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Ah, That Darn Political Talk

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In the late 1990’s there was a popular television show hosted by Bill Cosby called Kids Say the Darnedest Thing. Currently, there is a not-so-popular show airing called Politicians Say the Darnedest Things.

For whatever reason, maybe fear or anger, politicians are talking to us as if we were children. They are verbally attacking their opponents and vying for our votes by saying some of the silliest things.

In the race for one of the U.S. Senate positions here in California, Republican Carly Fiorina is trying to displace Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer. Just after her Republican party primary victory, she went after Boxer.

“Terrorism kills and Barbara Boxer is worried about the weather,” Fiorina said.

Her comments were made to refute Boxer’s comments a few years ago in which she called climate change a threat to our national security. Of course, the real motivation behind the comments by Fiorina is to show us — the voters — that she actually cares about keeping us safe while Boxer is more concerned about nonsensical issues like daily meteorology.

Instead of just coming out and stating our next senator should focus more on real, viable terrorism threats, she has to stretch the truth and make Boxer’s comments more comical by referring to global warming as “weather.”

Let’s forget for a moment that Fiorina’s comments basically mean she doesn’t consider global warming a threat to our way of life at all (way to think of your grandkids), but she is severely undermining our common sense by comparing it to the trivial atmospheric conditions of the day. In doing so, she is not only hoping, but expecting, that through fear or utter amazement, we’ll agree with her comments. Which means she and her campaign think we are either dense, stupid, aloof, or no offense to all the young smart kids out there – 10-years-old.

Staying in the Golden State, Republican Meg Whitman — another new female “kid” on the political block — is hoping to become the next governor of California. She is running against democratic nominee Jerry Brown.

In her quest for the Republican nomination, she hit the airwaves (over and over and over again) with advertisements trying to convince us that she was much different than any of her contenders. And even more so, than those already in charge.

“I’m running for governor to clean up the mess those politicians have made in Sacramento,” she said.

Not only does she reference politicians in the third person, but she does so as if it was a four-letter word. Apparently those darn politicians have been doing pretty well for us since the dawn of our constitution, but all of a sudden because we are in a very stagnant economic situation, we are supposed to think of them as horrible, incompetent, ogres?

Again, by calling them “those darn politicians,” she’s also letting us know that she is not one and never will be one. I guess even if we Californians do in fact elect her as our next governor in November, she still won’t be one. Despite sitting behind the same desk as today’s governor and dealing on a daily basis with her her fellow politicians, she’s still not one, huh? All because she may not go along with the interests of one or two specific lobbyists out of the thousands in Sacramento?

Folks that we elected 100 years ago, 50 years ago, four years ago, and the ones we elect this November are all the same in terms of politics. Whether we like them or not. It’s just the way the system is set up. We set the rules and regulations and those we entrust to lead, have to abide by the political system.

Sure some won’t be the ideal leaders we thought they’d be, while others will take office during less-than-stellar economic conditions and their astute decisions won’t help out until after they’ve left office. But in the end, they are all politicians. Despite whether you rebuff a lobbyist or two. To think otherwise and to state to all of us that you are better than the system is not only wrong, but childish.

“The human cost of two million Californians out of work is devastating,” Whitman said in another television advertisement. “And I think politicians forget about that because they don’t see it everyday. I see it everyday.”

While I highly doubt Whitman sees any more unemployment from her luxury home or flying around the state on her private jet than our current leaders, to set herself aside from them as she shines an indignant light upon them is absurd. She is attempting to benefit from this so-called popular trend to hate everything political. It is an immature, ignorant mentality by society, and it is callow of her campaign to feed off it.

Unfortunately, when times are great, we all seem to love one another. When times get hard, we tend to turn on one another and point fingers at one another.

It becomes a very un-popular daily show of life. One I try my darnedest not to watch or listen to.

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