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I got your phone number baby, like lovers do. Didn’t want to get all whatever, but you know how touchy feelie gets, and I don’t know when you are going to get all psycho hose beast on me, running down the street screaming. It’s not like I showed up pissed to hell wondering what was the geography of Ohio.

Was the slick suit more important or the suave talk?

What did I want to do with my life, yes, some part of it was Vegas, but most of it was just getting on. I wasn’t a gangster, I wasn’t a family man, I was just me.

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About Jim Carruthers

  • Eric Olsen

    Jim, you are rarely less than enigmatic.

  • Jim, you are rarely less than enigmatic.

    Jumped up Jebus, do I have to esplain everything? I’m watching “Six Feet Under” which references via audio clip the Afghan Whigs, I once met Greg Dulli in Tronto while absolutly hammered (me, not him) and quizzed him about the geography of Ohio, and Six Feet Under (which is what I’m watching) is produced by HBO, and Michael Palin played a friendly torturer in “Brazil”, and I’ve had the hots for Marcie Mays for years, and I still don’t know where anything is in Ohio despite having sleeper agents in Dackron (well actually Dayton, but Dackron is funnier). And I felt the desire to do some writing, because, the keyboard is like a shot of whisky, or whiskey or hooch.

  • Eric Olsen

    Ah yes, how foolish of me.

  • So, does this mean you can hook me up with Marcie Mays? If not, either of the Deal sisters would do.

  • I should note since this is a public domain, I’ve met Marcie Mays and Kim and Kelly Deal, but was too shy to say I thought they were totally hot. They all come from the Chrissy Hynde School of Rock Chick Hotness.

  • Holy crap, I’ve just realized you probably doh n’t know what Afghan Whigs lyrics are. Jebus, you live in the lesser lake districts and you don’t know Dulli! How can this be possible!

  • Eric Olsen

    Actually, it’s M-A-R-C-Y Mays, and I booked both Scrawl and the Afghan Whigs to play the Central Ohio Music Festival, where, obviously, I met them all. I have interviewed the Deal sisters, very sweet though I am not sure you would characterize them or Chrissy Hynde as “totally hot.”

  • Dagnabbit, I always screw up in attention to the details. {I’m slapping myself in forehead slap, slap, slap}

    Scrawl are one of my favourite under-appreciated bands. And Rock Chicks have an inner hotness, or I have really low standards. Your choice.

    And officially we should start using codger-speak like “dagnabbit” so we can be all Abe Simpson talking about the blizzard of aught-three.