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All The News You Need To Turn Your Stomach

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There are days when a single subject grabs you by the arm and forces you to write about it. And then there are days when the news is so overwhelming that you can only ask, “What in the hell are we doing?”

As I perused over 30 RSS feeds after midnight, I grew evermore aware just how screwed we are today. I even started an article entitled, “A Dark and Dreary Day”. How much BS can we put ourselves through and still function? Here is a small outline of the more menacing components of the day.

1. The bombing in Tel Aviv is, of course, an outrage as well as a terrific tragedy, but do most people really understand the ramifications here? Put aside Israel and the PA for a moment and take a good look at the players here, folks! Iran and Qatar are subsidizing the Hamas to the tune of 100 mil, Syria is knee deep in implications, and the US is calling for a condemnation of any and all involved, whilst, lest we forget, rattling sabers at Iran for other purposes. This is the first time when a “Terrorist State”, such as Palestine under Hamas rule, is acting upon the direction of a Democratically Elected Government! According to the directives set forth by Bush and the Neocons, we have no grounds for interference here; the people have spoken, the lines are drawn, and the “Big Brother” actually has no say here. Think that’s gonna make a difference? I shudder to think.

2. Condy Rice is backing Israel in appearance just by following through on her previously stated desire for “armed intervention” plans if Iran continues with its nuclear plans in place. Power positioning with Iran over nuclear arms — like we really need to see the first World War of the 21st century unfold in our lifetimes.

3. Journalist Carl Bernstein actually makes perfect sense calling for a “Watergate-type” investigation into the honesty and integrity of the Bush administration’s actions in and leading up to the Iraq War and their Katrina response. “What did the president know, and when did he know it” is the now infamous question asked 32 years ago by then Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee. Who will ask Bush this in regards to these actions in recent times? Were there lies told? Was there information withheld? Could Mr. Bernstein be right twice in a row, 32 years apart? A “Live Poll” on MSNBC has a landslide 93% voting Yes to “This administration has hidden and manipulated information at every turn. It must be called to account.” All but 7%!!! Given the margin for error, that is perilously close to the entire nation!

4. Power shortages caused rolling blackouts in Texas to prevent a grid failure. I’m talking Texas! Where the heck does a major portion of our power supply come from? Is this another failure of regulation? ERCOT is the company charged with maintaining that part of the grid, along with managing financial settlement for the hundreds of market participants in Texas’ deregulated wholesale bulk power and retail electric market. Is this another Enron in the making? We cannot take appropriate measures to avoid this kind of thing in one of the largest states in this country, and we are busying ourselves in the f’ing Desert across the world from here? Not to mention the oil pipelines mess in Alaska. What the hell are we doing?

5. Donald Rumsfeld is on the ropes, and I don’t care what Bush says, the posturing is there. Take it from an ex-Republiscam, I know how these guys operate. The roaches are running from Donnie’s kitchen faster than if a triple dose of Decon Extra Gold had been sprayed. I will go on record here and now. D Rummy has fewer than six weeks left in his current job. Period. End of statement on this cesspool.

It is a very, very dangerous and tumultuous time here, folks. I was only a little guy when the Nixon debacle played out for all to see, maybe 10, 11, 12 years old? This is scary stuff if you really take it in. The bar has raised since ‘Nam. The costs are incalculably higher and much more personal. We stand alone — no U.N. Security Council backing, no Tony Blair, no France as always, no prayer in Hell of truly expecting Israel to be rational.

Damn, I am so very glad that the wonderful government of these United States spent the money in the ’50’s and 60’s to educate me on how to fear the “A” bomb, bend over, and kiss my ass goodbye. What will my children do though?

Oh well, I guess I will take the Gov’s lead and spend today, worry tomorrow. As if tomorrow is guaranteed. Yeah, right.

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  • Dave Nalle

    Let me help you out with just two of these items.

    First off, the Bernstein business is ridiculous. He was THERE during Watergate. He played a key role. He ought to know better, but he’s become so desperate to return to the limelight that he’ll say or do anything for attention. Those of us who lived through Watergate and remember it and don’t have his ego issues, know just how trivial anything Bush has done is in comparison to Nixon’s outrages.

    Second, the rolling blackouts in Texas were the result of a unique situation. Working on the assumption that mid April is usually pretty temperate in Texas, they decided to take four power plants offline for maintenance and repairs. Then an unexpected heatwave hit and demand from AC exceeded capacity with those generators offline and it took several days to get them operational. That’s it. Just bad timing. Not a conspiracy, not a disaster.


  • First of all, if you truly believe killing over 3000 American soldiers, and thousands more Iraqi citizens in defense of a trumped up war supported by lies, manipulations, and countless hoaxes is considered trivial, then I now know your political stripes. I am not sure what your reference to “ego issues” is about, so I will leave that one alone

    Second, if you did any checking, or had any history of living in Texas, you would know that the wire reports are false about the “in temperate” climate for this time of year. Yes global warming is catching up with us all, but no, these temps are far from extraordinary. Did you know that Scott Gahn, ERCOT Board member, is CEO of “Just Energy”, a company formed by a group of ex Enron execs? A company that is selling and supplying electricity to retail customers in Texas. I never said a conspiracy was afoot, by the way, I merely implied the need to look at this long before we get to the point where Enron took us in California, ‘oh so innocently’.

    And thanks for commenting.

  • Paul,

    One of the things you find out real fast about Mr. Nalle is that he lives in Texas. There are many times that I do not agree with him about many things, but unless you live in Texas and can argue with him as a fellow Texan, be mindful of what he says – at least about Texas.

    This scribbler finds it healthy not to argue with Aaman about India, Natalie Bennett about England (particularly London), Christopher Rose about Spain, Sean Aqui about Minnesota (even though I did live there for two decades) or Elvira Black about New York City, even though I was born and raised there. Even Minnesota and NYC have changed a great deal since this Brooklyn boy who was once a Minnesotan left there. Just a thought…

    As to the rest of your piece, I tend to take a glance at Google’s news, focus on the occasional piece that interests me and move on. Once, I was a news junkie. Now, if I really want to turn my stomach, I soak up every bit of news about Israel – where I do live, or about the American entertainment scene.

  • Thanks for the heads up, but yes I am a born and raised Texan, temporarily squatting in Florida. And I respect the opposing views as well, having voted for George HW, George W. as Governor, Jeb as Governor, and George W. as President twice. I have just learned the error of my ways over the years.

  • I’m an American living in Palestine with a fifty year tie to the West Bank. Americans with the exception of academics know next to nothing about what the Israel- Palestine situation is, i.e. terrorism, the creation and expansion of Israel,etc.

    Please take a few minutes to peruse my BLOG. I write as it happens.

    Peace and best wishes,

  • Paul,

    We should all try to learn the errors of our ways. This is the healthiest thing we can all do. The next healthiest thing we can do is to try to teach our kids not to make our own mistakes, so that they can make other mistakes, and then have the sense, one hopes, to teach their own children the collected family wisdom of their mistakes and ours.

    And every time I pontificate like this, I am reminded of yet something else I ought to have done, or ought not to have done…


  • Bronwin,I will definately check out your blog, news from the source is always welcome. By the way, when I clicked the URL button next to your comment it went to a deadlink, I was able to erase the mt in front of it and find your blog anyway, but you might want to look into that.

  • Bronwin,

    I would also like to read you blog, but I was unable to get to it.

    Peace and best wishes,

  • Dave Nalle

    First of all, if you truly believe killing over 3000 American soldiers, and thousands more Iraqi citizens in defense of a trumped up war supported by lies, manipulations, and countless hoaxes is considered trivial, then I now know your political stripes. I am not sure what your reference to “ego issues” is about, so I will leave that one alone

    No, I think it’s a poor and debatable decision, but one which it is the president’s job to make. The rest of your stuff about lies, manipulation and hoaxes is just propagandistic BS, none of it proven and little of it really relevant.

    Second, if you did any checking, or had any history of living in Texas, you would know that the wire reports are false about the “in temperate” climate for this time of year.

    I guess 25 years living here doesn’t count? And I guess records from NOAA are worthless too? Let’s see, here’s a quick summary:

    April 18, high temperature of 101 in Dallas. Previous record was 94. Similar records set in most other towns in Texas including Waco, Austin, Houston, Galveston, etc.

    April 19, high temperature of 98 in Waco breaking 80 year old record of 96. Similar records broken in Houston and Galveston

    Oh and on both these days with highs in the upper 90s the historic average high temperature is 83.

    Those were the two days with rolling blackouts. So do you have to practice to be so arrogant and so ignorant at the same time?


  • As you must have experienced in your 25 years of residence, arrogance is a birthright of all Native Texans.
    In regards to your comment that it is “a Presidents job” to make such a decision, I suggest you read the laws already on the books and discover that, No, a President cannot make that decision unilaterally without support from a properly informed consensus of Congress.
    Your interpretation of the decision to put multiple power plants on standby at one time on those particular days is entirely acceptable, as were the opinions of people in California in regards to their power situation as well.
    If one out of five talking points makes you feel victorious in this, bravo. Yor math seems much like the GOP’s.

  • Paul, I don’t necessarily have an issue with your other points. I’m not trying to win some sort of ‘victory’ here. I wasn’t aware this was a competition. I was merely trying to clarify and up the accuracy content a bit.

    And regardless of how you spin it, the president actually IS the Commander in Chief, and he did have an authorization from Congress to go to war, and they were fully informed when giving it to him. That’s just the facts of the situation.