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Alison Goldfrapp – “The most achingly beautiful voice in pop music.”

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So wrote Jim Pickard of the Financial Times on June 29, after watching her perform last Saturday at the Glastonbury festival, the biggest event in the British rock music calendar.

The festival is notorious for always seeming to happen during rainy weather, and this year’s was no exception: the rain had barely stopped at nightfall when Paul McCartney began his headline slot, “at which time 150,000 people were covered with thick, sloppy mud.”

Pickard said Alison was clearly the best act of the festival, better than Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, and even McCartney.

But how is it, I ask, that I had never even heard of Alison Goldfrapp before reading this story?

How can this be?

Her new album, “Black Cherry,” is just out: perhaps I need to get it and have a listen.

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  • Rich Ziade

    Felt Mountain is far better. And yes … it is amazing.

  • You’ll be surprised by the gems you can find from trip hop music. Some of the most beautiful voices accompany some of the most funky beats.

  • Triphop was one of the most interesting genres to come out of nineties’ Britain. But, like drum’n’bass, it seems to be a bit of a creative dead end. Goldfrapp have found a way out of there by incorporating more pop/glamrock/disco elements in their music. Hence the difference between their two albums. I like them both. 🙂