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Alabama’s About To Severely Disappoint Over 90,000 Fans

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Spring games: they're "real football" the way Pomeranians are "real dogs" or Crocs are "real shoes." They fall into their categories by way of technicality, and they're acceptable absent any alternatives, but the overall standard of quality is unerringly poor.

Such a fact isn't normally revelatory or worthy of mention, if it hadn't been for Tide fans sending an absurdly large message (92,138, to be unnecessarily precise) to new coach Nick Saban this past Saturday. Yes, the Alabama Crimson Tide held their spring game this past weekend, and they packed the place.

Since it couldn't have possibly been about the quality of the game — even Alabama fans are far more intelligent than that — there had to have been a reason so many fans showed up. And that reason is that nearly 100,000 people adamantly expect new coach Nick Saban to do what he did one year (win a national title) and not what he has done for the rest of his entire coaching career: Sell out his team for the most money possible.

Yes, Nick Saban is the supposed savior of Alabama football, a program with a much prouder history than their last 10 years (two bowl wins, three winning conference seasons) would indicate. For those raised outside the Tide State (probably not Alabama's real state nickname), Alabama was insanely good while most of those 90,000 fans were growing up: During the 1960s and 70s, Alabama lost only 32 games and won six national titles. If Bear Bryant's decomposing corpse ran for governor, he'd take at least 75% of the popular vote (the other 25%? Auburn fans who don't think 1972 made up for 1971).

The message from Tide fans is crystal clear: "We remember domination, and we expect it again very soon." No program's fan base brings 90 large to a spring game if they're looking forward to an 8-4 season–even if the last 10 years make Tide fans look forward to exactly that.  

They're putting their hopes and dreams in the hands of the man who's on his fourth head coaching job in the past eight years and who's never had a longer tenure than five seasons. His first head coaching gig was in 1990 at Toledo, where he went 9-2, the most wins for Toledo since 1983. Naturally, he immediately left for an assistant gig at Cleveland.

He came back after a handful of seasons in the shithole that is the Cleveland Browns franchise and landed at Michigan State in 1995. His first four seasons were at best tepid, going 25-22-1. Once he finally broke through with a nine-win season in 1999, he bolted so quickly at the offer from LSU that he left the bowl game to the jarringly inept Bobby Williams. Michigan State has yet to recover.

Once he got to LSU, his record improved considerably, going 48-16. After all, c'mon, it's LSU. And although his title was the only one of the entire BCS era to be split, it was still a national title. The LSU era was an unqualified success for Saban, so naturally he left after only five more years.

Once he got to the NFL, he realized what so many other college dynamos before him have quickly learned: you can't recruit and schedule your way to five easy wins a year. Combine that with the Daunte Culpepper Experience, and he went just 15-17 in two years in Miami. During that second season, former Miami coach Don Shula appeared on Monday Night Football where he questioned the integrity and decision-making of the Alabama athletic department for their quick dismissal his son, former head coach Mike Shula, then for their courtship of Saban, who spent large quantities of time denying any interest in the Alabama job.

Naturally, Saban joined the Tide weeks later.

And that brings us to this weekend, where 92,138 Tide fans filled Bryant-Denny Stadium to welcome the prodigal son of coaching and to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he is expected to bring back the 1960s and 70s.

It can't end well.

One of two things will happen: Either Saban will (by Alabama standards) underachieve and be ridden out of town, or he'll succeed, which has proven to be a constant and immediate precursor to his next step: following the money somewhere else. It's what he's always done, and there's no reason to expect he'll do anything differently now.

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  • Mike

    That’s absurd. No Bama fan expects a NC next year.

  • Mike

    Why is ESPN and every other hack outlet down on Bama merely for supporting their team and coach?

  • Talk about high-stakes card games; the only success possible in Alabama is getting out of Alabama.

  • a.j.


  • Mike, I think it’s a level of blind support that is intense even for American sports. It approaches the devotion of a European sports franchise, which can lead to death and destruction. I’m not sure any man can live up to those expectations, much less one with a vagabond streak and a program that lives in a past that may not have even existed in its idealized romantic form.

    In other words, I think we smell gunpowder and see flint.

  • In that case I’m disappointed that Alabama fans aren’t expecting a national championship.

    *paging Mr. Hathaway*

  • Tide fans know exactly what they’re getting — a mercenary head coach who, best case scenario, will bring some dominance in the next three or four years and then be gone for Texas A&M or Oregon State or whoever else feels like mortgaging their school’s soul.

    They also know what they’re *not* getting — Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno. But they don’t make those models anymore.

  • Adam Jacobi

    Mike, I wasn’t trying to say he’s going to be decapitated if he goes 9-3 this year. Bama Fan, ever the Pollyanna, will probably do a backflip if that happens–not because 9-3 is outstanding, but a rabid fan will look at it as a necessary first step to winning a title by 2009. If Saban can’t lose any fewer than three games by 2010, however, expect to see our diminutive friend being loaded into a cannon and fired into Foxboro so he can carry around Belichick’s spare hoodies.

  • Beanjug

    Adam Jacobi, you must be a complete idiot. If you’d take your time and do your homework, Nick Saban was making more money at the Miami Dolphins than he’s making now at Alabama. So, your claim that he only follows money is incorrect. Just get over the fact that whomever you may root for doesn’t have the tradition and the winning success over all these years like Alabama.

  • Mark

    Dear Adam:

    Just reading thru your post and wondering what has Alabama Fans or Nick Saban ever done to you to result in this post? My first thought was that you were an auburn or tenn. fan quaking in fear that if we could be so excited and bring 90-100k fans to campus for a spring scrimmage, how that would translate into a greater impact at a level that matters more.

    But from what I can tell, you appear to be an Iowa fan which in turn makes no sense to me why you are writing about Alabama football. I can not think of anything that we as fans or the school has done over the years to offend Iowa.

    Comments like “Since it couldn’t have possibly been about the quality of the game — even Alabama fans are far more intelligent than that” — it’s one thing to have the “experts” on ESPN in the national media outlets of NYC or LA blindly babbling about Alabama football but to have some blogger in the cornfields of Iowa doing it just produces amazement and bewilderment — at least to me.

    But as I read thru the post, I realized that it was more of a Saban bash than anything else (although you did seem to hint at some knowledge of Alabama/auburn history). So I still beg to wonder “what has Nick Saban done to you”?

    Zealots aside, I don’t think there is no reasonable fan expecting a National Championship this year. Do we want one? Yes. Now? Sure. Later? You bet. Has Saban told us to expect one during his tenure? No. He has told us to expect teams that can win games and teams that can finish games. And teams that can do these things, they are positioned to win championships.

    That is what Alabama Fans are looking for — teams that are competing each year for Championships — State Pride first, West SEC next, SEC next, and ultimately National Championships. We want teams that are not floundering in mediocrity where they look horrible against football teams like Duke or losing to 3-9 Miss. State teams. We don’t want “deer in headlights” looks from our coaching staff. We want a disciplined team that is not throwing tantrums because the coaching staff fails to follow their coaching advice.

    Whether Nick Saban has left for greener pastures after 5 yrs or retires to his home on the lake at the end of his contract, the Alabama program will be in better shape than the day he took over.

    That is what we expect.

  • John

    I went to the game to show my support for the program and the players. The Alabama players worked hard during the spring on conditioning and learning a new system. They had to adjust to a new coaching staff and new demands. Established players had to prove all over again their worth. I attended the A-Day game to show my appreciation for their hard work. That’s it. I am dumbstruck that anyone would find fault in that.

  • good to see Alabama fans are still crazier than Arkansas fans. I was worried we overtook them in that department after the whole FOIA nonsense.

  • george

    You guys just don’t get it, do you. Alabama Fotball Fans are like no others. By the way it started before the Bear got here. It started when we dominated teams that you sport casters crowned back in the 20’s and 30’s. We had Five National crowns before the bear arrived. You seem to forget that the Bear won at Kentucky, but their fan base was not passionate enough. He bolted for Texas A&M, and turned that program around. Then Moma called, as he put it. Not to Arkansas, his Home state, but to Bama, home of the most passionate football fans in the world. Saban heard the call also, and answered it. Yall just get over it, because you just don’t understand

  • The Outcast

    You better watch out Hog fan….I will call my mother and she will meet with your coach.
    I also didn’t know that Oregon State was such a powerhouse that it coveted the mercenaries. You can learn alot in blogs. Now I gotta go chase my cousin….she is looking hot in the red tube top.

  • dannyp

    bama fans are the most passionate because ther is nothing to do in their state. Adam Jacobi just wrote an article that makes perfect sense to everyone outside the bama family. If everybody agrees except you guys dont you think there is some validity to it.

  • Wow. 🙂 This is actually a lot of fun to read over. Where Alabama has been laughed at for being God-awful for the last 10 years, we are now being laughed at for actually being supportive.

    Expections are high around here…they always will be, but we don’t expect miracles. 7 to 8 wins will suffice this season, and then we expect a few more. We could even stand 6 wins – so long as they weren’t HANDED to the other team. Bama fans aren’t that unrealistic – we just want to be competitive. Under Shula and DuBose we weren’t.

    Sorry for rambling. I do find your article amusing. Roll Tide!

  • “Alabama Fotball Fans are like no others.”

    We agree!

  • jimmy

    Poop tastes like chicken, and chicken tastes like oatmeal!!!!!

  • Bama

    There are a bunch of stupid sons of bitches with stupid opinions in the world…

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

  • AUTiger

    Adam’s right about the expectations you Bama fans and don’t deny it. If Saban were to win every game except the AU vs. Bama game, he’d still be gone in 3-5 years.

    Truth be told, Bama fans have an inferiority complex to Auburn and the great things Tommy Tuberville has been doing to build a consistently top ranked school football program (on & off the field) and NFL player factory for years now.

    This and the high expectations are the reasons for the high attendance.

    Hey -I’ll give Bama fans one credit though -at least they finally won a game in the state of Alabama last weekend!

  • Ihill

    “Truth be told, Bama fans have an inferiority complex to Auburn and the great things Tommy Tuberville has been doing”

    AUTiger, now that is just too funny. I won’t even waste anymore time explaining…you know why.

  • jimmy

    If I took $100 to the supermarket and bought myself two carrots and a pack of assorted Chicklets, then I am fairly confident that I wouldn’t have $100 anymore.

  • jimmy

    When I think of nuggets, I don’t think of Denver. I don’t think of the California gold rush. Heck… I don’t even think about Mcdonalds!! The only thing I think about is butt nuggets. You know… those brown, sometimes green… nugget shaped pieces of joy your anus spits out from time to time.

  • BL

    If the guy knew what he was talking about, this article might be worth something. He really needs to do a little research on topics before he runs in the wrong direction with his opinions. I can refute most of this BS with facts. Example: Instead of assuming why fans turned out in record numbers, he might have asked one and found out it was simply to support their new coach, the players and to help with one of the biggest recruiting days of the year. This is how every fan I talked to fealt. It was an amazing show of support to a coach that implied that fans should “be champions too.” We were.

  • jimmy

    You must not be talking about me, cause I know exactly what I am talking about!! Trust me on that one!!

  • Ihill


    I don’t understand your point. You seem to imply that Adam’s premise is that Alabama fans are passionate because there is nothing else to do in the state. I do not believe that is what he is trying to say. Plus, it would be awfully ironic for an inhabitant of Iowa(if true) to say that there is nothing to do in Alabama, don’t you think? Anyway, what I am seeing is a blog imitating a seemingly endless supply of national sports commentators: Alabama fans are unrealistic and Nick Saban is scum. Thank you, Adam Jakobi, for yet another exercise in sarcastic redundancy. Your insight on this subject is both refreshing and appreciated.

  • Bobby

    “And that brings us to this weekend, where 92,138 Tide fans filled Bryant-Denny Stadium to welcome the prodigal son of coaching and to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he is expected to bring back the 1960s and 70s.”

    You have to be kidding, I haven’t heard a single Alabama fan expect anything like the 60s or 70s. Nobody will ever dominate like that again. Because of scholarship limitations etc. That is absurd. We’ve been thorugh so much crap the last 10 years I think Bama fans just want to be consistently good again. After that let the chips fall where they may.

    And to the aubie who was saying we’re jealous of Tuberville. That’s funny considering that if jetgate hadn’t been leaked to the media that neck wouldn’t even be AU’s coach right now. Ears has proven himself to be a better coach than I thought. But of all the myriad of emotions I feel toward that porkrine eating crotchscratcher, fear isn’t one of them.

  • Matt

    Adam, you said that Nick Saban will keep following the money. Well, if you had done your research correctly, then you would have found out that he made much more at Miami than he now does at Alabama. He’s not going anywhere. You Bama haters believe what you want, but in about 4 or 5 years from now when we’re dominating the SEC, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And by the way, we Bama fans do not EXPECT a National Title this year. It would be nice, sure, but we don’t expect this like everyone thinks we do. Once again, everyone wants to bring down Alabama when we’re just trying to support our program. RTR!

  • All I can add is ROLL TIDE!!!

  • Cody

    Reading this, I turn and look back at the Crimson Tide articles scattered about my house, hats, shirts, portraits.

    Looking down at my arms I see the redness from that Tuscaloosa sun where I got a decent burn while watching this very same A-Day game.

    I guess it’s a lil’ bit of bias for me to speak of the team. But atleast Auburn fans, those who hate us most have decent arguments against us, our coach, and our team.

    These outside media lackeys who’re riding the ESPN train. It’s like they’ve never been to a ‘Bama game to understand our way of life. Then again, ESPN sniffs the ass of whoever holds the BCS top spot for that season.

    I saw one giant flaw at the Saban criticism. Making it sound like that winning at LSU was easy. HA! LSU was a terrible team before Saban came. Alabama itself defeated LSU 31 years in a row. That was no typo, I said thirty-one. First year of Saban, he ended that. Jamarcus Russell, the man who is predicted to take the top draft spot. Was one of Saban’s recruits. Les Miles is an okay coach, but that current collegiate powerhouse still radiates Saban grandeur.

    If Saban underachieves, he will be shipped out of Tuscaloosa. We proved that in the past. All prestigious I-A teams get rid of coaches that aren’t doing so well. Will Saban follow the money elsehwere? I can tell you this, no other college with the money it would take to get Saban from ‘Bama would get rid of their current coach. (I.E Oklahoma, Texas A&M, etc.) And Saban left the NFL because he hated it. Just like Spurrier, he hated dealing with all the hassles of pro football and wanted to return to the collegiate-level.

    Besides, at Saban’s age, he can’t hop around too many more programs for a few seasons. I mean, Lou Holtz, Bobby Bowden, and Joe Paterno are the few of the many who’ve stood the test of time.

    And no, Bama won’t go undefeated, won’t play for the National Championship, hell they will probably get beat by Auburn again.

    But we’ve went through NCAA bias probation brought on by lying rival coaches. Picked one bad coach in DuBose, lost a decent coach to deep pockets at A&M, fired one coach because our college president and athletic director’s are too into morality, and our most recent coach was all we could get given our recent dropping out.

    I don’t know about the author of this article, but I saw no one talking of national championships in the next season…..Before I go any further, read this.

    “The Big Rock Candy Mountain is an old folk tune about hobo paradise. The original song was about being tricked into the hobo life to search for the The Big Rock Candy Mountain only to find there was no such thing. What does this song have to do with Alabama Football and the reaction of Alabama fans to Nick Saban? This song resonates the eight years we’ve been walking the hobo track searching for the place where all our troubles would disappear.

    A couple of SEC fans chided me today for being so excited about Saban when he hasn’t done anything yet. The implication was that the swagger and bravado should be reserved until he actually wins a few meaningful games. It struck me that Alabama fans are still seen as those poor, dirty hobos. Maybe we are, but I tell you there is a difference today. Today we know The Big Rock Candy Mountain is real.

    Mike Dubose told us about this place in 1999 between the roaring shouts of two shocking defeats of Steve Spurrier and Florida. Dennis Franchione told us that if we stayed together and stayed patient we’d find the place. In 2002 it seemed like the destination was just around the corner as we held the rope only to be dumped for another school. Mike Price said he had heard of the place but he was gone before we could pack our nap sack. Then Mike Shula came and we didn’t feel so much like hobos anymore, but we started to accept the fact that the The Big Rock Candy Mountain was a fairytale. It was a ruse, a story to keep us moving down a path to nothing.

    Eight years of wandering the tracks and riding the rails gave way to giving up and accepting that Alabama wasn’t Alabama anymore. Four losing seasons, four coaches, and five loses in a row to Auburn left us defeated. We stopped being hobos and settled into being France, complete with museums and monuments to our former greatness. Our name was bandied about for historical significance and context, but not as a serious contender for any kind of Championship.

    Then something happened. Someone stood up and said I still believe. The memories stirred enough people to try one last time to get us to that place. It was a gamble and the University went all in and the fans eagerly agreed. Everyone else laughed and sneered. Then the last card hit the table and a plane landed from Miami. Nick Saban stepped onto the tarmac to find a horde of hobos with their nap sacks. One of them spoke up for the group and asked if Nick Saban knew the way to the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Coach Saban smiled a big smile as he extended his hand and he said I am The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    Will Nick Saban win the National Championship at Alabama? I can’t say it as a certainty, but I believe the chance exists. That is the difference for Alabama fans and the source of the excitement and the anticipaton. We believe we can be Alabama, again. Everyone is going to have to forgive us if we have a hard time controlling our crimson exuberance. It has been a long journey.”

    I was awed at the turnout for the A-day, I came last year and it didn’t compare. And that was after a 10-2 season. What’s the difference? We as fans are invested, we’re not idle. We have our former glory to brag about, we have our new flashy coach, but we Tide faithful have hope now, a kind that hasn’t been here in a long time. I touched the ’92 crystal football in the Bryant Museum, My 2nd cousin is former Alabama team captain, former Alabama assistance coach, head coach and winner of national championship at Clemson, and later head coach at Arkansas; Danny Ford. I’ve seen success in history right before me. Whether in a museum or at a family reunion that takes place in a Hokes Bluff, Alabama Lions Club. But never, never in my time as a Tide fan have I felt the hope that we’re gonna be there again. We’ll lose our games, have our embarrassments. We were nothing until Wallace Wade took us against Washington, then Frank Thomas followed up….But then it happened.

    A line of succession after Thomas…Both Drew and J.B. Whitworth, they failed us in victory. Then came the Bear, and we know of his greatness. After divinity in a houndstooth hat left us, we had Perkins and Curry. They failed us. But then came Stallings, and we were there again. After Stallings, our long nightmare began….And, though Saban may not achieve what others past have. We’ll get there again. Laugh at us, media….Our rivals do great when we are down. But the SEC west is in a decline, only Auburn and Alabama are hanging on….And to the Tiger faithful….Tubby just isn’t that damn good. So, laugh at us now. But we were champions once, we shall be champions again. And we’ll always think we are. Your newspaper, internet articles make for poor slings and arrows in our tower of tradition and pride, so I say to you…

    Roll Tide, Roll Tide.

  • Mike

    “LSU was a terrible team before Saban came. Alabama itself defeated LSU 31 years in a row. That was no typo, I said thirty-one. First year of Saban, he ended that.”

    Alabama did not beat LSU 31 years in a row. The record for the 31 years leading up to Saban’s first year at LSU was 8-22-1.

  • Yes, Suss, I read it and have debated about whether or not I was going to comment.

    I think I have something of a balanced perspective as an Alabama fan who is not native to the state.
    My read on this is Adam has taken the easy, ESPN-inspired national approach to this story.

    92k people showed up to support their team, enthusiastic about the future of the program. Among those assembled are some unreasonable knuckleheads who think this takes the program back to the future.

    Most of them think Saban is a very good football coach who is as capable as anyone of making Alabama a serious football power as anyone in the college game.

    92k at a scrimmage is a lot, so is the 50k that showed up in South Bend for ND. ND has gone to better bowls than Alabama has recently, bowl games they lost handedly. The 50k who showed up in South Bend aren’t living in the past, the 92k in Tuscaloosa are. I’m not conspiratorial and I’m not busting out the tired “nobody loves us” rhetoric, but there is something intellectually dishonest about the way Alabama football has been covered.

    Charlie Weis, a spectacular coach, is still one college national championship behind Nick Saban. Weis is a great coach, I reiterate, but why shouldn’t Alabama fans feel good about the hiring of a coach who’s won it all and done it from within the conference?

  • AUTiger


    “…settled into being France…”, as much as I dislike UAT, I wouldn’t compare to the depths of irrational importance as France.

    However, again, read back over these tomes y’all are writing about how Bama’s coming back w/Saban. What you’re showing is that you took a huge risk on a coach with a previously great on the field record of wins and off the field record of hypocrisy.

    Saban’s a guy who’s been successful recruiting & preaching one way (character, integrity, honesty, yada yada) to players and their mothers while making excuses for his own actions, usually after he’s already done them with contrition only Bill Clinton could love. Now he’s along the coaching curve, his integrity & loyalty to anything other than himself will always be suspect, he’s got Bama nation breathing down his neck already; what’s he going to do?

    Better not lose to Auburn (or else).

    Reality Check: There is no “Rock Candy Mountain”

  • Adam Jacobi

    “My read on this is Adam has taken the easy, ESPN-inspired national approach to this story.”

    Josh, I appreciate that you read the story and commented on it.

    I don’t know if I should thank you or wish ill upon you for comparing me to the ESPN talking heads–depends on your opinion of the WWL.

    As far as the inspiration for the column, although I watch a lot of ESPN, I intentionally avoided any stories/screaming head shows about the Bama game. The only thing I actually heard anyone say about it was Tony Kornheiser finishing their bit about it on PTI by saying they’d build a statue to Saban if they went 9-2. It’s fair to assume he was talking about 2007, not “once over the next four years,” but it was still a statement that I had a heard time agreeing with.

    Likewise, I’m sure that there are plenty of reasonable, realistic fans who went to the spring game to support the coach. Heck, I went to Iowa’s–that doesn’t mean I demand 12-0 next year. But the simple fact is that “92,000+ at a new coach’s spring game” and “no-pressure atmosphere” are mutually exclusive conditions. Bama fans shouldn’t be showing up in record numbers chanting “Let’s keep it respectable!” It’s a proud, 12-time national championship program. They OUGHT to expect a lot, even though such a return to greatness is implausible in this day and age.

    And they really ought not expect too much out of Saban, a guy whose career is more defined by leaving his employers high and dry than by consistent success.

  • AUTiger
  • Bama fan in China

    “#15 — April 24, 2007 @ 15:07PM — dannyp

    bama fans are the most passionate because ther is nothing to do in their state. Adam Jacobi just wrote an article that makes perfect sense to everyone outside the bama family. If everybody agrees except you guys dont you think there is some validity to it.”

    Nothing to do….

    We’ll continue to chew our tobacco – but please forgive us if some of our residents have traded in their pickup trucks for one of the 5 automotive brands which are now manufactured in Alabama (Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai). Or if they do need a truck, maybe they can buy an International diesel which is built in Alabama or one from Isuzu which just announced their first North American plant to be built in Birmingham. Or they may just wish to drive an Indian motorcycle which recently moved their manufacturing plant to Alabama. And there’s no place better to chew tobacco and test drive your car, truck or motorcycle than the new world-renowned Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham which is home to the only Porsche Driving School in America – by the way Barber’s is regarded as one of the best motorsport tracks in the world. Maybe you saw it on TV this past weekend when it hosted the AMA Honda Superbike Classic. If you need something a little bigger – maybe you can take a spin around the Grand Old Lady at Talladega Superspeedway – or you can wait another couple years for the opening of America’s newest $500 million NASCAR complex in Mobile.

    You’ll have to forgive other folks for not responding to your blog – but we’ve been knee deep in tobacco juice in our successful efforts to bring the world’s biggest names to Alabama. You may have heard, Mobile is about to be named home to the largest industrial manufacturing facility which has been built in the past 30 years in America – the Germans from ThyssenKrupp are coming to build the country’s largest steel mill. They’ll join EADS (Airbus) from France down there for their first North American production facility (they’ll be building jumbo jets). They’ve been building other flying machines down in South Alabama for a while – maybe you’ve seen some of those fatcats up there being ferried around in Sikorsky helicopters – Sikorsky is doubling the size of their Alabama plant – that means more high paying jobs and expendable funds for chewing tobacco and maybe an extra shotgun. They join some other aerospace companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin who have had manufacturing facilities in Alabama for years.

    Skipping up to North Alabama, our redneck rocket scientists in Huntsville are designing the next generation Space Shuttle at the Marshall Space Flight Center. You may have heard of Marshall and the Redstone Arsenal – they were home to a tobacco chewer named Wernher Von Braun who led the design and production of the Saturn V rocket which carried America to the moon and opened space exploration.

    And Alabama is home to seven research universities and 90 biotech companies. Alabama has produced six FDA approved cancer drugs, and is on the forefront with major initiatives for flu, vaccines, the NIH Roadmap, cancer, AIDS research and more.

    I didn’t mean to bore you with all this – just thought you should know. If you ever decide to take a vacation – maybe you can come down here to visit us in Dixie – we’ve got the cleanest, most pristine white-sand beaches in America at Gulf Shores – and if it strikes your fancy – you can even depart for a Carnival Cruise which recently started operating from the Port of Mobile. And as you know – you can probably catch a good football game in the fall – if you don’t mind occasionally wiping tobacco juice off your shoes.

    I won’t even mention the number of awesome music festivals that occur in Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Mobile, or the Shakespeare theater in Montgomery, or the endless miles or sugar white sands beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, or the Robert Trent Jones Golf trail, or the fishing on Lake Gunther or the hunting or….well, you get the point.

  • AU Fan

    Fear the Finger!!!

    But Dannyp, I agree with you about Alabama. I love Mobile!!!! My hometown…I miss it!!

  • This is exactly correct. Alabama fans are too arrogant to understand that Nick Saban does not care about the university long enough to stay long term.

  • Bama_girl

    ROLL TIDE! thats all I have to say to that B.S. lol

  • Betty Gauci

    Yes, I’m wondering if Nick Saban is ever going to put another quarterback in there for they have 2 games left, and the last one is the Iron Bowl. And I want to see them win these last 2, especially the one with Auburn. A lot of folks is beginning to wonder if Parker Wilson is being paid to lose these few games, like yesterday, (11-10). He needs to pull his head out of his butt and think of what he’s doing before he releases that ball. I bet my 3 year old grandson could do better than Parker Wilson. I wish that the TV’s we had is where you could talk through them, for he’d get an ear full from the Tide fans. For they want to see another winning season like Tide did with the Bear & Stallings. Now that’s some great coaches and I don’t think they would put up with Wilson’s nonsense. And Parker needs Jay Barker to come in and give him some pointers in throwing the football to his players and not the other team. I know they make misstakes, but come on Parker Wilson needs some HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give him some pointers and Nick Saban needs to stop making excuses for him. Parker Wilson reminds me of another Kitchens that was a quarterback for the Tide. Had his head up his butt!!!!!!!!!!!! And didn’t know where to throw the ball, get sacked on the 5 yard line or something. Come on Parker some excuses are better than none. But PLEASE KEEP US A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to say ROLL TIDE ROLL, in which I will, but 2 more games Tide needs to win. And Parker Wilson, PLEASE GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zingzing

    you’re going to make some woman very happy one day.