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Alleged Until Proven Guilty

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Somewhere in this country a woman may be physically abused by her husband. One evening, police might show up at the couple’s home on an anonymous tip and may even suspect violence, but due to lack of evidence, they could leave after issuing only a warning. Then, later that night, the abusive husband may kill his wife. Even if he is arrested, he may bail out or beat the charge, and still, the woman could wind up dead. There is not a cop, a district attorney, a judge, or anyone else who wants to be responsible for dropping the ball in such a case, and if that means a few innocent men must fry, so be it.

It only took one Ike and Tina Turner movie for this country, whose governing body has always been predominantly male, to surrender a man’s right to make the wrong girl angry, marry a bruiser, or even argue loudly with his wife, especially if she has a shrill voice. In order to eradicate the next Ike at first sign, policies have been put in place to give women a chance to not only defend themselves against such monsters, but to almost annihilate them.

Men must be very diligent when choosing a mate. What was once written off as a “crazy girlfriend,” feared for being demented enough to flatten a guy’s brand new tires, has become capable of a ferocious form of terrorism, and just like that, Hamas has moved into the bedroom.

Today, any woman who wishes to flex her muscle has only to dial those three magic numbers; it’s very simple. That may be all she can muster, but it will suffice. She only needs to still be angry or rather, upset, when the cops show up, and of course, to make sure her significant other is also quite irate. Neither should be difficult to do, and at the sign of any dispute, someone will go to jail, almost always the man.

Some women may thirst for further vengeance. Maybe they are just more sensitive or vindictive, or perhaps a particular husband screwed up very, very badly and deserves a special punishment. A motivated wife, let’s say, can upgrade from silent victim to fierce accuser with one lie, or one story, and she only needs to be halfway convincing.

Perhaps she could stage the scene by causing a ruckus before the police arrive. For example, attacking him violently can result in some attempt on his part to subdue her rage, especially if she were larger or stronger or in better shape, often leaving marks or scratches (mainly on the man!). Also, screams heard throughout the neighborhood can go a long way. A highly graphic claim, a messy house, and some scratches can be enough to upgrade the whole thing to a felony assault charge in many states.

The physical act of being arrested, which may be daunting to some and ho-hum to others, but is embarrassing to anyone when it happens in front of his home, is only the beginning. The accused husband can sit in jail for up to a month, depending on his ability to make bail. And remember that judges are very careful to cover their tracks in these cases. So, starting with the magistrate, they do not make it easy for an accused spouse to go back to his family, for fear he may hurt them again. Whether or not he ever did in the first place is irrelevant.

Upon being released, the man, who was implicated by nothing but the word of his enraged wife, will now have to deal with domestic violence charges, which are as serious as her story, brought against him by the state, even if she recants her statement. Again, this is a policy adopted in order to protect the “shy” or “frightened” victims who are sweet-talked by their abusers back to danger. As far as sufficient evidence, the D.A. is not in a hurry to dismiss the case that frees the next wife-killer, and neither is the court-appointed defense attorney. It would be wise for men today to have an attorney on retainer.

At any rate, the court battle must be fought from a remote location, as the alleged assailant (which is a nice way of saying someone who has not yet been proven guilty of the particular crime) is then banished from his home and detached from his family and possessions. He is to have no contact with his wife at all without a police escort. Only with two cops by his side is he allowed roughly ten minutes in his house to gather what he needs to live until the trial is over, which could be months.

Also during this time, as one lie is causing a typhoon of court appearances and other inconveniences – like having no home and only a handful of belongings – this true victim will be forced to attend a program for “offenders” such as himself, which can only be described as a probation for “innocent” people.

As a bonus, he also inherits the aromatic stigma of doubt which follows him now and forever, at each telling of the tale. Even his closest friends and kin must hold out that smallest percentage of disbelief, as is the case with anything, lest they be fools. That damage is quite irreversible, to some degree, and it is the guaranteed minimum from such a strike. That rate of effectiveness is a terrorist’s dream.

While wading through the ruins that were his life, the accused man will find it difficult getting so much as a kind priest to hear his side of the story. However, when a woman makes these ridiculous claims, there are organizations, groups, and foundations for domestic abuse victims at every turn to help her along. These groups are not bad ideally. Only, what they are in reality is an arm of the State. They will shelter her, “listen” to her story, encourage her to open up, introduce her to real victims, or other liars like herself, and allow them to swap stories. Most important, they will keep up with all of her court dates and even drive her to court.

If the truth does prevail, which occurs less often than many patriots would like to admit, the falsely accused man is simply sent off to what’s left of the residence he was forced to vacate months earlier, with no refunds for expenses incurred or loss of job. He will not receive a letter of apology or an excuse note to present to his landlord or boss. They won’t even wipe the arrest from his record, so each time this curse may be put upon him it is recorded and the endearing term “domestic violence” is forever stamped beside his name only a click away for any potential employer, in-law, friend, or partner.

Although it is probably agreed that this form of abuse is more damaging than a fat lip, society should not accept either. However, enforcement is being undermined by women who are willing to cry rape or claim to be beaten, going so far as to injure themselves and tell gruesome tales that are almost strong enough to convict on their own. It is as simple as the boy who cried wolf. Eventually, there will be a backlash that will affect those who are in true dire straits.

Making false accusations, which leads to perjury and is defined as slander, libel, or defamation, is a charge that has been discounted to the point where most laymen are unfamiliar with its terms. Stricter penalties need to be put in place for these actions. In addition, there should be a fast and easy track for an innocent victim of such slander to press charges, both against perjury in the criminal courts, and also in a civil suit, though it could probably never fully recoup such a loss. Liars are the most fierce terrorist group, and the truth simply will not prevail as long as they are allowed to flourish.

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  • Kathy

    Unfortunately, most of the accusations about abuse toward women are true. However, there should be strict penalties in place for women who make false accusations. But they walk away scot free and able to wreak the same havoc on the next man in their life. This is so unfair but compared to injuries and death, it is the lesser of 2 evils.

  • profplume


    I’m not sure I’m willing to accept that “most” accusations are true, first of all. Secondly, I’m sure an even lower percentage of this “abuse” leads to injury and death.
    BUT with that said, you seem to suggest that it is either one or the other. In fact, when women make these false accusations, they are only adding to danger, as I mentioned. It is as simple as the boy who cried wolf.
    So, any penalties that would obstruct this behavior only serves to protect the true victims.
    It is NOT the lessor of two evils. It is two evils, and only one is being stopped.

  • Lisa

    I love your article. it is so very true. There are women out there that make up stories for personal gain in the form of cash!

    My brother is going through a nightmare. his wife cried abuse took off with the kids to a shelter. At the shelter the soaked up all her lies. Not a single police report ever filed and an order of protection was granted. All based on lies. You see this women wanted to leave her husband to whore around. She wanted to keep the money flowing in and found out you get more money in IDV court than family court.

    My brother is living in hell with lawyers, and court fees. He was kickwed out of his home. Fired from his job and now she is living in the home and not paying the mortgage. I am outraged that one lie lead to such destruction. The children 2 boys 7 & 5 are suffereing. There college funds are gone.

    This women is still spending money like it is water. She walks around gloating on what she has done. She puts on a good show to people: crying and making false statements of the abuse she has endured. All lies. She fabricated a recording of my brother yelling at her then she yells don’t kill me… oh stop…. please don’t. All made up. How stupid is the court system. How stupid is Vera House. Please do not donate money to that Shelter. Vera House Syracuse NY. The encouraged her behavior.

  • Jennifer

    I was surprised about the false claims a women can make against her husband to obtain the family home, children and major support. This women I know [Edited] did this.

    She researched and did her homework by reading a book “How to squeeze the most money out of your husband during a divorce” She plotted and planned. When she put it all in motion the poor man did not know what hit him. Bamb… false charges, order of protection, kick out of the house, ordered to pay a lot of money, children stolen from him, then fired from a high paying job and still required to pay the high support.

    This women shows NO REMORSE and is still slandering his name. It is black listed every where. I really hope that statement… what comes around goes around” I want to see her get hers. Where is justice… where is innocent until “PROVEN” guilty. What is wrong with the Lawyers, Judges and the police?

  • profplume

    Jennifer and Lisa [Edited]

    Wow. Thank you all for commenting on this article. At the time I published it, I was very disappointed in the lack of responses it provoked. It seems to be an issue that nobody wants to face. Who wants to appear soft on “woman-beaters?”

    The problem is that millions of innocent men are suffering due to a small percentage of women.

    I’m very happy to see that women are also coming forward. I don’t think women are covering it up (like Catholic Priests lol). I honestly think that many women (like my Mom) just can not believe that anyone would cry “rape.”

    Well, I know that at least the 3% with Borderline personality Disorder will. That’s about 4million women right there.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you guessed, but this happened to me not to long ago. I not on a personal crusade or anything, but this will end badly for men and women if it keeps up. (Don’t look further than the boy who cried wolf.

    Thank You so much. Happy New Year

  • profplume

    Lisa, more specifically to you: My heart goes out to your brother. I am serious when i say that it hurts to read his story.

    It is such a nightmare when kids are involved.
    I don’t know what good this will do because, frankly, it is like screaming in the woods for the accused, but i would be willing to bet, based on months of research that his wife suffers from a personality disorder, probably BPD.

    Look it up. I say that because that is their MO, to use the kids as a pawn to keep up their “careless” lifestyle. It is an angle that can be used to attack her credibility.

    Good luck. please keep me posted on that situation.

    And yes, the shelters are horrible! It is almost a breeding ground for this. they literally force the lies out of you!!

  • profplume

    Jennifer [Edited]

    Well, God Bless you guys. That’s all i could say. it is refreshing to hear and to let others hear that this is NOT a joke. My mother, for one, simply refuses to believe that what you described does go on.

    It is also good to know that there are still women out there with a heart. lol

    I’m only half joking, unfortunately, but really,we have conceded the fact that women have the upperhand. it’s a cute game and we all play along, but this type of “upperhand” is just evil . How someone could do that to another human being….

  • Motor Bike Mike

    It’s hard territory, because anyone can lie, and some do it better or more convincingly than others. I feel bad for anyone forced to make the decisions in a case like this, and only hope they are capable of smelling any stinky mess a pair of funky lips wants to spew..

    Although, I think these problems all stem from the Ego. From the desire to control. When those who believe they have full control, and lose it, (playing the roll of either victim or master) tend to perpetuate onto the world, especially towards those they can no longer control, the hate they cannot help but manifest. Oh how our mechanical bodies just loooove to share that misery!

    I suggest anyone looking to enter into a long term relationship, read books, see therapists, and really get to know the person you’re thinking could be the perfect catch. They might just be the worst kind of person you could ever meet, who’s best tallent is hiding how crazy they are during the whole interview process!

  • Kenneth

    I am struggling with a lieing soon to be ex-wife. Yes she too has fabricated stories and fake recordings that some people believe. Others thank god do not. I have spent a ton of money on this and I even had “her” fake CD’s analyzed at oodles of marital money to prove they are in dead fake. Pieced together garbage of yelling and nonsense. She is spreading rumors around about me and the civil case after the divorce will be huge. I have supporters. I believe she is a cluster of the “B” personality disorder. She never once has put our children first. She continually blames others for her actions. She uses the children as pawns to get what she wants. I am taking the high road here. I put my children first and ignore her BS. I enjoy my kids so much and we have so much fun together. I dont waste my time plotting and planning to get even or to hurt her. She cannot let go of the past and is a punisher. May she find peace someday? Doubt it though.

  • ProfPlume

    MBM, That is very true, although you start to wonder how long is long enough of a “get to know”iod.

    Kenneth, I hope everything works out for you. These “B” personality women (Borderline Personality) fit too perfectly into this system. It is similar to the Catholic Church Priests and pediphiles. The habitat is too perfect for them to flourish. The difference is that grown men are being victimized.