Alone and Thinking

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I was alone this weekend. Doesn’t happen much and I like it less than I once did. Periodic isolation is, I think, a requirement for me as it allows me to re-center. The problem, of course, is as long as I’m strictly in my head without the balance of another soul, I could just as easily be off-center.

Here are some of the things that occurred to me: I should do more because others ask me to. I should do less of what others ask that conflicts with what I believe. Church is the subject here. I get invited to church functions and tend to decline. I think the church is way too messed up to be of any real use to me. I once heard that the church is the only organization that exists for the sake of those who are not members. Pretty catchy and maybe it was once true but nowadays is seems to exist more for the members than the non. And as such, it finds much to attack in its own body, rendering it ugly and sputtering.

Founded on such a beautiful message, love, and so hopelessly twisted as to make one believe the Old Testament prophets were onto something and Paul was the first televangelist, selling a message that perverted more than enlightened. “Just say you believe and leave the rest to Jesus,” sure seems to open the door to a lot of bad behavior.

Some of the Gospels that didn’t make it into the canon seem to say more about our responsibility than God’s infinite power, guess that’s why they didn’t make it in.

The Internet is doomed. I’ve been deleting several hundred emails a day that made it past the spam filter because they are legitimate responses from legitimate servers rejecting the spoofed messages from This simple entry of the @sign and my domain name will cause me to be picked up yet again by the spy bots trolling for email addresses and domain names to use to broadcast spam to millions every hour.

No controls on this and little control on the criminals swamping servers in attacks by robot computers like yours and mine in order to sell their “protection” racket. Just like the old days of mafia protection sold to the corner store. Only these folks live and work in Belarus or Kryzikstahn or wherever the police are neophytes or otherwise engaged and rip off the rest of the world via the marvelous internet.

Big drop down advertisements obscure my home portal (yahoo) for the first fifteen seconds I visit.

There is no international body making the rules over the ultimate international tool. The result will be more and more abuse and spam and crime because that’s who we are. (See what I mean about being up in your head too much. Does this sound centererd or just angry?)

On the brighter side I discovered Hope Sandoval and Mazzy Star this weekend. I bought the “Fade Into You” video and have played it about twenty times. Last night I had a dream with Bob Hope in it. I complimented him on his talents. Maybe there is hope after all.

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  • We’re never really too alone as long as we have the Internet, eh?