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Alanis cuts out Asshole

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Alanis Morissette’s new album will be released over here on 17 May. Her
fourth album – ‘So-Called Chaos’ – will be preceded by the release of single
‘Everything’ on 10 May.

No word yet on which version of ‘Everything’ will be serviced to radio stations over here. In the US label bosses decided the line “I can be an asshole of the grandest kind” was just too damn raunchy for the radio networks there, and a radio edit with ‘asshole’ replaced with ‘nightmare’ has been playlisted. But Warners say the original album version is being sent to radio stations in Canada, and one would hope the same would be true here.

Commenting on the re-edit for US radio Alanis told reporters: “It did get to the point, post-nipplegate Janet Jackson, where they were basically saying that they wouldn’t play the song [because of the use of the word ‘asshole’]. The thought of people not hearing the song, based on my shooting myself in the foot, by taking a stance of ‘my artistic integrity will not be fucked with and I will not sing another word,’ it really isn’t a huge compromise for me to have one version that’s played on radio and then have the original version on the record. And I understand some parents not wanting their seven year old son or daughter hearing the word ‘asshole’ even though they probably use it already!”

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