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All his targets are taking aim

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Finally, after that awkward Beastie Boys attempt, we have a war protest song worthy of putting a PA system on the roof of your car and driving around the neighborhood.

Zack de la Rocha and DJ Shadow conspired to create March of Death, a stirring anthem that ranks with de la Rocha’s best wordsmithing. I downloaded it two hours ago and can’t stop playing it.

here it comes the sound of terror from above
he flex his texas twisted tongue
the poor lined up to kill in desert slums
for oil that burn beneath the desert sun
now we spit flame to flip this game

we are his targets taking aim
we’re the targets taking aim
all his targets are taking aim

With so much democracy to practice and publicizing of democracy to do, I have gotten about 4 hours sleep since Wednesday. This song is performing one vital protest-song function for me–it’s giving me the adrenaline I need to keep going.

If we succeed in shutting down the Oscars here in L.A., our hometown hero Zack may have had a lot to do with it. We’re all going to be dog-tired come Sunday, and it’s our biggest day. I predict this song will be blaring from ghetto blasters and car radios all over Hollywood.

And it’s going to help.

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  • san

    Oh, YES! Thanks for finding this song!

  • We are trying to compile a list of group info for all of those arrested for civil disobedience in relation to the war protests and all those injured by the police.

    If you or someone you know has been arrested for civil disobedience over the last week or has been injured by the police at a protest in the last week please email me. We “The Arrested” (mostly a group of us from Saturday’s arrests) had a meeting tonight at the Peace Center to discuss our next step. We plan on consolidating our cases and pleading not guilty as a group and are seeking legal representation and will be interviewing lawyers. We are also investigating pressing charges against the police for brutality.

    Our next meeting is scheduled for THURSDAY MARCH 27th at 7:30 PM at the Solidarity Hall- 2170 W. Washington Blvd. (which is off the 10 at Washington and Western). All Arrestees and Victims of police brutality are urged to attend.

    It is very important that we get in contact with all arrestees and injured ASAP.

    Amanda Egge

  • Rev Nick

    Wow, dude- I suppose if I didn’t have a job and a wife, and didn’t actually contributed to society, I could spend all my time ‘practicing democracy’ by parading around and holding signs that aren’t going to change anybody’s mind or affect any meaningful societal changes. Good Job.

  • Rev Nick

    Wow, dude- I suppose if I didn’t have a job and a wife, and didn’t actually contribute to society, I could spend all my time ‘practicing democracy’ by parading around and holding signs that aren’t going to change anybody’s mind or affect any meaningful societal changes. Good Job.

  • the Rev Nick

    sorry for the double post

  • G’day

    Do you take submissions or “blasts” on local councils trying to take the culture, out of an otherwise ripper community? If so, here’s my public letter to Randwick Council:

    Dear Sirs

    I’m getting back in touch for a specific reason.

    Can one of you adequately explain and document to me why in the heck has the council placed a flag with our suburbs post code, flying from a street light pole, on the top end of Maroubra Beach?

    This is a case of visual pollution as far as I am concerned. Who consulted with the neighbours? I think there is a moral obligation – oh, moral obligations and council don’t always mix, forgive me! How about this line we hear from governments and councils “adequate community consultation” – my a*s.

    What’s next – parking meters!!! Oh, did you know that I saw a flame thrower aiming at the fuel tanks at cars in Maroubra Beach car park recently!!! Maybe next time they will hit a parking meter instead. If parking meters are on the agenda, they better be “Maroubra proof”.

    I note that council hasn’t erected video surveillance or web cams at Lexington Place. They probably wouldn’t last anyway.

    Let me make a prediction – that flag of sorts won’t last!

    Take a look around Maroubra sometime and you will see graffiti like “locals only” and real estate signs knocked over (no, they didn’t fall over). A number of months ago a fish in Maroubra was burnt out. The “Lexo Boys” basically own Lexington Place – LRA indeed. The shop keepers, predominately of Oriental descent probably wish they had never moved in. Maroubra Police can’t adequacy control that problem, some 600 meters from Bob Carr’s front door, but that’s another problem. Oh, and Clive Small is on the way out.

    Maroubra needed a bit of a tidy up, but flags displaying out post code – give me a friggin break. Perhaps the money could have been better spend some 400 meters north of the flag, and making plaque near that place the recent murder occurred?!

    It is indeed another plight of so-called “revitalisation”. Talk about a “spin” term. It is over development, and so is the destruction of the once glorious Maroubra Bay Hotel. Over 2000 locals documented that they didn’t want to loose Maroubra Bay Hotel?

    Why in the heck would anyone want Maroubra beach to go the way of Coogee, Bondi of Surfer’s “Paradise” – oh, that’s right – money.

    At least Maroubra’s rough edge should keep away some of the yuppies. We (the residents) don’t want “outsiders”.

    Perhaps the ‘Bra Boy said it best – “Locals Only”.

    Here’s some articles and photos for your, and indeed the world’s interest:


    One of the great things about living in Australia is that government can do what they will, but that can’t take away freedom of speech, and the media is now back in the hands of the people.

    Council can erect “trinkets” and try to “gloss up” Maroubra, but they won’t take away our community spirit, rough edge and “locals” only mentality.

    If you want urban sprawl, inflated prices, road rage and the like, stick with Randwick and Coogee, and stay out of Maroubra.

    If you want to find out what the people think of the way Australia is going, take a look at range of websites, such as Online Opinion, Crikey Media, and some web logs.

    Long live freedom of speech and freedom of web. Get rid of that flag.

    Long live the Maroubra Stomp!

    Best Regards

    Greg Tingle
    Editor / Director / Broadcaster
    Media Man Australia

  • hi john cena,
    what’s up? i,am fine. how are you?
    i,am deaf. you have aim?
    thanks you. from shaina andrews.

  • amy

    lexo boys do cause a bit of trouble but thats because people like you are always running them down and giving them shit just leave them alone there would be a lot less trouble just give them a break and also they are no where near as bad as people make them out to be

  • lexo boys friend

    To Greg Tingle i think you should take off all this rubbish about the lexo boys off the internet because is a load of rubbish firstly D.Mitchell was the victom not the offender. The shop owner was the one who hit D.Mitchell so unless you have the facts i dont think you should be writing things you dont know about i9 have lived down there all my life and have never had trouble down there yes their might be fight sometimes but that is only natural from teenages.

    p.s if you dont want to take off the things about lexo boys can you at least take off there names.

  • yiota Atherns ELFO GIRL

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  • Todd Skinner AKA Bumper and Yiota Atherns

    Yiota I think you should tell Todd just how you feel and no worry about anyone else and as for the child lots of guys have children to other women so i think you should just go for it girl why not lifes to short to waste time so take my advice and tell him straight out it cant hurt he probably feels the same way.