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All Quiet on the California Election Day Front

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Maybe it’s the medicinal marijuana fumes wafting through the air or maybe there’s some unknown salty calming agent in the offshore California sea breeze. Whatever it is, it’s refreshing to know that voters from the Golden State did not panic when it came to the recent election.

As the rest of the country went stampeding to the polls frantically looking for change by voting for all people Republican, most people on the West Coast were far more relaxed. And quietly more optimistic and realistic.

Any political expert will tell you, it usually takes a few years before a new administration’s strategies take effect. In fact, quite often it’s not until after a president leaves office that the country actually sees overt signs – be they negative or positive – trickle down to our everyday lives.

So, to vilify the president and Congress after only two years in office and demand a reverse of course is not only a spastic, knee-jerk reaction, but an erroneous one. Evidence of the new approach is just now starting to emerge and guess what? Things are actually starting to look good.

The stock market is up nearly 40% since President Barack Obama took office and both private and public companies across America are announcing their best profits in years.

Yet, because of unsubstantiated anxiety, most of the country demanded an immediate about-face on election day.

With recent gains in the Senate and majority control in the House of Representatives, members of the Grand Old Party are hitting the airwaves proudly declaring victory. They are claiming the outcome is a referendum on the Obama-Nancy Pelosi agenda and the American people have turned to Republicans to help save the country.

Despite the economy being the number one concern, these conservative “saviors” have already stated one of their first course of actions will be to repeal “ObamaCare” – a health plan that most actually like. People with pre-existing conditions will also finally garner medical coverage (personally free and clear of cancer for 18 years, but can’t find coverage). This GOP focus will not just be disliked by the majority, but will be a huge waste of time and money. Which, ironically, is the same sort of squandering many cite as their main displeasure with Democrats.

Bottom line, the country doesn’t need saving. The unemployment rate hovers around 10% and the housing market is still sluggish, but the economy is alive and well. While still on the mend, it is well out of the intensive care unit and there was no need for Americans to panic on election day.

But, that is just what they did. Thankfully, while this tumultuous political storm fumed its way through the rest of the country, all was calm in sunny California.

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  • Arch Conservative

    “As the rest of the country went stampeding to the polls frantically looking for change by voting for all people Republican”

    Ever heard of Massachusetts Bizzarro? The Dems won every seat there. After all it is the home of Senator Chappquiddic.

  • The exit polls from last week reflect a more conservative slice of the electorate — different from the population as a whole, and far different from the presidential-year electorate of two years ago.

    It’s not just that people have changed their minds, although some certainly have. But this year’s voters numbered about 80 million and 2008’s totaled about 125 million. Conservatives, older voters, white voters were all more strongly represented in the smaller 2010 group.

    And if you break down the polls, there is a significant number of people who want to expand the health care law — probably meaning a public option or single-payer system. And a significant number of people want to change or repeal “parts of” the law.

    See for example this Kaiser poll that includes voters and non-voters.

    Conservatives prefer to argue that people hate the whole thing and that we should throw the whole thing out. This is just political rhetoric, and it isn’t likely to actually happen.

    Welcome to the real real world.

  • zingzing

    dave gets a superman reference but wiffs on real life. welcome to dave-world.

  • I can see where your name comes from. This is like something from Bizarro World.

    Do you not realize that while the rest of the nation is desperately fighting for survival, California voted in the same people and policies which have put them at the front of the line at the abbattoire?

    Prime example of your delusion:

    “these conservative “saviors” have already stated one of their first course of actions will be to repeal “ObamaCare” ?” a health plan that most actually like.?

    So how does this square with referendums in Arizona (55%) and Oklahoma (65%) for repeal of Obamacare?

    How does it fit with the polls: PPP Poll (for the DNC) 53% for repeal and 40% against, Rasmussen 58% for repeal and 38% against, AP has 40% for repeal and 30% against. And so on.

    Welcome to reality.