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Alias producers say pregnant women can’t be sexy

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Shit. If Jennifer Garner can’t be sexy when she’s pregnant then who the hell can? (Rhetorical).

For a start, those nice breasts are going to get bigger. And anytime that happens naturally, without the assistance of plastique explosives and a stapler, I’m happy.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Garner’s pregnancy will be incorporated into the show, making spy-gal Sydney Bristow a cry-gal. Due in December, the Affleck-Garner kidlet will be a star from Day-100 and counting.

According to the Associated Press:

Asked if he thought the show might lose male viewers who eagerly anticipate seeing Garner in action, [ABC programming chief Stephen] McPherson replied that “she’ll be able to run a fair amount.”

But he acknowledged her exploits would change when Garner is visibly pregnant. To protect the show’s sex appeal quotient, a younger agent who is being mentored by Sydney will be added, he said.

Not just “not pregnant” but younger and, I guess, they’re saying, better looking.

Hands up Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, um quick the other ones, Britney Spear’s fans like Vanity Fair cover editors, who think pregnancy is appealing.

Yes, I know I’m being sickly “politically correct” here. But for a TV show to say, yep, a pregnant spy is good (I think Valerie Plame has three children by the way) but then to say, but not for much – wrong message there people. And believer me, when Garner’s pregnant hormone flashes kick in, she’s going to let you know about it. Well, maybe. Sweet girl as she is, maybe not.

‘Alias’ returns Sept. 29 at a new Thursday time slot. So she’ll have the weekends to party, drink and fall down. (Joke there .. or at least an attempted one)

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  • UGH! Ya know I don’t deny that Jenn is one HOT woman, but I don’t watch the show simply because Garner is hot, but because there’s a good action-packed story there. Damn these producers think we are all controlled by our lizard brain and nothing more.

    I’ll still watch… ALIAS and LOST are like crack for me =)

  • Doug Smith

    Pregnant women can absolutely still be attractive. The problem is that almost every Alias episode centers around Sydney wearing a skimpy dress and a wig and going undercover. That sort of thing might work a couple of times with a pregnant woman, but not for a whole season. Plus, you have to consider the amount of hardcore action that Sydney engages in every week. Jennifer Garner isn’t going to want to do those major action/stunt sections further into her pregnancy, and without them the show would suck.

  • I think pregnant women are extremely attractive. Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, is not at all appealing, with ot without the extended belly. Very manish, a bit to athletic built for me. Affleck can have him, er, her.

  • I heard of them writing her pregnancy into the show just the other day. I think it is great, and I’m sure she will look pretty. Pregnant women can be sexy. I guess it will be interesting to see how well the pregnant Sydney is received once the show makes its return.

  • I’ve actually quit watching — but I think I need to start, to see how they handle this. It could be brilliant.

  • In my younger fly days, I once slept with a very pregnant prostitute, and it was SO hot. Excuse me, got to go, my right hand is calling.

  • Amanda

    well to tell u the truth im pregnant right now and im pretty damn hot if u ask me lol but seriously pregnant women can be beautiful and the beauty of being pregnant is just a wonderful feeling unless ur baby comes out ugly then thats a problem lmao

  • Angel

    adam that was pretty bad what u said lol but what r u doing on this website anyways lol

  • TooInvolved1

    Adam, you’re a pig. No really…

    Sincerely, TooInvolved