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Alias‘ Disappearing Act

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It’s been confirmed, by more than one news source, that ABC’s former hit espionage/intrigue series has been cancelled. Jennifer Garner can now devote herself to raising her new baby after the big Alias finale that’s been promised to the fans of the show.

The cancellation should come as no surprise after ABC’s insane decision to move Alias to Thursday nights at 8pm against CBS juggernaut Survivor: Guatemala.

I complained about the move at the beginning of the season, knowing full well that the move was a death knell for the spy drama. I hate when I’m right about something like this.

There is a bit of good news to all of this, though: Alias will temporarily move to Wednesdays for a couple of weeks before taking little break. The show will air following Lost at 10pm.

Not scheduled to air for the remainder of November sweeps, Alias will return with new episodes in December, before taking an eight-week break starting in January–the better to allow Garner, due to deliver her and husband Ben Affleck’s first child any week now, some down time. The show will return in March and run through the end of the season.

I’m sorry to see Alias go. It was smart, sexy, cool, and wild and one of the most intriguing spy shows since The Avengers.

Anyone wishing to shower me with gifts for the holidays can send me Alias DVDs. I’m just saying.

And, while “I’m just saying”, to the programmers at ABC: Bite me.

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  • ARRRRRGH!!! First Arrested Development and now this! I had not heard this news, now you have brought down my Turkey day….

    I knew about the move to Wednesdays at 10, but this makes me mad! At least we got 5 seasons of it, unlike others that weren’t even allowed out of the gate.

    With it’s move to Wednesday, what’s going to happen with Invasion?

    I will probably post my thoughts on this in the next day or two….


  • Invasion is taking a breather. It’ll be back. Unfortunately.

  • Hey, I like Invasion – of course, I have some weird affinity for alien movies/shows.

    Bummer to hear about Alias though. I was starting to wonder about its future though – Garner being with child and all.

  • E.M.E.T.I.B. – said the Turkey

    I’m sure I would feel your pain if I ever watched this. It sounds like something I’d enjoy, I’m just usually doing aomething else, and once I miss the start of some TV program I rarely attempt to get into it.

    Dark Angel was one exception for exceptional reasons. I tuned into what turned out to be its last season.

    Sounds like ALias’ new schedule is as “wilded” as mine.

  • I think Invasion has interesting moments, but it is moving waaaaay too sloooowwww.

    Alias is a wonderful show that encompassses show many genres and experiences a full range of emotion. I am very sad to see it go.

  • It’s about time. This season has been horrible. I can suspend my disbelief only so far.

    How many conversions can Sloan go through?

    How can a 4 month pregnant woman drop-kick a man tied to a chair outside a window? Haw can she be allowed to to covertly board a plane already in mid-air?

    Personaly I would have ended the series after the big zombie making orange ball…