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From Powertrips, these are the top 10 traveling U.S. representatives:

John Breaux – Democratic Party – $158,311.92

Robert Wexler – Democratic Party – $155,137.21

Gene Green – Democratic Party – $153,873.02

Maurice Hinchey – Democratic Party – $152,169.25

Cal Dooley – Democratic Party – $148,562.50

Evan Bayh – Democratic Party – $142,884.94

Maxine Waters – Democratic Party – $132,219.23

James Clyburn – Democratic Party – $129,540.79

Philip English – Republican Party – $129,231.54

Jim McDermott – Democratic Party – $128,725.91

DeLay ranks 29, and 9 out of the 10 are Democrats.

On the other hand, DeLay’s trip to Great Britain to speak to Margie Thatcher ranks third on the List of most expensive trips, and DeLay’s average trip cost was about $7500, nearly four times that of the top over-all trip taker.

Where’s the investigation on Tom Bliley, though? He received $31,000 for a four day trip to Britain (shorter than DeLay’s trip).

From a tobacco company. Hmm. And out of three total trips, another was to Las Vegas.

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  • Wow, can you imagine what he spent the $31K on in England? I hear they have the world’s best dominatrixes if the price is right.