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Air America Radio Sued By Alleged Torture Contractor (CACI)

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Alphaliberal.comAir America Radio has been sued by defense contractor and alleged Abu Ghraib torture-accomplice CACI International, Inc. CACI has alleged defamation per se, according to documents filed last week in federal court. CACI claims material used by Randi Rhodes on her show in late August harmed the company and they are asking for 1 million dollars in damages and 10 million dollars in punitive damages.

Alphaliberal.comWhile Air America Radio has not elaborated in detail on their litigation strategy, Rhodes made a statement on her show that Air America will fight the suit visorously –a partial transcript of her statement is available here.

Air America Radio will likely counter-sue CACI accusing them of violating the SLAPP suit statute, because CACI , who in all probability has employees who are guilty of torture at Abu Ghraib, is trying to silence a media critic who is focusing on their alleged criminal acts.

To prevail CACI would likely have to prove Rhodes knew she was stating false information and did so with malice. It has been documented widely that employees of CACI were involved in the torture that transpired at Abu Graib in Iraq. In fact, a military investigation, which produced a document known as the Taguba report, has identified CACI employees by name who were involved in the torture. For that reason, CACI has a huge mountain to climb to prove that Rhodes’ statement is false. Alphaliberal.com

Even if CACI could prove that Rhodes’ statement is false, it would be even more difficult for it to show that Rhodes knew it was false, since the abuse by CACI was so well documented, any reasonable person would have thought CACI was deeply involved in human rights abuses in Iraq.

As such, CACI’s case is extremely flimsy. Couple that with the fact that reporters such as Rhodes have broad First Amendment rights to report newsworthy information and you have a heavy-handed, frivolous-litigation strategy by CACI, which is likely to backfire. To boot, CACI may now be giving Air America’s attorneys an opportunity to discover documents and depose witnesses, which might help defeat CACI’s case and/or embarrass the company. Thus, it is likely now that more information will become available to the public about a serious crime against humanity caused, in part, by this US company and the resulting severe damage it has caused to the reputation of the United States of America.

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  • Howard

    Scott Ritter once said that he could teach a monkey to wave an American flag, but he cannot teach that monkey to read the constitution of the United States.

  • Bob

    Hey here is a question:
    If AAR broadcasts a radio signal and nobody listens are they broadcasting? LOL

  • Bob

    Dated Oct 20, 2005
    Air America, the liberal talk network carried on WWRC-AM (1260), went from bad to nonexistent. After WWRC recorded a mere fraction of a rating point in the spring with syndicated shows from the likes of lefty talkers Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Stephanie Miller, Arbitron couldn’t detect a measurable listenership for the station this time around.

  • Bob

    Hey heard on NBC news, I cant believe it, I thought NBC was sister to CNN. Anyways top al quida leader captured today, this is what he said in the past,”I wish the planes that crashed into the twin towers had wmd’s on them, then there would have been less people to vote for Bush the second term.” Man, the evil ones know the Democrats are weak, bet you dont hear that on AAR.

  • >>Franken is hate filled? Give me a break. Springer hate filled? Are you serious?<< No, Franken is tedious and Springer is an idiot. I was thinking of their real stars, Randi Rhodes and Mike Molloy, who are certifiable lunatics and as vile and hate filled as they come. Dave

  • MCH

    “Its the left dragging this country down, [edited]!”
    – Cunning Linguist

    I disagree, [edited]. I think its the phoney, hypocritical right-wing draft dodgers like Rush Lardbaugh, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove who drag this country down, CL.

  • It’s the left dragging this country down [edited]!

  • What does it say about Air America that they set out to challenge the dominance of right wing talk radio and can only do it by producing the same sort of hate-filled bile and insane ranting they are supposedly opposing?

    Franken is hate filled? Give me a break. Springer hate filled? Are you serious?

    Unlike InsHannity, O’Lielly, and Flush they’re pussycats. They don’t hang up on callers who disagree. They don’t shout over their guests and tell them to shut up when they disagree.

    Another difference, is they admit it when they make mistakes and come to the table with better researched facts.

    Do they feel strongly about the right wing agenda that’s dragging this country down? Of course they do. Most Americans do as well. One would expect them to come to the table with fire in their belly.

  • >>Im thinking your a Republican…only someone so mindless would make such an inane comment…did you even read the article?<< Yes, but I've also listened to Randi Rhodes, and she's the female Rush Limbaugh. I'd say she's the craziest person I've ever heard on the Radio, but I can get Alex Jones and Mike Malloy here too. What does it say about Air America that they set out to challenge the dominance of right wing talk radio and can only do it by producing the same sort of hate-filled bile and insane ranting they are supposedly opposing? Dave

  • What a bunch of gutless wonders. General Taguba produces a report which documents CACI tortured people, and they sue a talk show host for repeating the assertion.

    This suit is about as funny as Bill O’Lielly suing Al Franken for using “fair and balanced.” It’ll probably backfire the same way.

  • Ian

    More than half Nancy, considering he was given a presidency he never won in the first place…or for that matter the second place. Thank you Box Fraudcasting. I would agree that there is a desire to find the perfect president, unfortunately George the failed businessman turned village idiot turned political nightmare is what we got. I dont understand how a congress can stare evil in the face or take part in it, and claim not to see it. How can a body theoretically devoted to the needs of the American people put fingers in their ears and avoid blantant truths. My hope is that the growing body of individual Americans that are waking up, pick up the pace. This country is going to tear itself appart in the pursuit of a lunatics ideals and a congress that has either whored itself to the highest big business, or to afraid to call a spade a spade. Its time for leadership, not a blind worship to a group that serves itself and has forgotten its primary duty..that being the welfare of the United States of American, its people and its lands

  • Nancy

    Ian, there are far too many in the US who are knee-jerk apologists for anything BushCo. does. Dave isn’t quite that bad – once in a while he’ll admit they have a flaw or two – but these folks suffer from a double whammy: they worship Smirk as God – The Perfect President, and to doubt or criticize is to commit heresy as well as treason – and they can’t admit either they or he have ever made any mistakes, so they refuse to acknowledge even the baldest facts if those facts don’t fit their mental wishful thinking. However, as polls indicate, most of us are losing those blinders, and at least half of us in the US never had them to begin with.

  • Ian

    Im thinking your a Republican…only someone so mindless would make such an inane comment…did you even read the article? She and MANY other journalists have long since shown CACI’s involvement in the abuse in IRAQ. Are you so blind that you cannot see what those idiots have done to themselves? Further, Its about time facts came to light and IM very eager to hear exactly what their involvement has been. Id like to watch them fry and take a number of Bush’s friends down as well. America, wake the hell up. YOu are a bunch of suckers that forget what happened ten minutes ago let alone 2 years ago.

  • Nancy

    CACI must have a guilty conscience; methinks the corporation doth protest too much. They must have been trying to take lessons from Tom DeLay.

  • It ought to be easy enough to prove that Rhodes is completely insane and therefore incapable of telling if what she’s saying is factual or fictional. All they have to do is play one of her shows for the jury.