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AIDS in Singapore – Amazing !

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AIDS – the very word evokes images of sex workers in Pattaya or emancipated patients in a South African infirmary ; places not exactly close to home.

Or so we think. The prevalence rate of AIDS in Singapore has gone steadily up and youths represented 15 percent of new cases last year. Oh yes, the clean, staid city-state notorious for its tough chewing gum laws has ( gasp ! ) the AIDS virus !

What is more alarming, however, is not the uptrend of new infections but rather our main attitudes toward sufferers – that ” it wouldn’t have happened to them if not for risky behaviours” and that being infected was their fault. Such views do little else other than exacerbate the stigma associated with AIDS sufferers. Sometimes the views may not even be valid i.e. rape victims who were infected by their attackers .

In any case, the onus is on us to remove the pall hanging over AIDS sufferers by acknowledging that we have a problem and facing it head-on, not by sweeping everything under our carpet to preserve our squeaky-clean image. The Action for Aids ( AFA ) has taken a huge step in providing free, anonymous HIV testing. Such a test should be seen as a medical necessity with no negative connotations and should be extended to pregnant women .

Despite the government’s efforts in the field of education , pockets of ignorance still exist as evinced in the recent case of parents demanding that a childcare centre replace their restroom fittings after it was made known that one of the teachers is homosexual. Clearly, more can be done to raise awareness in youth and members of the public.

The question is, are we prepared to drop all of our preconceived notions, fears and prejudices to tackle HIV before it becomes the scourge of our society ?

And that’s the problem – all we have are questions, questions and more questions. As with any social problem, solutions do not come easily and the best we can come up with is some half-baked meat pie without any meat. ( That’s the best I can cook up, sorry. )

I do have solutions that are rather radical though. One way is to license sexual activity such that it becomes illegal to engage in the oldest recreation known to mankind without prior approval from the central/state/district authorities. The canteens at the bureaucracy’s offices will finally get some business, or not. We are having enough problems with lining up to purchase a pack of condoms ( a difficult task not made easier by the good-looking lady at the counter ) .

Then the human race will gradually die off. It’s better than it sounds, really. Besides, the hot ball of energy worshipped as Ra ( or Aten, during the heretic Akenathun’s reign ) by ancient Egyptians will die off eventually.

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  • jd

    i stumbled upon your site researching for a humanities project.
    i agree that yes, singaporeans really have to be educated about HIV. aids has a stigma attached to it, and it is a pity in this supposedly globalizing city that some people still think that aids is caused by recklessness.
    it may be so in some cases, but in many cases, especially in africa, aids may be caused by war, displacement etc.

  • Wonderful! the rate of AIDS in singapore is steadly increasing. It is our social responsibility to protect.