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Aid to Palestinians: Is Bush Crazy?

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Why are we giving money to the Palestinians who danced in the streets on 9/11 and who burn American flags faster than they can be made? To avoid the financial collapse of the Palestinian Authority and more violence (which is the exact result we should be fomenting)?

Let them all go hungry and kill each other. Maybe then they will get the idea that it is better to act as civilized human beings rather than espouse constant hatred and the killing of Jews and Americans. Maybe if they go hungry for a while they will stop buying and building rockets and other weapons with which to attack Israel, and buy… FOOD.

Why don’t they get the money from Arafat’s wife in Paris and from his secret Swiss bank accounts? Why don’t they get the money from their Arab and Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iran? God knows some of these oil rich countries have a lot more money than we do – they are bleeding America dry with their high oil prices.

I can think of a lot better places to spend America’s tax dollars than Palestine. Why don’t we start with those who lost their families, homes, jobs, clothing, furniture, cars, and lifestyles in Katrina? Then let’s start with America’s poor and homeless wherever they are, in any city in any state. If they are Americans, give them anything they need. Don’t make them beg in the streets while we send “foreign aid” to the Palestinians.

There are two old sayings that come to mind here: The first is charity begins at home. The second is, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

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  • To Ruvy in Jerusalem. My support for Israel, unlike my Government – The United States- has never waivered. I have always supported Israel.

    Now as I said the United States, and Britain and France have had a wavering policy which is probably more akin to no policy. Here is a simple example.

    After 241 Marines were Killed and 80 wounded in Beirut by Hezbollah in 1983 President Reagan was all set to go after the bastards. But Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, a Jew, talked him out of it because he did not want to offend our Arab Friends WITH THE OIL. So let the Marines die!

    When our Worst President, Jimmy Carter was in office he allowed that little nothing of a country, Iran, to hold our people hostage for about 500 plus days, if memory serves. Notice however when Reagan came into office he was ready to blow Iran off the map, as they now threaten to do to Israel, and Iran released the American hostages immediately. I think it was on the same day Reagan was elected or took office.

    Carter should have massed our troops on the Iranian border and then after we have 250,000 troops and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, given Iran 24 hours to release the hostages. If they were not released then Bombs Away.

    Over the last 70 years or so we have seen Britain deny Jews the right to enter Palestine. We have seen the British, the French and the United States support Israel militarily and we have seen them withold weapons in time of war when they needed it the most.

    We have seen them make secret agreements with Israel to attack Egypt to free the Suez Canal and then afterwards stab Israel in the back. All of this is in the history books.

    Now, today, again Israel is getting mixed messages from the Bush adminiustration. While he says Israel has a right to defend itself, Condoleeza Rice says yes, but only with restraint.

    Today I watched about 6 hours of TV coverage of Israel crossing into Lebanon by to defend itself from Hezbollah rockets and to try and get their soldiers back.

    During this time I must have seen the Syrian Minister and a few Palestinians and the Lebanese Prime Minister being interviewed on Fox, CNN and MSNBC. Every time they were asked why they don’t disarm Hezbollah, help return the Soldiers, help stop the Rocket Attacks, or to put the blame on Hezbollah or Hamas for starting this latest round of violence, etc. they always answered in the same way; Israel has started the whole thing by their occupation of our land. As soon as Israel will give back ALL the land, going back to the 1948 UN Partition, then there will be peace.

    I was dissapointed in Every Single Interviewer, because not one of them pointed out (1) that when the UN partitioned the land, Israel said OK, we agree and the Arabs ran for their guns (2) The Arabs made War on Israel how many times (six, seven, eight, I don’t want to look it up right now, but you get the picture) and the Arabs lost every one of those wars. And when you lose a War if it involved land, you lose the land. (3) Israel has made concession after concession and peace offer after peace offer. But of course as we all know, their wonderful leader Arafat again said no, yet he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and I believe was on the cover of Time Magazine and possibly others.

    Now in closing I want you to read an article published in the New York Sun newspaper on July 7th, 2006 by an Arab Journalist named Youssef Ibrahim. You can find it at here

    The title is Dear Brethren, the War With Israel Is Over

    July 7, 2006

    He tells his Arab brothers, just what I have been saying here. You had your chance, you blew it, you lost, get over it! Everyone should read this great article. I agree with every word and I just wish the Palestinian people would read it.

    Ruvy, I don’t know what you mean when you ask me if I am a friend of Israel. There is nothing I would not do to help Israel gain peace and prosperity. Since I cannot go over there and fight, the only thing I can do is send money. Is that good enough for you or would you care to explain your statement further?

  • However much or little bit of money we’re directing exactly where in the Palestinian mess, they’re a secondary issue. At this point, it seems more like making nice with Muslims generally as much as possible so we get less grief when we nearly inevitably have to blast hell out of Iran. The Palestinians are, from US vantage, mere gnats.

    It sounds like we’re giving back just enough money to the Palestinians to say that we’re donating, the minimal amount we can give and still claim that we’re helping out. I’m not real thrilled with giving these savages one thin dime, but perhaps we should just file this under “picking your fights.”

  • Bob,

    Bush is not crazy. But he is NO friend of Israel, and your government is not either.

    But what intrigues me is – are you?

    Still waiting for an answer, Bob.

  • @ Ruvy: Your rhetoric is no different from the Hamas.

    Q Bit, I almost feel complimented.

  • George Bush a friend of Israel? You must be kidding.

    If the recent governments in Washington had been friends of Israel they probably would have been sharing resources with Israeli intelligence and would have had at least a clue about Bin Laden and the attack on the WTC that had been waiting to happen since the last attack on the WTC.

    My guess is that they had not the slightest interest in what “those Jews” knew about the Arabs.

  • Joey

    Let’s just to John Birch on everyone. Toss the UN offshore. Cut off Foreign aid. Close all Embassy’s…. drill, refine and use our own fuel…

    Gosh… that doesn’t sound like a Global economy does it.

    Whose idea was the Global economy anyway.

    Whose idea were HMO’s

    They all stink.

  • @everyone except Ruvy and Dave: Don’t you think you guys should grow up and start talking? If the Palestinians dancing on the streets have outraged you, how many of you are outraged by the fact that 40,000 innocent Iraqis have been killed so far (conservative estimate)? And that they were in a mess created by America for no fault of their own? And Baghdad is now averaging 1000 deaths a month… cool stuff eh?

    And the soldiers-brave and committed they are– dying not for a genuine cause–but for a cause entirely fabricated by the current Bush administration and take it for me–this administration doesn’t care about Americans either.

    Have you ever thought of the consequences? No.. because you don’t care–may be it’s easy for America to go and bomb people for fictional reasons–for oil–to establish control over the middle east–and to cater to the hunger of dollar thirsty large corporations like Halliburton–and am telling you–that all talks of democracy, freedom and human rights are bagful of shits– if they really wanted to promote democracy Saudi Arabia would be a good start instead of bombing secular Iraq. I can go on but anyways.

    Did the Iraqis ever attack America? American interests? Weren’t the country crippled enough after decade long sanctions? How many 9/11 terrorists were Iraqis? Tell me please.

    Iraq has turned into a quicksand. The neoconic warhawks give a shit. They couldn’t care less.

    But as in the Bible: as you sow, so shall you reap.

    @ Ruvy: You rhetoric is no different from the Hamas.

    @Dave: I don’t of course agree with your views but at least you get the facts right (sometimes).

  • Money is fungible. That’s the entire point of money. That’s why we don’t have a barter-based economy.

    So. We give the Palestinians (who overwhelmingly want to see more dead Jews and Americans) money for “food and medicine.”

    Sounds nice. But that simply means that their terrorist Hamas-led government has additional financial resources to spend on bombs and guns and anti-American/anti-Israeli agitprop.

    If we don’t send them money, Hamas might actually be forced to feed their people, and that would mean less guns and bombs. And if they still refused to feed their people, this terrorist government would quickly be overthrown.

    But, American government officials have been mau-maued by their European “allies” into giving “humanitarian” assistance to the criminal Hamas government.

    So. Hamas is now free to spend their cash on guns and bombs and anti-semitic propaganda.

    Good job! :-/

  • Steve, when you saw Arabs dancing in Gaxa over the death of Americans in New Your, you got only a tiny dose of the hate these people have had instilled in them and which they radiate.

    Every time Jewish children die here, they dance in Gaza in joy. I think it is great that they elected Hamas. Hamas is at least honest about their desire to exterminate us, and secular Israelis can’t delude themselves that the Arabs want peace.

    If Arabs starve because they want to exterminate us, it doesn’t bother me in the least. The death they wish upon us should only descend in sheets upon them. Anybody from the west who gives them sympathy is a fool. Their fellow Arabs don’t even give a damn about them.

  • Yes, it would be so much better if kids starve and old people can’t get medical care.

    They’d really love us then.

    If Bush had had a better policy in the middle east, then Hamas might not have gotten into power (though the corruption in Fatah certainly didn’t help).

    And please, stop bringing up that a few people celebrated 9/11. There are still Klan rallies, but that doesn’t mean all white peopel in the US are racist.

  • “Bush is not crazy. But he is NO friend of Israel, and your government is not either.

    But what intrigues me is – are you?”

    Bush certainly tries to be a friend of Israel.

    We need to cut foreign aid from ALL countries, Israel, the entire continent of Africa..everywhere. Contrary to what Bush “thinks”, isolationism is absolutely the best way to go.

  • The US is looking for a way to avoid looking like they are starving the “poor Palestinians” while continuing to punish them for daring to pick the wrong (as in the one that tells the truth to the evil Zionists about wanting to kill them) party in their “elections.”

    It’s not nice to defy the United States, doncha know…

    Let’s all now bow and scrape to the great Emperor of the World George III and his Evil Priestess Condaleeza.

    Pooh bah…Pooh bah…Pooh bah…

    [Ruvy extends his middle finger in salute and leaves the palace.]

  • Did you actually mean to post this? The US has cut off aid to Palestine. We just renewed aid to humanitarian groups working in Palestine, but all direct aid to the Palestinian Authority from the US and the EU has been terminated.


  • Bliffle

    “Why are we giving money to the Palestinians who danced in the streets on 9/11 and who burn American flags faster than they can be made?”

    Isn’t it just simple bribery? By getting them hooked on $$$$ just as a drug dealer hooks his victims on crack, eventually, so the theory goes, they will have to conform to our wishes to keep the drugs coming. At least that’s the theory.

  • Bob,

    Imagine how I feel when our government insists on giving these people OUR land! Imagine how I feel when the idiots who are supposted to protect us kick us out of OUR homes and do nothing when these “peace partners” fire 8 rockets a day at us, and generate an average of 80 terror alerts DAILY.

    Bush is not crazy. But he is NO friend of Israel, and your government is not either.

    But what intrigues me is – are you?

  • I don’t understand how it is in our best interest to give the Palestinians aid. Bush is acting in our best interest, right?—at least that’s what he says.

    Americans should be outraged.