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Airwick goes green to reduce cow odor

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(AFD) — Airwick plans to cover Daisy at both ends, with the introduction of the Airwick Posteri Air.

Marketed to farmers as the “Stink Solution,” it is more than the plant-based oils offered for the home. Posteri Air contains that oil but also includes a microbe paste that becomes more liquid as it moves, as with the rolling action of a cow’s behind.

The paste is designed to breakdown hydrogen sulfide, which can be deadly with prolonged exposure. Methane on its own is odorless, though a rich brown color.

Gastrologist Patty Heifer discovered ther product in an attempt to make Beano actually useful.

John Amos, a mid-size farmer in California says it is a great idea. He operates a farm in Los Banos that sits near Intersate 5, with 1,700 head of cattle and 500 dairy cows.

“I’ve had people drive up to the house and complain about the smell,” Amos said. “That really got me riled up, but I don’t want to get anyone upset if I can help it. Nobody ever heard from those people again, though, and since I know where this article is ending up, no one will find out if I tell you. But yeah, great idea. Can you come here a moment? A little closer?”

Airwick plans to develop a similiar product for Congress, though research has gone on for 40 years with no end in sight.

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  • This product, marketed as London Dairy Air, has been available for nearly three years in Britain. Once again, the US takes the tail position – someone at Airwick must be in a bad odor over this one!

  • Tristan

    I’m having a hard time getting behind this product ………………….