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Al’s Campaign Notebook: Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce HobNob, September 23

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The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce HobNob is THE meet and greet event of the Indiana electoral season. I don’t entirely understand the food chain, but it is officially co-sponsored by the Indiana Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican parties. Local tv and radio stations have their fingers in it as well.

It was a fine mix of prominent business people, members of boards and such, and many of the higher level candidates for public office in the state this year. I’m guessing there were a thousand people or more attending.

We all got together for a lovely affair at the Indiana Historical Society on Ohio Street. One particularly nice feature of the event was the bunch of wandering historical re-enactors hired from Conner Prarie among other places. They wandered the grounds in historical garb, schmoozing and telling their stories. They had a particularly cool looking ringer for Teddy Roosevelt. Most of them were more types of people, though, rather than specific historical figures. I was bonding with a fur trapper from the Oklahoma territories, circa 1860.

Probably my bestest new buddy for the night turned out to be Katherine Fox Carr, a very personable Democrat running for the 5th district house seat long occupied by Dan Burton. She expressed some frustration that a whack job like Burton cannot be effectively challenged in this heavily Republican district. She considers him rather an embarassment to the state.

For my part, I kind of enjoy such eccentricities as Burton’s talk on the house floor about how he had shot a watermelon in his back yard to test a theory about Vince Foster’s death. I find such things endearingly eccentric, but I can see how exasperating this might be to others. Miss Katherine thinks we need a more serious and perhaps more mentally balanced congressional representative.

For all the politicians around, the only speechifying was about five minutes apiece from the two attending gubernatorial candidates. My man Kenn Gividen emphasized the issue of property taxes, specifically his intention to eliminate them. This is what you call an “issue.” Mitch Daniels’ issue, on the other hand, was that he knew the names of several obscure small towns near Terre Haute. On the other hand, unlike Governor Kernan, Mitch Daniels did actually show up.

Naturally, my esteemed opponent Senator Bayh was absent. Now, obviously I’m critical of him for refusing to come out and play. He needs to come out and debate his opponents and answer questions from the citizens. In this particular case, however, he does have a good excuse. Congress is in session right now, and he does need to be there doing the job. He gets a pass for this one.

Also, I got to see old pal Andy Horning for the first time this campaign season. He’s now a Libertarian Party ex-patriot making his debut run as a Republican for US House against Julia Carson, and our own Barry Campbell. I’m all for the Libertarian candidate, but Andy would also be an outstanding member of Congress. You really can’t go wrong either way there. The people of Indianapolis are fortunate to have two good choices for Congress.

Plus of course the fellowship of my Libertarian Party brethren was rewarding, as always. Particularly, the ladies’ auxillary was in full force, led by the evil twin doppleganger of a Stepford Wife known as Rebecca Sink Burris.

Also, I got to talk to a re-enacting turn of the century tax collector about my coon dog Rebel Rouser that likes to tree revenuers. He acted appropriately alarmed.

Did I mention free booze?


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  • Eric Olsen

    it’s the American Dream Al, and you are living it; sounds like you are enjoying it and giving it your all

  • Oo-wee, Eric, you’re right. I’m livin’ la vida loco. I feel like Ricky Martin.

  • Eric Olsen

    all you can do in life is take advantage of your opportunities

  • I’ve run into Al on the trail about once a month. He definitely has a good time with it.

    I wish I could have been at the Hob-Nob. It’s a great event, with the power schmoozing definitely happening. Al’s a very refreshing candidate in that he doesn’t take himself so deadly seriously as most do. The average candidate is a bore and has an ego the size of Texas.

    I will express my disappointment with the lack of comment on this thread, too. The rhetoric is jumped on with haste. The action is neglected.

  • It’s simple, Mike: nobody cares about “A Day In The Life Of A Libertarian.”

    A day in the life of president Bush is another matter.

  • On the other hand, Al was featured in the Indy Star’s Sunday edition political cartoon. I’m jealous!

    All I need to do now is find a way to link the thing here. (I’m HTML illiterate.)


    Indianapolis Star story HERE