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All Things Random’s Greg Vorob Chats About Marty and Doug’s New Religion

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On the heels of their comedy pilot Overcrowded (reviewed here on Blogcritics), All Things Random and actor/producer Greg Vorob are about to unveil their latest comic concoction titled Marty and Doug's New Religion, which takes a satirical look at religion and the senselessness of [Holy] War.

Marty (Vorob) and Doug (Dan Conrad) are two New York City slacker schlubs who are short on cash and class. In an attempt to get out of paying taxes and to pick up women, they begin their own asinine religion in their apartment. When the church across the street gets word of this, Marty and Doug have to deal with two very angry priests and an even angrier Jesus Christ (Ian Campbell Dunn).

Marty and Doug's New Religion is going to have its world premiere screening on Tuesday, March 23 at the Anthology Film Archives, located at 32 Second Avenue in the East Village in New York City. The screening begins at 7:30PM.

With the screening just two weeks away, it was great to have Mr. Vorob sit with Blogcritics and discuss Marty and Doug's New Religion and All Things Random.

Talk about the genesis of All Things Random Productions.

I had the opportunity to direct the play What's Wrong With This Picture… I'm In It by Neil Feigeles at The 13th Street Repertory Company, followed by a run in the 2004 Fringe Festival, which then led to directing the play called Coffee House by Leon Kaye for the TSI Playtime Series. I directed two incarnations of Coffee House: the first, for reasons beyond control, was a complete and utter flop, panned by the audience and TSI as the "bomb" of the series.

Well, I would not have that as I knew this was a great play, but with the right cast and a different take on the vision, could be a huge success. I asked TSI to give me a second chance and it would be a hit, that I knew what went wrong. They agreed and I recast the show with longtime collaborators Dan Conrad, Amanda Romeo, and Marc Seidenstein who had incredible chemistry on stage. Coffee House became the hit of the next series it was in. TSI was pleased and more so was Leon Kaye, with my dedication to getting the show right.

Three months later, Leon contacted me to put on a staged reading of his play Murder With Grace. I agreed and Random Productions was born. After the reading, we decided it just would not be cost effective to put it on in New York, so Leon sent me another play called Where There's No Will, a comedy in the style of Noises Off and Arsenic and Old Lace. I took on the role of producer and [at the suggestion of Leon] played one of the lead roles. I approached Dan Conrad to direct and the show was a complete success, selling out every performance. Coming off the success of Where There's No Will, we were anxious to continue producing together, so Dan and I collaborated to create The Power Time Show, a pilot for a sketch comedy show in which each skit would be its own short film. From that, All Things Random Productions was formed.

Describe Marty & Doug's New Religion.

It's a zany and ridiculous "what if?" exploring the idea of a religion based on just hanging out in your apartment.

One of the things I found amusing about Overcrowded was the assortment of quirky and eccentric characters that showed up in the episode. Should we expect the same level of eccentricity in Marty & Doug's New Religion?

Oh yes! And then some. I mean… just think… there are actually followers of Marty and Doug's religion.

Describe how you collaborate with writer Dan Conrad and director Dan Kowlaski.

It really is the perfect creative collaboration. Dan Conrad and I will come up with an idea and then Conrad will present me with a script. We will discuss the script and talk about any tweaks it may need and when we feel it's ready we will present it to Dan Kowalski. Then Kowalski will make a couple of suggestions or tweaks and Conrad will write the final draft. Then Kowalski and I will approve it and then it's ready to be cast and shot. The thing that is so great about the team is that Dan Conrad will have a final script that meets our original vision of the idea and Dan Kowalski then takes that script and truly makes it his as much as it is ours. He has a lot of passion in everything he directs.

What's next for you and All Things Random?

Well, under the All Things Random banner, we have two projects coming up. One is Dan Conrad's and one is mine, but we'll both be involved with each other's projects. Dan is writing and producing an animated pilot called Panic Attack, where I will be providing the voice for one of the characters. I will be producing a short film, a love story called  I Think You May Be My Soul Mate. I wrote the story and both Dans are going to collaborate with me on the screenplay. We are aiming to begin shooting I Think You May Be My Soul Mate in the spring. Kowalski will be directing the film and working on some commercials with his company Phalanx Films. Then we plan to collaborate again in 2011 for a sequel to Marty & Doug's New Religion.

Here is the creative team behind Marty and Doug's New Religion:

Cast: Greg Vorob (Marty), Dan Conrad (Doug), Ian Campbell Dunn (Jesus), Lisa Peart (Phyllis), Marc Seidenstein (Flyer Guy), Jack Moran (Gary The Food Redneck / Priest # 2),Felix Gardon (Barry), Jiho Lee (Tran the Asian Tourist), Jason Alan Griffin (Reginald), Mark J. Dempsey (Christopher), Darrin Chandler (The City Official), Robert Youngren (Priest # 1 aka Terry), Michael Jabin, (Dennis, Jesus' Lawyer), Molly Montgomery (Veronica), Daniel Von Der Mock (Clarence)

Crew: Dan Kowalski (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor), Dan Conrad (Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Animator, Art Director), Greg Vorob (Co-Creator, Producer), Marlo Carroll (Assistant Director), Timothy Somers (Sound), Daniel Von Der Mock (Production Assistant), Lu Fu (Script Supervisor), Roman Battaglia (Original Music), Deloss Brown (Very Special Thanks)

Please check out Marty and Doug's official website.

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