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Album Covers With Pentagrams

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The pentagram has a very long history that is now admittedly skewed. Technically, a pentagram is drawn with five straight stokes and creates a pentagon in the center. The star alone is also known as a pentacle or pentangle. The pentagram has been used in a myriad of religions including Christianity and Wicca, but it’s use in Satanism has essentially robbed the symbol from any other association.

Metal music has used the symbol to the point where it’s a laughable cliché, however non-metal bands have also used it. Please add any albums that have a pentagram on the cover and are not included here to the comments.

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Anton LaVey – The Satanic Mass

I suppose if you are going to do a list of album covers that have a pentagram on them you need to start it with The Satanic Mass as performed by the founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. I haven’t personally heard the record, but I am sure it’s a combination of dark creepiness and campy hilarity.

Rush – 2112

Although not a true pentagram, the cover of 2112 was mean to combine the witchy, supernatural feeling of the occult with space age science fiction. Released in 1977, 2112 is one of the pinnacle moments in prog rock and is the first pentagram-laced album I ever saw as well as the first I ever bought.

Mötley Crüe – Shout At The Devil

Although the cover of “Shout At The Devil” was later changed to feature the mug shots of the 4 band members in full glam mode, originally it was a simple matte black background with a glossy black pentagram. Kind of like Spinal Tap, but for real. I still think this was the Crue’s best album, but it was downhill from here.

Tenacious D – Tenacious D

Jack Black’s hilarious and suprisingly musically talented band Tenacious D got their name from a Mike Ditka line for good football defense. The cover of their debut album is a satire on metal (much of the music is as well). The boys are standing naked on a pentagram with a demon arising behind them. Make sure to check out the track “Dio“.

Venom – Welcome To Hell

Many give credit to Venom for painfully giving birth to the genre of Thrash Metal. Besides this accomplishment they also took Satan obsession to the next level. “Welcome To Hell” was the band’s debut and the production is some of the worst you’ll hear anywhere, but then again, what else would you expect in Hell?

Slayer – Show No Mercy

Show No Mercy” was released in 1987 and at the time Slayer, like Venom were building a new extreme metal empire that would grow and influence many future metal musicians. The cover of “Show No Mercy” utilized the pentagram, but as drawn with swords! How fuckin’ metal is that!

Pentagram – Relentless

Any pentagram playlist needs to include the band that is named after the symbol. As you would expect Pentagram is a metal band. They have been around since the early 1970s and did not release “Relentless” until after 15 years of struggle. So it seems that selling your soul to Satan does not necessarily mean a quick turn-around.

Three Sixes – Three Sixes In addition to the pentagram, the number 666 has been overused to the Nth degree to convey a band’s allegiance to Satan. Three Sixes takes the symbol, but in an attempt to show intelligence they actually spell it out instead of using the number itself. The music mixes thrash and punk, but it’s the priest and pentagram on the album cover that ticks up the evil factor.

Dimmu Borgir – Death Cult Armageddon

Allmusic.com says that “Death Cult Armageddon may be the closest-to-perfect amalgamation of the hallowed genres of black, death, thrash, gothic/industrial, and symphonic metal .” Well, I am not sure if that’s true or not, but the pentagram fuckin’ rocks!

Pentangle – Sweet Child

The band Pentangle was a folk group that featured Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. This double album was released in 1968 and is probably the one you want if you are not familiar with the band. This is one of only a few albums on the list that features the acoustic guitar. So it’s a more “woodsy” occult we’re talking about here.

Hecate Enthroned – Miasma

Hecate Enthroned are a British death metal band whose original vocalist left to join Cradle of Filth, but eventually returned. Was it the powerful pull of Satan who brought him back? We may never know for sure, but we do know that the Devil digs bands with pentagrams on their album covers.

Anthrax – We’ve Come for You All

Anthrax spent decades doing heavy metal without the use of a single pentagram, but on this 2002 release they show up on the cover wearing pentagram t-shirts. The members seem to be pulling their fans back into the fold with the power of the ultimate metal symbol. Could it be Satan?

Mephiskapheles – Might-Ay White-Ay

Mephiskapheles is a take off on the name of chief demon “Mephistopheles”, but instead of using “stoph” they use “ska”. It’s a ska-punk band, get it! This may be the only Satanic Ska band in the world and this album is also the only one I am aware of with a white pentagram on a white background.

Krisiun – Black Force Domain

This is the only Brazilian death metal band on the list. “Black Force Domain” was Krisiun’s 1995 full-length debut. And if the bloody pentagram on the cover leaves any doubt about the band’s evilness, the 4 upside down crosses should drive the point home.

Disturbed – Believe

The commercially successful metal band “Disturbed” took symbolism to the next level with this cover. Not only is the pentagram easily seen here, but a host of other symbols including those of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are included. Freakin’ pussies.

Robert Burke spends much of his time loving crafting thematic music playlists on the Rhapsody Radish.

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  • Trickzta

    Evil is as evil does. Politics is where demons live, music is music and symbols are what a drummer uses for the high notes. Steve Morse is playing up a storm also tours with Deep Purple a color fit for royalty and High Priests of any religion. Creepy that some people are so serious and small minded in this age of enlightenment, when I grow up I wanna be a kid.

  • BvB

    I think that Pentagrams aren’t really evil. They are only evil if you are a satan worsihper or anti-Christ. Ta-da! Problem solved!

  • foofee

    The Mayans actually had two calendars. One was a long term and one was a short term. Kind of like having a weekly planner and a 12-month calendar. One of them ends in 2012, yes. One of them doesn’t. I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be so if you are one of those trolls who will try to tell me I’m ‘retarded’ don’t waste your time. Nothing is going to happen in 2012. People got all scared about another date and nothing happened. Kinda recent…what was it? The Y2K scare?…

  • Dr.Strangelove

    I cant believe this out here! duh I am not a devil worshiper I am uh uh Pagan!
    or it’s all ok god doesnt exist right? or idiot Joe – show me were saul died? Joe you dont understand the judgement of God!
    Nor do you understand God’s power or mercy. It is His mercy you live because he can call for your soul anytime He wants and throw you into hell. Satan cant throw anyone in hell, he only attacks your mind!
    satan can get your mind so out there thinking your a pagan or wiccan or anything or Neil Peart even, I mean anything, as long as he gets to see you in hell where he is going to go. Many of these rock bands are contracted by satanist, so they throw this devil junk on their records because they dont care, because their going to be rich and famous if they do. The hidden agenda is aimed at the youth getting involved in the occult and witchcraft. satans agenda is seeing it happens, and his delight is enjoying seeing young girls and boys getting in drugs, committing suicide and going to hell, satan enjoys it, because he is Evil to the ump-tenth degree. How do you know God is real? Go to a Pentecostal church and sit down, shut up and wait! Why seek satans supernatural in music? Seek Gods supernatural high through Jesus Christ at your local pentecostal church! Acts 2:38

  • phnx4life

    Trick is correct for the most part. Bands use symbols(satanic or otherwise) that do attract wealth, fame through attention these symbols/lyrics bring. Not to mention the trance-like rhythms used to mesmerize the audience. Deny it all you wish..but these so-called rock groups(don’t be fooled thinking Rush is clean, cause they are not-especially peart) They know exactly what they are doing.These many symbols used are to gain worldly possessions and wealth..but there is a price to pay..that may be unseen to us.

  • Andrew

    Is Venom really a Satanic band?
    or do they just sing about it

  • Morrigan

    Satan is in my blood and is a white man’s god, AVE SATAN! AVE LUCIFER! Drink the devil’s blood

  • Tyler

    Pagans believe what you will. The devil was described in the Bible. God is real. All of this shows who is a believer and who isn’t. Make fun of me, but I still believe in him.


    And all who dont believe and god and satin are geniuses and have brains and dont like it in the ass like the rest of you

  • derek wittan

    This thread is interesting but it only scratches the surface…look closely and there are loads of occult icons used in modern record covers..sadly the cd has rather reduced the impact of such things. The guy who said the albumb by Levey was unintelligible to non-adepts is correct. Truth is Levey is irrelevant to most adepts.

  • 234555557684563

    You people are completely retarded. ALL OF YOU! The christians, the pagans, the satanists, and the ones who believe there isn’t a God at all! It doesn’t matter what you believe in or who you worship, because in the end you will die; Cold and alone, that is that… Even if there is a God, why would he create such pathetic beings; You all should be ashamed of yourselves for arguing over an article about music covers! Go do something useful for your respective God or Gods/Goddesses, or yourself.

    Thank you

  • End of Mayan Calendar = December 21st, 2012

    Some people are already scared of this date.

    However, knowing that the Devil sometimes injects a pinch of truth in with His lies.

    I suspect 2112 may be near the end of this world as we know it.

    If the world continues it’s exponential growth of evil from the present day on… then the year 2112 looks more and more like the ‘Revelation’ style scenarios we are all expecting.

    No Angel, Demon, man, or even Jesus knows the ‘exact’ hour and date of the end, (only The Father)
    But 2112 is an interesting date none the less.

    Just some food for thought.

  • deth666

    christian ashole

  • krahe

    ok i dont see the point of all the bitching on hear…im a satanist and one most pagans piss me off there as self right Righteous as christians.as for an earlier post most “satanist” bands are satanist and belive in it.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Well, if you call what you wrote, in this article, sarcasm then maybe you should hand me a glass of water *No reference to the leftist site:glassofwater.com* with that dictionary[.com] because that has to be the driest sarcasm I have ever read.

    Maybe you should practice your “writing” skills,stop dropping metal band names like your cool and let’s all pray that this isn’t your real job…

  • Brian,

    I suggest you look up the word “sarcasm” at dictionary.com. It might save you from looking like a complete idiot in the future, as you have done here.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I could careless if Disturbed drew f*cking Satan himself on their album cover, They still F*cking SUCK!!

    As for RUSH, Just a Great F*cking band… Most people couldn’t understand that back then either.

    Deicide’s first album was their best and didn’t have a boring-ass pentagram on it, but I did like this version(which I could’ve sworn was on the Legion cover when it first came out) with crosses mixed in: here

    Motley Crue using the pentagram is just plain funny. Especially when there is only like two songs that really f*cking kill,though, I do like this album and it was played heavily when I was a youngin. Actually, there first was my true favorite.

    Death never used any Pentagrams,they had their first major release in ’87 and should get more credit than Slayer or Venom regarding Extreme Metal because even though I love(ed) Slayer, it was still Thrash. Death was a new beginning!!
    ~R.I.P.~ Chuck Shuldiner – A True Pioneer.

  • Brian White

    yeah… didnt read all the posts. just the disturbed one. well.. just so the writer knows.. they arent ‘pussies’ because they used other symbols. he is jewish. he is agnostic. hints the different religious symbols on an album called believe. dumbass.

  • Freyja

    Lol, Hecate Enthroned are BLACK metal, not death metal.
    Man it pisses me off when people get those two genres mixed up!

  • Crest tattoo

    You’re not THE Scott Stapp, are you? I’m not a basher by any means!




  • Christopher Pendragon

    “Legion” by Deicide has a very prominent pentagram on the cover.

  • Teufel

    satan is awsome and more powerful than all gods and all living beings

    cradle of filth is sik
    and so is heaven shall burn

  • The Duke

    In reference to the doom metal group Pentagram. I just found out that Vincent McAllister passed away in the Spring of 2006.

    I wish to make a couple of corrections to my earlier posting.

    It was Greg Mayne who played bass not Greg Main. Actually David and Greg were twins. The Mayne Brothers.

    Secondly, John Jennings was in Pentagram for a short while, but dropped out as he really wasn’t into metal. John may have been a genius. Probably lost interest quickly and needed to move along.

    Road Apple was one heck of an organ trio.

    John LeMasters who used to jam around, but was never really in a group could have been in the top 3 keyboard players club of Northern Virginia. He moved out to California and hasn’t been heard from since (by me anyway).

    Knox Cockrell ended up repairing pipe organs all over the east coast out of a firm in Baltimore.

    The reason Maryland had a robust music scene was because Virginia didn’t allow dancing where alcohol was being served. That killed any sembalance of a music scene in Northern Virginia.

    George Bruhl is listed at Wikipedia under Contemporary Christian Artists. I talked with him at a 30th High School reunion. He lived over by Vincent McAllister. I heard George play a few years ago. He still rocks hard and has remained totally focused on his craft. He told me that Vince sold him a Vox 335 style bass at one point, which he said was his first really “good” bass. George played bass in Crossroads, he still is a bassist but has always played guitar and now plays guitar almost exclusively. At one point he could have given many top flight guitarists a run for their money. I heard him jamming at the Bayou one night with some throw together band, he happened to be in town and jumped over there for a quick pick up show. Now there was a dude who should have hit the studio scene, he was sharp, he was studied, he could read and score. Kind of a cross between Holdsworth, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe and several other 80’s stylists. He’s not nearly as sharp as he was in the 80’s but he’s still good. He told me that he developed some shoulder and tendon problems which have slowed him up. But he remains a thoughtful stylist.

    Vince used to use my Ampeg Dan Armstrong, one of my Strats, and a ’57 Les Paul. He also used a ’62 or so Les Paul, which was later produced as the SG model line.

    I have read a lot of articles regarding Pentagram which stated with surprise that Vincent picked up the guitar and filled the position. Well, I can testify that even tho’ Vince was holding down the Bass position, he always played guitar. He used to jam with Jennings and Brad Hiner (now a neuro-surgeon) at times, both were aspiring musicians.

    Lee Jewitt was another JEB Stuart High School guitarist of note. Again, there were many. Playing bass was one way to insure a spot in a local lineup. Guitarists were a dime a dozen during the early ’70’s. Bassist were in demand.

    Let me put it this way. Pentagram was mediocre at best during those times. McAllister graduated from HS in 1973 (I have the year book to prove it). So when Pentagram was in its glory say 1971 or 72 that would put Vince at age 16 or 17, with Jennings a year older and Mayne about the same age as Jennings. Youngbloods to be sure.

    Vince was a nice, quiet, friendly person. I was saddened to hear of his passing. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave much of a catalog. From what I gather, he jumped around genre’s quite a lot and never really stuck to one type of music or another.

    He was off to the Guitar Institute of Technology the last time I saw him. I wonder if he attended. His parents died young and I think he had some inheritance and was heading to California to pursue his career in music. Hopefully he fulfilled his plans. Believe me, I know what it’s like to NOT fulfill your plans. I was and aspiring musician, but had to go to work for a living. It would have been the perfect lifestyle to maintain a robust career in the industry as a respected and talented musician/guitarist. That would have been perfect.

    Vincent… Salute! I hope one day to read your story, I hope someone who was with you during your career writes it down for posterity.

  • bjorn

    that bands no limit with heat of there bodyu to be burn

  • Evil Has No Boundries

  • don

    Every one of you close minded idiots needs to get a life. Or at least get out of your Jesus-freak parents’ basements and get a job so you can afford one. Thank you for your time.

  • Typo: Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” was released in 1983, not 1987. Fuck your god, religion, fairy tales, musical theory and philosophy, I only give a shit about METAL!!!

  • Joe


    god and satan do not exist. they are just the stolen artifacts christians used to make up a falsified religion to take away any and all counterparts. a crucified savior is an age-old technique, as well, ressurection has been used dozens of times before christians got to it.

    christmas is a stolen holdiay, originally celebrated by wiccan’s, same with the christmas wreath, and the 12 days + christmas = 13 days to honor god which is stolen from the 13 wiccan esbats.

    easter is also a stolen holiday, from Wiccans ostara, where in the goddess is fertilizing the world with new life and the birth / rebirth of the god, not the ressurection of your godman christ. even your colored easter eggs are stolen.

    next, the concept of an all evil being never existed until christians decided evil had to be the work of someone other then god and themselves. you’ll find no ultimate evil before christians.

    onwards! God himself is just a monotheistic whore who wants to hord the world for himself. sounds like some greedy little human slut-monkeys if you ask me. he’s a false god invented by losers in caves.

    want some proof? okay… open your bible. who wrote this book? God… okay. now then, find where Saul dies… what, you can’t? okay, let me help you out…

    1. 1 Samuel (31:4) Saul took a sword and fell upon it.

    okay, fine maybe i was wrong about…
    oh… wait, umm, hmm…

    2. 2 Samuel (1: 2-10) saul, at his own request, was slain by an Amelkite

    okay, maybe God was just wrong, and forgot he already killed Saul, but…
    oh my… what is this?

    3. 2 Samuel (21:12) saul was killed by the Phillistines on Gilboa.

    okay, maybe god is just stupid and forgot he killed saul twice already
    but, then, how do you…

    4. 1 chronicles (10: 13-14) saul was slain by God.

    i guess god changed his mind, a few times eh?

    ANYWAY, continuing on… the christian cross was orginally used by the calcholithic cultures.

    so, yes, ummm, there is no god or satan.

    now then, pagan beliefs, well, those are supported and funded by years and years of research and artifacts predating all christo manner of beliefs by a couple million years. so, the pentagram, is a symbol of love, virtue, intelligence, protection, honor, belief, thought, sex, and lastly, and most lately, the false iconic satan. who is just as bad as the christo god.

  • Back at you with the Rush theory. Yes the first album with the different drummer showed some potential, the mastery of the odd time signatures that Rush became famous for in a year or two time, is improbable. I’ve known guitarists that couldn’t pick up odd time signatures let alone all the drummers that can’t pick it up regardless of the years spent trying. Alex and Geddy became fluent just too quickly. I was in a Rush cover band with a new ager, he could play all of Alex’s lead licks and all Rush songs note for note. He started playing guitar 2 years before. This cannot be done. Ask a real christian guitarist how long it would take to learn to play Rush’s La Via Strangiato, and they would just roll their eyes in their heads. My bandmate didn’t practice much and he was not a genius as we all thought, the common denominator was he was playing the devil game, and seemingly winning, although the price to pay in the latter would be too high a price! Watch the next reply, it will make an occultist sick at their stomach, watch the retoric of the reply to this true to life analogy. The devil game is real, do not be decieved into believing that it is myth. Too much energy has been spent over the centuries by man regarding religion. Religion means Jesus Christ, the true Saviour, versus Lucifer,god of the dead. You are in the game as a player whether you want to be or not. Choose life, Choose Christ.

  • Non-Believers Don’t Change Facts.

    He’s right, Satan exists, and so does God. Personally, I think that a real Satinist will tell you that “God Does Exist” and he will also say, “…but, I’m not on his side”. The signs are eveywhere, some are “real” but most are just trash…!

  • Ultramontane


    Satan exists, whether you believe in him or not. And he loves to go prancing ’round in the guise of whatever false god/goddess you think you’re talking to (e.g. “maiden, mother, crone” or Gaia, or Diana, or Thor). Pansy-ass cross-dresser!!! Even if you don’t think you’re worshipping demons, if you’re trying to dial up [insert name of pagan “deity” here] there might be one at the other end of the line.

  • simple

    thisblog lacks brains though ilike the one that the devil licks weenies just like mj i wish i could pay for the humour nice blog though

  • Arboron

    What exactly don’t you agree with Mr. Pagan Pants?

    If you tards would read before you open you mouth you would see this was simply a playlist of albums that have a Pentagram on the cover. There is nothing here to argue with.

  • Satan Himself

    You guys Are Ignorant Seriously
    look at this SHit!
    some of these bands dont even relate to the fucking topic
    If Your Going TO Post Something Like THis Your GOing TO Get HAtemail You DIckwad
    SO Anyways Im Not A Satanist But Im A Pagan And I DOnt Agree With this Bullshit

  • Slash is sex with a guitar

    METAL RULES… go and eat pork ya buch of jews.

  • hmm

    this topic sucks.

  • AJ

    This is my first time here and the only thing I have to say is this article & topic sucks. Also if your going to try to sound smart, at least make sure your facts are right.

  • gonzo marx

    as per comment #18

    firstly…the DJ is just plain wrong about Rush, as are the implication that comment is attempting about their talent

    if you actually listen to the first album with drummer John Rutledge, you can hear all the beginnings of the trademark Rush string sound

    it was the addition of drummer Neal Peart along with his Objectivist work ethic and ability as a lyric writer that elevated the band to work harder, learn more and play better

    yet still, more than 30 years after the band formed, you can see the basics of techique used on the first album…

    example…after all these years, all those incredible guitar solos are played on a single string…why?…because that is Alex’s style…he just improved it every year

    Rush have NEVER been about the occult, listen to the song “Anthem” and you will get a clue

    there’s more, but i think you get the Idea…


  • Robert


    You need help

  • People don’t waste their times doing something unless there is a payoff. Rush, was originally a not so talented band, according to a famous dj in the Cleveland area, with little promise for National Fame. With the addition of a new drummer that was into the occult, these guitar wizards were extremely talented musicians in a very short period of time. This cannot be done. As a life long musician myself, I have seen players over a 35 year span, and almost all, sound the same that they did, two years after they picked up the instrument as children! Rock Bands are like beautiful women, they are catty as heck and very competetive with each other although they try not to show it. Every rock band wants to be THE rock band, over their counterparts. The fact that these same competetive individuals, while having nothing in common, use a pentagram, means there is power within the symbol. Bands are more foes than they are friends in regards to wanting to upstage the other acts. They do have one thing in common, they all made a deal with the scum down below in the underworld to make them stars. One other thing, read the next posts and see if I didn’t stike a nerve with an occultists. They will bury this post with a hatchet.

  • anyonomous(the devil)

    [edited] I’m crazy dont mess with me !! Im the devil NOGa!

  • menohaveone

    umm is this thing on? Satan licks weenies, just like MJ. Yucky huh? thatswhatIsay!

  • Menohaveone

    satan like weenie

  • blahblahblah!!

    come on guys… how many years have people been arguing about this issue.. 1st of all pentagrams are not evil… witchcraft is from the religion wicca and is not what you see on tv… and lastly the devil doesn’t exist… these bands are just trying to get a reaction from audiences, and guess what??? it’s working… they’re being rebellious and trying to break away from the norm…… i myself am not in any sort of pagan religion but because of religious stupidity i am losing faith in my own religion…. now if that’s happening to me, guess how many other people that’s happening to….. have a nice !$#%^ day.

  • roberto

    Turbonegro-Vaya con satan

  • Prokiller

    Tool’s album Lateralus also displays a pentagram. its not too visible on the cover but inside the booklet it is easily seen. There are two, one right side up, and the other inverted within the other one. They are used as background images.

  • Scarecrow


  • The Duke

    If God doesn’t exist, neither does Satan, so it’s all a waste. Right?

    Freedom from Religion means this too.

    BTW Pentagram was out of Falls Church Virginia originally. A couple of the players graduated in 1973 and 1972 from JEB Stuart High School. They would be Vince McAllister and Greg Main, might have been David Main.

    Vince lived a couple of streets over. I used to lend Vince guitars to record with, since I had a couple lying around that would give different sounds that the Les Paul standard he owned.

    If you ever heard Pentagram, they were an early shred kind of group. What was REALLY impressive was that they could flippin’ kick butt on a Pink Floyd jam.

    I remember hearing most of them playing Cooper’s “Eighteen” at a school talent show.

    I hooked up with Vince the last night he was in Virginia, his Ford Pinto was packed and he was headed out to California to enroll at G.I.T. he came over to the house and messed around on a 1950’s Fender steel I had at the time. Never heard from him or about him since. Don’t know what happened. A couple of obscure websites list the early stuff and some other stuff from a later iteration of the group.

    There were other groups at JEB Stuart HS, and all of them were pretty good. Greasy Pig, with my favorite bassist Jeff Crespi (he was an early influence for me). Crossroads with Jeff Fratus on guitar, George Bruhl on Bass (another rockin’ bassist), Forrest Payne on drums (he was crazy tho’) and Doug Ball on Organ. They had a really great vocalist but I can’t recall his name. Let’s see, oh yeah Road Apple, a rockin’ keyboard trio, and a few groups with the likes of Knox Cockrall, John Jennings, a bunch of folks ALL very talented. It’s amazing how many good bands and musicians we had at that school, with none of them really ever trying to break into the music scene. Crossroads played around and in D.C. for a while until 1975 or 76, but I think Disco killed them off.

    Greasy Pig was a great party band, but they too disbanded after ’73, with Carl Davis going down to Florida, Crespi drifted west. Larry (keys) was a Duron paint supplier for years.

    Disco killed a lot of bands off. Plus D.C. had been known to kind of shuffle bands and talent off to NYC. LA or Nashville, it was a fact that if you hung around DC, you would fall into obscurity. Look at Danny Gatton and Roy Buchannan… top flight musicians, both passed away virtually unknown, except to a extremely loyal following of mostly guitar players… as those two were great influences on the instrument, much like the Eric Johnsons, of today. Maestro’s if you will.

    Additionally, for some unknown reason, the DC metropolitin area harbored more bands on the Maryland side of the Potomac than on the Virginia side. I could never figure that out.

  • uao

    The LaVey album is a pretty disappointing listen for non-adepts. It’s a lot of mumbling, barely intelligible, and not very spooky or creepy.

    LaVey also was an accomplished therimin palyer, and released some albums of his music. Those are somewhat more entertaining.

    The earliest “satanic” band probably was Black Widow, a British act from ’69-’70, although I don’t recall them employing pentagrams on their covers. Neither did Black Sabbath, who weren’t really satanic, although they used some iconography.

    Venom was the first band I remember that wore their satanism on their sleeve,so to speak.

    As a teen, I was curious about this stuff, and its mainstream non-acceptance appealed to me. But I outgrew it fast.

  • I’d say that the pentagram really had not much to do with the success of these bands. Maybe there overall bad image influenced…but I don’t think they convert anyone to satanism. Basically, kids who feel rebelious check out music that they think reflects their attitudes. I know I did, Pantera was my first concert. But its not a religion to most…just an image that dies when they grow up. Only the music remains important after that (if its good).

  • Vern Halen

    Like the t-shirt says: 665 – the neighbor of the beast.

  • See?
    Do you see the kind of disagreement this causes? Satan is surely at work here!

  • Vern Halen

    Let’s take it up a notch – someone should do an article on “Album Covers with a Six Pointed Star of David.”

    Rush 2112 – sorry, lost interest after the beautiful “Lakeside Park” on Caress of Steel.



  • godoggo

    Evil topic.

  • Borat

    What a waste of time. Dumb topic.

  • I soaked up ever Alex Lifeson riff and every Neil Peart drum fill on 2112 when I was in high school. Listening to it now, I still think the music is fucking brilliant, but the concept behind 2112, that a guy finds a guitar after the government outlaws music, and how he tries to bring music back in the face of an opposition from the “Priests of the Temple of Syrinx” is one of the most ponderous, self-indulgent things I’ve ever heard.

    I still like it, though.