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Ahmadinejad Has Been Lucid, Open, and Diplomatic

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It is becoming increasingly obvious that the President of these United States is swiftly adopting a more aggressive stand on international security and defense issues. Prior to the recent controversial Nuclear Arms Non-proliferation Conference the President unveiled a new policy principle, that “the United States would not use its nuclear arsenal against non-nuclear states that abided by the nuclear non-proliferation treaty." We note that a nation which for one reason or another chooses to disregard that non-proliferation treaty might have cause to  feel threatened.

In late March, two months ago, 47 world leaders participated in a two-day nuclear security summit in Washington. And now, in early May, 2010, many of the same world leaders are attending a month long debate at the United Nations on how to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in the midst of explaining Iranian views on these important matters when the U.S. delegation, joined by several European delegations, including the French and British, walked out of the conference. At that point, Ahmadinejad was reiterating his position that The West has no credible proof that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons. Clearly those who “walked out” will still have access to Ahmadinejad’s words and positions, but this walkout seems a faux pas of negotiations. America  still seems resolved only to “communicate” with those who agree with her. Does not the walkout send a “bad message”?

 The G.W. Bush administration was staunchly supportive of a course that had been used in the past; the course of non- negotiation with terrorists. Bush felt negotiating “gave them credibility … enhanced their stature on the world stage." Obama had seemed to reverse that lack of communication. Apparently the new thinking has abruptly ended.

Recall that In March of 2007, Ahmadinejad had planned to address a session at the United Nations. At that time Iranian rhetoric was less combative. But curiously the Iranian Visas from the United States were slow in coming, and that appearance by the Iranian President never came to fruition.

Iran in recent months has been stating that relations between that nation and the United States “might never heal,” owing to new sanctions imposed by the U.S. and her allies against Iran. Iran takes the position that the United Nations Atomic Agency has no authority to "poke its nose" into matters like missiles. Ahmadinejad maintains that despite contested elections last year, Iran is not “a republic of fear.”

In a conversation with  George Stephanopoulos, on a recent airing of This Week Ahmadinejad stated, "Well, we are calling for peace and security for all. We would like international relations to be based on justice and friendship. Wherever a hostile relationship turns into friendship; that would make us happy." He went on: "You need to appreciate that the American administration, 29 years ago, unilaterally cut its relations with Iran. In the past 29 years, different U.S. administrations have opposed the Iranian people. Now they say that we have given up that enmity. That's fine. But an administration which, up until yesterday, was saying that I'm going to kill you, and today says that I'm not going to kill you, is that sufficient?"

Speaking to Boston Globe reporters on May 5, 2010, Ahmadinejad was lucid and forthright. “We're prepared to take the Additional Protocol (under the International Atomic Energy Agency), but with one condition: That both the United States and Iran adhere to the Additional Protocol simultaneously. We don't have a nuclear bomb. Yesterday, the American administration declared that it possesses over 5,000 nuclear bombs…. We are saying: we don't have a bomb. Is it fair for us to accept the Additional Protocol, and for a country that possesses nuclear bombs not to? So, if the United States agrees to the Additional Protocol, simultaneously. That's our proposal."

Responding to questions from The Globe:

Why does the US government, I ask you, insist on these frameworks of international law? The international institutions belong to all nations, and we are one member of international institutions, and based on that, we have rights that we must enjoy in order to help reform the international legal system. . . . If it was a perfect system, why have a review conference to examine it? Obviously it has imperfections that I talk about as well. The Security Council set up has imperfections as well. That is precisely why for over 10 years at least the Security Council reform agenda has been under discussion. We happen to be more explicit and frank about pointing to the imperfections of the system and we also are vigilant in reforming it as well.


The United States and other Western powers accuse Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons in violation of its commitment under the Non-Proliferation Treaty not to do so. Iran has said its  nuclear program is designed solely to produce electricity.

The Chinese Press made note of the Western walkout on President Ahmadinejad. From the Chinese Global Times: "Iran has adopted a slew of countermeasures, and the prolonged bickering is expected to be rolled out at the NPT conference, (the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty  Conference)" said Yin Gang, an Iran expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences."

Following the speech of the Iranian President, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the assembly. She accused Iran of “flouting the rules” of the nonproliferation treaty with the suspected Iranian uranium enrichment program. "I hope that we can reach agreement in the Security Council on tough new sanctions," Clinton said, "because I believe that is the only way to catch Iran's attention."   

America has indeed been imposing rigid sanctions against the belligerent Iran. In early February of this year, I published an article regarding one such sanction. That article in part reads  "In a recent surprise move, the United States federal government has seized control of four mosques and a Manhattan skyscraper belonging to a Muslim non-profit group. The seized properties are in New York City, Rockville, Maryland, Houston, Texas, and Sacramento, California. Included is the Islamic Education Center – the Al-Hadi School of Accelerated Learning in Houston. I recall at the time there was some question as to whether the teachers and students would still be allowed to use the facility.

President Ahmadinejad has been open and diplomatic. He has made his points clearly and often. He has been guilty only of vile rhetoric; he has yet to attack Israel, or any of Iran’s neighbors.

We hope the Obama administration will review these issues, and that the unwillingness to communicate will only be a momentary lapse.

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  • Well, boys and girls, we’ve been treated to another John Lake “special” [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Let’s start with point 1. “He has been guilty only of vile rhetoric; he has yet to attack Israel, or any of Iran’s neighbors.”

    Iran has been intimidating its neighbors for years, both under the shah and under these theocratic bastards. But, hey, I don’t give a damn about Persia’s immediate neighbors. In 2006, Iranian soldiers were captured by Israeli soldiers along with HizbAllah forces that we had to fight in Lebanon. Ahmadinejad, and the evil bastards he represents, have attacked us once already. So, his oft-repeated threat to “wipe Israel off the map” is not an empty bag of wind. Mahmoud Ahmdinejad has been lucid, open – and most ready to go to war.

    Point 2. Ahmadinejad resents Americans “poking their nose” into Iranian affairs – but the most noxious “Iranian affair” that deserved the long, arrogant American nose being poked into it was not. Curiously, it is illustrated by our self-proclaimed expert, John Lake. On page 1 of this article we see demonstrators in Iran protesting the stolen elections that Ahmadinejad rigged last year.

    Ahmadinejad has been as open, honest and clear as Hitler was about his intentions – if you look at their totality and the totality of his actions. He has rebuilt the Persian Empire, gotten help from Pakistan to develop an atomic weapons force, and is determined to destroy Israel – so that he can present the next caesar of the world – the Shi’a Mahdi – from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    I don’t waste my time on useful idiots like Obama who will merely do what the G-d of Israel has set out for him to do. I don’t waste my time on the sycophants and pigs from Europe who think they have power and importance – but are nothing but old stale farts from a previous century. But, since I live in the Middle East, and know whereof I speak – my life is on the line when I do – I know about the evil stink of shit and genocide emanating out of Persia.

    John, write what you know about. Tell us about the Windy City, that toddlin town, that land of scarred furniture salesmen, businessmen who only deliver the goods their customers want and kick mayors down the stairs of city halls, that land of thieves and liars with the governor in jail – the city that Billy Sunday could not shut down.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • John Lake

    “I don’t waste my time on useful idiots like Obama who will merely do what the G-d of Israel has set out for him to do. I don’t waste my time on the sycophants and pigs from Europe who think they have power and importance – but are nothing but old stale farts from a previous century. But, since I live in the Middle East, and know whereof I speak – my life is on the line when I do – I know about the evil stink of shit and genocide emanating out of Persia.”

    I certainly agree that Ruvy has every right to his bombastic opinions, and I will maintain the lines of communication. And I believe too, we in America can learn from the residents of the nations we discuss.

  • Deano

    Well you lost me at “lucid, open, and diplomatic”….

  • Super Analyst

    Well, there is no possibility to sanction Iran with or without the help of Russians/Chinese. I think USA wants to blame its failure on Iran policy on others through such accusations. The truth is China and Russian do not hold much sway over Iran at all.The problem is, USA can not stop Iran’s nuclear program just by bombing it from the air as has been indicated by department of defense. The reason for that is Iran is not Iraq or for that matter a back ward country. It worked with Iraq because Iraqis did not have an industrial base and scientists capable of indigenous scientific research. When Israel bombed Iraqi reactor, basically French pulled out of Iraq and that is why it was successful. Iraq could not build even a screw and had to import even assault rifles, so any thing bombed out as long as Iraq could not buy a replacement for it in international markets, was considered gone forever.

    The problem with Iran is that they have a large population that is young and educated. Infact Iran’s population is twice that of Iraq and Afghanistan combined, just as their land is twice as big as Iraq and Afghanistan combined. You can not bomb every thing in Iran since we do not know their exact locations as intel is bad from Iran. Also Iran has a large pool of engineers and scientists constantly at work. Actually Iran has the world’s fastest growth rate in science and technology. That alone provides Iran with redundancy and multiple backup options for every kind of attack and sanctions. There are basically two different sanctions that work. Sanctions that prohibit a country’s access to minerals, raw material and energy which is basically meaningless for Iran since Iran is one of the 10 most minerally rich and energy rich country of the world. They can live for centuries without any access to world markets. The other sanction prohibits a nation’s access to technological products. Again Iran with its massive investment in education for the past 3 decades has already reached a self sustaining science and technology generation level that would make it possible for Iranian leaders to counter sanctions in long turn. Any product which is not made in Iran can be sanctioned for a few months or even for a couple of years but Iran has reached the technological level to research or reverse engineer the sanctioned product within months to a year max. And they are smart too. For example with gasoline sanctions which have not even yet taken effect, Iran has started an ambitious research and development program into refining technologies all the while converting its car fleets to CNG instead of gasoline. That has made Iran to have the world’s fastest growing market for NGV’s.

    All this leaves USA only with one option and that is invading Iran. But with current state of affair in US military and economic affairs and the failure of US military in Afghanistan and Iraq, things do not look that great on that front either. Iran is much larger and much more scientifically superior than those countries. Their level of capabilities and sphere of influence across the middle east as well as among all the Shia’s in the world make their power projection much broader than what US military is designed to cope with. Furthermore, any attack on Iran will mean massive damage to oil infra structure of Persian Gulf states since Iran has access to tens of thousands of ballistic missiles ready to go something Iraq or Afghanistan never had. In the aftermath of destruction of oil fields and facilities such as the vulnerable LNG facilities of Qatar, the energy prices will shoot up to perhaps unthinkable level of thousand dollar a barrel. Iranian mullahs know that their fate is not going to better than Saddam if Tehran falls so they would not go down alone, they would take with themselves half of the world’s oil and gas fields. With current economic crisis and unpopularity of war in western countries, this would mean riots on streets of Europe and USA causing a threat to the current political order in the west. Still, there are other consequences, right now American military presence in Iraq or Afghanistan has alienated only the Sunni’s and Shia’s who are even more dedicated to their cause have kept peaceful. With attack on Iran the only Shia country in the world which is regarded by all Shia’s as their center, something like what Israel is for Jews, Shia’s all over the world will become radicalized against western countries. Also not to forget that Afghanistan is producing 93% of the world’s illicit drugs amounting to more than 100 billion dollars according to UN, most of these drugs would end up in Turkey and eventually Europe in such huge quantities that is enough to keep all Europeans on the dope. Right now it is not happening because there is an effective government in Iran which is stopping the shipments. Infact UN has applauded Iran on its drug interdiction programs, as Iranian police captures more opium and heroine in the world than the rest of the world combined. After Iranian invasion and since USA does not have enough troops to pacify Iranian resistance which is going to be even bigger than any USA has ever seen since Iranians are highly nationalist people, will make an invasion a failure too. Even if USA opts to nuke Iran out right, at the end USA will lose, since Iran will definitely become nuclear after that, not only Iran but all nations in the world will get the wrong lesson that they should go nuclear too because the use of nukes would be a shock for international politics and all governments will start feeling insecure. Imagine what kind of that is going to be. After that USA is going to become highly un-popular and besides USA can not fight the whole world’s wish if they want to become nuclear.

    So what is the solution: only one solution USA has. Come to term with Iran. The more late USA does it, they are going to pay a higher price. If USA had come to some agreement with Iran in 2003, it had to pay a much lower price to Iranians than today. And a few years later the Iranian price might go so up that even USA might not be able to afford it. As the price of Iranians is going up exponentially. And by price I do not mean aid or foreign investment or trade. Iranians are not interested in that. They are highly nationalist and proud people who believe that they are special. By price I mean the sphere of influence, they want their own little empire. While in 2003, Iran might have been happy to have as its satellites just Syria and Lebanon, today that has widened to include Iraq and Persian Gulf. USA should accept it right now and cut its losses and stopping Iranian ambitions. Tomorrow Iran will demand much higher a price which might even include the whole of middle east and central Asia. Obama should not make the mistake of trying to belittle Iranians and containing them without direct negotiations since Iranians are going to get very humiliate and will redouble their efforts to push the boundaries of their empire. Iran’s trick in success has not been its fanaticism but its huge investment in science and technology couple with a solid unique national religious identity which is attracting huge masses of Muslims as well disaffected anti-corporation westerners. Such kind of determined people and their leaders can not be stopped by empty threats and even invasions. Quite simply Iranians have played a very smart game, they have made any American ” options on the table” so expensive that they know USA will never use those options as it would mean the end of USA as we know it today. Obama should stop arming anti-Iran groups like Jundalla and support the meaningless and now dead green movement which had been born on life support machine and would have never succeeded like the other color revolutions as Iran on the contrary has a solid plan and global ambitions unlike Georgia or countries like Georgia. The reason why Obama should not do it is because it will make any negotiation with Iran all more difficult. Obama should instead invite Ahmadinejad to a neutral third country for example Switzerland and hold direct discussions with him with followup discussions in Tehran and Washington, much the same way USA did with communist China. USA should not allow its long term survival and security be affected by Israel. That would be a mistake if USA put Israel before America. And Israelis should know that being a small country they are no match for Iran and they should put USA before themselves since with USA they are nothing. That is the reality. Their situation is pretty much that of Taiwan.

  • Israelis should know that being a small country they are no match for Iran and they should put USA before themselves since with USA they are nothing. That is the reality. Their situation is pretty much that of Taiwan.

    You may call yourself a “super-analyst”, but your analysis ain’t that super. Taiwan is not sitting on a clutch of nukes with a submarine force to deliver them. And the bottom line is that with the USA, we are nothing – so there is no gain to aligning ourselves with a huge loser that is going to fall like a giant timber.


    Better for us to go it alone and tell the American government, and all the fools who may support it, to go to hell. And finally, to incinerate Ahmadinejad, the mullahs who pull his leash, and the “holy city” they sit in, Qom. And to get rid of the command and control systems in Iran with whatever weapons we need to.

    The world will condemn us and hate us – but they condemn us and hate us anyway – so the hell with what they think. We in Israel have to put the Will of G-d and the fate of the Children of Israel before any goyisher shit with the arrogance to tell us what or what not to do.

    If our leaders do not do this, then Iran will attack us – and these leaders will fall – and leaders who do what I prescribed in the above paragraph will take their place.

    I may not even live to see it, the attack on this nation will be so fierce – but if we are attacked, the traitorous government here WILL FALL. And true patriots and leaders will take their place.

  • Super Analyst

    In the end of my above comment I meant “And Israelis should know that being a small country they are no match for Iran and they should put USA before themselves since without USA they are nothing” Mistakenly I had dropped the word “Not”. Sorry for that.

  • Super Analyst

    Again sorry for that, since I am busy here. It was not the word not but “out”. Sorry again. 😉

  • Super Analyst

    @ Ruvy;
    By the way, after reading your comments, I can say you are no less fanatic than mullahs of Iran. Ofcourse Israel is the only country in the world whose existence is based not on international law and regulations but on bible. That is quite something because in future all other countries might want to integrate their religious scripture into international law forexample hindus, bhudists, muslims etc. Anyways since Israel is basically a religious country it is understandable that it is going to be hurt by any negotiation between Iran and USA.

  • Super Analyst

    @ Ruvy;
    Actually Taiwan chose not to go nuclear despite the fact that they are pretty much advanced in technology in return for USA guaranteeing their existence. Israel could do the same. Give up its nukes for a nuke free middle east in return for American guarantees.

  • Israelis should know that being a small country they are no match for Iran and they should put USA before themselves since with USA they are nothing. That is the reality. Their situation is pretty much that of Taiwan.

    Israel could do the same. Give up its nukes for a nuke free middle east in return for American guarantees.

    The Taiwanese have my sympathy. They will be betrayed by the Americans, just as were the South Vietnamese, the Georgians and a whole pack of other nations – including the Kurds, the Shi’a in southern Iraq – and the Israelis, who are getting the shiv now. With the Americans, the betrayals are like the murders of Macheath – Mack the Knife – “the line forms to the right, dear”.

  • Hmm…

    It seems the Iranians have taken a leaf out of China’s political blog how-to book.

    They’re better at it, too.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    To all –

    We’re not going to stop Iran from getting nukes – that’s a fact. America won’t stop them, and neither can Israel or any other country (short of outright invasion which is NOT on the table).

    So in the end, that’s our choice: either invade…or deal with them as if they were any other modern country. And you know what? Iran’s not going to nuke Israel, because they know Israel would do the same to them. It can rightly be said that Iran (and the rest of the Arab world) and Israel are soon to have a choice – either annihilate each other…or learn to get along with a modern version of MAD – “Mutual Assured Destruction” – which more than anything else kept America and the Soviet Union from starting WWIII.

    So Ruvy – if Israel attacks, it will be destroyed. Maybe not right away, but the destruction would come as surely as sunrise and sunset – a billion or so enraged Muslims (Shi’a and Sunni united) would make sure of it.

    What YOU need to do is agitate for ever-closer business ties. Make them NEED Israel, and they’ll be far less likely to go to war against you.

    The idea, Ruvy, is not to conquer and defeat…but to survive. You can fight a billion people…or you can learn to live with them. Mighty trees don’t always survive a typhoon. Grass which bends whichever way the wind blows…almost always survives the typhoon.

    There is a time for war, and a time for peace. I think Sun Tzu would strongly agree that military belligerence by Israel would be ill-advised. Make the Muslims need you – THAT is the key to Israel’s survival as a nation.

  • So Ruvy – if Israel attacks, it will be destroyed. Maybe not right away, but the destruction would come as surely as sunrise and sunset – a billion or so enraged Muslims (Shi’a and Sunni united) would make sure of it.

    Glenn, the Islamic world isn’t a homogenous, single-minded mass. Even were Mecca and Medina destroyed, it’s just about impossible to get a billion people to agree on anything.

    You’d probably sooner see a few Muslim countries at war with each other over which of them was now the spiritual center of the faith, than any of them attacking Israel.

  • So Ruvy – if Israel attacks, it will be destroyed. Maybe not right away, but the destruction would come as surely as sunrise and sunset – a billion or so enraged Muslims (Shi’a and Sunni united) would make sure of it.

    You really need to do your math – and you really do need to learn your geo-politics. If the Muslim world were so monolithically united, they would have destroyed us already. Secondly, if you add the Persians to the Arabs, you only get 20% of the Muslim world – about 300 million people. The combined Muslim populations of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are almost twice that much. And they don’t give a rat’s ass about Israel.

    Look at it this way, Glenn. When David came at Goliat with a shepherd’s crook and a slingshot, he went forward in faith of victory. That is how our soldiers fight – especially when they know it is for their lives. So we’ll not be annihilated at the hands of the Arabs or the Persians.

    Besides, go re-read my article on a path to peace for the Children of Abraham. If you are really paying attention, you may understand that the strategy to victory is a strategy not based on fighting.

  • Super Analyst

    Do you really believe if USA felt its own security and well being was in danger when Israel attacks Iran, then they would allow it to happen. As I remember some high ranking US officials including in US military had even said that they will shoot down Israelis missiles and aircrafts if they attempt to attack Iran, in a bid to protect Iran and there fore proving to Iran that they should not retaliate on oil fields and American oil companies in Persian Gulf. I do not think Israel can live without USA handouts and support. And surely Israelis government know that all to well. They can not move without first consulting with Americans. Also God forbid if a situation rises that brings the interests of Israel against that of USA, causing a war between USA and Israel, I do not think Israel would make it for more than a few hours. All that story about Goliath and David is good for bed time but Israel is nothing in comparison to US AIRFORCE and US MARINES. REMEMBER THAT TOO WELL. IF IT COMES TO THAT USA CAN TAKE OVER ISRAEL IN MATTER OF HOURS. And surely after that they would change the way things are running there. Perhaps even if Isrealis are not cooperative after invasion then they will make it Palestine again the way it was before second world war.

  • Super Analyst

    One thing more, never ever again threaten United States of America. Do not even dare to do it again. You are nothing compared with USA.

  • STM

    There you go, Ruve don’t threaten Sup[er Analyst’s adopted country.

    Now, as for Ahmadenijad being lucid, open and honest, then he must have had a brain transplant.

    Not sure they were able to find one though.

    The US should be ever so wary of Iran at the moment. Even Iran’s own people are wary of the rule of the mullahs, which says everything really.

  • “I don’t waste my time on useful idiots like Obama”

    Your previous comments contradict you

  • Brother Ruvy, may God bless and preserve you and yours amid the wicked malice of your neighbors and [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Western “progressives” like Mr. Lake. Perhaps I’m wrong, and underestimate the human capacity for self-delusion, but I find it near impossible to believe that even a self-deluded American liberal could truly and in good faith say that they believe even what this guy says in just the TITLE of this article, let alone the substance.

    I for one am glad that Israel has nuclear weapons, and thus does not ultimately depend on the patronage of American politicians for ultimate defense.

  • Mark Schannon

    This article is satire, right? I mean, aren’t you supposed to put “satire” in the title so people don’t get all riled up?

    Achminijihad as calm, rational & sane is great satire. Very funny.

    Super Analyst, however, is not satire. He’s scary, Ruvy, so beware.

    …never ever again threaten United States of America. Do not even dare to do it again. WTF? I don’t know who you are, Mr. Self-Styled Super Analyst, which is about as obnoxious and self-masturbatory a name as I can imagine…but I’m born & bred American Y I’ll threaten the good old US of A any damn time I want.

    Hey, America, stop acting like a bunch of high school drop out hicks who think their brains are contained in the bullets in their guns. And while you’re at it, stop the Health Insurance Company death squads from deciding who’s to live or die. So there.

    Otherwise, great satire.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Gadzooks, Shark last week and now Barger returning to the fold. Who’s next week’s guest star? MacDiva?

  • Ruvy

    Super Analyst, …never ever again threaten United States of America. Do not even dare to do it again….

    Whattya gonna do if I threaten the United States, kid? You gonna call out the Marines? Man, you have me shaking in my boots. Oooooohhhh shiver!!!!!! [wait a minute, let me gets some boots on first – you gotta have ’em on before you can shiver; it’s a rule]. Oooooohhhh shiver!!!!!!

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] The United States is going to collapse on its own worthless currency, its own worthless word, and its own worthless morals. It’s just a matter of time. If, before then, some dumbass dickhead of a leader of the Americans gets the idea to invade us (yes, it has been broached in a number of circles), what will happen is that bodybags of dead American kids will go from Shiloh in Samaria, to Shiloh in Virginia, from Hebron in Judea, to Hebron in Connecticut. Speaking for myself (and probably just about every Israeli with a pair of balls), I’d much rather shoot and kill an American than a fellow Jew. So, go ahead. Make my day.

    I haven’t had so much fun writing a comment in a long time….

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • robert langdonzzzzzzzzzzzz

    el bicho: “Your previous comments contradict you”

    you’d think that would be true, but like most silly americans, you’re reading ruvy’s writings as if they were written to be read in english. the reality of the matter is that ruvy writes in what we ruvologists like to call the “ruvy code.” each of his messages, when one knows how to translate them (all one really has to do is look, but sometimes it’s best to look upside down, which can be a real pain in the neck), forms a tantalizing piece of the larger puzzle. Ordering these pieces correctly is the most difficult part, but we here at R.U.V.Y. (ruvy) have been hard at work, tracking, translating and analyzing his comments for years.

    it took us a while to figure out that he actually works on different “puzzles” (linear sets of codes) at a time, maybe 3 every month or so. the secret to discovering what goes where is hidden in his subject matter. every 4-6 weeks, ruvy has about 3 different thoughts, and he repeats them consistently. by noting which “thought” ruvy appears to be repeating, we can figure out which “puzzle” the comment’s “piece” belongs to. They do not follow a linear time line, but clues at the beginning and end of each help us to decide where they belong, although some are more easy than others, depending upon if the completed puzzle is a personal musing or a quote of some sort.

    for example, ruvy’s “obama is a jew-hating shit smear” thought (labeled T#30035), one of his long-running current topics, is (and we have definite proof of this) currently writing out the lyrics to rod stewart’s “first cut is the deepest” (P/fk.rs.). it appears that he is actually writing out the complete backing vocals for three singers as well. he seems to bring up rod stewart songs in times of confusion and/or hopeless doubt as to the veracity of his online horoscope. his predictions have been notoriously off recently, at least since the swine flu epidemic didn’t pan out, and we theorize that he split from his usual horoscope site and has yet to find a new one.

    –robert langdonzzzzzzzzzzzz, head ruvologist, R.U.V.Y. (ruvy)

  • But what if “Super Analyst” has considerable influence over US foreign policy?

    Something to consider before you inherit his wrath.

  • Welcome to R.U.V.Y. land.

  • Ruvy

    Hi there, robert langdonzzzzzzzzzzzz. You don’t mind if I call you Snoozin’ Bob fer short, do you? It’s a whole lot easier to type than “robert langdonzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

    Anyway, Snoozin’ Bob. I actually enjoyed your comment, in spite of its hostility (toward me, anyway). You made me laugh, and that’s quite an accomplishment for a hostile comment.

    The only correction I have to make is that there ain’t no R.U.V.Y. land. I wish there were. I wouldn’t have to pay rent, taxes, and as a sovereign entity, I could negotiate better rates for water and electricity from the surrounding Israeli authorities. And I could print my own currency, the Ruvy! (100 clichés = 1 ruvy) Wow!! I just thought of that!

    But alas and alack (a lot of lack), I live in Samaria, Israel. You know where that is, don’t you? That’s where those (not so) good Samaritans live.

    Anyway, Snoozin’ Bob, thanks for the entertainment. And now, I got to go snoozin’ myself.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    Doc and Ruvy –

    Glenn, the Islamic world isn’t a homogenous, single-minded mass. Even were Mecca and Medina destroyed, it’s just about impossible to get a billion people to agree on anything.

    And you’d both be quite right…unless Israel launched a nuke…and especially if Israel attacked Mecca. As much as the Shi’a and Sunni hate each other (and al-Zarkawi of al-Qaeda told his followers to not forget that the real enemy was the Shi’a (and not America)), if Israel gives them a reason to work together – as in a nuke or an attack against Mecca – then Israel’s days will be numbered.

    Remember – even America and the Soviet Union teamed up against somebody we both hated. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

  • zingzing

    of course, y’all can figure that “robert langdon” was me, i hope. don’t want to get into any “vox populi” territory, but ruvy’s response, as strange as it was (ruvy land?), was certainly worth the trouble.

  • Ruvy


    ruvy’s response, as strange as it was (ruvy land?), was certainly worth the trouble.

    Well, Snoozin’ Bob, I just took your metaphor and played with it. Whattsa matta? You’re the only one who is allowed a sense of humor here?

    You’re far from “vox populi” territory. You fessed up right away, and didn’t attempt to have “Snoozin’ Bob” agree with “zingzing”. Using a false ID as a joke is one thing. Using it to purposely deceive readers is another, and that “another” was the problem that the “vox populi” around here ran into.

    And frankly, as a moniker, “Robert (or Bob) Langdon” reads a hell of a lot better than “zingzing”. I know you didn’t ask – jes sayin’

  • John Lake

    Super Analyst has made a number of inescapable points. He mentions that Iran is the center of the Muslim world to many. He mentions that the Iranian People will accept neither Western ways, nor Western occupation. Bush in his invasion of Iraq apparently felt the people would throw down their arms, give up their religion, give up their culture, and embrace our tainted democracy. It didn’t turn out that way. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died fighting for their identity. Iran, a more mature and sophisticated country, on the verge of becoming a new world nation not unlike America will resist forever. And unlike Iraq, Iran has the capacity to do so. The commenter warns that we should not place the interests of Israel before U.S. interests. Israelis came upon that region thousands of years ago, and, will not be “assimilated”. This we understand. But again, the Muslim population has been underestimated. They clearly are not backward “Neanderthals” as many have suggested. Many years ago a conference on “linkage” was proposed. The Arab nations were of the mind that all these things – from the Israelites coming into Palestine, through the British riding bravely into the desert to make “News-reels”, to the Industrial Complex in Kuwait, pumping oil whose ownership was in doubt, were linked; all part of the same intolerable situation. The First Bush administration would not consider such a conference.
    The U.S. is reeling under the two party system, and obstructionism. Nothing gets done. It would appear that if the incompetent McCain makes irresponsible remarks, American politicians on either side of the aisle feel an obligation to lend some credence.We really can’t afford that! To be perhaps trite, “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.

  • John Lake

    Glen Contrarian: “What YOU need to do is agitate for ever-closer business ties. Make them NEED Israel, and they’ll be far less likely to go to war against you.” Yes, that does seem to be the answer to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and it is in sinc with the most recent views of thinking men on that subject.

  • John Lake

    Al Barger : I have said many times that in “negotiation” we are not obliged to make any deals, nor to make any concessions. We are certainly not obliged to agree. We are, though, maintaining communication, and hopefully, listening to what our adversaries have to say.

  • John Lake

    One last thing; this notion that we are invincable, and we have only to flex our might to conquer any enemy is non-productive, and immature. McCain and that ilk are like school-boys, tough and callous. They have never been beat. But knock them down and kick them a few times–
    hear another song.

  • Mark Schannon

    Zingzing–rats, I thought you’d actually uncovered the secret R.U.V.Y. Code (sorry, Ruvy, you’re stuck with your own country now.)

    And I just got the name thing–this is what happens when you get old. I thought that sounded familiar, sigh.

    Oh well, I still disagree with most of what Ruvy says but he’s still at the top of “the most interesting people I have to meet” list. Most of you relative newcomers might not know this, but he was once an agnostic New Yorker. The trip from there to here alone is fascinating.

    But I digress. Mr. Lake, are you agreeing that Iranians will never accept western ways? If so, you’ve never met any Iranians living here in the U.S. Iranians were already becoming pretty westernized (digression: that’s a chauvinist term; I’d prefer to use “modern”) until the Pshaw grew so imbecilic that a bunch of weirdos took over the country.

    Most (I made that statistic up) Iranians would love to get rid of the ruling Junta and return to the days of a modern Islamic state.

    And that’s the truth.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • FYI, Ruvy, Robert Langdon is the cryptologist hero of Dan Brown’s literary masterpieces The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

    Your quality of life is undoubtedly higher for not having known that.

    Of course we all knew it was zing – a.k.a. He of the Unblemished Shift Key. Glad you enjoyed a chuckle at your own expense along with the rest of us.

  • The idea of a code, Da Vinci code, should be a dead give-away; but I admit, I was in the dark as to the identity of Robert Langdon.

    Good show, zing.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “Well, Snoozin’ Bob, I just took your metaphor and played with it.”

    i’m not sure what metaphor you’re playing with then…

    as for “robert langdon,” i knew what i was going for, but i had to look it up. it was disappointing.

  • zing,

    It is obvious you have never sold vacuum cleaners – or any other hard to sell item. There is a time when you finish what you have to say and shut the hell up, and wait for feedback.

    Let it go already. You’ve gotten your feedback, you’ve had your fun, and so have I.

  • zingzing

    shrug. just trying to figure out where “ruvy land” comes from…

  • zingzing

    ah, well roger said something about “ruvy land,” but not i (or “robert”). maybe that’s where you’re getting it…

  • This is for you idiots who think there is any accommodation to be had with the Shi’a madmen in Teheran, or with the Wahhabi murderers who have plagued you with terror in this last year or ten. It’s not my opinion. But listen and watch through to the end. It is not an issue of the number of you who need to die before you will see the truth in front of your faces – it is that the right people be blown to bits or publicly beheaded by an evil you cannot admit exists. And who are those people? In my opinion, they are the politicians, especially the liberal Democrats and the left wing Jews who hate Israel, the movie stars, especially the liberal ones (who hate Israel), the media thedakaars, especially the liberal Obamabots (who hate Israel). And you know what the best part of it all for me? Bill Whittle tracks with a lot of what I say – his video is not MY opinion at all.

    If any of you thinks there is any peace to be had with the mad mullahs of Teheran, you deserve every casualty you suffer when they DO attack you. AND THEY WILL.

  • #34
    Correct, Mark. They’re delightful people, and not at all how we imagine them.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    Have you ever heard of a junkie attacking his or her supplier? Sometimes…but not often. THAT, sir, is why the solution is to get the Muslim countries to NEED Israel. The same goes for America and most of the American-hating world.

  • zing, the clues of the z’s in the name of someone just showing up and trying to make sense of ruvy’s mad rambling had me leaning towards you.

  • Mark Schannon

    Roger, some of the wildest parties I’ve ever attended were with a group of Persians (as they like to call themselves.) My brother-in-law married a Persian woman, so we’ve gotten to know quite a few in Maryland. They’d love to see the current lunatic regime dumped.

    That’s why I think it makes sense, albeit somewhat dangerous, for the US to be secretly supporting anti-Iranian government groups. Iran & the US could and should be allies, much like with Turkey. We just have to turn the Republican Guard into a Democratic Guard, fofl.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Mark Schannon

    And by the way, Ruvy…what, you’re not talking to me?

  • Mark,

    I wasn’t ignoring you. My mind has been occupied with a lot of scary things, and only some of them have been political. Go check out my article on Burger King firing down and being changed to Burger Ranch in Israel (in the Tastes section). I’m working on two articles now, one on the linkages between “Arabs” in the Land of Israel and Jews, and another one that is a little less pleasant. I’m thinking of trying to link them both to food. Stuff gets published a lot quicker in the Tastes section….

    Regards to the bride.

    Oh, by the way, check out Elvira’s article on Slumming in the Bronx in the Culture section.

  • You also failed to comment on Buber’s view of kibbutzim I posted on another thread.

  • Haven’t ignored you either, Roger. I’ve had a number of things to deal with in the past few days that have gotten my full attention and distracted me from reviewing others works. Sorry….

  • But Roger,

    This is an unexpected benefit from the Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred that Obama has been liberally dispensing throughout your country. It’s a small benefit. But it’s something….

    Jewish Donors Outraged by ‘Sociopath’ Obama, Says Columnist

    From the article:

    If senior journalist David Goldman is right, the correct word for describing the way a growing number of US Jews feel about President Barack Obama is not ‘anger’ but ‘rage’ ” white-hot rage, at that, and a conviction that they have been swindled.


    It won’t be enough to stop the fascist dictatorship that Obama is shoving through, but it will be enough to draw the line. No more Jew-boy money for shit like Obama or his fuckin’ sycophants. That’s nice to see. Some Jews are beginning to stir from their stupor.

  • zingzing

    that has got to be one of the most manipulative headlines i’ve ever seen.

    “senior journalist David Goldman”

    ah, mr. spengler. not exactly the most trusted name in news, is he? in fact, isn’t he a particularly bad example of just about anything within a few pages of the definition for “journalistic ethics?” isn’t he the one that calls for barbed wire and killing arabs and death, death, death? of course you like him. he’s a joke. i wouldn’t trust him with a snake i wanted dead.

    “the Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred”

    are they different things now? well, that’s progress, i suppose.

    “the fascist dictatorship that Obama is shoving through”

    sigh. over here, they call it communism. haven’t fascism and communism historically clashed? meh. pick your ridiculous hyperbole i guess. it’s remarkably easy to do, but if you’re just repeating yourself with no proof of your allegations, it looks remarkably stupid as well.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong, but when Israel announced the construction of that additional 1600 housing units, wasn’t this in an area where your government had already agreed to not build any more settlements for 10 months? Yet when the Obama administration took offense at Israel’s breaking of the agreement, it’s somehow OBAMA who’s at fault here? Last I recall, it wasn’t Obama who broke the agreement that your government signed on to.

    Picture this, Ruvy – you’re on a baseball team. In fact, you’re playing for the championship! And this game is SO good that’s it’s been in extra innings since the 1940’s! And all this time, the ump’s been on YOUR side. Almost every time when push came to shove, the ump’s ruled in your team’s favor. But now you’ve got a different umpire in there – and he’s trying to be fair to BOTH sides, and not just to your side.

    But you and your team would not see the new ump as being exactly fair. You and your team would see someone who’s shifted over to the other side. That is your team’s PERCEPTION.

    But you’re not seeing that he’s no great friend of the other side, either…because this particular ump’s increased the military presence in Afghanistan, increased the drone strikes in Pakistan, is considering keeping combat troops in Iraq past this coming August, and still (wrongly) keeps Muslims in Gitmo without access to any kind of fair trial.

    Ruvy, you played with umpires who were on your side for so long that it became normal and expected…so when someone comes along who actually tries to be an honest broker to BOTH sides, I guess it’s quite natural for you and yours to seem him as giving aid and comfort to your enemies…even though his actions towards them show something else entirely.

  • I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong, but when Israel announced the construction of that additional 1,600 housing units, wasn’t this in an area where your government had already agreed to not build any more settlements for 10 months?

    Guess what, Glenn? You are wrong, and the government never agreed to freeze construction in Jerusalem at all. THEN came along the shits, Biden, Clinton and Obama, putting the squeeze on a Jew who, like Sharon, only knows how to bully and cheat other Jews. Netanyahu is honestly scared of you goyim, and now he has secretly agreed to freeze construction in Jerusalem, and effectively surrender sovereignty over half the city to a fictional entity of terrorists and thieves created to – and there is no other way to put this – destroy Israel. And this fictional entity of terrorists and thieves was foisted (only partly foisted) upon us by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And we foisted them upon the Arabs here, to our everlasting shame.

    That makes YOUR GOVERNMENT the real overseas enemy. And if our régime of traitors “agrees to play by your rules” – that puts me and those who think like me at fault for not plugging these bastards with bullets and erasing their contamination from the soil of G-d’s Holy Land.

    So, I have a lot to answer for – but NOT to you.

  • Cannonshop

    #53, Ruvy, you know the reason ti’s the Holy Land, right?

    Because only God can live there for an extended period of time, and remain sane. PEOPLE living there just go batshit in a variety of ways, it makes me wonder if there’s some undiscovered hallucinogen in the soil or dust, or maybe the water.

    you’ve got the batshit-insane people who strap bombs to their kids to blow up markets, schools, and busses, the batshit insane “Leaders” who keep trying to make “Peace” with the former group(s), the batshit insane people on both sides who use the other as marksmanship practice-with live ammo, the batshit insane neighbours who’re supplying the suicidal nutjobs, and the batshit insane people who think they can predict the future.

    Muslim, Christian, Jew, Druze, doesn’t matter, the whole place is full of crazy frikking people. all of whom think they can just keep on pushing because some foreign entity (Whether national, international, or god)is going to save their own asses if it goes pear-shaped.

    We (I mean the U.S.) should just let the middle east burn for a while, step out of it, stop trying to ‘make peace’ and just let the whole thing go where the native nutjobs insist on going.

    after that, we can chip a hole in the glass plain, and drill new oil-wells without having to deal with the batshit insane nutjobs that (formerly) lived there.

  • By the way, Glenn, if you threatened to strangle my wife into agreeing to sleep with you, for argument’s sake, and out of fear of her life, she agreed to do so, should I view that agreement as valid?

    Basically, every “agreement” bewtween the United States of Fascist Pigs and the State of Israeli Fascist Pigs has been of that nature – violative of the sovereign rights of the Jewish People, which the government of this country allegedly represents – with a stranglehold on their throats.

    I’m stuck with these fascist pigs in Israel (for the time being) – I don’t have the means presently to put them down like the dogs they are. But should I view your government of fascist pigs as anything more than the vicious bullies they are – finally coming out into the open to show themselves in truth after pretending to be “friends of Israel” for 60 years?

  • zing,

    not exactly the most trusted name in news, is he? in fact, isn’t he a particularly bad example of just about anything within a few pages of the definition for “journalistic ethics?” isn’t he the one that calls for barbed wire and killing arabs and death, death, death?

    Frankly, I never heard of this guy before I read the article. I don’t go reading the work of people who call for killing Arabs – because most of them are innocent and deserve to live decent lives in peace. Angry as I get, I reserve my anger for those who show hatred to Jews and who call for our deaths. Now, pay attention, zing. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Quoting me to Mark Schannon:

    “I’m working on two articles now, one on the linkages between ‘Arabs’ in the Land of Israel and Jews, and another one that is a little less pleasant.”

    Since you like to puzzle out “ruvy codes” so much, I’ll let you puzzle over that sentence for a while. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • zingzing

    well, ruvy, goldman is well-known around these parts as a fraud and a hack. that headline reeked of the type of thing he’d do. (even if he didn’t write it, not that that’s not a possibility…)


  • zingzing

    “a fictional entity of terrorists and thieves created to – and there is no other way to put this – destroy Israel.”

    why is it that–and this is a general question–that everyone in a political minority thinks that the other side wants to “destroy” their country? it really would be a foolish thing to do, and i’m having trouble thinking of why anyone would want to do it. it would certainly run contrary to human nature.

  • After 3½ hours you couldn’t figure out what I was talking about? Some “codebreaker” you are. You’ll just have to wait until I finish my article on the subject to find out then.

    As for why the Arab terrorist entities who want to kill us (and are doing their damndest to accomplish that goal), read their charters. They explain it all in lovely detail. I’ll let you do the looking, dude. And give the assholes the respect they deserve and do not dismiss what they say out of hand, as is your wont. That’s how lots of arrogant dumbshits die.

  • zingzing

    on the first bit, ruvy, nice try… you throw like a girl.

    and i wasn’t referring to the terrorists, i was referring to the current israeli government. according to you, unless i misunderstand, the israeli gov’t “created” this “fictional entity of terrorists and thieves” in order to “destroy israel.” is that not what you were saying? (that’s how i originally read it, however i can now see it the other way around.) if not, my apologies, but the question still stands. and you’ve said similar things enough times.

  • @ #54:

    You could well be onto something there, Cannon.

    There’s one possible flaw in your argument: those jolly folks who enjoy strapping bombs to themselves and turning buses into charnel houses didn’t invent the pastime. That honour belongs to the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

    Nevertheless, it takes a particularly refined brand of insanity to decide that blowing yourself up makes your position stronger.

    Perhaps there’s something in the soil of Serendip, too.

  • Well, I tried, zing. You don’t understand English either? Let’s try this.

    yesh irgunéi terrór ‘araviím sh’rotz’ím l’hashmíd u’laharóg et kol hayehudiím ba’artzénu.

    Go type that into some translator and see if the Hebrew is clearer than the English. If you don’t want to do that, see if Roger remembers enough Hebrew to translate it for you.

  • zingzing

    nah, ruvy. your english has holes in it. who “created” this “fictional group of terrorists?” how are they “fictional” in one comment, then they’re real enough to have charters in the next? does netanyahu want to destroy israel?

    by the way, i tried a few different translators and none of them seem to think that your sentence is translatable from hebrew to english. in fact, google thought it was a completely different language (uzbek, as it happened).

  • Mark Schannon


    Hope the scary things that aren’t political aren’t too bad. E-mail me.

    Cannon, I like your argument…it applies to the U.S. as well…sigh.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Sarah

    United States main problem is Israel, which has become a liability rather than an asset on every level, from economy to military.

  • Even Sharwin Narwani, in her extended huff and puff whine at Huff-post, realizes that the United States is shrinking in its influence – as an evil power that sat idly by while Nazis and many others committed genocide over the last seven decades deserves to.

    Pity the the stupid, bought off Israeli traitors, who still think the word of an American is worth more than toilet paper, or the utterance of a guttersnipe or ill-mannered thief. And pity us Israelis stuck under the would-be fascists imitating the real fascists in Washington.

    Our main problem is America, and the contemptuous court Jews who think they know so much, and who do us more damage with their treason to G-d and the Torah than they can imagine. May G-d strike the evil in North America down, and may these court Jews be destroyed by a Divine Hand, and their memory erased from under the heavens!

    It’s time for us Jews to use our brains and dump the Americans in the garbage-pail of history where they belong. America is a liability to us, with its worthless currency, its hypocritical court Jews who defecate on the Law of Moses while the bought-off traitors in Jerusalem pay the tab, and its training of Arabs to kill us.

    America needs US. WE do not need America.


  • John Lake

    I imagine if I lived in Israel/Palestine I might share your anger.
    Something must be done to bring the population together. There are common elements between Jews and Muslims;these should be empathised.
    If the occupants of that area continue to oppose one another, the outlook is bleak for all involved.

  • John,

    Thank you for at least seeing that I have a reason to be angry. If you read my article on A Road to Peace Between the Children of Abraham, and bought the book recommended therein ($12 for the e-book) you would see the common elements between Jews and Muslims emphasized, and built upon.