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Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech: What the US Delegation Missed

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On Wednesday, September 27, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to New York with a 100 person entourage to address the world community, having just completed hosting a convocation of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Iran. These unaligned nations are those of the Muslim world which have not taken any of several sides in dealing with global issues.

Ahmadinejad’s speech came at a time when the world views attacks from either direction between Iran and Israel as eminently possible. There is speculation that the United States might come to the aid of Israel; there’s speculation that a major world war might be initiated.

In spite of all this, the United States delegation to the UN General Assembly chose to follow its usual pattern: refusing to listen. As they have done in the past, the delegation arose and walked out. Apparently, the delegates felt that they already knew what the Iranian president, a wise global philosopher, would say. Having watched news broadcasts and listened to pundits, they felt certain he would lambast Israel and deny developing nuclear weapons, and they just weren’t up to it.

It is true that the Iranian might have said any number of things. For example, he might have used the opportunity to declare war on Israel, or on the world at large. More likely, he might have stressed a peaceful position that would reduce the ever-present possibility of a unilateral attack on his nation by Western powers.

The objective listener must concede that Ahmadinejad is a thoughtful person who speaks easily of peace, beauty, culture, and real world issues. In speaking he addressed his real concern for the future of the UN if that body doesn’t recognize a growing hegemony, and begin to change. That the United Nations should change in the face of the changing world was in fact, the thrust of his speech.

Following prayers and greetings, he defined the assembly as a gathering to ponder, and to work together, to build a better life for the human community, and for all nations. “Iran is the land of glory, beauty, knowledge, culture, wisdom. It is the cradle of philosophy and mysticism; land of compassion and light. It is the land of scientists, scholars, philosophers; masters of literature, and writers…” He spoke of bitter times past, and said Iran welcomes any effort to promote peace, stability and tranquility, which “Can be only realized through harmony, cooperation and joint management of the world.”

At that point he began what was doubtless the longest single run-on sentence in the history of the globe, Imagine, for a moment,he began,

  • Had there been no egoism, distrust, malicious behaviors, and dictatorships with no one violating the rights of others;
  • Had humanitarian values been viewed as the criterion for social dignity in place of affluence and consumerism,
  • Had humanity not experienced the dark age of medieval periods, and centers of power not hindered the flourishing of knowledge and constructive thoughts,
  • Had the wars of Crusade and the ensuing periods of slavery and colonialism not happened, and had the inheritors of these dark periods followed a course on the premises of humanitarians principles,
  • Had the first and second World Wars in Europe, the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Latin America, and in the Balkans not happened, and if instead of the occupation of Palestine and imposition of a fake government, displacement and genocide of millions of people around the globe, the truth behind these wars had been revealed based on justice,
  • Had Saddam Hussein not invaded Iran, and had the big powers supported the rights of Iranian people instead of siding with Saddam,
  • If the tragic incident of September 11, and the military actions against Afghanistan and Iraq that left millions killed and homeless had not happened, and if, instead of killing and throwing the culprit into the sea without trial or without informing the world and people of America, an independent fact-finding team had been formed to make the general public aware of the truth behind the incident, and prepare for bringing to justice the perpetrators,
  • Had extremism or terrorism not been used to secure political goals,
  • Had the arms been turned into pens, and military expenditures been used to promote well-being and amity among nations,
  • Had the drum of ethnic, religious or racial conflicts not been beaten, and if differences had not been used for the purpose of advancing political agendas,
  • Had the right to criticize the hegemonic policies and actions of world Zionism been recognized to allow the world media to freely report and shed light on the realities, instead of taking deceitful gestures of backing freedom bent on offending the sanctities and most sacred beliefs of human beings and divine messengers, who as the purest and most compassionate human beings are the gift of the Almighty to humanity,
  • Had the Security Council not been under the domination of a limited number of governments, thus disabling the United Nations to carry out its responsibilities on a just and equitable basis,
  • If the international economic institutions had not been under pressure and were allowed to perform their duties and functions by using their expertise based on fairness and justice,
  • Had the world capitalists not weakened or victimized the economies of nations in order to make up for their own mistakes,
  • If integrity and honesty had prevailed on the international relations, and all nations and governments were treated equally and justly in the global efforts to build and expand happiness for the entire mankind,
  • And if tens of other unfavorable situations had not occurred in human life,

Imagine how beautiful and pleasant our lives and how lovely the history of mankind would have been.

He continued from there to discuss global economic issues, touching on . poverty and the widening gap between rich and poor, and, “Total foreign debt of 18 industrial countries [that] has exceeded 60 trillion dollars, while the repayment of half of this amount is sufficient to eradicate poverty in the world.” He criticized, “The creation of worthless paper assets. It has been reported that 32 trillions of paper assets were printed by one government alone.

On cultural issues:

  • From the standpoint of the politicians who control the world power centers, concepts such as moral principles, purity, honesty, integrity, compassion and self-sacrifice are rejected as defunct and outdated notions, and an impediment to the accomplishment of their goals. They openly talk about their disbelief in the relevance of ethics to the political and social affairs.
  • Pure and indigenous cultures as the product of centuries-old efforts of nations, the common denominator reflecting human profound feeling and love towards beauties, and the force which breeds diversity, cultural vividness, and social dynamism, are under constant attacks, and susceptible to extinction.
  • The human soul has become frustrated and the essence of humankind humiliated and suppressed.

On politics and security:

  • .Unilateralism, application of double standards, and imposition of wars, instability and occupations to ensure economic interests, and expand dominance over sensitive centers of the world have turned to be the order of the day.
  • .Arms race and intimidation by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass-destruction by the hegemonic powers have become prevalent: testing new generations of ultra-modern weaponry and the pledge to disclose these armaments on due time is now being used as a new language of threat against nations to coerce them into accepting a new era of hegemony. Continued threat by the uncivilized Zionists to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bitter reality.
  • .A state of mistrust has cast its shadow on the international relations, whilst there is no trusted or just authority to help resolve world conflicts.
  • .No one feels secure or safe even those who have stockpiled thousands of atomic bombs and other arms in their arsenals.

The Iranian president had more to say, the full text of his speech is available here.

He went from the aforementioned into a second portion of his address which predicted a “second coming.” I have omitted some segments of that prediction.

Here is a sampling:

  • He will come to grant kindness, hope, freedom and dignity to all humanity as a girl.
  • .He will come so mankind will taste the pleasure of being human and being in the company of other humans.
  • .He will come so that hands will be joined, hearts will be filled with love and thoughts will be purified to be at service of security, welfare and happiness for all.
  • .He will come to return all children of Adam irrespective of their skin colors to their innate origin after a long history of separation and division linking them to eternal happiness.
  • .The arrival of the Ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ and the Righteous will bring about an eternally bright future for mankind, not by force or waging wars but through thought awakening and developing kindness in everyone. Their arrival will breathe a new life in the cold and frozen body of the world. He will bless humanity with a spring that puts an end to our winter of ignorance, poverty and war with the tidings of a season of blooming.
  • .Now we can sense the sweet scent and the soulful breeze of the spring, a spring that has just begun and doesn’t belong to a specific race, ethnicity, nation or a region, a spring that will soon reach all the territories in Asia, Europe, Africa and the US.
  • .He will be the spring of all the justice-seekers, freedom-lovers and the followers of heavenly prophets. He will be the spring of humanity and the greenery of all ages.
  • .Let us join hands and clear the way for his eventual arrival with empathy and cooperation, in harmony and unity. Let us march on this path to salvation for the thirsty souls of humanity to taste immortal joy and grace.

“…Long live this spring, long live this spring and long live this spring. Thank you.”

I am intolerant of an American delegation which walks out on an important speech from a highly lucid speaker.

Photo : UK Telegraph

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  • Clav


    Perhaps your intolerance of the delegation who walked out on Ahmadinejad would be better directed at their bosses who gave them the orders to walk out: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Barack H. Obama.

    I doubt the US delegation has the authority to take it upon themselves to walk out on a speaker; if they do so, they are following orders.

  • John Lake

    That may be a possibility, Clav, but seems inconsistent with the Obama policies and promises. It would be hard not to see a similarity with the tactics of the GWB White House, wherein we declined to discuss issues for fear of granting “terrorist nations” validity.

  • Clav

    I see your point about inconsistency, John, and it does appear to be inconsistent with Obama’s past focus on appeasement in the Middle East. Nonetheless, unless Obama is losing control of his administration, presidents tend to tightly control their delegations to world organizations; they do not usually give them any significant free rein, certainly not to the extent of being able to walk out absent instructions. The members of these delegations are appointed by the WH; even the name given the group, delegation, derives from delegate, “to send or appoint (a person) as deputy or representative.”

  • Deciet of iran

    It is my personal belief that Clav got the last word on john.

  • Arie Berman

    Any liar can make beautiful speeches. The issue is trust.

  • John Lake

    Ms. Susan Rice heads the delegation (Mission); hers is a cabinet level official. There is no indication to be found as to who gave the word for the walkout; perhaps Rice (no relation to Condoleezza), perhaps a group vote. But again it seems inconsistent with Barack Obama’s general position..

  • Fred Mcmurray

    Dear Arie Berman…by “any liar” surely you must be referring to the Israelis and at minimum the previous US administrations re WMD etc etc etc etc infinitum. The Iranian President may be a “liar” but so far we have yet to “catch him in the act” as we have done with those other guys mentioned and so then speculation is all we can objectively lay on him. To me John Lake is being very objective and that’s how we should all be. We need to stop being sheep.

  • John Lake

    In an odd turn of events, Susan Rice, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations has been asked to step down from that post. The reasons given for the request seem unrelated to the walk out on Ahmadinejad as he spoke to the General Assembly. There is sure to be more news on this issue.

  • Arie Berman

    @Fred Macmurray: Surely I mean Ahmadinejad, certainly not Israel.

    My bias: Iranian actions and instigations are not consistent with the “peace and love, and freedom” message of the speech.

    John Lake’s bias: “… a wise global philosopher… his real concern for the future of the UN… intolerant of an American delegation which walks out on an important speech from a highly lucid speaker.”

  • Clav


    Do you mean she’s been fired?

    It probably has to do with her uninformed and naive remarks to the press following the assassination in Benghazi of Ambassador Stevens. It looks like the administration is trying to distance itself from the clueless statements regarding the Benghazi attacks made by Rice and others.

  • John Lake

    Just a coincidence that the call for her removal comes one day after the Oh, so last decade walkout.
    There was speculation from every pundit with an opinion as to the cause of the planned or spontaneous rioting.

  • Clav

    Yes there was, John; including from me.

    It wasn’t rioting. It wasn’t spontaneous. And it definitely wasn’t in response to the silly film clip.

    A shame that Ambassador Stevens had to pay the ultimate price for the ineptitude and leadership void in Washington.

  • Igor

    I can’t find a news report that Rice was fired, or that she stepped down under duress.

  • Clav


    I don’t know what happened to it, but I posted an acknowledgement on this thread yesterday, in which I conceded that to date, the administration has neither fired nor asked Rice to step down.