flung himself into the paranormal world in 2012, creating the America's Most Haunted brand and co-authoring the award-winning America's Most Haunted book, published by Berkley/Penguin in Sept, 2014. Olsen is co-host of the nationally syndicated broadcast and Internet radio talk show After Hours AM; his entertaining and informative America's Most Haunted website and social media outlets are must-reads: Twitter@amhaunted, Facebook.com/amhaunted, Pinterest America's Most Haunted. Olsen is also guitarist/singer for popular and wildly eclectic Cleveland cover band The Props.
  • Eric writes: Trendsetters (Blogcritics was selected here)

    Reply: Nice going to all the BlogCritics’ clan. A wonderful and deserved honor.

    I always enjoy the writing and the information provided at BC and the wide variety of viewpoints expressed here. The minute I become acquainted with a topic or issue and think I have a handle on its ramifications, the wonderfully-askew BC writers give me a completly different outlook.

    Reading BlogCritics is much like having a genie lift up every issue and turn it in every imaginable direction for me to observe, study and see it in a different light. I am very lucky to have found such a resource.



  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Ron, I agree with your assessment of our strengths

  • One of 20 “Trendsetters”, and with quite a few luminaries in the same column; great honor, Eric!

    Ron/dietdoc, that’s a great way to state things. You definitely get *all* sides of every issue here!

  • Well-deserved, Eric – congratulations!

  • Congratulations are in order whenever trends are set and someone notices who set them.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks, but I really (no kidding) see this as an acknowledgment of the site, not me

  • Eric, nobody (well, except your wife) knows better than I do how much this site is an extension of you personally. Enjoy the accolades, you deserve them. And onward and upward we go!

  • This is great, great news.

    Looking at the list, you can really see the emerging evolution/revolution of media/technology/information/communication taking place…

    And BlogCritics’ place in the forefront!

  • And I should have added “community” to the grab-bag of terms above.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks PW and EB

  • very cool – mazal tov!

  • Bennett

    Congrats to Eric, the editors, and my fellow blogcritics!

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks J and B

  • Are trackbacks completely off? Bummer!

    Congratulations Eric, Have referenced on my humble site

    WTG folks! Congratulations – you have changed the world immeasurably and can be rightly called Leaders of the new Flat World.

  • Congrats, Eric. Much deserved.

  • Mickey

    Congrats Eric..you have done a great job. It can get even better if you take care to streamline the blogs and make sure only the best quality gets through…I personally think only 10% of the blogs here are readable. Its probably a case of too many cooks…but I’m sure you are a much better judge than I am.

    Goodluck for the future.

  • The daddy (Eric) has much reason to be proud of his baby (BC) and himself 🙂

    Congratulation guys, you both have done a fantastic job in providing us a powerful site where our posts/opinions get across to readers far wider than what would otherwise have been possible.

  • Will that “trendsetter” tattoo fit on that bicep of yours?

  • Dawn

    I am glad my sacrifices have paid off for BC and crew – as I would be really annoyed if they hadn’t 🙂

    Seriously, great job Eric and everyone who contributes here – this is an awesome site!

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks to all for your enormous efforts and contributions, especially Dawn, who has financed much of the operation on her own.

    We are exactly “there” yet, but we are well on our way

  • Congrads!! I agree – this is a great site!

  • Congrats to the producers and editors of Blogcritics! Since stumbling across this sight last year, it has been my first stop on the web every morning. Great work.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Justin and Paul

  • carmine

    To Eric and all of you who have worked so hard to make a name for yourselves engaging in this most exciting living conversation, I am not at all surprised of your award. This is the future; you are the future!

  • Eric Olsen

    very kind of you Carmine, thanks!