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Alcohol, More Come To EverQuest II In Live Update No. 22

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EverQuest fans who have been wondering if the strange Blue Laws in EQII, in relation to friendly libations, would ever be lifted. Your answer came with Live Update No. 22. Delivered today, the new patch brought with it a celebration of spirits with the introduction of the Brew Day Festival.

The patch brings the alcohol tolerance skill into play (finally) as players will now be able to consume alcohol during the course of play. I remember all too well sitting on a horse waiting for a raid to start in EQI and clicking on the stacks of drinks only to find my screen going wonky as my toon’s abilities hit rock bottom. What seemed like hours passed before my mystic could heal again.

Considering the lesson learned, I have not personally checked out the benefits of the new patch in relation to alcohol, but I can tell you some friends sure sounded like they were having fun running around celebrating Brew Day.

Good, bad, or otherwise, the world of Norrath will never be the same!

Also included in Live Update No. 22 are such things as:

  • A new raid zone in Kingdom of Sky: The Lyceum of Abhorrence
  • A new guild recruitment system
  • The addition of barbers in hometowns where players can pay to alter their appearance
  • Updated treasures in Permafrost
  • A revamping of rewards in the Obelisk of Lost Soul

That’s just a partial list of everything that was put in during today’s patch. It was a big one and no doubt players will enjoy the revamping of some old zones and the addition of the new one in Kingdom of Sky.

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  • Barbers where players can pay to alter their appearance! Brilliant! When I read that, it finally clicked for me. I finally understand Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

    People are playing with dolls. Spending $15 a month to have their electronic dolls, then spending hours and hours online, or paying real money to other people who have spent hours and hours online, to get better clothes for their electronic dolls.

    Suddenly it all makes sense.

  • Priceless assessment, bravo Victor!

  • Mind you, I can’t say I blame them. Some of those electronic dolls are hotties.