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All the Real Girls – DVD

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When you get tired of the schlock that ends up filling theaters every year, make sure you go to your local video store and look at the movies that are below eye level. I am talking about all the independent movies that might normally fly under the radar. Sometimes the acting is a little spotty, and there will be far fewer special effects, but the difference is in the writing. I watched All the Real Girls this weekend and it was refreshing.

The story is about Paul, who has made a name for having experienced most of the women in his small southern town. The problem now is that he has fallen in love with Noel who is his good friend’s sister. He must battle the perception that he has created and his past, to make this new and different relationship work.

The story isn’t overly compelling, but it is executed pretty well. Some of the fringe characters, like “Bust-Ass,” weren’t acted very well. And honestly, who writes a movie with a mulleted character named “Bust-Ass?” With the independent films it doesn’t really matter though. Expectations are tempered and you can look for a storyline and character development, both of which were present in this film.

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  • It was refreshing – I really liked how honest it was. They could have gone the easy route with the relationship but they didn’t – and created one of those very, very rare film moments where I could truly feel the hurt and pain he was feeling. I won’t be specific so as not to spoil it for anyone – it was one of those horrible moments we’ve all experienced where you know what’s going on but just can’t admit it to yourself, and when you do it’s devastating. I thought that was beautifully handled.