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Alex Jones Goes Berserk in Denver

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If you ever had any doubt that Alex Jones was a thug, a bully and a jackass, events this week in Denver ought to lay those doubts to rest.

It all started with a protest put together by the anarcho-hippies of Recreate68 and some of their allies. They planned to go to the Denver mint to hold a nonviolent protest in which they were apparently planning to use their positive psychic energy to levitate and ultimately destroy the mint in a protest against global capitalism. As they had hoped, this protest attracted some attention. A number of right-wing bloggers were there to film and scoff at the hippies, including prominent editorialist and blogger Michelle Malkin and Steve Green AKA Vodka Pundit who was acting as a reporter for Pajamas Media and who we have to thank for the best of the various videos to come out of this fracas.

Of course, since the protest was at the Denver mint, it was almost inevitable that Alex Jones would be there with some of his supporters, what with the mint being part of the power structure of the diabolical New World Order and the Zionist bankers who control it, or something silly like that. As quickly became clear, there's not much love lost between Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin.  He's convinced that she's going to round up every conspiracy nut and Pakistani convenience store clerk in the country and put them in (nonexistent) FEMA death camps while torturing Iraqi babies and whoring herself to the Gnomes of Zurich at the same time – she can multitask. She seems equally convinced that he's an irritating blowhard who she's too short to shoot pictures over. Well, a picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks about a million – or in this case shouts them – so see the accompanying clip for what I'm talking about.

What quickly became clear as all these politically volatile elements gathered at the mint, was that Alex Jones can't resist the powerful combination of lots of video cameras and a diminutive Filipino-American to harangue. Calling her a "prostitute" and "disgusting new world order trash" and a variety of other epithets and shouting out her supposed crimes, Jones followed Malkin around, tried to thrust his pudgy form in her path and had his followers chase her down when she tried to get away, yelling "Get Michelle Malkin! Don't let her leave! …Get on her!" Malkin took it all pretty calmly and did her best to just ignore Jones, setting an example for the world to follow. She did have some help. She seemed to have a large and bearded bodyguard type at her elbow, and some of the peaceniks took offense at Jones' behavior and attempted to come to her defense as well.

Contrary to what some have reported, Jones did not start chanting "kill Michelle Malkin", though it wouldn't have been a surprise, given his behavior. The chant was started by a guy in a funny hat who looked like he was with Jones, but who may just have been a prankster. In the video Jones does appear to give a good hard shove to one of the protesters who was attempting to defend Malkin, which likely meets the legal definition of assault. Jones was out of control and clearly desperate for attention, and when the cameras moved away from him he was quick to chase them down and try to make himself the center of attention again by being as verbally abusive as possible to Malkin.

I've got no particularly warm feelings for Malkin. While most of Jones' claims about her are as ridiculous and delusional as the rest of what he spews, she has said some genuinely troubling things and is needlessly sensationalistic, though she is occasionally fairly humorous. I'm no more a fan of her moralistic, fearmongering, hardline conservatism than I am of Alex Jones bombastic lunatic fringe ranting. Nonetheless, she does have a right to free speech and free assembly and not to be harassed by a mob stirred up by a ranting lunatic. Jones has a right to free speech too, but he doesn't have a right to create a situation which is volatile and potentially dangerous in the middle of what could easily become a dangerous mob.

Jones is just about out of control. It's only a matter of time before an incident like this turns violent. He also seems to have no idea how self-defeating his behavior is. He may think these antics are a great way to get his message out, but what they actually do is let people like me point out to other reasonable people that his behavior is not that of someone who ought to be taken seriously. He may think he's some sort of crusading force of righteousness, but most of those who watch the video are going to join me in concluding that he's a hate-filled buffoon. The contrast between his raging and ranting and Malkin's calm response gives her legitimacy and takes away what little he has left.

Watch the video. Draw your own conclusions.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • troll

    …I’ve got to renew my passport

  • Clavos

    That’s a strong video: well shot and produced.

    Alex Jones richly deserves the epithet of thug; Fascist fits him pretty well, too.

  • Lumpy

    Apparently Jones is only for free speech when he approves it and doesn’t mind using terror tactics to silence those he doesn’t like. He’s no gentleman either.

  • It’s really hard to say anything but WOW! to this video. What a nice guy!

  • Dave, whilst not being a fan of either Malkin or Jones, I’m equally unimpressed by your own attempts to make this out to be more than it was…

    Andy, will you be handing your title as the Ugliest American over to Jones?

  • I tried to keep the overall tone of the article relatively light, Christopher. Certainly this isn’t worldshaking news, but I think it provides insight into the character of this person who has a great many very vocal followers. I’d do the same (and have) with the antics of leaders of the BNP.


  • CR – I don’t think ugly adequately describes Mr. Jones!

  • TruthONLY


    You are terribly misinformed writer who chooses to take a stance rather than review the facts and engage in resoponsible journalism. Jones confronted this monstrosity with the passion of an Andrew Jackson confronting the foreign bankers. Yeah, he was loud and he was MAD! But that trash deserved no less. Now the allegation of him calling for violence is absolutely false. Video footage supports this. The crowd you hear chanting were not part of Jones’ group at all. Your other article about Georgia truley shows how ignorant you are of the facts. Georgia ATTACKED S. Ossetia peace keepers and tried to ethnically cleanse the region. They killed innocent women and children. S. Ossetia doesn’t want to be part of the American client state and puppet regime of Georgia. Georgia attacked first and Russia went in to defend S. Ossetia. These are facts you choose to ignore. If you are looking to be a true journalist, you need to INVESTIGATE rather than REGURGITATE!

  • I’m no fan of Michelle Malkin either, but there was no mistaking a very real panicked look on her face when interviewed about it later.

  • LOL


    What a slanted article. Misinformation. Cute.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Did something happen to the clip? I can’t see it.

  • Bev Reiswig,

    I cannot see the video!

  • Bob Dobbs

    Let me get this straight, Michelle Malkin is the one advocating Nazi style detention camps in the US, and Alex Jones is the thug for calling her on it?

    You my friend, are the jackass.

  • TruthONLY

    A little background on Michelle Malkin. Michelle was nothing like this when she went to Oberlin College. As a matter of fact, her earlier writings portray her as more left leaning (not a compliment) and open minded (a compliment). But then she met Jesse Malkin (her hubby) and that’s when she turned to “THE DARKSIDE”. Jesse is the ULTIMATE NEO-CON and the voice behind Michelle’s rhetoric. Jesse is from the RAND CORPORATION, the infamous think tank of the military-industrial complex. Jesse hates the limelight and is aledged to have slapped down a female photographer who was merely trying to photograph him. I guess he has a social anxiety disorder. Anyway, that’s where Michelle comes in. She is the face behind the man and the spokesmdel for his agenda. I guess you’d call her a journalistic STEPFORD WIFE.

  • Pablo

    You are funny Davey boy. A typical hate filled article by you. Poor lil Michelle, awww.

    You are obviously obsessed by Alex, and I do get a kick out of your numerous attempts to paint his as a bad guy. You have even gone so far as to copy his website and call it idiotwars, I call that obsession! hehehe

    Anyone who calls for internment of american citizens for their political beliefs, endorses torture as an interrogation technique, and writes a book on how the illegal detention of american citizens of Japanese dissent was justified, should be hounded wherever they go. Should Malkin be unlucky enough to get within 30 meters of me, I will make Alex look tame bubba.

    Of all the political machinations going on, and there are lots of them, it is amazing to me how you choose so many stories on Alex, and attempt at every moment to denigrate and smear him. A typical example of your smearing is the video that you showed in your previous article about him, from some obviously deranged individual emulating Hitler. You as usual only show your own prejudice and hate bubba.

    Just my two sense worth.

  • Pablo

    Oh yeah Davey boy, I see you also plugged her book here. Hahahaha.

    Yer funny dude.

  • WhatATotalCrock

    Ha! This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy!

    We’re whining about Michelle Malkin being shouted at and berated for her views when she spent years on the other end of the stick serving as the pitbull terrier of Bill O’Reilly? The same Bill O’Reilly who gas bags, lies and shouts at his guests all the time!

    What a load of bull!

    BTW – It’s been proven on video that Alex Jones never said “kill Michelle Malkin”. It was the stooges wearing jester hats and acting like buffoons that were actually associated with Malkin that were saying this to blow the confrontation out of all proportion.

  • The video just takes a little while to load – it’s the nature of YouTube, I’m afraid.

    And hey, Infowars Zombies. Could you be more predictable or less objective? Pablo, you’re the worst of the lot.

    Watch the video. Remember these are fucking human beings, or at least some of them are – Jones I’m not so sure about. Have some empathy.


  • Michelle is a TRAITOR who advocates the coverup and murder of 3,000 Americans by domestic enemies residing in the Bush Administration. She also advocates prison camps for Americans. What kind of scumbag would CARE for Michelle at all? Certainly not an American. I think Michelle set this up as a trap for Alex and he was smart enough not to take the bait. Alex is the good guy in this. He’s not the one supporting a traitor.

  • Pablo

    Oh Davey I almost forgot. The photographer for Malkin in the midst of the altercation went over to the Denver police and filed a false police report, saying that Jones was saying “kill Michelle Malkin”, how utterly surprising that you did not include this in your smear. Here is the link

    Malkin photographer lies to Police

    I also noticed how you attempt to link Alex with the dumbass mickey mouse levitation of the mint, and the Recreate68 folks. Alex has been talking for MONTHS about these people and how they are agent provacateurs.

    Your overt bias, and smearing will only work with your minions such as Clavy and his ilk, you twist, lie by ommission, and smear, with every breath you take bubba.

  • Pablo

    Oh here is a quote from Geraldo Rivera, whom I cannot stand either, but the quote is revealing.

    “Geraldo Rivera:
    “Michelle Malkin is the most vile, hateful commentator I’ve ever met in my life. She actually believes that neighbors should start snitching out neighbors, and we should be deporting people. It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in NY. I’d spit on her if I saw her.”

    Poor lil Michelle, awww, such a tiny innocent lil angel. awwww

  • Oh, and Pablo. Of 500+ articles in a couple of years this is the only one I ever wrote which was essentially about Jones and his behavior.

    And I have to say that the comments here are a great monument to the blind and self-righteous fanaticism which I have noted previously in Jones’ followers – and that I have written about before.


  • Re#20. Pablo. I have to ask. Are you functionally illiterate or did you just not read the article as usual?


  • Pablo

    Dave says

    “Pablo, you’re the worst of the lot.”

    Coming from you Davey boy I wear that with my tin foil hat, and consider it a supreme success that you would characterize me that way, I am proud that you think that. I am just getting started with you bucko, and I will not be going away in the near future. I look forward to exposing you for what you are, a fascist pretending to be a libertarian, that goes for your brother in arms Barger too.

    Keep smiling Davey, cuz I love how you show your true face occasionally, as in this hit piece bubba.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Is this Malkin chick the same shithead that thought Rachael Ray was wearing a “a jihadi chic keffiyeh” on a fucking Dunkin Donuts ad?

  • Pablo

    Read your article Dave? Why? I rarely read your articles in their entirety as I find them boorish, condescending, and right wing, I do not like to pollute my mind with such flotsam. I will leave that to your followers to do so. I have better things to read, like infowars.com.

    Oh have you noticed, and I am sure you would agree how most of these MSM outlets try to portray Jones as a lefty. Considering his dad was in the John Birch society, he is not pro-choice (I am), he does not believe in gun control, and believes in not allowing illegal aliens to remaiin here or granting them amnesty, I find this characterization of him to be a lie, as is most of what the MSM portrays politically on a daily basis.

    It is almost as funny as YOU portraying yourself as a libertarian, and constitutional expert, gag.

  • Clavos

    I used to admire the way Dave is able to pull your strings, booboo.

    But then i found out you’re easy…

  • Pablo

    Dave Re 22

    The following articles written by you recently have all featured Jones in one way or another prominently, that coupled with your idiot site, and your failure to confront Jones on his radio show (it is a local call bubba), shows me how much you are in fact obsessed by this man. Where are your balls dude?

    I have on numerous occasions challenged you to call Jones up, however you have ignored it, and I am urging you to do so again. You prefer being in the background with your minions behind you, and cannot quite seem to take the bull by the horns, how utterly surprising bubba.

    Alex Jones Goes Berserk in Denver
    Where the Road of Unreason Leads
    How to Make Your Tinfoil Hat
    The Myth of American Dictatorship
    Let’s All Get Naked at the Bohemian Grove!

    Yes you are obsessed with him, maybe he stole an ex girlfriend from ya, I suggest you act a bit more like an adult and if you have a beef with a MAN, as you obviously do, confront him. No guts no glory baby.

  • Yawn. She got shouted at. Boo hoo. There’s a reason the cops who were there didn’t get involved.

    Alex Jones certainly comes off like a blustering buffoon, but your description of the proceedings don’t completely match the video, so I hope people watch. Jones kept following her, but certainly wasn’t in her path as she walked away.

    He called her an “intellectual prostitute.”

    Considering Jones has no power within our government, how exactly was Malkin’s right to free speech affected?

    Doesn’t seem any different than the reaction the Dixie Chicks got.

  • Pablo

    Hey Clavy,

    Perhaps you could show me an instance in the last several years where you vehemently disagreed with Nalle. In my opinion you are nothing more than his waterboy, and only come on this site to echo him. Don’t you have anything original to offer bubba?

    I want to thank you again for your service to your country in protecting those poor peasants in Vietnam for the scourge of communism by bombing them back to the stone age, and burning the rest alive with napalm. A true patriot you are Clavy. We need more MEN like you in our quest to spread Jeffersonian Democracy to the masses, don’t ya think bubba?

  • Clavos

    I want to thank you again for your service to your country in protecting those poor peasants in Vietnam for the scourge of communism by bombing them back to the stone age, and burning the rest alive with napalm. A true patriot you are Clavy.

    Why thanks, booboo.

  • Pablo

    You are so welcome Clavy, now when I go to sleep at night, I sleep so soundly knowing that heroes like you are out there, and protecting me, and spreading freedom around the world. Thank you again for killing for me Clavy, the world is certainly a better freer place because you are in it.

    Now that we both acknowledge that you are a true hero, perhaps you can answer my question regarding you and Nalle. Do you do his dirty laundry too bubba?

  • Cannonshop

    El Bicho:

    No, it’s not. The reaction the Dixie Chicks got was out-of-proportion, but business related (and guaranteed that they would have a fanbase even if they stopped making good records.)

    Jones didn’t violate her RIGHTS per-se. What he did, (and please track with me carefully here) was to act like a (Censored) retard, in public, and get caught doing so.

    Somehow, I just do NOT think he’d have been so aggressive if Michelle Malkin were a six-foot-six three hundered pound shaved ape of a man, and if he had, I also doubt there would be nearly this much of a reaction. It’s really simple-Jones is a medium-to-big man, Malkin’s a tiny little asian woman.

    It’s about BEHAVIOUR.

  • Pablo

    Thats right Cannonshop it is about behaviour. The behaviour to condemn the use of torture, the behaviour to insist on due process, and abiding by the constitution, the behaviour to not call for american citizens being rounded up and put in camps.

    Poor lil Michelle, shucks, oh and you may not have noticed bubba, but the guy with Malkin was about twice as big as Jones, and he more than stood up to him too. How is the right wing politics doing in Washhington state these days bucko?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Malkin’s a tiny little asian woman.

    Hey, screw you buddy. She’s an AMERICAN.

  • Clavos

    Thank you again for killing for me Clavy, the world is certainly a better freer place because you are in it..

    You’re welcome, booboo. If ya got anyone ya need killed, I’m your gunslinger…

  • Pablo

    I wonder Cannoshop why I do not see you condemning five goons hovering over a tied up human being and torturing them? hmmmm? Cat got your tongue bucko?

    Perhaps that’s the sort of behaviour you approve of, I dont, and neither does Jones bucko.

    Or perhaps you approve of invading a sovereign nation and killing about 1,000,000 human beings most of them civilian. I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of wiretapping 300 million americans, and invading their privacy and right to be left alone, I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of threatening to bomb a nation, Iran back to the stone age, because they are persuing (perhaps) what my nation has, arming to the teeth with nuclear weapons. I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of locking up american citizens without due process, as guaranteed by the US Constitution, I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Yes Canonshop lets talke about behaviour shall we?

  • Pablo

    You are so cute Clavy baby, maybe thats why Davey likes you so much! You are such a MAN, arent ya, and heroic too!!

    Too bad you won’t address my question about disagreeing with your mentor. Do you enjoy being a vassal?

  • Clavos

    here, booboo:

    In my opinion you are nothing more than his waterboy, and only come on this site to echo him.

    Yep, that’s it.

    Don’t you have anything original to offer bubba?

    Nope, but I hope maybe someday…

  • Lumpy

    I’ve now had a chance to look at several of the videos of this event. this is the only one where it doesn’t look like jones is the one who starts the “kill michelle malkin” chant. also the only one which picks up the guy who jones asaulted talking to the cops about it and getting blown off. in fact it’s the only one of the videos where you can tell there were cops present. damned good work by the pajamas media crew.

  • Lumpy

    You know, the behavior of jones and his followers has halfway convinced me that some of the extreme internal security measures which malkin advocates might be a good idea. I sure hope the government has someone keeping an eye on people like jones and pablo and the rest of the uber patriot nutjobs.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I hope they do too.

    I hope they spend billions of tax dollars on it, too, and keep a close eye on all of the circus freaks and potential dissenters out there. It’s a crazy world and it ought to be carefully controlled by taxpayer dollars and government time, especially those damn internet personalities. While the government is at it, maybe they can put some agents on this Anonymous thing, too.

    Fuck, it’s hard to tell who’s crazier around here…

  • Pablo

    Halfway convinced Lumpy? Sure you are bubba, you are a born again totalitarian, I know the government should be keeping an eye on me for doing what was guaranteed to me by the first amendment. How utterly surprising coming from the likes of you bucko.

    As usual Lumpy you are adorable.

  • Baronius

    Dave, you only reported half the story (the unimportant part). That’s shoddy, biased journalism. You never told us, did the psychics levitate the mint?

  • Pablo


    On the subject of Recreate68, it is completely obvious to the informed that this group is nothing more than provacateurs of the right. They dress up in Mickey Mouse costumes to look silly and stupid, and then attempt to levitate the mint. Only those on the far right would be fooled by them for a minute. Jones has been condemning them for months as such.

  • Pablo


    If your not fan of Malkin’s then why did you plug her book bubba? Amazon has millions of titles to choose from, you could have chosen one of a myriad of titles, yet you chose hers. As usual you talk out of both sides of your mouth, the right wing side, and the other, the hypocritical side.

    I wanna know when you will muster up the balls to actually call Jones and give him your two sense worth bubba. Whats the matter, cat got yer toungue? He would make mincemeat out of you in about 5 seconds bucko.

  • Pablo


    I do want to thank you however for plugging Jones so much. It is people such as yourself, certainly not me, that do more to promote him than any one of his admirers.

    I know it won’t change any of your minions opinions, as their minds are as closed as yours is, but your continual smearing, and attempting to link others to Jones that he has nothing to do with, coupled with the censorship that this site has regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories only serves to give Jones more attention, and coming from you, it is all positive bubba.

    I would remind you that months ago I asked you to at least admit the obvious, that you too are a conspiracy theorist, you just happent to believe in a conspiracy that to anyone with half a brain is obviously untrue. I wonder why even to this day the FBI still has not indicted Bin laden for the attack.

    Did I call you a tinfoil hat guy for buying into obvious falsehood? Nope, I offered up cogent, reasonable, civilized debate, what I got in return was hate, derision, and ridicule. How utterly surprising coming from the likes of you, Mr. conspiracy theorist.

  • Pablo


    I am still waiting (a cold day in hell) for you to write an article on Michael Reagan OVERTLY calling for people to kill Mark Dice a 9/11 truth activist on national radio. I haven’t heard nary a peek out of you on it. Hmmmm I wonder why, no I really dont wonder why bubba. The double standards that you purport are truly nauseating. I enjoy calling a spade a spade, and you sir are truly a spade!

  • Baronius

    “They dress up in Mickey Mouse costumes to look silly and stupid, and then attempt to levitate the mint.”

    But Pablo, did it work?

  • Pablo


    You oughta know Baronius, they are working for the right wing in this country, and no I am not a lefty.

  • Pablo. Pay attention for once.

    1. I’m not going to call Jones. I’m not going to stoop to that kind of direct confrontation. He’s the one with the need to scream and harass people in person, not me. Plus I have nothing to say to him.

    2. I know absolutely nothing about this Michael Reagan business. He’s not broadcast in this area and even if he were I wouldn’t listen to him. Hit me with a link to what he said and I’ll check it out. Whether it’s worth an actual article remains to be seen, but I’ll certainly say something nasty about him if it’s as you describe.

    3. I provided a link to Malkin’s book because I figure if people want to assess whether she’s the force for evil which Jones claims they can do it most effectively by reading her work. Seems obvious to me.


  • Pablo


    The fact that you are ignorant of Reagan’s overt death threat on national radio, only shows me how ignorant you really are. Try using google, or do I have to do ALL your work for you. Yes I am reminding you that I was the one that first introduced you to this Malkin story via the comments section here.

    While you are at it Davey boy, you might want to also write about how Faux news commentators have openly called for 9/11 truthers to be sent via rendition to be tortured. Of course you are probably ignorant of this too. By the way bubba, I have mentioned both of these stories numerous times on here, directed at YOU.

    Oh and Davey, it is exactly how I described it with Reagan, the threat is overt, and he even offered to pay for the bullets.

    The same goes for you too Clavy, and Lumpy, and you other right wingers out there. Where is the outrage when one of your own calls for someone to be murdered in cold blood, unlike Jones who did not. Your overt hypocrisy is disgusting.

  • Pablo


    This is a typical example of your smearing,in your article you say:

    “Of course, since the protest was at the Denver mint, it was almost inevitable that Alex Jones would be there with some of his supporters, what with the mint being part of the power structure of the diabolical New World Order and the Zionist bankers who control it, or something silly like that.

    you attempt without saying so to link Jones with the jokers who were in costumes purposefully looking foolish that are part of Recreate68. Jones has been for months talking about how these people are no good, and calling for violence. If you were actually knowledgeable about Jones you would know that, but your not, your just a cherry picker, and quite frankly completely ignorant of what Jones actually represents, and of his actions.

    It would be like linking Malkin to them because she was present too, however I do not see you doing that, you would rather promote her book!

    It is called slander by ommission and you sir are a pro at it.

  • Pablo, as demonstrated in the last comment your reading comprehension skills are sub-par. I clearly pointed out that Jones had a different motivation for being at the mint, and it was part of a joke. Get a grip.

    Ok, on to other stuff.

    I found the Michael Reagan quote. For those who’d like to hear it, it’s on YouTube.

    I agree, it’s an extreme and inappropriate comment to make. Reagan’s a dick and a fascist and I’m glad he’s not broadcast in our market.

    While I can understand the desire to classify people like Dice as traitors, they don’t quite meet the objective criteria for that status. I’m actually surprised that some overzealous prosecutor hasn’t tried filing charges against Dice or someone like him The fact that the worst that has happened is Reagan’s comments is a very positive reflection on our nation and our justice system.

    Reagan’s behavior towards Dice is very much the same thing as Jones’ behavior towards Malkin. Both are responding to perceived offensiveness with more of the same. The key difference is that Reagan did it on the Radio rather than in person with an element of physical threat and then later had the decency to have Dice on the air with him to discuss it and air his views.

    Interestingly, there was very little coverage of Reagan’s comments. Nothing I could find in the MSM and even other talk show hosts seem to have avoided the subject, except for the equally offensive and insane left-winger Mike Malloy.

    But what do you do about Reagan? He has a right to free speech. Note that I didn’t even suggest that Jones be prosecuted for his behavior. Both of them are protected under the first amendment no matter how outrageous their behavior is.

    What I find interesting is that people like Pablo and Alex Jones, who claim they support the constitution and rights like free speech think that Malkin and Reagan ought to be silenced but that those they agree with ought to be protected. Goes back to what I said in a previous article about where the truther movement is headed.

    If you really want to take me to task for not covering something – because after all I’m superhuman and can cover every story in a busy news week like this – you ought to be asking why I haven’t written anything on the 3 Aryan Nation goons who were arrested with sniper rifles in their car near the DNC.


  • Pablo

    Now your really funny Dave. As you should be aware freedom of speech is not protected when calling fire in a crowded theater. Similarly there is a law on the books in California that makes what Reagan said a crime. While it may be legal in some states to overtly call for someones murder, it is not here in the Golden State.

    Your analogizing Jones to Reagan is absurd on its face. What Jones did was confront someone verbally, without physical threat, and with damned good reason. What Reagan did was not only inexcusable, but criminal in point of FACT.

    Your odd comment about the MSM not covering it is ridiculous on its face as well, you and I both know why they did not report it, cuz the MSM is owned and operated by the ruling elite, of which Reagan is a part. If anything the lack of his being prosecuted for a criminal act only goes to show how out of control our justice system is in this country. I wonder what would happen should I a common peasant try such a stunt. What a fucking joke.

    I do applaud you however, and that is a rarity around here for your calling Reagan a fascist and a dick. As you and I both know neither Jones nor his followers called for Malkin’s murder. Reagan on the other hand did call for Dice to be killed, and even offered to pay for the bullet. The fact that Reagan had Dice on his show later, in no way reflects anything of a civilized nature, rather that he had been cornered, and at the very least could be sued quite easily for his fascist remarks.

    Both of them are not protected by the first amendment as an excercise in free speech, Reagan’s was criminal under California law, and Jones’s was not.

    As I have suggested to you frequently bubba, you might want to clean your own house before you come over to mine, as your right wing pals are not only dangerous, they are un-american, and totalitarians.

  • DAVE NALLE 2008 – YES WE CAN! Now there’s a write in candidate I can support! Sorry, Hillary.

  • Clavos

    The key difference is that Reagan did it on the Radio rather than in person with an element of physical threat and then later had the decency to have Dice on the air with him to discuss it and air his views.

    How interesting that booboo never mentioned that part of the Reagan/Dice story, hmmm?

  • Pablo

    You are soooooo boring Clavy

  • Pablo

    Davey said:
    “1. I’m not going to call Jones. I’m not going to stoop to that kind of direct confrontation.”

    Yes I know bubba, you far prefer backbiting to actually engaging, and it that does not work you resort to your tried and true method of smear.
    I am not surprised that you dont have the balls to confront (on the telephone hehe) Jones. You will copy his website, try to link him with some yoyo hitler type of guy on youtube, call him every name in the book, but to actually engage? Noooooooooo not Davey boy. Chicken.

  • Clavos


    have you called Michael Reagan and reamed him a new one for threatenong to kill the Truther nut?

    Tell us about your conversation with him, bube.

  • tom

    Good! I wish he would have broke malkin’s face open.

    Alex is a hero, and would be a bigger hero if he broke her jaw.

  • alessandro

    Is Pablo in fact Moonraven?

    Buddy, Alex Jones looked like a complete ravaging, raving retard. But it was good viewing over a bowl of blueberries. Thanks Dave.

    That being said, I thought Alex Jones would be…um, taller and thinner. He looks like an insurance broker who dresses at Banana Republic or Old Navy and enjoys a Ben & Jerry’s on the dock with his chic croc’s.

    Come on. You all thought that too. Admit it.

  • WhatATotalCrock

    Who gives a flying f what this nobody Dave Nalle thinks?

    This is probably the first time he’s ever had a comment on his lame neocon blog.

    Regurgitating neocon talking points on your little blog does not make you a journalist.

  • Clavos

    Screaming epithets in public and on camera at women is the action of a thug, not that of a journalist, let alone a decent human being.

  • Pablo

    Oh and what would you know about decency Clavy?

  • Pablo

    Oh and Clavy just to copy your style of pettiness, the correct grammar, is woman bubba, women means more than one, booboo.

    I think the thing that I resent most about you and your mentor, is not your lack of intelligence or wisdom, its that you try to pretend that you are not neo-con fascists, when you are. The fact that you choose to believe in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is also testament to your complete lack of objectivity or depth as well booboo.

    You say your elite, when your not, your just another working schmuck like me, you interject in the comments section un-cute little barbs, never entertaining a subject with any depth whatsoever, just cute lil Clavy barbs that quite frankly nobody gives a shit about.

    You never say where you stand on ANYTHING Clavy other than being Nalles water boy. Surely you can do better than that, but I have never seen it, and somehow I doubt that I ever will.

    If any person of note, as in the public eye, openly calls for torturing human beings as Malkin has, to saying that the internment of people of Japanese descent during World War 2 was noble, and says that the kidnapping of an american citizen to a military brig, is good, I will be the first person to get in their face, if given a chance and tell them how full of shit they are. She had it coming, along with her sister in fascism Ann Coulter. Speaking of lovely Ann, you should hear the interview that Jones did with her!

    Anyways booboo thats all the time I have for you tonight, good luck Clavy your gonna need it.

    Oh and Clavy, if you do not like me, you can rest assured the feeling is more than mutual. bye bye booboo.

  • Alex Jones is a hero and patriot, upholding the Constitution and exposing False Flag Terrorism!
    He sometimes can be a bit loud, but for good reason! Watch his many movies for free on Google video — Terrorstorm is my favorite!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Screaming epithets in public and on camera at women is the action of a thug, not that of a journalist, let alone a decent human being.

    You’re obviously not a hip-hop fan…

  • Clavos

    LOL, Jordan.

    You’re right…

  • Clavos

    As you yourself point out, booboo, Jones has screamed on camera and in public at more than one woman, and you’re correct the plural (means more than one, booboo) of woman is women.

    I have never said I am of the elite; what I have said is that I am an elitist. There’s a difference. Look it up.

    I neither like nor dislike you; I don’t even know you.

  • Pablo

    Ok then let me be the first, I don’t like YOU. The difference between an elitist and the elite, is one is a wannabee, the other is not. Your a wannabee Clavy. I am curious who the other women are that Jones has verbalized loudly to in public booboo.

  • Clavos

    Ok then let me be the first, I don’t like YOU

    I would love to let you be the first, but there are dozens ahead of you.

    The difference between an elitist and the elite, is one is a wannabee, the other is not

    Not quite, booboo. Obviously you didn’t look it up.


    someone who believes in rule by an elite group [ant: egalitarian]

    WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

  • Pablo

    Your so right Clavy, according to your definition your a slave.

  • Pablo

    Uhhh yes I did look it up bubba, however I already knew what it meant. According to dictionary.com:


    “consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.”

    As quite obviously you do not fit in that particular definition its no wonder that you chose the slave one.

  • Clavos

    Aaawww, poor me….

  • Clavos

    Actually, booboo, that definition you erroneously quote from Dictionary.com is for:

    1. practice of or belief in rule by an elite.
    2. consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.

    Look it up again.

    Your inability to even look something up in a dictionary successfully is an excellent example of why I am an elitist.

    Thank you.

  • Pablo

    Yes Clavy I quoted the second definition, so?

  • Olbalz

    Hey Dave, I know this is off the topic but I’ve been meaning to ask you if you had ever seen this website and if you would care to comment on it. Here’s the url.

    I’d just like to get your opinion on it is all. What do you think? Just seems really weird to me. Selling the WTC steel to China in Jan. 02 (3 mos or less after 9/11) for $30/ton less than the price China was paying for scrap steel in 2001. I remember reading somewhere that this was actually about $60/ton less than what American steel recyclers were paying for scrap steel at the time. What’s your take/explanation for this? You think this is a bogus website set up and administered by Alex Jones?

  • Cannonshop

    I wonder Cannoshop why I do not see you condemning five goons hovering over a tied up human being and torturing them? hmmmm? Cat got your tongue bucko?

    Perhaps that’s the sort of behaviour you approve of, I dont, and neither does Jones bucko.

    Or perhaps you approve of invading a sovereign nation and killing about 1,000,000 human beings most of them civilian. I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of wiretapping 300 million americans, and invading their privacy and right to be left alone, I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of threatening to bomb a nation, Iran back to the stone age, because they are persuing (perhaps) what my nation has, arming to the teeth with nuclear weapons. I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Or perhaps you approve of locking up american citizens without due process, as guaranteed by the US Constitution, I dont, and neither does Jones.

    Yes Canonshop lets talke about behaviour shall we?

    Okay, so you’re basically drawing a moral equivalence between five people who were prosecuted (I’m assuming you’re talking about Abu Ghraib) for fratboy pranks (Note: PROSECUTED. A dishonorable discharge is the end of the line-those kids are going to have a life-long shit sandwich, the only problem being that the prosecutions haven’t included the NCO and Officer leadership in that unit that allowed their soldiers to completely lose touch of discipline and professional standards).

    So, the equivalence you’re suggesting, is that your boy Jones should be brought up on federal charges for assault, convicted, have his credit ruined for the rest of his life, and be unable to get better than minimum wage for the rest of his life, never be able to vote, and be put on a federal “Short List” of known traitors that will prevent him from ever recovering any of that?

    Is that what you’re suggesting? Hmm?

    A Dishonorable discharge means that your credit is permanently ruined-no matter how well you manage your money, you will never get a loan, never qualify for a mortgage, you’re shut permanently out of all those goodies that require a credit check, you can’t own a gun. You can’t vote. Those “Five Thugs” you’re talking about, that’s what they’re facing, and possibly deservedly so.

    Alex Jones, on the other hand, is facing increased traffic to his website, is getting frantic defense from his followers, will be lionized by his fellow-travellers for “acting out”, and may well find new and exciting friends in the talk-show circuit.

    Note also that he targeted a CIVILIAN WOMAN. Brave, brave, Alex, that-someone that isn’t liked by the majority of the people on the scene to begin with (she’s got the wrong political views, and unlike your buddy Alex, she’s also articulate enough she doesn’t have to rely on obscenities or ranting to make her points…even when she’s drastically wrong.)

    I mean, I can understand. Once you adopt a movement that’s purely emotional and denies logic, reason, and evidence in favour of Konspeerasee (Conspiracy) theories involving mysterious “Thems” including Trilateral Commissions, Swiss Gnomes, Bilderbergers, Masons, Skull-and-Bonez, Godless Commies, and Zionists, it’s not a stretch to decide that your opponent lionize people for doing blatantly reprehensible things- in fact, Straw Man becomes your favourite argument, doesn’t it, Pablo?

    Nice try at misdirection, nice try at inventing a moral equivalence, and nice try on attempting to elevate your man by bringing up a completely separate incident in the assumption that your opponent will jump.

    Don’t be a Dumbass, Please. (See, I’m not as articulate as Ms. Malkin. I DO resort to low-end language, this is why I don’t make a living working in the media…)

    Let me make it nice and clear for ya, PAUL.

    WRITING and SPEAKING are not crimes. (though the State of California HAS adopted thought-crimes legislation-go figure, it’s California…)

    What amazes me about the assholes that took over the Patriot movement once the rest of us decided we didn’t need to give a home for the truly fucked up and Federal Undercover Agents looking to start trouble, is that you guys just don’t fucking get it- you’re all for free speech and the Constitution for yourselves, but you don’t have any fucking standards.

    I was involved in the Patriot and Militia movements in the early nineties-we were SERIOUSLY worried about government being out-of-control after Waco and Ruby Ridge-two incidents where Federal agents publicly got away with generating a crisis and killing civilians on live television, for the crime of being weird.

    Let me repeat that for you, Pablo-the crime in both cases was that the targets were “Weird”. The Branch Davidians had a wacky religion, and Randy Weaver was a nut-but he wasn’t hurting anyone, and wasn’t likely to.

    When we started, we were pretty damned worried, the Government was using all kinds of excuses to restrict freedoms for “The good of the Children”, and a lot of us actually figured the whole thing was going to explode fairly soon.

    The feeling didn’t go away after Oklahoma City, but most of us worked it out before then-if bullets start flying, it’s over-win or lose, once things get physical, the Constitution is done. We woke up to a few facts along the way-like how to spot an ATF deep-cover agent at a gun-show, or Militia Meeting. (He’s the guy pushing the “Armed uprising” line, or making suggestions of violence as a solution, or selling conspiracy theories involving the racial, ethnic, or economic target of the week.)

    The first thing you have failed to recognize in your embracing the “Truth” movement, is that Government conspiracies tend toward coverup-and usually the thing being covered up, is Governmental INCOMPETENCE. You’ve fallen into what Harry Brown would call a “Group Trap”, only it’s not so much fallen in, as jumped in with both feet. The reason the “Truth” movement is mostly young kids and shut ins, is that they fail to realize just how ineffectual, slow, unresponsive, and non-responsible these ‘shadow agencies’ really are- Federal Officials are far more interested in covering their own mistakes and playing office-politics against each other, than they are in doing their jobs right in the first place. This kind of mindset doesn’t lend itself to keeping ANYTHING ‘secret’ for long-especially something that can ruin a career and result in arrest.

    When Incompetence is a viable argument, it’s generally superior to Conspiracy in terms of credibility- after all, did not Clinton’s ex-National Security guy get caught stuffing documents in his pants like a teenager ripping off a record store?

    This is what’s wrong with your MOVEMENT.

    what’s wrong with Alex Jones, is that he, like so many overgrown dumbshits that live in their mom’s basement, is that he’s infantile, petty, and, (based on both videos) a combined mix of physical coward and aggressive blowhard.

    The best thing about Freedom of Speech, incidentally, is that it reveals who the fools are-because they put themselves on display for all to see.

    Oh, and just so we’re absolutely clear- drawing moral equivalencies and making straw-man arguments undermines your position, almost as badly as expressing personal venom under ‘safe’ conditions where it will draw no consequences-like, say, chasing a five-foot girl who’s a known member of the Right around shouting epithets and making accusations at a gathering of extreme-left activists.

  • Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin Kissing in a Tree

    They work for the same people, working together they took over that protest and divided it all up to a bunch of mad crazy people who are no longer talking about killing for profit government and the politicians that are owned by the pro-war corporations. Good article. I think there is something fishy about 9/11 absolutely but AJ is suspect in so many ways. If you follow AJ or Michelle Malkin you are being programmed even if there are bits of truth thrown in…

  • I read your article, Dave, and then read the comments after it. Obviously this guy from Pajama TV was doing what amounted to comedy deadpanned as news – a story on a bunch of neohippies (could they have been related to the neo-hippus) holding a “demonstration/séance” to levitate the Denver Mint. Oy vey!! Malkin showed up, probably to write something panning this non-event, and then this Jones fellow (who the fuck is he, anyway?) started calling her a traitor.

    Some observations from the mountains of Samaria.

    The only news here, if it could be called that, was that a loudmouth started name-calling a little thing who is evidently a lot bigger on the CRT than in person. Alex Jones made an ass of himself – but if Michelle Malkin honestly does promote jailing people in political prisons in the States, you can see why she deserves the epithets she got.

    Considering the arrogant stage that Obama took, trying to make himself look like some Greek god descending from heaven to accept the acclimation due him from the yahoos, and considering that a second rate debater like Tim Pawlenty is rumored to be McCain’s VP pick, there are slim pickings on the local news circuit.

    I guess on a slow day on the news circuit, a little piece on an idiot shouting at a little woman (she doesn’t look intimidating at all on camera) must be a “news” story. If I didn’t have other stuff to do, I could just go to sleep….

    As for freedom of speech – well, we’re upholding that here, aren’t we?

    Oh, by the way, Dave, those camps do exist, and plans do exist to intern people there. You can bury your head in the sand, but if it’s buried in the sand and it’s your rear end sticking up in the air, you’re going to have one hell of a time shooting the 30.06 you got for arms when more than just Wile E. Coyote comes to call….

    I’ve never seen an anus with a trigger finger before.

  • alertman

    Who is Alex Jones? Awake from the propaganda slumber and visit Prison Planet.

  • Mooja

    I think it’s clear that any reasonable human being can see that this Jones fellow is off his rocker. When a lunatic like him does a banshee scream in a large crowd saying “Get Michelle Malkin! Don’t let her leave!” IMO this is a hairs breath away from atempting to incite a riot. I find it amazing, and a testament of our time, that there are folks out there honestly defending his actions.

  • Pablo


    Your attempt at equivocate frat boy pranks at Abu Gharab prison as what is going on regarding torture by my government is a joke on its face. It is systemic, widespread, and has little to do with the prison that you referenced. You know it, I know it, and so do most other americans.

    Your assertion that speech cannot constitute a crime is also absurd on its face, and no I am not going to debate the constitutional issues here, but the law as it stands. I challenge you to put your erroneous claim to use, and see how far you get should you decide to threaten verbally the POTUS bubba, furhermore here is the law as it stand in California today:

    “SECTION 1. Section 422 of the Penal Code is amended to read: 422. (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime that would result in death or great bodily injury to another person {- if it were carried out, -} with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, and which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person {- threatened, -} {+ to whom the threat is communicated, +} a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be {- in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, -} {+ in fear for the safety of the person or persons who would be the victims of the threatened crime, but who lacks the means or capability to carry out the threatened crime, +} shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison.”

    The fact is regarding your so called Patriot movement bubba, is that during the time frame that you referenced this movement for the most part was filled with racist scum, many of them aligned with neo nazi’s, kkk, and anti-semites, and bank robbers, some movement there bucko.

    You also said:

    “The best thing about Freedom of Speech, incidentally, is that it reveals who the fools are-because they put themselves on display for all to see.”

    How I love it when the pot calls the kettle black.

    It does reveal something about you however Cannonshop buddy, when you find someone being verbally dressed down, as in Malkin’s case as being terrible, yet do not condemn in even harher terms Reagan’s death threat. Thanks for showing me who you are bubba.

  • Cannonshop

    And again you miss it, Pablo.


    The nutballs, racists, etc. started showing up, and the rest of us moved on to more productive things. (note: McVey was thrown OUT of a Militia group for advocating violence. By the time it was enough of a fad that the skinheads and crazies were calling themselves “Militias” the rest of us had moved on from the movement.)

    And you STILL rely on Straw-man arguments, Pablo. Ever tried actually staying on topic and addressing the issue in front of you, instead of bringing up equivocations? Here, let me help you…

    Pablo Voice: (instead of bringing up straw man arguments) “Alex Jones is a serious researcher, his actions may not have shown the best judgement, but his intent was solid”.

    See how easy that is? The next step is to pull up some juicy FACTS that support Alex Jones, rather than trying to insert words and intents into other people’s mouths via insinuation, straw man and moral equivalence arguments. Pablo.

    I suspect, though, that the reason you’re relying on insinuations, insults, accusations, straw man argument, and other red-herrings, is because you know, deep down in that superb brain of yours, that there are none that can be used to support Alex Jones, therefore, you resort to attacks on his critics to distract from his mistakes. This is similar to, but not the same as, attacking a press-secretary when your own side doesn’t have a candidate that can stand up to the incumbent in a debate, or on the issues.

    You’re also making the rather dangerous assumption that everyone who criticises either Jones, or your “Truth” movement, is good with some to all of the very REAL problems you bring up. This is a stupid move. It does not legitimize your side to assume the other guy supports everything you oppose.

    Jones, Pablo, acted out in a manner that de-legitimizes his points. Inciting people to riot against your target does nothing to chip at that target’s legitimacy among your target audience. Following it up with an adolescent brag about it, with pictures, further erodes what is already a weak position. The only support it derives is from the hard core of one’s own support, and sympathetic fringies or groups who have ulterior motives. This is much like how the Miitia movement turned into a racist hate-fest as neo-nazis and skinheads started calling themselves, with the help of the clueless in media, “Militias” when it touched on the national consciousness. MOST of those fuckers can’t even SPELL “Constitution”, much less understand what’s written in it. The same problem exists on the Left with the “911 Truth” and “Peace” movements-whatever substantial is there, is overwhelmed in the white-noise of people using it for their own, not necessarily honest, reasons.

    Guys like Jones thrive on that-because it doesn’t matter if he’s got good material or not. Guys like you will prop guys like him up, uncritically, as long as he’s “Edgy” and uses a tone you empathize with…which says rather a bit more about how YOU function.

    At best, Jones done screwed up, then compounded the screw up. That is “at Best”. More likely, this was a cynical move by someone who knows he’ll never have a message that works outside of his close circle of supporters. Feeding those supporters lots of red meat and spectacle is all he’s got.

  • Canonshop. Catch my podcast from last night if you get a chance. I had a conspiracy fan named Chad as a caller and he made Pablo look like a bastion of solid argument and rational debate. He exhibited a peculiar psychopathology which Pablo has managed to avoid – he argued from a position of gnosis or secret knowledge, that he knew things which the rest of us did not and which he could not discuss for whatever reason. Not uncommon among the worst of the conspiracy nuts, but a viewpoint which usually doesn’t cut it in public discussion because it’s so easy to counter.


  • Pablo

    You mean you actually got a phone call on your lonely show Dave? Amazing, particularly since blog critics is such a widely read and ummm (commented on, barf, site!). Congratulations.

    I could almost interpret your assessment of me as a compliment, however I now better, and I am sure as usual you are just baiting me. Smirk

  • Speaking of shows, Real Time with Bill Maher returns tonight. And boy after 13 weeks he’s got plenty to say!

  • Pablo

    My favorite newscaster on 9/11 9/11 Disease

  • Olbalz

    Okay Dave, since you won’t respond to my post, allow me. Selling something for 85% or less of its real market value is the definition of idiocy unless you are desperate for funds, are fighting to obtain some kind of brand loyalty, you will receive some kind of tax dividend equal to the loss you are taking, or you are some kind of zillionaire and it is your altruistic hobby to offer a few less fortunate folks an opportunity. Now, in which category would you place the person(s) who in late 2001/early 2002 sold the WTC steel to China?

    Were they people who were…

    A. Complete imbeciles
    B. Imbeciles desperately in need of cash
    C. Trying to obtain brand loyalty
    D. Needing/wanting some kind of tax write off
    E. Zillionaires doing the world a favor
    F. None of the above

    I don’t know the answer but, if I had to take any kind of a rational guess, I would have to choose F. Can we agree? If the answer is indeed F, then I would have to say that we, the American people, need a thorough investigation. Actually, if you use your critical thinking skills and, whoa, think about it…even if the answer is not F, then we, the American people, need a thorough investigation.

  • John Worthington-Smythe

    From the full clip I’ve seen Jones is no more a thug than Mickey mouse is a paedophile. Get a grip guys, someone needs to expose the dodgy characters which run your country.

    911 was an inside job…………….

  • Mark

    My opinion is that if you knew Alex Jones, You all would not be talking negatively about him. I have listened and I am still listening to him as a friend who really cares about this country. He is being attacked on all sides because he is an intellegent learned man who loves mankind. He is against the political system who is in bed with the globalist & the Elite. His warnings of impending destruction of this country is all well documented if you all READ the documents the government puts out bragging on how they are going to make us all slaves. The Media hates him because he sounds anti American. No, the Media are card readers on teleprompters who read only what the government tells them to read. Alex sees through all this and calls the Media out on their lies and distortions. Alex NEVER SAID TO KILL MALCOM. He said that she is no good for wanting to put people in Fema Camps and the troops in Iraq don’t have to pay for killing innocent civilians and innocent animals for the fun of it. HE NEVER CALLS FOR VIOLENCE. Viva Alex Jones.

  • Her name is Malkin, not Malcolm. The article specifically says that Jones did not start the ‘kill malkin’ chant.

    However, there are no such things as ‘FEMA Camps’ and Jones is a despicable hatemonger and disinformation pimp.


  • Mark

    Hey Dave,

    You must be aware of Fema camps and I want all and everyone to know this. What is a Fema camp anyway? A camp is where you cannot leave or come in when the door is shut. Fema, our so called “home security” is huge and is powerful to make camps or use “operating camps” if they want to. Example: Go to You Tube and type in “Camp Pendleton Martial Law War Prep.” They once did 3 years ago when hurricane Katrina blew through and levies broke. Where did the people go to? Well the news clip on local TV 12 news called it camps and Fema was running the operation. Am I Right or are you going to argue with me on this. And might I say what took so long in getting the food and water down to the dying thirsty and starving poor souls in need of it? Because of Fema. I’m just scratching the surface, and don’t call me out on this one because it was all over the news in New Orleans and national news like CNN and Fox.

    There are Fema camps because there were at least eight of the camps all around New Orleans, where the Pastors of many churches were to comfort and give hope to the dying thirsty, hungry people who committed no crime except to leave the city for whatever reason. Eight (8) Camps by Fema, dear Dave. If you listen and look at the footage of the News report on the Pastors telling their flocks to go for their protection and handing in their guns, I think I am on to something. Folks, go to You Tube and First type in “NRA: The untold story of gun confiscation after Katrina” in New Orleans and then Number 2 – go in and type in You tube “26000 Pastors for Marshal Law Continuity of Government” and watch and listen to News 12 in her last sentence she mentions the Pastors gave assistance in eight camps, Yes
    Dave, Yes 8 camps by Fema mentioned in the last sentence by the news reporter on that tv station. By the way folks, the Pastors of your churches are selling you out to Fema and to the Military Industrial Complex that are building these camps even underground now I hear. Look it up yourself. Ask Google Questions and you be surprised how many answers you get. Wake up Dave. You’re a nice guy… Do your duty and wake up to the government documents of “Agenda 21” and the “PNAC”…


  • Clavos

    With so many batshit crazy people running around unrestrained in this country of ours, it’s no wonder we’re going to hell in a handbasket.

    And Jones plays them all, like Heifetz or Menuhin on their violins, and laughs — all the way to the bank…

  • Mark, there is a PLAN for camps for refugees, evacuees and detaining illegals for deportation. The plan is supposedly being undertaken but very little has been done about it. People have visited the camps. They’ve looked over the facilities. They’ve published video. The supposed camps are things like abandoned military bases, former youth camps and other government owned facilities some of them unused for decades and in horrible states of disrepair – overgrown with buildings falling down. No real effort has been made to make them functional and no money is appropraited to do so, even though they may be necessary within the next week or so.

    They lack the facilities to imprison people even if that were the intent – which it is not – and aren’t even up to housing them, feeding them or providing sanitary facilities.


  • Mark

    Hey Dave,

    Good job on the last blurb. You are right. These camps are empty per say, much of the infrastructure needs repair and unmanned.

    Is this a waste of American Taxpayers or is there an agenda that is not visible to people like you and I?

    Considering Rex 84 and the new century documents of the United Nations, there are some disturbing writings in their documents about vastly reducing the worlds’ population by a significant amount.

    I beg your readers and yourself to contemplate on why are the governments seem to work harder in causing chaos when there is so much they can do to help people instead of hurting them. Why are they not addressing things so obvious to us, yet our Authorities say such things as Chemtrails, Monsanto terminal seed foods and very toxic chemicals in our water supply don’t exist and they don’t know what we are talking and questioning them about such things.
    Are these “Authorities” who use to be “Services” retarted, incompetent and just apathetic about their constituents, their fellow Americans? Folks, look up in Google by typing in “Monsanto buys ‘Terminator’ seeds Company”. The word Terminator alone makes me nervous in that certain seeds that grow into vegetables and fruits can only grow once and be terminated. Why is that? Are these terminator seeds good for human consumption or is there a chance that these Genetically modified seeds can compromise our own immune systems if we eat seeds when they bloom into fruits and vegetables? Do you like eating seeds with frog or other animal parts mixed in the seeds of a potatoe or corn? Our bodies are not made to eat insect parts, mixed in with other biologies. If we do, we will get sick and die.

    If we drink poisoned chemicals in our drinking water, we will get sick and die. It’s over 700 chemicals that have been found in drinking water.

    If you were ever to get a sample of the weblike cotton candy substance that cartwheels to the ground depending on air density and temperature, would you like to breathe in the chemicals found that was sprayed in the sky as you see thin streams of clouds shoot out of the back end of Jet airplanes so far up, you can hardly see the jet but you do see them shoot the stream of cloud out of their bellies of the planes. Look up and see the tick tack toe and checkered board designs they make up there when they spray. It looks like a circus. The government denies this like Fema camps, like the underground cities, like The NAFTA Super Highway.
    What chemicals are found in this spraying on the American citizens? ANSWER IS = Aluminum oxide wrapped in fiberglass, Lead, Arsenic, Barium (possibly BaTIO3), bacteria, dessicated erythrocytes, molds, fungi/mycoplasma, isotopes, and a strange bio-filament that resembles spider webbing. The barium content has been tested at eight times the Normal ‘safe limit’ of human exposure which affects immune function. Go to You tube and type in
    “Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails”, and get educated on how this government loves YOU!

    Now tell me the government knows nothing about this poisoning of us in every way? The government knows nothing about camps and secret highways but has more secrets then Carter has liver pills. They have unused inoperative prison like camps in progress of being built or already made looking pretty and dormant, except for the new gas furnaces just installed. Looked new to me on the video. The Jews back in Germany must have missed that one.

    Dave and to all you questioning thinking people who can still think, are you not blind that something is up when the economy is about to implode, Our rights are slowly being taking away from us, our guns being taken away during a hurricane? Give me a break. How about the possibility of war with Russia and Iran? What is our government doing to protect us? You are right, Make more Fema camps and new coffins to put you into. Why? To keep dissidents out of their way and thinking people must perish if they don’t want to fight in the new wars comning shortly. Remember the Agenda 21 documents and the PNAC documents saying America must be and stay a world power no matter what it would cost its citizens. Our government is out of control and We will pay for it. To you young people who have no frame of reference, who loves to drink, do a little dime and party, making sex your God, don’t read this blurb, go back to sleep. You will be awoken when the new draft grabs your butt to fight the wars of the “New World Order”.

    You can call me names and get angry with me and others like Alan Watt and Dr. Bill Deagle. If some of you are smart and can still think, look these men up and really listen to what they say about your future.
    We are not leftist or on the right or politically correct. We love justice and truth and our families and believe it or not, we care about You otherwise we would not be wasting our time writing. We fight the evil by exposing such and encourage thinking people not to give up and tell others about the impending dangers all around us.

    I can write for 24 more hours on any subject you want to argue with me on. My information is endless on how your government LOVES YOU…

  • Mark

    Hello Folks,

    Check this out. Down in Georgia around or about Atlanta, video footage of Coffins, body bags have been found. The estimation of the count is about a million give or take a few thousands. Why is this happening? Who are these body bags and coffins for? Do you care to know?

    Type in You Tube “Coffin Liners Madison Ga” and get a load of coffins that can accept up to 3 people per coffin. What is this and why are there so many coffins? Who are these for? Check out the other related videos to this one.

    Call your representive or police station or TV station and you will get no answer. No one knows nothing. Very strange, unless you start understanding what I and Alex Jones are talking about. If you cannot, go back to sleep.

  • zonads

    God Bless Alex Jones!

  • Mark:

    Governments don’t love or hate or have any other emotions either. Governments are impersonal constructs of the social contract. They are only as good or as evil as we choose to make them.

    And I can’t believe you brought up the FEMA coffins canard. I thought that had been so thoroughly debunked that even the most hardcore Jonesheads had already been straightened out. It’s so discredited I hadn’t even bothered to bring it up on idiotwars.com. Looks like I need to write it up and lay out the facts.


  • drew

    Alex Jones may be loud, but he spoke the truth about Malkin. On the first page of her book (In Defense of Internment) she says: “My book is also a defense of racial, ethnic, and nationality profiling policies.” That says it all. She believes we should lock up people based on what church they go to or what color their skin is. That is fascism. I wonder how she will feel when she gets singled out and harassed and detained at the airport because of her tan skin and her oval eyes. I think she should reconsider her views.

  • Mark

    Hello Mr. Dave,

    You Said to me today, “Governments don’t love or hate or have any other emotions either. Governments are impersonal constructs of the social contract. They are only as good or as evil as we choose to make them”. In some sense of the word you have some good points there but either good or evil people run the governments or a mixture of both, much of the government is compartmentalized, one branch of government or parts thereof not knowing what, who and why things that are done, if being done right at all.
    So Dave, when you look at government in the abstract you got some good points saying, Governments are impersonal constructs of the social contract, but in reality, government is very much alive and is not abstract at all. They create, judge, and enforce laws which cause many pains if we do not obey the gods they created in the Authorities instead being the “Services” they used to be in helping us instead of tasering innocent people and abusing children such as “CPS” and the Veterans administration not taking care of our veterans. The government most of all uses the military to get what it wants by attacking it’s citizens like they did with Hurricane Katrina. Watch out for Marshal Law with this new hurricane. Marshal Law hurts people. It takes away our rights and someday YOUR RIGHTS might disapear. How can you say Governments are impersonal constructs of the social contract when they invade our personal lives without our permission of social contract. I want government out of my life not in my life. I do not give them permission to attack, take away my rights or force me into military life or into internment camps for whatever reason. According to the Constitution, we the people have the right to revolt and have the free speech to overturn an abusive government who hurts and kill us.
    I can debunk your view endlessly by having proof and facts on my side along with Alex Jones point of view. His views are based the same facts I draw my conclusions from.
    It’s called “HISTORY” yet untouched by the Neocons and spin miesters.
    Cheney and Bush run our government in the shadow of the “Council of Forign Affairs” related to the “Royal Institute for International Affairs” in England and the “Bilderbergers” who just had their yearly meeting in Chantily, Va.
    Bush, Hillary, Obama listens to these big “Think Tanks” because they control the country behind the scenes.
    FOLKS, For further info on this, go to “Cutting through the Matrix” and listen to Alan Watt through his audio program and podcasts. He explains how the “Big Boys” run the “Masons” the “Illuminati” who through the Renaissance and the Dark Ages controlled and have been running much of Europe and the world like their predecessors through past world powers like Rome, Greece, and Egypt. They are the “Money People” who runs the world through their Societies of oppression using the churches and religions to keep the “Little People” down and out, fearing the “Big Boys” because back then there were no human rights or any kind protection from the Roman Catholic Church because the Priests and Clergy were in bed with the Central money controllers and the Kings & Monarchs all keeping the money in their circles. Their governments were not abstract, but very much alive in bending their knees to the KING.
    Alan Watt is an expert Historian on where we came from and how our current events in todays crazy world all has to do with what happened centuries ago up to the present. He ties it all together in a fashion you can understand. It is very important to understand the past to understand the present and the future. Many phrases and sayings drive this point home. If you like later, I can expound on these points in further discussions.

    The Rothchilds gained much power during the Napoleon’s French Revolution and gained total control of England from that point and have been controlling Politics, the Media, the Churches, the Markets, and made England a World Power where the sun never sets.
    For further info, go to Google and type in
    “The French Connection
    The History of the House of Rothschild”

    They never gave up that power and TODAY are wonderful friends with the Prime Minister and Queen of England. They are close friends to the Rockefellers and the Harrimans and the Queen of the Netherlands. They have huge powers through Central Banks throughtout the world and run the policies of the United Nations. The Rockefellers run our country and their networth is over 242 Billion Dollars. If you had that kind of money you also could run a country with much influence. In fact the Rockefellers donated the property site of the UNITED NATIONS in Manhattan NY.
    Folks, go to Google and type in “American Experience | The Rockefellers | Maps”

    So Dave, you still think Governments are by abstract cannot hate or love or have feelings, nor alive or powerful and that the Rothchilds or the Rockefellers are not real and are abstract. How do little people like us make the Rockefellers and Rothchilds stand down? How do we stop Bush and the Neo Cons continuing the war in Iraq and now hurdling us into war with Russia and Iran? How do we stop the crashing of the Economy and imploding dollar and countless people losing their jobs and homes?

    You also claimed in your last blurb, “And I can’t believe you brought up the FEMA coffins canard. I thought that had been so thoroughly debunked that even the most hardcore Jonesheads had already been straightened out. It’s so discredited I hadn’t even bothered to bring it up on idiotwars.com. Looks like I need to write it up and lay out the facts.”

    I did not read your blurbs about the coffins because I ran across your site yesterday and saw this article only.

    I believe you believe that the coffins are for a bio, chemical or Nuclear attack from the Terrorists.
    The coffins are for people who get killed by any kind of terrorist attack, am I right?
    Look Dave, I was asking who really knows what these coffins are for? I’m sure that your opinion has validity and I am not challanging you on that. I am asking, could Fema have other things in mind, that’s all? It’s an interesting topic after watching the video.

    If you and your bloggers can back up your opinions with some facts using videos and Google, I could add it to my library of INFORMATION for warning others about impending disasters, diseases, famines, that the Bible warns us of.

  • Mark, it’s called “Martial” Law, not “Marshall” Law. That’s an 80s era comic book. And martial law exists for a reason. When order cannot be maintained by the civil government you need a mechanism by which the army can legally come in and keep people from killing and looting and doing other nasty stuff. It’s always temporary and I trust the military to administer it in a reasonable way. New Orleans has been put under martial law before, going back to 1815 and it and the nation are both still here.

    As for the FEMA coffins I haven’t written the article yet, but trust me that it’s all bullshit. They place that inspired the rumor is a burial vault distributor and there are only about 50,000 vaults there and they ship them out nationwide on a regular basis. We’ve got 300 million people. A lot die in a given month.

    And let’s say FEMA is stockpiling coffins (or more likely body bags), did you ever consider that they might have a reason. They might actually need them this week when hundreds and perhaps thousands of people will die because of natural forces. They might be preparing for an epidemic, because it’s better to have them and then not have the epidemic than to have the epidemic and then not have the ability to seal the bodies up and prevent the spread of other nasty diseases.

    As for your ranting about the money elite. Spare me. I’ve heard it all before.


  • Pablo


    I like your writing, I hope you do more.

  • Spencer


    I’m not a big Alex Jones fan, but I know shitty journalism when I see it.

    You said “As for the FEMA coffins I haven’t written the article yet, but trust me that it’s all bullshit.”

    Trust you it’s all bullshit? Thats the only evidence you have for me?

    I think my local high school newspaper has better journalism than that.

    Congrats to Pablo and Mark for tearing this shit-head to peices.

    And given the history of Martial Law, how in the hell could you trust the military to administer it in a reasonable way? Try checking out what happened in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc. when they decided to try out martial law there. It worked out wonderfully. Not. Multinational corporations bought up all the national resources (destroying the middle class of the each respective nation, leaving a few elite number with most of each countrys wealth) of each country and implemented incredible human rights abuses including……. you guessed it…. what would be equivelant to these “FEMA Death Camps” today. Check out “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein.

  • Spencer, that’s a comment, not ‘journalism’. You can take my word for now, or go read one of the other debunkings of the silly FEMA coffins story, or youc an wait until I have time to write it. It’s such a stupid claim that it’s not high on my list of priorities.

    As for martial law, based on your last paragraph I’m pretty sure you don’t know what the term actually means – go look it up.


  • Thomas

    I think Jones’ point is that Malkin’s views are unacceptable and such people should not be on television. She advocates putting Muslims in camps . . . because, being Muslim, they are a threat. By extension, those who protest war and are radically against the government are also a threat and can be interned.

    Malkin is seriously ugly. But beyond that, she is in that class of ‘journalists’ showcased on FoxNews who never have anything original to say but look like a generic creation. In my opinion, people like her get into politics by opportunism, not conviction.

  • Cannonshop

    #107 Okay, so free speech only applies to SOME speech, and certainly not to political speech Alex Jones may disagree with, is that about right? ’cause that’s NOT what he said. There’s a WIDE stretch between calling someone a War Criminal because you oppose the war, and their actually BEING a war-criminal, or any other sort of criminal.

    ANYONE can make an allegation, without a conviction, it’s just an allegation, and Jones’ sources are suspect.

  • So Thomas, your argument would be that the first amendment which Jones so gleefully hides behind should not apply to Malkin because you don’t agree with her?

    I think you just proved my point about Jones being the precursor to a fascist movement here in the US.



    9/11 was an inside job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (posthumous spamming deleted)

  • qwan

    I am suprised at alex jones behaviour, but I can understand his emotions. I have read michelle blogs and she just spews lies and tries to “pretend” that she is an activist too.
    Which she is not.
    She comes into all these protest just to write some really insulting stuff about people like alex jones.

  • Pablo

    Dave has a very repugnant job to do, and he does it on a daily basis. That job is to defend monsters and criminals of the highest order. It is not surprising however, being that he comes from a CIA family, so I assume it comes naturally to him. I have numerous times said that I believe that he is paid for his shilling, as he obviously is intelligent, albeit without shame.

    He also sidetracks viewers with his incessant talk about the world socialist conspiracy, never talking about the real one. We have seen it in action this last week. The only real socialists are the corporate ones, who as we speak merging once and for all the epitome of what Mussolini called Fascism, the merging of coporations and the state. Of course Davey doesnt talk about that, as he is one of their underlings.

    I rarely if ever comment on the usual inane articles on here, because quite frankly YOUR vote does not count, and even if it did, the two parties are so far up each others butts, that to even suggest that there is a real difference between their mutual unamerican, undemocratic, war mongering agendas would be a farce.

    You got the lefties and the righties spewing out their garbage on here on a daily basis. What Davey does not want you to know is that they work for the same interests (monsters)and that organization that controls them is in fact the CFR. They want you squabbling over your petty differences, in doing so you will never change a damned thing in this country, and Davey knows that, as it is in his blood, so to speak.

    What a person such as Jones does is rise above the fray, and shows that the left/right paradigm is not only obsolete but psychological warfare, which is why Nalle denigrates him every chance he has.

    Instead of using civilized debate to take on the issues of the day, Nalle will invariably use character assassination as his tool of choice on a DAILY basis. I, not being of the spread the other cheek variety, more often than not return the favor in kind, and will continue doing so until it gets too boring to do so.

    He does have his minions however, chief among them is Clavy with whom he holds hands continually, so much so that I sometimes question his gender preference. Then there is Humpty-Lumpy, who does not quite stand up in the intelligence department. Of course there is his bulldog Barger, who pretends as well as Nalle to be concerned about liberty, but as his writing shows he is not, he is just an attack dog for Nalle.

    Hell, Dave even has his own radio show on here, and a listening audience of perhaps ten. He makes no bones about how much he likes talking to himself on it, which leads me to wonder what else he likes to do alone in the dark. It seems to me he is so in love with himself that anything is possible!

    In fact Dave is about as concerned with real liberty as is his candidate of choice, CIA Barr, how surprising.

    As your country falls apart at the literal seams, take note of what Nalle really talks about, it certainly is not that, and he acts as an apologist for these monsters and criminals that have taken this country down the tubes into an orwellian bankrupt police state.

    Nalle has no compunction about using his families employer to use terrorism to usurp leaders in other countries illegally, unconstitutionally, and murderously. Iran 1953, Chile 1973, Guatamala are a few examples of this. He is no more for human rights and dignity than his families employer. He will always try to sidetrack you, lead you in the other direction from seeing what is really going on in this country, with 9/11 being a prime example.

    I do however enjoy reading him, in the same way that my 93 year old dad and a current member of MENSA, subscribes for a buck to the republican propaganda mailings. The only people you fool Nalle are those that are too blind to see, that they have been robbed blind, given up their constitutional guarantees, and are headed for 3rd world status.

    cheers bubba


  • Pablo

    Hay Davey boy,

    Did ya catch Chuck Norris on infowars today? It seems that Norris is a big fan of Jones too! Not only that but Norris also supports Ron Paul, and has said that everything Paul talked about in the past regarding the FED and current financial fiasco brewing was right.

    Too bad your such a disinfo agent man, but you never had me fooled from day one bucko.

  • Pablo, Norris previously supported dinosaur-wrassling theocrat Mike Huckabee, so I don’t take anything he says terribly seriously.


  • Clavos

    Who cares what any actor thinks?

    Celebrity does not confer intelligence, especially not in Hollywood actors.

  • Pablo

    More to the point Clavy,

    Who cares what YOU think? Eh bucko? I mean that quite literally, as in your case it just goes to show how intelligence and/or writing ability in no way confers either wisdom, decency, or just plain being right. You sir are a classic example.

    Actually there are few things that I enjoy more than reading bs from a guy that enjoys being ruled over by the elites. Not even clever/ruthless enought to be one of the boys, you are much more in your place being one of their minor minions.

    Enjoy Clavy, I sure am. 🙂


    As usual you are boring.

  • Pablo


    Actually I have never been a fan of Norris, whether on the screen or in the political arena. I was surprised however, at his civility, and what he had to say about Dr. Paul, whom by the way has been predicting this current financial debacle extremely accurately for years.

    I actuall wrote about Norris, to draw attention to post 112.

    I knew the bubbas would come runnin when I brought up Norris. Only guy missin is Barger. Hehehe

    Anyways yeah its about post 112 just on the off chance that you might have missed it before.

  • Clavos

    Actually there are few things that I enjoy more than reading bs from a guy that enjoys being ruled over by the elites. Not even clever/ruthless enought to be one of the boys, you are much more in your place being one of their minor minions.

    Thanks for the compliment, but I’m afraid you overstate the case, paulie. You see, at this point I’m only a minor minion to the minor minions — my fondest dream, indeed my ambition, is to one day be promoted to full minor minion status. To that end, I’m working assiduously on my fawning technique — I’m actually getting pretty good at it.

    Coming from you (and your POV), I consider that high praise indeed.

    Thank you very much, paulie. You’ve made my day.

  • Pablo

    Awww how cute Clavy. 🙂

  • sabala

    Can anyone tell me if AJ is a creationist? Just curious.

  • Matty

    Biased article from the beginning. Maybe with research you can find that there are FEMA camps. But of course that would take too much time.

  • pablo

    “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .”

    — Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

    sure Davey, some people will believe ANYTHING, I suppose former British Foreign Secretary Cook is a conspiracy theorist too eh buddy?

  • smc

    I feel this is not a reflection of the real Alex Jones who does fight for truth and does research everything he talks about. In this case his behavior is over the top, but he angry about the the types of individuals who use 9/11 as an excuse for racist policy, and excessive government action which infringes on appropriate human rights.


  • Alex Jones is a master propagandist who has become so twisted by his own hate that he wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass.


  • most of you commenting are amazingly ignorant. sure, Jones is loosing it in this video, but he’s simply responding to a mainstream propagandist with a large following who is advocating tyrannical policies in her books against the American people. And thats OK, but its not OK for Alex to speak up about it. See all of you cowards in line for the camps.

  • What you gloss over is that Jones substantially misrepresents and sensationalizes what Malkin has said about camps so that he can blow it out of proportion and try to gain notoriety off of her fame.


  • John Doe

    Alex Jones did not need this to be “noticed”. He has a Austin Radio program. Two websites infowars.com (Ranked 6,429th out of the entire internet according to alexa.com) and prisonplanet.com (ranked 10,500)

    To be honest I have never heard of this women before this incident.

  • I find it hard to believe you’ve never heard of Michelle Malkin. She’s a syndicated columnist, has a very popular blog and is a frequent guest talking head on the news networks – much more frequent than jones.


  • John Doe

    I have never seen or heard of this women before this incident. If anything the incident made her know to me and not the other way around. Maybe since I only view local tv (to cheap for cable) radio and the internet.

  • Confirming my suspicions that Jones supporters are largely illiterate.


  • John Doe

    Thank you for your wonderful and thought provoking message. You have opened my eyes to my wrong ways and because of you I have found peace in my life Dave, because of you.

  • John Doe

    I have forgotten but do tha internets hurv them fancie movfen paper words. Do you have nothing better to do than to wait 30 minutes after I post to question me. You must check this site on an hourly basis.

  • John Doe

    My god you have been writing on the thing since Aug 2008. Your like one of the first post of this Bible length of a conversation. Now that I think of it you must be payed by some dis info company to sit and weed through the internet spreading confusion and double speak. Just remember that after they get us they will not have a need for you any more and they will eat you while you breath. 🙁 tear…

  • “nonexistent” FEMA concentration camps:

    A new bill has been introduced by Alcee Hastings(D) in the U.S. House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill if passed into law will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA camp facilities on military installations,/a>.

  • Thomas James

    Pathethic. You do know that Alex Jones would like everyone to read Brave New World closely. Why do you that is ? Why do you think he wants everyone to check out the facts for themselwes. And why do you think he goes angry ?

    When weak minded people who have had no taste of liberty , see anger – then they retort to lies and deceptions.

    Alex Jones is angry. And rightly so. We are dealing with life and death issues.

    I got masters in philosophy , one in political science, and work as a web developer. I lived my life in many a chaotic way. I know truth from lies in an instant.

    Your pathethic attempt at the latter shows a disregard for humanity.

    As my old philosphy professor used to say, fuck you,