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Al’s campaign notebook: Tippecanoe County fair, July 23

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Friday was a great night to be campaigning in Lafayette, Indiana. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, indeed pitch perfect in the low 70s and nicely breezy. I am reminded of Grandpa Jones classic admonition that “the least that you can do is thank the Lord for the air, the sunshine and the rain.”

More specifically, it was a great night to be having a Libertarian party with Randy Young and the party animals of the Tippecanoe County Libertarian Party. Among the animals participating was Purdue economics student and District 2 County Commission candidate Mark Davis. Rick Irvine was there with his baby face that belies his thirtysomething years. He’s running for an at-large County Council seat. Name checks should also go out to attendees Ken Bireta and Fred Navarra.

Kenn Gividen, our candidate for governor, was there as well, passing out fliers and books about education reform. One woman absolutely didn’t recognize him from the photo on his flier that he was holding up, even with him wearing a name tag. She had a good save, though, explaining to me that Kenn just looks so much better in person that she didn’t even recognize him. Flattery will get you everywhere.

At a fair, I usually figure that people are more interested in elephant ears and ferris wheels than they are in discussing tax policy and such, so I try to keep the conversations quick and light. It’s more a chance just to personally meet people. If they want to hear policy proposals, they can get the website from my card.

The main actual policy type issue discussed was the unconscionable level of federal spending, which the Republican president and Republican congress have taken way past even what the Democrats had done when they were last in control. As I’ve said repeatedly, the only thing worse than a bleeding heart liberal Democrat is a compassionate conservative Republican.

Of course, you can’t have a party without a couple of party poopers. There was the guy across the aisle from some mortuary who was up in my grill for supposedly blocking traffic within five minutes of my arrival. He apparently just wasn’t digging our people all week. Oh well, you can’t please everybody. There was also the woman who was still mad about the Florida recount – as if I had anything to do with that.

On the other hand, one particularly personable woman out with her husband had a bit of disagreement from the other side. Turns out that she is ex-military, and she was ready to scrap with me if I wanted to do any Bush bashing. Not wanting to get beat up by a woman in public, I held my tongue about the president.

Actually, she was smiling and cordial. I liked her particularly. But I still wouldn’t have wanted to get her mad.

It was a good rockin’ time, but by the end even the stalwart party animals were probably about done with listening to me sing Sam Cooke and Grandpa Jones songs. By way of consolation, I shared a few CDs of my custom homemade Liberty Mix that I put together to listen to while I’m out campaigning. I’m sure the Grandpa Jones sounds better when HE sings it.

Judging by the number of cards gone, I’d say I personally talked to at least 300 voters. A good time was had by one and almost all.

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