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Alice in Chains to go on Tour

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Jerry Cantrell is organizing a new summer tour for the remaining members of Alice in Chains. Just over a month ago they reunited to headline a benefit show for the tsunami victims. At the show Jerry, bass player Mike Inez, and drummer Sean Kinney joined a number of singers including Pat Lachman from Damageplan and Nancy Wilson of Heart to perform two sets of Chains music, one electric and one acoustic.

The star of the night was Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle, who joined them onstage to perform “Man in the Box” and “Them Bones.” It was clear to everyone in attendance that what was happening onstage was magic.

Alice in Chains had not performed together in over six years, but it was as if they had never left. In addition to being a benefit for the tsunami victims, it was also a heartfelt tribute to their fallen singer, Layne Staley, who died tragically of a heroin overdose.

Jerry Cantrell is now organizing a tour that will feature Maynard Keenan on vocals, much like the Doors tour last year with Ian Astbury of The Cult filling Jim Morrison’s shoes. Keenan is taking a break from his duties in A Perfect Circle to go on the tour. “It is an honor to sing Layne’s words, he was an amazing singer and writer,” Keenan said.

Currently there are no dates scheduled, but more news will be forthcoming regarding shows soon. It also appears that Jerry’s good friend, Scott Weiland, has stated his wishes to have Velvet Revolver join the tour as the opening act.

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  • Canyard

    AIC http://www.faceliftlive.com

    cant beat them!

  • JR

    Does Maynard’s recent anouncement that he has “found Jesus” and abandoned the new TOOL album project indefinitely affect this tour with AIC? Check the news section of the official TOOL website http://www.toolband.com

  • lol

    you relize the thing about maynard finding jesus was posted on april fools day right…?

  • Cpt. Willard

    cool, hurry up and tour here.

  • Good of you to mention AIC. Yes they got together up here with Heart and other notables for a tsunami relief benefit thing. I heard it was a great show overall.

    Anyway, I hope it works out. They might be better than ever. Like AC/DC after Bon Scott? Could be huge! Anyway…


  • Chris,

    I merged your release with Craig’s for sticking my two Drachma in to let you know I posted your review of this to the Advance.net Web sites.

    The review can be found at a few different places on the Advance network around the country, but here’s one of them.

    Thank you
    Temple Stark

  • er, not relase but post.

  • Just so you know, take a look at the sub-cats and post date….

  • Well shit. I was on the look out for that as I went through April 1 posts. It’s been erased from Advance.

    Got me 🙂

  • maria

    no one will EVER replace layne!

    R.I.P LAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tekno

    Where can I find mp3’s of this??? Someone HAS to know.

  • Raquel

    I agree on no one ever be able to fill layne’s shoes, but it would yet be a priveleg to see aic with maynard. I hope it turns out true, and i also hope their tour europe.

  • good fucking lord, i would give me left nut to go to one of these shows.

  • btw, where is the news story confirming this? i havent seen anything

  • Ryan,
    Take a look at the posting date….

  • so you were wrong then?

  • No. It was an April Fool’s Day fake news post. It’s true that they played at a tribute, but the tour is not true.

  • Man in the Box

    No tour?!?!

  • Only someone of Maynard’s vocal prowess could fill in for Layne. It would have been cool to see.

  • Joe F

    The news of Alice in Chains regrouping and touring is the best news I’ve heard in a while. With the rock seen now watered down with imitaters, it will be awesome to see the band that influenced so many of those imitaters!!!

  • Nathan

    WTF is this for real? Im so confused with the internet, i hope this is true about Alice In Chains i spent 2 weeks in Seattle this summer and met Mike Starr, the original bass player for Alice In Chains at a Layne tribute at the Showbox,nice super guy, loves his fans, heard some sad stories, glad he shared them with me and my friends. Maynard to sing? how perfect is that, couldnt have picked a better guy.
    Alice in Chains better come to Toronto, i must go.

  • I didn’t belive myself for that news about Alice in Chains, in this bend i loved to much Layne the best singer, his voice it was inside in my spirt and also today when i lesin, but he deide and i cryed like childe.I come from Kosov,for what we wait our independet, so i hope one day the bend Alice In Chains,it will be here.
    Alice in Chains you are the best,Jerry Cantrell Mike Inez and Sean Kinney.

  • 50bucks

    AIC Rocks!!! I saw Cantrell in Chi-town on Halloween. The show was amazing and everyone went ape shit when he played CHAINS songs. Hell Yeah!!!!

  • Neli

    Alice in Chains you dicided to go in tour with new singer, but, don’t make e new album with new singer, because pile of the bend it was Layne,so respect him for his voice.

  • Rotten Aplle

    The name of the bend ”Alice in Chains” it was good, when it was Layne, so it will be good to change if you are going in the tour.

  • rraethuettttttttttttttttttttttt

    i actually did give my left nut for tickets to the metro show tomorrow. Billy corgan better be there, i could give a shit about william duvall

  • losha

    layne!!!! r.i.p you were the only one.

  • Ryan FUCKING wren

    as great of a singer Maynard might be you CANNOT replace Layne. (Doesnt mean I wouldn’t buy tix to the concert tho) RIP Layne

  • Laynefan2

    Please out of respect for Layne..change your name…the feeling in his voice was the heart of AIC..for God’s sake he was screaming his pain!!!!! RIP LAYNE

  • Tammy

    oh m y gawd…saw AIC at the Molson Ampitheatre in T.O….they rocked…amazing night…I have bben a fan since their first days and they did an awesome job….

  • J Marie

    Although Layne did have a very distinctive voice, I wouldn’t go so far as to say (contrary to popular belief)that he defined AIC. Apparently many fail to realize that it was Jerry Cantrell that formed the group, wrote most of the songs, and provided the harmonizing vocals along with Layne’s which gave the music its unique sound. He is the only member that is truly irreplaceable.