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Al Franken Has Bad Day at GOP Convention

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This picture below is posted on The Drudge Report, but without any commentary. I guess I can understand the pressures involved in being a liberal talk show host at the GOP Convention.

I thought it might be interesting, however, to provide the dialogue for Franken. Here’s my take:

Are you the guy who coordinates the food around here? I told you that I wanted REAL butter with my toast, not margarine!!!

David Flanagan

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  • bhw

    Very funny! Mind if I steal your idea and put this photo on my caption zonkboard on my site?

  • Mac Diva

    Yo, Al! Get contacts. Those glasses are photographing so badly they make him look like the nutty professor regardless of what he is saying.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Caption 1: Franken illustrates to staffer how Cheney might turn on him, like this…..”.


    Caption 2: The left’s radio personality brings an oxycontin-free vigor to a debate.

  • Big Time Patriot

    Look I’ve got a little speck on my fingertip, I think it’s a planet and the little who’s are shouting “We are here, We are HERE, WE ARE HERE!!”

  • Duane

    “Hey, fucknuckle, this pass is definitely NOT a forgery. And if you don’t back off, like RIGHT NOW, I’m going to take this finger and shove it up your nose!”

  • Dan

    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and people like me dammit!!”

  • David Flanagan

    Go right ahead bhw.


  • David Flanagan

    Here’s a new one:

    “Oh my god! You’ve got a HUGE zit on your nose!!!! Can I touch it?”

  • Evilwhiteguy

    How about (top pic), “And tell your buddy here to get his hand outta my armpit, or…or…or it’s gonna smell really bad!”

  • jack e. jett

    No, no, no, I am not going to rehab for booze. i am fine. hand me another bourbon coke and make it fast, dammit.

    jack e. jett

  • Eric Olsen

    “I am a lawn jockey”

  • Shark

    “…I just left Ann Coulter’s hotel room. Wanna smell my finger?”

  • Joe

    “…I just left Ann Coulter’s hotel room…” that lead-in just begs a reference to the Crying Game.

  • jack e. jett

    good one shark.

    disgusting…i can feel the vomit rising in my throat..but still a good one.


  • Eric Olsen

    “It’s weird: when I close my mouth, my right index finger extends.”

  • Mike Kole

    “You think conservatives are compassionate? Are you frickin’ crazy? Liberals are frickin’ compassionate, and don’t you ever forget it, you jackbooted nazi hatemonger!”