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Al Ries, Jack Trout: “Marketing Warfare”

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I’ve been into IT consulting and online marketing for ten years now, and was pretty sure I knew the tricks of the trade – until I read this awesome book. It’s one of the best selling marketing manuals ever written, and, whilst being quite funny at times thanks to the military metaphors, provides you with excellent examples of basic and advanced strategies.

Of course, most examples the authors bring are not new to people who are in the business – we all heard about the cola and burger wars, but they are presented in an entertaining yet profound way.

The three things that annoy me about the book are that:

(a) they have copied a little too much from Sun Tzu and samurai literature
(b) they often forget that there are more subtle ways of bringing down an enemy than tanks – to stay in the books military slang, and finally
(c) it often seems (!) they completely ignore that there are ethics even in a corporate world. They do not, but all Patrick Batemans out there will just ignore lines like: “The problem with marketing today is not just the lack of rules. The biggest problem of all is the failure to realize that one ought to have rules in the first place.”

All in all, an excellent book for professionals and amateurs alike, which should, however, not be taken too seriously at times.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Bjoern, very nice job – concise and pertinent – thanks and welcome from Germany! We have really gone international of late, very exciting!

  • Thx – by the way, I noticed amazon.com does not recognize some ASINs from european books/ cds, maybe it would be useful if there was an option to tell the system wether it shoud use amazon.com, amazon.co.uk or amazon.de ?

  • Eric Olsen

    B, right now we are only linked to Amazon U.S. – the other ASINS won’t work. But if something isn’t in Amazon U.S., feel free to link to another Amazon manually in the body of the text.

  • vaibhav

    i want history profiles of al ries & jack trout

  • Vaibhav, you might try clicking through to Amazon (just click the book icon), then click on either author’s name under the title.

    For example, I clicked on “Jack Trout” and selected #6 from the list, Strategy. At the bottom of that page is a fairly long Editorial Review that gives a lot of history.

    Or you could Google “Jack +Trout +market” and “Al +Reis +market”…



  • M.Darlington Munowenyu

    Ope want history profiles of al ries & jack trout.

  • Bjoern or Eric Olsen,
    It is encouraging to see the Trout & Ries anniversary edition.
    Certainly, they have made an impact.
    Their approach of applying Military Strategy to business, by leveraging the mastery of Carl Von Clausewitz was brilliant.
    In 1981, when I worked for a major computer maker, our team had the good fortune of being introduced to Trout & Ries Marketing Warfare principles.
    This went deep with me.
    It stimulated me to author an Industry white paper titled “Market Technology: The Missing Link” in late 1981.
    This was followed by making a career of applying Warfare fundamentals to different areas of business – real-world challenges, opportunities and core problems.
    This was for the benefit of various employers and clients.
    Unlike many of the examples of applying these techniques to Advertising, PR & Media Communications, we applied these to Product Launch Campaigns, Competitive Attack Programs, Vertical Industry and New Market Development, Channel Partner and Strategic Alliance Stimulation Programs and also developed a variety of hard-hitting training workshops…and much more.
    Market Warfare is not an idle chant, but a way of life for us.
    Recently, we released a new book titled “Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors.”
    It is a breakthrough work that is gaining wide recognition.
    You can visit our website at http://www.pmgresults.com and review this key work – it’s highlighted on the home page.
    Also, we would like to extend an offer – just drop us an e-mail – contact data is provided on the website – and we will send you a complimentary Market Warfare copy.
    Just have to provide a mailing address.
    We would be interested in your assessment/scorecard, after reviewing the book.
    Appreciate your consideration.
    Edmond Hawkeye Hennessy

  • bliffle

    Sounds like just plain bullying. Nothing new about that.