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Almost 9,400 people pledge to resist id cards

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At the time of writing this message, 9,361 people have signed the pledge at the PledgeBank website to resist registering for id cards.

The No2ID cards campaign set a target of 10,000 signatories by the 9th October, and just 1 month after setting up the pledge they have achieved almost 94% of their target. This shows the strength of feeling in Britain against id cards.

Charles Clarke, the home secreatry admitted only yesterday that id cards could not have prevented the terrorist attacks on Thursday, and blew a huge hole in the argument for the introduction of the pointless scheme, so please, if you haven’t yet signed the pledge, and would like to do so, the please click here and add your name. Just over 600 signatures are now needed for the No2Id campaign to reach their target, so please spread the word.

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  • WTF

    They have that right.

    It’s kind of like the person who pledges to spend money foolishly, run up credit card debt… run up a lousy credit rating… then get pissed off when he can’t score another credit card and gets further pissed off when a late night gas station won’t honor a check and his vehicle is on empty.

    If Ceasar wants national ID’s, go with it. Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, we have lives to live. Families to feed, cars to drive, business to conduct… etc…. go with it or make your life harder than it already is.

    Shit like this doesn’t really matter… you just think it does.

    There are other much more important aspects to life than mucking around with the govenment.

  • William Peat

    ID cards? Bad idea for UK citizens. There are too many bits of information out there on each and every one of us. Why? That is the question you must all ask yourselves. Why does any Government, let alone a Western Democratic one, want to have so much detailed information on everyone- including infants and children- and then put it all on a plastic card. To me, this is a very sinister proposal indeed. Count me in to resist.