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Agriculture (literally meaning “the tillage of a field”) has long been thought to be the impetus for civilization and societies as we know them today.

Because man was able to conquer the animal and plant kingdoms via agriculture, tribes were able to stay in one place and settle into communities and tribes as opposed to being “hunter-gatherer” societies that roamed the earth up until about 10,000 years ago.

Agriculture has been marked by developments and innovations that have launched it into what it is today. Farming, irrigation, crop rotation, animal transportation, plows, pesticides, fertilizers, and biotechnology have all done their part in refining and improving the way agriculture is practiced and how it benefits the human family. In recent years, ethanol, methane, and the pellet mill have all been introduced as a way to cleanly and safely recycle agriculture residue into clean, reusable energy.

But not all of the farming advances have been good. Destruction and depletion of the environment, animal cruelty in the form of intensive pig and chicken farming, and selective breeding have been the cause of heavy protesting and lobbying in Washington D.C.

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