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Allow Me To Restate My Case

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So citing the opinion of a Daily Kos diarist didn’t impress you? Not a problem! I can do better! But we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, a lot of my gripes regarding Obama are contained in commenter Cheryl Quinn’s post in response to a February 27, 2012 article on Truthdig. She begins with “What’s a progressive Democrat to do this election?” and concludes with “Perhaps it is a good thing we have more time to consider our choices for President…” I won’t quote the entire response, for I think you are adult enough (despite some of your snide remarks) to click on the link which will take you directly to this comment, and read the rest of this litany of grievances yourselves.

Yet another commenter on this same Truthdig article, StephenS777, recites why we of my position are angry at Obama and won’t play the “But the Republicans will be worse!” game. Again, I won’t repeat all of his comments, just the specific part -with the original punctuation and grammatical erors intact, which I deem pertinent to my article:

“His defeat, if it comes, will be earned by his record and his actions not because the people he spent years kicking in the mouth didn’t support him. If he does win, so what, it will only be more of the same—best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

It’s now time for me to reveal the better opinion quotation I promised you regarding why Democratic overconfidence isn’t a good thing. It comes from someone who I see as being very much in Obama’s camp, someone who generally offers excuses when Obama seems to need them, and ignores his flaws when those would hurt. His clear partisan bias gets in the way of his job as a reporter all too often in my opinion. But on this topic, he perceives the lush verdure that you backers can’t identify for all the unharvested platform lumber blocking your view. He’s E.J. Dionne, Jr. of The Washington Post, the author of the Truthdig article from which I quoted comments above.

Dionne points out that Obama’s polling lead “is far from overwhelming.” He notes that Obama has not been attacked yet by the Citizens United money, which is focused for now on sorting out which GOP clown, as you all believe, will end up going down this fall. That isn’t going to remain the case much longer. As Dionne puts it, the Republicans may already be correcting their campaign problems, evidenced by, “The fact that House Republicans reached agreement with the president to continue the payroll tax holiday…” Why? “…a far more assertive Obama is dangerous to them in a way that the conciliatory Obama of last year’s debt-ceiling battle was not.”

Now if only we progressives and liberals had gotten that message through to him before he went into campaign mode and became again the guy we hoped would be president. This is how we expected him to be all along. Had he done so, Boehner would likely still be minority leader.

But even with this development, Obama’s approval ratings remain weak. As Dionne reports, a recent Pew survey reports that Obama approval stands at 45 percent among independents, and Obama can’t win if more Independents aren’t voting for him than anyone else. And as the commenters above point out, he isn’t scoring any points with them. Yet as Dionne concludes, “Obama is far better off than he was six months ago. But he cannot afford to go wobbly or to let the good news go to his head.”

And neither can you, his rabid supporters. The reason stares all of us in the face, but I’ll let Henry C. Jackson of The Associated Press address that 8000 pound pachyderm in the parlor; no, the one next to Rush: “Obama’s improved standing is only likely to last as long as the economy continues to recover.” We haven’t yet seen the effects the current increase of fuel prices have had on this “recovery,” but you know they are coming, and soon.

Republicans certainly know they have an opportunity coming to reverse their poor showing in the campaign. Even that cave-dweller, Gov. Paul LePage of Maine, can read the Mastodon spoor on the cavern carpet, “If they continue to beat each other up, then maybe we should get somebody unknown to go against Obama. They’re damaging themselves.”

It doesn’t help that their front-runner, the greatly despised candidate of the 0.1 percent, is helping the effort to replace him by being such a doofus.

Mitt Romney is causing a lot of negativity to be directed at himself, with some coming from such GOP heavyweights as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, Grand Poobah and self-proclaimed political entertainment specialist and strategy wonk for the Republican Party. The best reinforcements Romney can muster to balance this steaming pile of elephant excrement comes from featherbrain Elizabeth Hasselbeck of The View, who declared “I am fine with Tebowing. I am fine with Jolieing, I am not fine with Santoruming, which is going on in Michigan.” Take that, Rush!

Thus the courting of Jeb Bush to play the White Knight and rescue the GOP from their slate of social-issue sad sacks continues. And yet, the GOP continues to splinter along the fault lines they established as their strengths.

At least two embattled GOP governors on the Koch Brothers payroll are waging untimely internecine wars. In Ohio. Republican Governor John Kasich and Ohio GOP State Central Committee Chairman Kevin DeWine are contesting control over said committee, which “recruit and endorse candidates and decide who the party will support financially,” as GOP committeewoman Kathy Johnston defined for The Chillicothe Gazette. This schoolyard tussle has gotten so serious that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a challenger for the GOP senatorial nomination in Ohio, rejected this ego war by declaring, “the focus of elected leaders today should be on job creation and sustainable economic growth…”

Now where have we heard that before, Barry? Seems to me that was a 2008 campaign plank of yours, wasn’t it? At least one of those award-winning ads of yours from that year must have mentioned the topic!

But we’re not yet done with embattled GOP governors on the Koch Brothers payroll. Up in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker,already beset with defending against a recall, is going to face a proposed primary contestant. Patrick O’Brien, 49, of New Glarus, WI (Full disclosure: A very nice town I visited once) plans to challenge Walker. This announcement alone puts Mrs. O’Brien’s state job at risk. But O’Brien isn’t concerned about his wife joining the unemployed as he himself now is. He believes he can offer Wisconsinites a better choice than the, “extreme, inflexible and [less-than-truthful]” Scott Walker. I thought he was running as a brown bag Republican,” O’Brien said, “What we were getting was a brown shirt Republican.”

Coming from a declared, if unofficial, Republican candidate, that cuts deep! But these state issues are only distractions from the national issue the RNC must first attend. Haley Barbour and John McCain, each a past contender for the Republican nomination, have openly expressed concern both that Romney isn’t a strong candidate catching on outside the 1 percent, and that no one else stronger has come forth. But these may not be the biggest problems facing the Republican Party.

Lincoln Mitchell, writing in The Huffington Post, expressed these concerns in a different context, “…until the party finds a way to appeal to 21st century Americans, weak candidates in 2012 will be the least of their problems.” Many of the commenters for this post have some interesting observations, but I’m sure they won’t impress you in the slightest. They will only reinforce your hubristic belief that Obama is a shoo-in come November.

So don’t worry about the continuing unemployment carnage, the loss of over 1000 high-wage jobs through layoffs at IBM, the growing impoverishment in the suburbs, where Obama needs to draw large numbers of voters and where millions of homeowners in states which Obama can’t afford to lose fear joining the homeless. Your candidate is the lesser of two evils! Where is anyone going to go? The Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson? Americans Elect and Buddy Roemer? The Justice Party and Rocky Anderson? Someone else entirely? Maybe. And if enough do so, can Obama still win?

I’ve been following politics intently ever since Jimmy Carter bungled his way into electing Ronald Reagan; two terrible choices which caused me to hold my nose and vote for John Anderson. I did so with the idea that I might help break the lesser of two evils duopoly which holds this nation in thrall to big money. I continued since to work in my minuscule ways to bring this about. I will continue to do so, even if that means you get two or more additional members of the STARK Supreme Court, which is negating all of your rights as currently configured anyway. Obama made his bed. now he gets to be screwed in it, just as he allows to happen to us through his collaboration with, and protection of, the true enemies of middle class America. How badly we get screwed is entirely up to you. We can get 100 percent Republican screwed, or we can get 98 percent Democratic screwed and pretend that we didn’t get politically pregnant.

Or we can try something new since we already know that the old ways don’t work anymore. Which side are you on?

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  • I see you’ve done your research, my man. Also good to know you frequent Truthdig now and then. Next try, some of the less pedestrian articles on that site, although the comment section is more radical than anything their writers dare.

    BTW, I am rooting for Obama not because he isn’t a flunky but for a far more fundamental reason. Don’t want the libs to have any excuse as to why we’re all going south. Let the system fall flat on its face with the super-duper liberal in the White House.