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Al’s Campaign Notebook: New Palestine Lions Club Fair, September 11

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I spent the afternoon of September 11 campaigning amongst the Palestinians. New Palestinians specifically. For not that big a town, they had a pretty impressive turnout. I probably got to talk to at least a couple of hundred people.

Also, Chris Ward (a local county council candidate) conjured up a television on which to watch the football game. That definitely lured a few unsuspecting constituents into our lair. Ha! Plus, he brought candy!

Our everloving gubernatorial candidate Kenn Gividen was there as well, along with several other dedicated libertarians.

It pleased me to note that there was no 9/11 stuff at this fair at all, though there could have been something in the parade before I got there. Not that we should forget or dismiss or forgive the events of 9/11, but it’s not our best move to unnecessarily dwell on those tragic events.

More importantly, we had a fair to attend. We had balloons and hot dogs and rides and a parade and a fine day with the neighbors.

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  • Don’t leave us hanging, was there face-painting?

  • HW Saxton

    RE:Comment#1. ROTFLMAO!!!

  • Nope. No face painting. The booth across from us was hawking marionette puppets, though. They might be next big craze what with the Team America movie coming out. Cutting edge stuff.

    Personally, I favored the ferocious marionette bulldog.