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Al-Qaeda Targeting Police and Security Forces in Iraq

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Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS) are weapons of choice in the uncommon number of killing explosions across the cities of Iraq. On Monday alone, 68 people were killed and more than 300 injured. Nearly every part of Iraq was shaken by detonated car bombs and a wide range of explosive devices. The ongoing attacks are specifically aimed at security forces, without regard to sect. Shi’ites and Sunni are equally victimized. The worst of the violence thus far has struck the city of Kut, on the Tigris River, where 35 were killed. Nearly three dozen were killed in Taji. A suicide bomber in Najaf exploded his vehicle, killing four and injuring 32. A parked car outside a Karbala police station exploded, killing three policemen.

In Tikrit, two men in military uniforms parked a vehicle near a building where anti-terrorism work was being conducted. One man made it past the guards then detonated himself, killing three. In Kirkuk, four police officers were killed as a car bomb exploded next to the patrol car they occupied. Then a half hour later, a rigged motorcycle exploded, killing one more man. Bombs lashed to light poles in Mosul killed one person. Sixteen more were injured in Balad as a roadside bomb exploded.

A spokesman for al-Qaeda warned last week that the terrorist group was preparing wide-scale attacks. The speaker, Abi Muhhamed al-Adnani, declared that the, “Days of Zarqawi are going to return.” Al Zarqawi was an al-Qaeda leader killed by American forces in 2006. Al-Adnani said, “We are on the right path. Thank God we are doing very well here…We have men who have divorced themselves from life and love death more than you love life. And killing is one of their wishes.”

The bombings and threats are in response to announcements by Iraqi political leaders that they are in negotiation with the United States to determine whether some American forces might remain in Iraq past a December 31 withdrawal date. While all U.S. troops are slated to leave Iraq by the year’s end, Iraqi and American officials are now concerned about the local ability to protect the country. The attacks are a warning that al-Qaeda will not tolerate any American presence and were launched at the prospect of some United States forces remaining. A Dubai-based Middle East security expert, Theodore Karasik, believes al-Qaeda is sending a message, “It seems that al-Qaeda in Iraq is playing a propaganda game at the same time it’s trying to show that it can still carry out deadly violence,” he said, “If the U.S. extends its military presence, al-Qaeda in Iraq can use it as a tool by saying, ‘Look, the Americans have reversed their decision to leave and are staying on as occupiers.’ They could use this as a justification for more attacks.”

The worst of the explosive violence occurred in the city of Kut, south of Bagdad. A car explosion in the goldsmith shops market in that city killed 34 persons and injured 60 more. Kut is in Wassit province, where two earlier suicide blasts from cars killed or injured 141 people, including high ranking police officers.

The vehicular (VBIED), blasts have been ongoing and destructive. One blast in Diyala province, north of Bagdad, reached the convoy of the mayor of Buquba, capitol of Diyala, injuring him and three guards. In addition, gunmen killed five Iraqi security forces troops at a checkpoint in Baquba.

Each year, the Islamic celebration of the holy month of Ramadan is besieged by violence in the East. This year, Ramadan is celebrated from August 1 through August 29. The month is dedicated to servitude to Allah, spirituality and patience. Ramadan is a month for revelations from Allah, and is the period when the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Fasting during Ramadan is practiced by those of Islamic faith.

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  • John Lake

    Realist questions “How do we know its al Qaeda?” As we give some thought to this violence in Iraq, we should at least consider that the expert quoted, and the conclusion that, al Qaeda insists that all Americans leave, might be simplistic. We see the forces, not insurgent, but rather organized, attacking police stations, police officers, and in one case an urban Mayor. This is reminiscent of the situation in Afghanistan, where the forces of terror are working to overthrow a current government, and to take control of the country. We may put some stock in the knowledge that the current Iraqi government is indeed “Western friendly”, but we don’t know how much that factor is influencing the suicide squads.
    We have to note the irony, too, that the actions of the Islamic forces will likely have the effect of America remaining on the scene. This we doubt is their goal. Rather, they may be so caught up in their beliefs that they find difficulty in waiting out the end of the year. Or maybe the Ramadan attacks are an early warning.
    We consider that the ‘expert’ quoted may have an agenda of his own, or some preconceived explanation that fits his theories, but not the facts.
    Speaking of money, I wonder, did we ever return the Iraqi money found on a skid, at the time of the capture of Saddam Hussein? Or did it vanish with the soldiers? Well, that’s another matter altogether.

  • How do we know it’s Al Qaeda, when there is a lot of money going to leave with the US troops? Someone’s bottom line is certain to be affected.