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Al’s Campaign Notebook: Abdul in the Morning on WXNT, October 22

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I had a good old time chatting with Abdul in the Morning on Indianapolis talk radio WXNT.

In the first place, I should get some kind of medal for being dressed and functioning and most of a hundred miles from home at 6:30 AM. I’ll just say I’m not usually a morning person.

This was definitely worth getting up for, though. Abdul and me seemed to be working on the same wavelength. “Where have you been all my life?” he asked me at one point during a break.

Interestingly, talking to him and listening to the last two hours of his broadcast, I wasn’t real sure what his politics were. He wasn’t being evasive. He expressed clear opinions, particularly in practical defense of property taxes.

He just didn’t seem to have some totally dominant ideology being used to divine Correct Answers. It was only on reviewing his website that I ascertained that he is officially a “conservative.” Based on my knowledge of him, my official political designation for Abdul is simply “reasonable fellow.”

Abdul was only too happy to steer the conversation to my #1 issue in the campaign, Social Security. I was particularly pleased to answer people critical of letting individuals keep and invest their own retirement funds. Considering that Evan Bayh and the rest of Congress have squandered absolutely every last nickle of Social Security taxes ever paid, it would not even theoretically be possible for individuals to do a worse job managing their own money. Or am I missing something?

We actually managed to get several calls in. Iraq was a big topic, and I wish I had time to discuss these things at a proper length, rather than squeezed into part of a 30 minute appearance. There was again a question about abortion, which by rights should not be a federal issue- though I recognize that Roe v Wade makes it so.

On a lighter note, a party member called in to ask how the state would get along without me when I leave for Washington. I’m sure you’ll muddle through somehow.

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