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AF&O’s Best TV of 2003

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My access to cable TV was limited this year, and this limits what I was able to see in 2003 — keep that in mind. These are presented in no particular order.

  • “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” No, I don’t buy the stereotypes that gay = stylish and heterosexual = hopeless, but this show goes beyond those triticisms and shows people coming together and acccepting one another. TV needs more of that. Plus, some of the tips are really excellent for anyone. Cheers, queers.
  • “Ellen DeGeneres Show” My girl Ellen is back on TV and funnier than ever with her new daily talk show. Unlike Rosie, DeGeneres is actually nice, she sucks up to no one, and she’s genuine. Plus, I love her mom.
  • “Arrested Development” Well, how about that? Broadcast-TV sitcoms can be original, creative and smart. And funny.
  • “Angels in America” It’s about time they brought Tony Kushner’s stage masterpiece to the screen. Let’s hope America watched and got the message.
  • “Oklahoma!” Cheers to the Public Broadcasting System outlets smart enough to air the “Great Performances” featuring the 1998 London revival of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. Hugh Jackman’s electrifying performance as Curly is reason enough to watch it, but the rest of the cast is also outstanding. Bravo, PBS.

Honorable mentions: Garry Shandling and Brad Garrett’s Emmy Awards kiss, “24,” “Skin”‘s third — and last — episode, all of the “Law and Order”s, Hugh Jackman on “The View,” “Six Feet Under,” “The Amazing Race” and the victorious Chip and Reichen and Jerry Bruckheimer

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  • Eric, thanks.

    Jim, I didn’t (and don’t) see my list as being a list of “gay TV” at all; it’s a list of what I thought was the best TV, period. And I have seen “Smallville”; not a fan. Then again, I am neither buff nor young, and I have little interest in the buff and young.

    Tom, I like “Joan of Arcadia” and “Scrubs” too. What I’ve seen of “Gilmore Girls” has been good, but I tend to avoid WB/UPN/etc. stuff. Don’t know why.

  • Natalie, I’m so glad to see at least someone else agrees that Arrested Development is great stuff. It’s easily my favorite show of the year, but I also have a disturbing amount of love for Joan Of Arcadia. There’s not a whole lot on TV I find myself scrambling to make sure I see or at least tape, but these, Gilmore Girls (yeah, a guy who loves GG,) and Scrubs are the few that make that grade.

  • From the skein (as they say in Variety) of your list, it is the list of the gayest teevee (not that there’s anything wrong with that) in ‘murrica.

    So how could you leave out Smallville, the gayest teevee show on teevee. The show which coined the phrase “hoyay”? Buff young people with yearnings and whatnot.

    If they had one of those gizmos from CSI which made gayness glow, they wouldn’t have to use lights to film “Smallville”.

  • I second Natalie on the mention for Skin. It was highly touted, but not given much of a chance, with only three episodes. I liked those three episodes quite a bit. Damned shame it never got off the ground.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks for all the great work this year Nat, you are a cornerstone!

  • Haven’t seen any of these, but will put on list to check out and see. I must admit that with the advent of putting out more TV on DVD and PVRs like TiVo I’m finding some enjoyment in TV again.