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Aid and Comfort: How the ACLU and the Left Assists in the Al Qaeda Propaganda War

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From John Bambenek at Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek:

You’ve heard the charges. We’re desecrated the Koran at Gitmo (since retracted), we’ve institutionalized torture (because anything less than 3 squares and 8 hours of sleep and cable TV is torture), that we’re intentionally targeting journalists (I can sympathize with the military on this one, it is becoming harder to tell the difference between an insurgent and a reporter), and so on.

In accordance with “Bin Laden’s Terrorism Bible” (specifically Chapter 11 paragraph 1), Amnesty International has been a sounding board of false claims of torture. The Left celebrates IIMPR’s guest speaker Seymour Hersh who’s claim to fame was taking evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation that the military already released to the press (without pictures) on January 16th and publishing pictures of it thereby depriving the accused of any semblance of a fair trail and inflaming the Muslim world. They then continue to claim that torture was routine and that anything short of giving prisoners of war or enemy combatants anything less than 5 star accommodations is tantamount to torture.

The ACLU, far from being outdone, and continuing the word of Amnesty International insists that more pictures be released in flagrant violation of international law that apparently they are so worried about protecting in other circumstances which the ACLU itself admitted was ironic. Either you support international law or you don’t. Apparently they support international law when it works in their favor and when it doesn’t they throw it aside.

What happened at Abu Gharib was inexcusable, and that’s why those soldiers are being prosecuted. If it happened elsewhere, those soldiers should likewise be prosecuted. But when Seymour Hersh suggested that the White House didn’t want the pictures to get out because of the reaction of the Middle East, he suggested the answer as to why the President didn’t start firing everyone he could find. They knew the reaction and they were trying to do what was best for the country, what was best for the safety of soldiers, and to not give Al Qaeda more propaganda fodder. The ACLU and Amnesty International will have none of that; to them apparently Al Qaeda is the “good guy” in this fight.

What these organizations and the media as well as other organs of the Left have done is take the actions of a few and paint the entire military as a bunch of deviant sex offenders and torturers. The ACLU insists on making sure everyone in the world looks upon America as cruel destroyers of human life because they make prisoners stand too long. They insist the only human rights violators in the world anymore are the US and Israel were the likes of Syria, China, and Iran are free to jail and truly torture dissidents.

There was a time when the Left identified with oppressed people everywhere. With stories of innocents (not even political prisoners) had their bodies fed into tree chippers, the Left used to be the one protesting. Now apparently they’ve aligned themselves with those regimes which truly practice torture.

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  • Jack Crawford

    I wonder if ever in their darkest and most secret dreams the right would have believed that George W. Bush would someday reduce them to little more than apologists for and abettors of torture?

    Excuses such as those bleated in Bambanek’s little piece here are pathetic in the extreme, and a stark though unintentional confession of just how bad things have gotten for them and this cruel and disgraceful president.