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After Three Terror Attacks in Israel, South Shuts Down; What’s Up?

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It was a rotten day in Israel Wednesday. When a Grad rocket struck Be’ersheva early that morning, residents found that the shelters they were to flee to were locked. But that wasn’t the worst of it. On Tuesday, rockets hit Ashdod, and struck Be’ersheva the next morning; and ten mortar shells hit towns near Gaza during the day. Local residents say they have had it with the absent protection of the IDF.

The geniuses at the IDF (probably inspired by their pathetic “Security Minister” Barak) responded with “Pretend It’s not happening.”

The final big attack of the day killed someone. A terrorist placed a bomb in a phone booth and detonated it as a bus was taking on passengers near the binyanéi ha’umá, national convention center near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. Because the bomb was not strong enough, there were “only” 50 wounded, and one elderly woman killed.

The country is not in a tolerant mood. We cannot pretend that this didn’t happen on 11 March 2011. The Fogel family was forced to leave Gush Qatif in 2005. But driven out of their homes, they were in Itamar. Arabs who got into Itamar because the electricity of an underfunded fence failed (thanks to the refusal of the IDF to maintain it), were trained by Americans for a mission of quick kills, and murdered the Fogels in their sleep. A rabbi, his wife, and three of their children, were cut apart like cattle. Twenty five thousand people attended their funeral on 13 March 2011.

Israel’s southern cities are shutting down today and in Ashdod at least, on Friday as well. The last time this happened, Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza on a major military campaign — Cast Lead. Draw your own conclusions.

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Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Two rockets slammed into Ashdod today, while the Israeli government continues to pretend that nothing has happened. It will take a missile striking Ehud Barak’s apartment building in Tel Aviv (hopefully with him in it?) to get the Israel “régime” (they put shame even to that word!) to wake up.

  • John Lake

    There is little coverage of these important developments in the Western press.

  • I’m glad and I appreciate that you noticed that point, John. Generally, when Jews die, the world does not give a damn. It’s a fact of media life, but not one worth whining about. But it pisses me off. So. if I sound strident and pissed off, that is why. More and more, my attitude is “when the world turns its back on you, turn your back on the world – after stabbing it in the back.”

  • By the way, John, this was the opinion article that Blogcritics refused to print. That is how I feel. [edited]

  • Dan Miller posted this article in response to what he described as the “the very loud absence of coverage in the ‘legacy media’.”

    I have to thank my real friends and recognize who they are in public. They deserve that at the very least.

  • Thanks, Ruvy.


  • zingzing

    funny, there’s thousands of results over the last week if one does a simple search for the subject. i read about it in both the new york tabloids, and they certainly aren’t known for their hard-hitting news gathering, so they must have gotten it from somewhere. i don’t know about television, but the papers and the internet were fairly well loaded with it. you gotta admit, however, that given the short attention span of the news these days, another bombing in the middle east might get buried under the goings on in libya and japan. many people might assume that this kind of stuff is pretty common in israel. the other fact is that people have gotten desensitized to bombings like this after iraq and afghanistan.

  • This rather interesting article on abuse, sexual and otherwise, appeared at Yahoo.com, originating at AFP.

    A commenter on Facebook added her observations: My ex-boyfriend from Kuwait said Palestinians were widely abused in other Arab countries as a cheap source of imported labor. He told me the Palestinians had no voice and no power in Kuwait. They were just used up and sent home, sometimes without receiving all their wages.

  • …another bombing in the middle east might get buried under the goings on in Libya and Japan. Many people might assume that this kind of stuff is pretty common in Israel. The other fact is that people have gotten desensitized to bombings like this after Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You “people” in America may have gotten “desensitized”. You have no moral outrage. But I suggest that we in Israel have a different point of view. Glenn Beck, who sympathizes with us, shows that he is better than a lot of you who do not give a damn.

  • In the meantime, the world goes on its merry way, a coracle sailing into disaster. This reporter learned what it is like to live under the hypocrisy of Ehud Barak and friends. So between the kids in Gaza who celebrate when Jews die, and the Israel police who believe Arab liars, we are left to pray for the day that we can overthrow these bastards who ruin Israel; hang them from butcher hooks like they deserve and finish off the terrorist pigs who would kill us in a heartbeat.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    Glenn Beck sympathizes with you as long as it’s good for ratings. The day you’re no longer good for his ratings, in his eyes you’ll be persona non grata.

    But do we sympathize with you? Most Americans do…but there’s some of us who feel that we should see you as no better and no worse than anyone else, that it should not be a political third rail to criticize Israel when such criticism is richly warranted.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    And when you referred to Obama as an ‘oreo knight’, that might have told me quite a bit about you – because those who engage in racial prejudice are also quite likely to engage in other forms of prejudice as well. I really hope it was just a case of you letting your temper run away with you, for such words reflect badly upon you and you’re better than that.

  • I don’t care whether you sympathize with me or not, Glenn. I frankly don’t care whether Glenn Beck does either. I got the message, loud and clear, even at this site. The world is turning its back on the Jews of Israel, and doesn’t give a damn. Eventually, those of us who do give a damn will oust the scum in power here, and then you will see the Lion of Judah aroused in his anger. And whether you like it or not won’t matter to me.

    Your monomanic concerns over what you perceive as racism says more about you than you would like it to, Glenn. But I will not waste time on that. I have other and bigger fish to fry.

  • Costello

    Actually, you should care. Maybe if you didn’t come off like a crackpot and a racist, you might find peeple more sympathetic to your cause. The man shouting the loudest is the one who can’t hear what’s going on around him.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    Treating Israel and her the same as everyone else is NOT equivalent to “turning our back on Israel”. Israel has gotten used to preferential treatment for so long that it seems you feel you are entitled to it.

    Well, maybe that’s not the case with you personally…but that’s how a lot of Americans feel – that you’re the equivalent of what Reagan referred to as ‘welfare queens’.

    But I know it’s not that way, for just as the ‘welfare queens’ faced challenges and threats that Reagan never understood, Israel faces dangers and threats that most Americans never hear about…and isn’t our national ignorance what your article was basically about?

    BUT pay special attention to what Costello said:

    Maybe if you didn’t come off like a crackpot and a racist, you might find peeple more sympathetic to your cause. The man shouting the loudest is the one who can’t hear what’s going on around him.

    Because yeah, that DOES apply to you. Can you find a single modern great leader whose language was normally as inflammatory as your own? What you say is one thing…but how you say it can shoot you in the foot and defeat the purpose you had in saying it in the first place.

    But please stay away from remarks that make you seem racist – that’s a particular third rail that you really don’t want to touch.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    “Peace be damned” you said in your blog. You’ve known some violence, but I really, truly doubt you know war. I’ve never experienced war, but I’ve studied it all my life…and your quote is something I would never say.

    Hate begets hate begets hate and it will not stop, Ruvy, until one man is standing in an otherwise lifeless landscape of utter devastation…and this would be the result.

    A Civil War general once said that the only thing half so terrible as a battle lost…is a battle won. There’s no glory, just terror and death…and deep scars that the survivors carry for a lifetime.

  • Lately, Glenn, the world is a bit shook up. And for once, Israel is not the reason. And that’s nice. But your ignorance will kill you. Your ignorance about the continuing quakes that continue to rock Japan, for example, as well as the other quakes shaking up the planet. In addition, there is the real data about radiation levels from the damaged nuclear plants on Japan’s east coast. In addition, there are the rumbling sounds heard under the planet, most recently reported to me by a fellow living in Tokyo. That’s scary.

    These things are news and a few people getting killed in Israel certainly does not compete in importance when millions of lives are at stake.

    But is it your news? Likely not. I visited a friend in Ashdod last week, and he’s got this HUGE TV in his living room. And I remember Fox News devoting all of its attention to the pathetic events in Libya – events that are pathetic when compared to the constant ringing of the planet caused by earthquakes recently. Then there was all the other junk covered on American and British TV. I will not comment on what is taking up lots and lots of room on the comment thread here at BC, except to say that it appears there’s a tsunami in the House

    So, don’t wag your finger at me about Israelis feeling entitled to “preferential treatment”.
    Can you find a single modern great leader whose language was normally as inflammatory as your own?

    When I become a prominent leader in the world, I can afford to clean up my act – if I choose. A lot of truth IS inflammatory, as the half million people demonstrating in Trafalgar Square last night should indicate to you – not to mention the rioters (those lovely anarchists again!) who wanted to trash the haunts of the upper class. And that is the unfortunate truth. If Netanyahu had the balls to call Obama what he deserves to be called, it would be very inflammatory – but it would be the truth. Unfortunately for us, he has no balls – except to bully other Jews. And that too, is the truth.

  • When you wake up in America-land, here is a YouTube video showing how sweet and kind the leftist anarchists are in this country.

  • These leftist are the human trash we have to deal with. The fact that so many are fellow Jews is what hurts.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Ruvy –

    I think you should perhaps consider the serenity prayer – you know, the one that basically says do what you can about the things you can change, don’t worry about the things you can’t change, and may God give you the wisdom to know the difference?

    Rumbles under the earth – yes, geologists will tell you that a major earthquake rings the planet quite like a bell – geologically speaking, of course. But can you do anything about it other than to NOT be there at the location of the next earthquake? No. Then why worry about it?

    I don’t, but I do. I choose to live places where I cannot be reached by a tsunami (I was in Crescent City in 1964 when the tsunami hit), I really don’t like living in major earthquake zones (which is why I’m eager to leave the Puget Sound area), and I won’t live near a dangerous active volcano (and there are some active volcanoes that are not dangerous). And I hate flying – because if the plane’s going down, there’s jack squat that I can do about it. But I have to do it to get where I want to go, so I go on the plane.

    But having taken these precautions, can I rest assured that a natural disaster won’t take my life, the lives of my family? Of course not. Only God makes that decision. But I’ve done what I can to prepare, and I pray that God will protect us…

    …and that’s all I can do. So I try to worry as little as possible about it.

    Peace, Ruvy – do what you can about the things you can change, but don’t worry about the things you can’t change…and take care to know the difference.

  • I see you are not paying attention to the stuff I sent you. Japan has been suffering hundreds of shocks and aftershocks, as has Christchurch which according to my daughter-in-law, (who has family there) is becoming more and more of a rubble. The integrity of the land is failing, Glenn. It may slip under the sea. Its not that there is anything you can do. It is that you need to be aware. Running from Seattle to the Philippines may be just running from one side of the frying pan to the other…. But aside from being aware, preparing for the worst and praying for Divine Mercy and protection, that is all you can do. I am well aware of the Serenity Prayer, and know it well, and recite it from time to time – especially when dealing with some of the idiots on this site.

    However, my point is that all this is NEWS, whereas what is going on in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and even Israel is of little importance – BY COMPARISON. Rabbinical claims that all that HASHEM does He does for the sake of Israel seem a bit too Israel-centric to me. It’s flattering and all, and nice to pump up one’s ego – but just a tad too arrogant for my tastes. In addition, these rabbis seem to conflate Jew with Israel, and seem unaware of how far ranging the Children of Israel really are.

    But I see I’m rambling on and have work to get to.