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Actor Adam Goldberg Has Meltdown On IFC?

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EDITOR’S UPDATE – This post has been edited to reflect changes in fact brought up in the comments. Thanks and sorry.

Talented actor Adam Goldberg of Hebrew Hammer and Dazed and Confused had what appeared to be a meltdown on the IFC channel. It was on that Dinner for Five show with Jon Favreau. He was appearing with his girlfriend, indie fave Christina Ricci, Giovanni Ribisi and someone else. He was supposed to be promoting his upcoming movie, I Love Your Work, but he could not explain the basic plot of the movie when asked repeatedly. He could not say whether or not Giovanni Ribisi was the star or not. He started to unzip his fly and take off his pants several times in an expression of anger. Christina Ricci said that he actually does that sometimes. The mood was ugly.

I was startled also to see him smoking and sporting a large tattoo on his forearm that looked like something an old sailor would have, down to the faded blue color. It looked like a giant bird. What’s with a talented, funny, successful actor who is supposed to be coming out with his own movie having a meltdown on IFC? I never thought I’d see that.

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  • Cerulean: Wish I had seen this display of complete classlessness, at least as you describe it. On second thought, I am glad I didn’t. Was he at the Live 8 concert discussing world politics just before? (grin)

    It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of fame leads to such boorish behavior.



  • JR

    I don’t know if I would call it a meltdown; it certainly wouldn’t compare with Crispin Glover on Letterman. He just seemed a bit scatterbrained; could be drugs, could be he was a bit uptight.

    And those entertainment industry types all smoke. They’re scummy like that.

  • frankie staggers

    It seems awfully presumptiuous to me, unless he was actually snorting rails off of the dinner table, to call adam’s behavior a ‘drug-induced meltdown’. he was obviously just nervous, those shows seem incredibly awkward to me, and i never interpreted his joke of dropping his pants as an aggressive threat to wave his dick around. i’d love to see you on one of those shows so i could waste my time ripping you apart and criticzing your personal choices regarding how you decide to decorate your body. ( tattoos clothes etc.) and by the way his mothers catholic he’s not really jewish at all, but i’m glad you take last names so literally. get a life. watch shows and actors because you enjoy them or not at all why waste your time.

  • HW Saxton

    What does being Jewish have to do with
    this “drug freak-out” if that’s what it
    was? I only ask because of the fact that
    you mentioned he was Jewish three times
    in one(albeit a long one)paragraph.Is he
    even really Jewish? I just read comment2
    now I’m wondering.Goldberg is not a very
    uncommon name for Jewish people.But many
    people of E. European origin have names
    that could be easliy construed as being
    “Jewish” sounding,though they are not.

  • HW Saxton

    I meant comment 3 not comment 2.

  • HW: My only guess to the motivation behind Ceruleans’s constant references to Goldberg’s (possible) Jewish heritage is that she was commenting on the fact that he has a tattoo – a practice that is forbidden (someone correct me if I’m wrong) by the Jewish faith.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to make insinuations of racism, because that’s a rather heavy claim to level at someone. I’d rather give her the benefit of the doubt first, but I must admit I am curious as to her reasoning…

    Also, it’s Ribisi, not Rabisi. Names really should be checked for accuracy before posting, especially in a “News” piece.

  • HW Saxton

    Bryan M., I honestly was not leveling the racist thing at Ms C. Only wondering why she would refer to his being Jewish or maybe being Jewish as the case may be without being sure. I phrased it out of order but this is my real question. I know that calling someone is a racist is heavy and from what I’ve read of Cerulean’s I really seriously doubt she is. She actually seems pretty nice and positive as far as all that goes. The mistake in my post was in the order I phrased it in.

  • Um, because I am Jewish? Hence the interest in what I see as atypical and unfortunate behavior for someone of my background.

    The word melt-down was stronger than I wanted but no other word seemed to fit either. It was drugs. He wasn’t “nervous.” Is this subject stirring some one up because they take drugs and don’t want to even think about someone being called on it?

    Um, Yeah.

    “i’d love to see you on one of those shows so i could waste my time ripping you apart” frankie staggers

    You’re already there. Nice tatoos. Well, another bracing dose of bonhomie from the Blogcritics family. Remember, if you take drugs and you rip into anyone who even seems like they might call you on it, that makes the problem go away.

  • Um, because I am Jewish? Hence the interest in what I see as atypical and unfortunate behavior for someone of my background.

    Fair enough, but you shouldn’t act like we’re somehow supposed to know this.

  • I guess I thought it was implicit. I didn’t think anyone would think I was racist, even if they weren’t sure of my heritage but apparently they did. Generally the sensitivity level here didn’t seem that high to me. I just found a comment on one of my other threads by “blowmeballs” and one calling Brooke Shields a beeatch and ugly witch.

  • I think I actually went out of my way to make the point that I wasn’t calling you a racist and to make sure that HW wasn’t as well. He later corrected himself to explain that his intention wasn’t to call you a racist. I think you’re getting a little overly defensive here, especially in the revision to your post acknowledging other comments in this thread.

  • It was a question in your minds apparently. My style is my style. I have been published in magazines since the 1980’s, and have had cover stories in magazines. I won an award for poetry.

  • I can’t speak for HW, but I personally was rather curious as to why you mentioned he was Jewish three times in a row. It seemed odd to me. I thought that you might be Jewish yourself and were making a reference along those lines, but without any indication, it was just sort of unclear and left to be rather easily misconstrued by the casual reader.

    And no one is questioning your credentials, you can stop waving those around. They don’t particularly impress me and I don’t see the relevance here.

  • bhw

    Cerulean, you don’t need to update your post to reflect the comments, unless a clarification is called for. You”ve clarified Adam Goldberg’s heritage [well, sort of], but the additional text isn’t necessary. If you want to debate the comments, please do so in the comments thread, rather than by editing the post itself. Thanks — bhw

  • Jesus Christ.

  • Joe

    Now, HE was a nice Jewish boy.

  • HW Saxton

    Cerulean, I was just curious as to the
    relevancy of Adam Goldberg’s being or
    not being (as the case may be) Jewish
    on this article of yours.

    Since it was brought up several times I
    had thought it must be important to
    this thread in some way.

    I phrased my post ambigiously I’ll admit
    but had hoped I clarified it with the
    next posting of mine on this thread.
    That’s all. Nothing sinister at all.
    Hope it was not taken that way either.
    Thanks. Peace.

  • Frankie Staggers

    his being jewish or not, was not really the point. my point is that it is extremely slanderous to claim he was having or has had a drug-induced meltdown when you know nothing of which you speak. my defense of him is coming not from any drug addiction of mine (though i appreciate the inclusion in your idiotic, slander, if adam’s good enough for it so am i),but from the fact that i, unlike you, was present at that taping and know exactly what his intoxication or non-intoxication level was. he was nervous and if you felt that possibility was out of the question, perhaps you should ask for a refund on whatever you paid for your phd in human behavior and maybe those magazines you write for and tv shows you appear on should double fact check your information if this post is any reflection of your idea of accuracy. there is a difference between fact and perception, you moron. please try really, really hard in the future to not slander and defame others by printing your PERCEPTIONS AND OPINIONS as news or fact. thank you.

  • Adam Goldberg

    Hi. Adam Goldberg here.

    No drugs. A little tense. Lots of therapy (clearly perceived as inefffectual), but moreover: ironic. Yes, I know it’s difficult to believe, but those shows (edited, edited, edited) tend to include the “high” points, play up the angst-ridden self-effacing angle. Am I partly responsible. Yeah, sure. I too thought: look at that agro coke fiend. And thought it was funny, so, by the way have others who have approached me. I’ve always found trou dropping an amusing gag. It’s not for everyone. My apologies. As far as dick waving. No. Not a fan.

    As far as my inability to pitch my own movie: if you knew how many times I’ve had to—since actually pitching it 3 years ago! to raise money; and how many times it’s been thrown back in my face upon seeing the film when people seem let down by the “I’ts about a movie star stalking a fan” pre-supposition based on my “one-line” summary, you’d sympathize by my weari/wariness.

    As far as being Jewish. Yep, half Jewish. As far as comments about being a “nice Jewish boy.” I’ve always found it fascinating how that’s an acceptable expression, when let’s say, a “nice black boy” probably wouldn’t go over so well. As far as the tattoos, were I Jewish I could still be buried in a Jewish cemetary. That is a common fallacy. You can confirm this, if you like. I have.

    As far as responding to blogs written about me. Never done it. It’s kind of satisfying.

    Oh, yeah. Excedrin has a lot of caffeine.

    All the best.

    your pal,

  • christina ricci

    yet, another example of why one should never get their info from someone who names themselves after a color.

  • christina ricci


    adam and I would love to read your poetry. Hmmm..

    ” nice jewish
    nice jew-ish?
    drug addled
    waving richard from faded jeans
    this chaste clean flesh
    covering such a pure heart of mine
    O! Whatever has happened?”

    i call it ‘O! Repugnant tattoos’

    let’s swap!

  • Hope you guys haven’t made a “secret” video

  • Traced those comments to a city in Southern California but not in the LA area and not known for movie stars. Fascinating. Well, if they’re real I’ve now pissed off two talented actors, one more than the other, apparently.

  • Traced their comments? Yikes. A little bored?

  • ag and cr


    -doesn’t really matter if you believe it’s us (did you trace the server? which obviously doesn’t reside in our house–in a part of los angeles it’s unlikely you’ve heard of)
    – overt statements of gossip and speculation veiled as fact in headline form is grounds for a lawsuit

    -“nice Jewish boy” IS yes racist (and your addendum was abusurd: “hey I got a Jewish buddy and oh yeah he’s a drug addict!” i.e. “Some of my best friends are black!”

    For Christ’s sake woman, think about it.

    – finally, did you take a time machine back from 1612? What world do you live in where smoking and tattoo wearing is akin to a drug meltdown (all of us at the table smoke and have tattoos except for favreau, by the by);

    SPELL/FACT CHECK: the “some other person” you refer to is Steven Drozd, genuis musician from The Flaming Lips; tattoo is spelled like that: ag begins only to drop is trousers not several times but once; cr thinks it’s funny; sort of seem like you know his work, but ever notice how he plays speed freaks with tattoos and stuff like that, that his always frenetic and extremely sarcastic in interviews?; natasha is completely Jewish and though I’m sure she appreciates everyone’s concern, why don’t you all leave the caretaking to her friends and family.


    seacrest out

  • I was mildy amused until the last line, “Seacrest out” then I was laughing out loud.

  • College Town or Celebrity Mecca? Whenever someone comes on one of my threads and seriously claims to be a celebrity or associated with a celebrity, I trace their IP number and do other research. Four out of five of the “celebrity-related” posts on my threads have been from the same college town in California. It is not part of the greater Los Angeles area. It is not known for celebrities living or hanging out there. The only thing of note there is the college, and of course, college students.

    The posts purported to belong to Adam Goldberg, Christina Ricci and one other person who now claims to have been at the filming of the show all come from this same college town. The email address chosen by “Adam” seems to hint that he makes a hobby of impersonating Adam Goldberg. The comments here contain various inconsistencies vis a vis their appearances on the Dinner for Five show in question.

    Unless “Adam” and “Christina” contact the editor here with their representatives’ names, agency names and locations, and representatives’ phone numbers so I can confirm the authenticity of these postings, I will assume these are fraudulent. I would contact their agents myself now but there already seems to be a lot of reason to doubt these postings.

  • christina ricci

    that’s an interesting tactic. thanks? i guess. at least i won’t get in trouble with my publicist. i was starting to get a little nervous. even if we are only defending ourselves against your slanderous remarks, i’m still not supposed to air my opinions so publicly or respond to personal attacks.

    icm is out of the office on weekends anyway, momo.

    but, with a headline so moronically didactic, who could refuse?

    and we don’t have to prove a thing to you (but nice table turning) you’re the one making claims with nothing to back them up, except of course you’re superhuman ability to spot drug-addled behavior and jews

    fraudulent– you just keep on assuming and we’ll look forward to more even less accurate posts and reports. way to go.

    adam, can you pass the geometry book?

    ps–i wish to god you would just respond to the point we’re trying to make as opposed to assaulting us with your techie ocd.

  • Do doubt. It would be cool, but Ricci has class and is, I believe, much smarter.

  • adam goldberg?

    Hey there Stark, don’t I have any class.

    And apparently she’s not smarter. I thought it was impressive considering she’s not in fact writing from a college town. Not nice, Stark. NOw you’re on the shit list too. We were fans until now.

    (p.s.: Chartruse: do you honestly think I’d use a real e-mail address? Do you also honestly think you’re fooling anyone with the tracing of ip addresses; for if they could be traced back to your place of
    residence, we’d all be in trouble. )

    “We reserve the right to delete spam comments, repeat comments, personal attacks of any kind and terms offensive to groups when used in a pejorative manner.”


  • I do have to say that the Adam Goldberg comment reads an awful lot like he speaks, for what that’s worth. If it’s not real it’s a damned fine impersonation. Can’t say on the Ricci comments since I haven’t really got a handle on her style from interviews and such.

    BTW, the IP will probably originate at an ISP, so while the ISP may be located in nowheresville southern California for business reasons their customers could be anywhere in the region.


  • Sure I can do a profile of a web user who gets off wasting time impersonating Goldberg. Send me your e-mail.

    In the meantime personal attacks on me? Comments deleted.

  • christina ricci

    stark: what, you didn’t like my poem?

    hey dave, we’re curious and sort of analog, how does one trace an IP address anyway?

    and is there anyway to post a picture with our comments?

  • Sorry but trolls who are offering nothing and then verge into personal insults isn’t what this site is about – although many people like that. If there was anything in the deleted comments worth saving I would have just edited them down.

    Next step is banning, so go ahead if you like. Sorry to be so harsh but you start talking about my livelihood in a public place and you are not worth keeping around.

  • If someone has access to MT they can certainly trace your source IP, since MT does store it.

    I’d love to see a picture. Might be quite revealing. You can post it like this:

    You need a bit of html skill to post a picture. If you can upload it to the web somewhere, just post the web address as part of your comment and people will be able to find it.


  • ag

    now that you’ve deleted both your personal attack on me as well as my personal attack on you, your last comment is a bit of a contextual anomolie. Just tried to e-mail you, but intersting. doesn’t seem to work. make it available and you’ll get a picture of me from my camera phone wasting my time actually being adam goldberg.

    furthermore, big man, if you’re going to delete comments on your grand site, you might want to begin with the slanderous ones.

  • blast you Temple..you deleted my perfect prose as well!!


    i had offered to authenticate Ms Ricci via personal inspection..but i guess the joke is gone now…



  • ag


    I’m a characeter actor and maker of independent films. Life ain’t as easy as you might think. Charges of drug addiction and Judaism don’t help matter.s

  • sorry gonzo. Wasn’t intentional. repost it?

  • i dp think a poster shd not be tracing commenters down et al – that’s not what Blogcritics is abt

  • christina ricci

    oh my god! what’s wrong with Aaman?

  • As I pointed out in my deleted comment, the personal attack was the most telling thing I’ve seen to suggest that he’s not actually Goldberg.

    Waiting for the photos…


  • only if you think it was funny Temple..no worries, was not that good a joke


  • Eric Olsen

    this is certainly interesting

  • Have you guys never heard about “Not feeding the trolls?”

    Stop with the caviar and lox. They are just laughing at you.

  • but..if folks stop feeding the trolls

    how will i eat?

    that cruel man..just cruel, one might think you were from texas or something


  • christina ricci

    is ‘trolls’ some kind of computer term for pranksters? help me out here, dave.

    i am 5 feet tall and if it’s not, i don’t appreciate the comment.

  • On another note, we do need a pda version of bc-my computer is disabled and I am finding it hard going:)

    gonzo sign me up for the fact-finding mission 😉

  • No, A, we need a second PC:)

  • “christina”…in this sense a “troll” is a person that haunts message boars or forums, mostly trying to stir up trouble

    in some olde skewl senses, a “troll” can also mean just someone that has been around the boarsds for a long time, keeps an eye on them, and comments a lot

    i fall into both categories, but i have a tendency to make some folks laugh , so they tolerate me

    hope that helps…

    and by all means, yiou can send me all the pics you like..



  • christina ricci


    but, thanks for explaining.

  • heh…no problem, glad to elucidate


  • yep..it’s them…too funny

    and hey, i have seen a physician about the whole drool thing..but there is just no helping it

    unfortunarely Adam, you fall into the same category as John Stamos…meaning i don’t even notice, cuz yer better half is just that much better…

    i joke..i kid…i Jest

    but somebody has to say when the emperor is nekkid


  • ag

    hmm..quiet…too quiet…

    where are all the crow eaters. please don’t leave us all alone with the perverts.

  • ag

    p.s. look for I LOVE YOUR WORK this fall, released by ThinkFilm.

    You might also enjoy Head Cases on Fox, 9 p.m. Wednesdays.

  • MDE

    re: “where are all the crow eaters”

    trying to figure out how to (del) eat their words I suspect.


  • hey now..pervert?


    you know the difference between being kinky and being perverted?

    being kinky you use a feather

    being perverted, you use the whole chicken

    i’m here all week kiddies..


  • >On another note, we do need a pda version of bc-my computer is disabled and I am finding it hard going:)<< BC works fine on my PDA, although I have to scroll left and right. What kind do you have, Aaman? Dave

  • ag

    From: Temple Stark
    To: < Date: Sat Jul 09, 2005 09:09:07 PM PDT Subject: Crazy mofo's Why would you send such a terrible picture? - Temple - Temple Stark THIS IS THE E-MAIL YOUR SUPREME MODERATOR (achtung!) SENT. WELL, perhaps it's less about vanity then it is about justice. Furthermore don't you all find it intersting that a defamatory comment -- an inncocuous and petulant quip on my part about his journalistc career is subject to his ediotrial iron fist---BENEATH A BANNER ON A BLOG HE PRESUMABLY ADMINISTRATES WHICH READS BOLDLY: "ACTOR ADAM GOLDBERG HAS DRUG-INDUCED MELTDOWN ON IFC." well god bless free speech, huh stark....when it suits the salacious gossip you support, that is.

  • What’s so terrible about the picture? Inquiring minds want to know.


  • MDE

    IMO – The capricious use of the editorial delete function throughout this thread threatens BC’s integrity.


  • a Dell axim, Dave, and I’m talking abt a lean mobile version ,like instapundit and the bbc and msnbc, etc- scrolling is one aspect

  • Eric Olsen

    We humbly accept the authenticity of Adam and Christina’s identities – sorry for the assumptions, mischaracterizations and misinformation.

    Please understand we get an awful lot of people claiming to be well-known personalities, who are in fact, not.

    But we also get enough celebrities who are who they say they are that we should not automatically assume that people aren’t who they say they are. Sorry and thanks

  • H.W. Saxton

    After I first read this post I thought it smacked a bit of racism but didn’t pursue it.The victim of Ceruleans slander:”A.G.”,it seems, felt the same way. I’m glad to see my intuitive sense is not off the mark by much. IMO these type of posts, filled with unfounded rumors,unprofessional speculation and harmful and untrue gossip are just plain nonsense and there isn’t much use OR need for them. That’s what the tabloids are for right?

  • uao


    Since you are an often published magazine author, with a cover story, and even a poetry award (did you have to buy a poetry anthology to win it), you probably don’t need this advice, but I offer it anyway, because train wrecks embarrass me.

    I don’t post news articles here, but I do post music articles. My articles aren’t about anyone’s private life, but about music.

    I always fact check, but I make mistakes. The worst one so far was identifying the wrong guy as a band’s manager (the real manager hangs out here at this site, it turned out); there was also the time when I gave the wrong title for an album, and commented a band was from the west coast when it was from Chicago.

    I got caught each time. Man, was it embarrassing. I hate making mistakes, it makes me look like a boob.

    The most embarrassment I had was when I spelled a musician’s name wrong. He showed up right here to let me know. He was pretty pissed off at first, not just for the name, but for some other things that were off.

    I apologized and fixed the info, and he was satisfied, and we “shook hands” so to speak, and that was that.

    *Here’s the part about you:

    Spelling a name wrong is one thing. Accusing sombebody in a news item title that appears in Google search engines accusing them of drug melt-downs is entirely another.

    A number of regular and trusted Blogcritics members gently tried to point out this to you (as well as the Jewish comments), and you just weren’t getting it. They tried again, and you got defensive and started putting stuff in your post that makes it seem a little, well, crazy.

    –Remember, this is a post that appears in Google news–

    Finally, the target of your article leaves a very calm reply (were it me, I’d be screaming bloody murder)

    Rather than apologizing and removing the article (the decent thing to do) you attempt to “trace” them???

    Are you psycho, or what?

    And I often surf using a proxy server myself. If you traced me (assuming you could; I see no IP’s posted here), it might tell you I’m in Bahrain. I’m not.

    I was embarrassed for you, now I’m just agog.

    Sorry to ag and cr. Might be time to get someone to trace Cerulean?

    –Apologies to everyone else for ranting, but I’ve learned a lot about how critical it is to have your facts right even on minor things when real people are involved. And if something potentially career ruining is involved, then you had better have reams of documentation. Else, save the gossip for your neighbors.

  • With all the editing, I seem to have missed something. Apparently Eric and Gonzo both saw somethng which proved AG and Christina were the real McCoy. Fascinating stuff, but how can we lowly folks view the same evidence?


  • there was a link to a mac site that had a pic from a camera phone up on it last night, Mr Nalle

    the photo was candid, and exactly as they described it was going to be…

    “proof” enough for yours truly

    that’s all i can say on the matter


  • Hey, now that we’ve made contact with AG and CR – even if under such dubious circumstances – shouldn’t we, in pennance, interview one or both of them for BC and do something to promote AG’s forthcoming indie movie which I believe he wrote, directed and stars in?


  • We just did pennance.

    Adn I guess this answers our question whether our opinion pieces show up in Google news or not.

  • oh boy..Temple got a spanking!!!

    did they use a hot waffle iron?

    i look forward to reading the piece, Temple…no worries , it was an easily understandable error

    all feet are made of clay


  • This whole little event would make a fascinating story. If I had all the info I’d write it myself, but lacking it, I’ll leave it to others. Whoever does write it should do some research on the history of the blog created to cover the filming of I Love Your Work – that is a fascinating story in and of itself.

    The fact that two medium-level hollywood types would find a gossipy fan article like this and bother to respond and do so from a reasonable perspective is a reminder that hollywood folks are still real people, and that they care about their work – and image is part of it – and are willing to be proactive to promote and protect it on the web without going through lawyers, flacks or being jerks. Showing up here certainly earns them a great deal of respect in my book.


  • If they – ag or cr – are still reading, then may I offer the advice that you not send pictures that can be accessed at your site.

    Why? Well I removed the link here at a very busy site because had a person followed the link – like I did – they would have also been able to access files under “Ag and the musicians” that said, “SCOTT,” “for sweet pal.” “jacquie:fox music” and more – almost all music files, which I assume are all unreleased music files of yours.; inlcuding what looked like 100MB files of masters for the “I Love Your Work” soundtrack.

    (I can still access them, you may want to change this)

    As EricO said, we get a lot of impersonators and my e-mail which you reprinted was still sent with the idea in mind that you could or could not be impersonators.

    Sorry for the episode here. We are not the only ones to hold such opinions, for opinions they are and were.

    Also, I didn’t know any of those e-mails got through. I tried 10 different varieties and got back many error messages and you had said you did not leave your real e-mail so I was just guessing.

    Guess I’m a good guesser.

  • well i feel it only fair to say The Opposite Of Sex played a large (well, reasonable. not THAT embaressing) part in my late-teens.

  • Access to all those files sure is definitive proof, though. Maybe you should explain changing directory permissions to him. It’s pretty simple if he has a Mac.


  • Don’t suppose someone would forward a copy of the ‘candid’ picture – my daughter is desperate to see it. This is the first thing which has actually gotten her interested in BC and gotten her to stop scoffing at blogs as a whole. Someone could even email it to me at dave@diablog.us


  • If they wish for a tech question, writer@templestark.com – though either apparently already has my e-mail.

    I imagine they just want to forget this. Adam acted a little wild on stage. That was about the crux of this whole thread.

    Good luck.

    – temple

  • bhw

    C’mon, Dave, can’t you go watch a Paris Hilton video to get your rocks off?

  • a goldberg

    it wasn’t a stage, it was a restaurant, temple. don’t worry about access to my PUBLIC folder (hence the name). Feel free to download some tunes form a forthcoming record. Nice almost apology.

    HOWEVER: I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO THANK UEO (not savvy enough to find the upside down “e”) for finally addressing the issue at hand. As much as I appreciate Eric’s conclusion/addendum that we are in fact us, this is still not the point. Whether it was us or it wasn’t: the point we were making was that gossip veiled as news with heaps of not only presumption but lazy (if at all) fact checking is the issue.

    And yes my name pops up readily now as a drug addict on Google. I’m a lot of things, but alas, cerulian, not a junky. Always kinda wanted to be, but I’m prone to migraines and have a fear of vomiting. I suppose there’s no such thing as bad press.

    An interview? That was going to be an early threat, how non of y’all would ever see the light of that glorious day (irony alert! irony alert!) But now, it seems sort of enticing and fitting. The contingency, however, would be that it has to be with the Jewess in residence, Cerulian.

    And no, I did not act in I Love Your Work, but the rest is accurate. IMDB, I find is generally (except for the ugly gossip sub-faction, hmmmm….) a safe bet.

    Dave we’ve enjoyed your input, however tell your daughter to be suspicious still of blogs as a whole. The internet has entitled anyone and everyone to be a “journalist,” something like all things, the right of which, I believe one should learn and earn. As far as the I Love Your Work blog, I had to agree to it in order to secure financing from these young bucks who threw in some dough, but ultimately I pulled the blog since it devoted the entire first entry to the smoking habits of myself and Giovanni.

    A bit trite, don’t you think?

    Thank you all and be well.


    p.s. thanks to cr (aka f. staggers) for standing up for the old man to begin with (and sending me into cyber spiral)..xo

  • uao

    No charge, ag. The article made all of us look bad.



  • The discussion on what is terribly inapproparite and what is OK and what is great has been reawakened and we are having it behind the scenes. Thak oy for that re-awakening. We’re not ignoring the real issues involved here.

    You both were still acting like 11 year olds after the first comment that you left. I don’t think an apology is necesary in that area. I’d say the same to anyone who acted that way. In the beginning you were acting like any other fake poster.

    I was too sensitive to the comments directed at me. But from what I thought were fly-by trolls they didn’t seem to need to be tolerated. It is about perspective. As you have come to appreciate – and probably have known for quite some time, comments about livelihood are important to many.

    We will gladly accept guest essays or op-eds if you like. On anything but a rebuttal also if desired. Contact Eric Olsen.

  • Or spelled correctly, “thank you”

  • There is still a chance to work something positive out of this. My only hope is that the negative aura around this thread won’t spread and give us a bad name amongst the Hollywood cognoscenti. It’s certainly encouraging to know that our site is recieving relatively high-profile traffic, but hopefully most people who come across us don’t leave with such a bad taste in their mouth. I don’t purport to represent the entire site, but I would like to apologize nonetheless. Posts like this are rare around here, and we will try harder to avoid libelous, false claims from appearing in the future. We usually aren’t this bad, I swear.

  • >>C’mon, Dave, can’t you go watch a Paris Hilton video to get your rocks off?<< It was THAT kind of photo. Never mind then. It was my daughter who wanted to see it, and she's not old enough to see such things. As for a Paris Hilton video, I'll watch one when I need to purge after eating spoiled meat. Dave

  • H.W. Saxton

    I was going to write and proffer forth an apology at large from the site to AG and Ms Christina at large, because as has been pointed out more eloquently than I could have done, it does reflect on the regular posters/contributors and should not be taken as an example of the site as a whole. At least I would hope not. I’m glad those that did apologize did what they did. And I’m sorry that AG and Christina had to deal with that. I am impressed at how cool they stayed though. I know I would’ve been more than a little bit PISSED! Anyway Christina and AG if you’re still nosing around here this is my apology to you as well. And Christina you were really FUNNY!!! in “Pecker”. I’ve never looked at laundromats the same since LOL!.

  • No it was two faces staring at a camera. That is all. Let’s not start more rumors.

    I wonder if closing comments on this thread would be appropriate?

  • If you wanted to end further discussion here, I think deleting the post would be the appropriate response. I don’t think prohibiting further discussion really accomplishes anything, except silencing any sort of debate. Leave them open or delete the entire thing is my suggestion.

  • >>An interview? That was going to be an early threat, how non of y’all would ever see the light of that glorious day (irony alert! irony alert!) But now, it seems sort of enticing and fitting. The contingency, however, would be that it has to be with the Jewess in residence, Cerulian. < < That would certainly be ironically appropraite. Send her to the salt mines! >>Dave we’ve enjoyed your input, however tell your daughter to be suspicious still of blogs as a whole. < < She's derided my blog involvement so it seemed like an opportunity to point out that interesting things happen in the blogosphere. She's a big fan of Ms. Ricci as well. >>The internet has entitled anyone and everyone to be a “journalist,” something like all things, the right of which, I believe one should learn and earn. < < There's a lot more to blogs than just journalism and a lot more to journalism than just news reporting. We've had extensive discussions of this on BC in the past. Several participants here have journalistic backgrounds or academic backgrounds or other special training and experience which makes them very knowledgable, but sometimes the most interesting writings come from those who just want to share their personal observations. It's a mixed bag, but there's much of value. >>As far as the I Love Your Work blog, I had to agree to it in order to secure financing from these young bucks who threw in some dough, but ultimately I pulled the blog since it devoted the entire first entry to the smoking habits of myself and Giovanni. << I found some accounts of the problems and read the original entry. It was indeed very ideosyncratic, but I think it might have proven to have value if you'd let it go on beyond the relatively trivial start. The writing was at least good. Once you get exposed on the net you have to be prepared for minute examination of things you might not be entirely comfortable with, and if that's not something you like then you have to take a lot of care. On the other hand, what you did here shows a very appealing 'realness' and a willingness to be personally accessible which is admirable and which a lot of people will respond to very positively. I know you've made me a lot more interested in seeing your new film. Some big Hollywood types like Peter Jackson and Joss Whedon have used relative high levels of online accessibility to their advantage. Dave

  • Debate? On what exactly?

  • H.W. Saxton

    What’s his name from “Scrubs” (sorry, I don’t like or watch much TV)has made a lot of people interested in his newest projects via blogging as well.

  • Poor choice of words – I guess I just feel that there have been far less productive threads than this one, and that closing comments on this thread doesn’t really accomplish anything. The original post was what generated the real controversy here, so I don’t understand why the post can stay but no one can continue to say anything about it.

  • Personally I think the original post should be retitled, but the rest should remain and comments should stay open.


  • >>I guess I just feel that there have been far less productive threads than this one

    Sadly true, which is one big reason we haven’t pulled it. Sorry for snapping. If I pull the post I’ll get accused of all kinds of filth. So no, I’m going to do it.

    The title has already been changed and to have any effect on people not reading it from Google, it would have to remove the name “Adam Goldberg.”

  • You mean the original title was worse? Wish I could remember it.

    If nothing else, the thread here – even with the mass deletions – is interesting.


  • Sincne you feel the need to keep mentioning it, five comments were deleted. Quit being a whining baby. One of them was mine. One was yours. Three were either CR or AG. They were deleted when by all appearances we had trolls on our hands.

    A question mark was added at the end of the title by Eric. That was the change. How much more pedantic do we need to be here?

  • Eric Olsen

    Adam, again, thanks for your civility and spending the time with us, but I have one quibble: I didn’t just confirm that you are who you are, I said thanks for “dropping by to disabuse us of our untoward assumptions regarding this episode,” ie, correcting the misinformation in the post itself. Was I too obliue with this?

  • Eric Olsen


  • Temple, other people are the ones harping on the deletions, not me. I may have mentioned that things were deleted, but did I ever once say that they shouldn’t have been? You really need to try to be less touchy about this kind of thing.


  • bhw

    It was THAT kind of photo. Never mind then.

    I don’t know what kind of photo it was — I never saw it. I was just commenting on your sudden celebrity fetish.

    Hey, is that libelous?

  • Well, you all can’t throw me to the wolves fast enough to get what you hope is some celebrity contact. HW, et tu? Ouch. Temple, you were always all over the place, but you couldn’t stick the knife in fast enough.

    How did you confirm their identities? This is not at all satisfactorily explained. I still find many troubling inconsistencies.

    How weird it is to see anti-semitic comments leveled at me while I am also charged with anti-semitism for absolutely nothing. By the same people. It’s nice to know that the guy who’s made his living playing Jews casts aspersions against us. (If this is Adam Goldberg) In the end that will be worse than drugs for a career. As for the original subject of my article, anyone can look at it that footage. The many spurious agruments against me would seem to be an indication of desperation.

    Since you all sold your souls for some celebrity contact, I hope for your sake that it’s real.

  • i never sell mine, Cerulean..

    hell..i never even rent it

    good Points raised on both sides

    but Cerulean, i did see the “evidence” from a link that has since been removed

    that being said, your Points in comment #99 definately raise some Issues…

    ..:::munches popcorn and waits for the fight scene:::..


  • Cerulean? Cerulean? “Stick the knife in???”

    I just defended your ass way beyond where it was warranted. Can you not see that throughout? Me: We are not the only ones to hold such opinions, for opinions they are and were.

    Does that sound like sticking the knife in?

    “Fast enough??????”

    The worst thing I said was agreeing that your post wasn’t very productive. And that was pretty near the end.

    Cerulean? Are you at all paying attention?

  • I am loyal to a fault.

  • Temple, a typical Leo:)

  • If I can be satisfied that they are real, I will soften the article up just as an accommodation, not because I have changed my belief. I’ll take the drug stuff out. None but one person knows for sure what was in Adam’s bloodstream that day. I’ve had the misfortune to see a lot of drug addiction up close, but for the .0001 percent change I could be wrong, and for the effect on a career, I’d change the article.

    In case they are real, Ms. Ricci should know that I can only trace to the town/area of Southern California, not the home address.

    What would satisfy me? The info asked for before. A clear picture of one or both with a sign saying blog critics on it would help too. I would have to apologize for the questioning of identities if I got that, although I could use an apology too because I’ve been pretty well slandered here.

    Not convinced they are real, but willing to deal. Your move.

  • ding

    end of round one..this is Howard Co…sell, coming to you tonight from ringside..

    to this reporter, it seems the first round qwas one of feeling out the opponents…Temple makes a heartfelt plea..and Cerulean responds by being reasonable, but sticking to the guns

    no cuts, or headbutts so far…a good clean round…

    more after these messages from Wide World of Sports…

    ..:::sound of popcorn munching inserted here:::..


  • Cerulean, your statements were unacceptable regardless of whether the person discussed ever showed up here or not.

  • a goldberg











    Good night, Cerulian.

  • Great job again, Cerulean.
    Gonzo – at least this time, please shut it. It’s not a game.

  • BTW, the link with the evidence is on Temple Stark’s website, but the directory has now been passworded, which isn’t much help.

    Also, AG does have a good point. I haven’t seen the IFC footage, but in other interviews he does often act extremely peculiar and certainly not the way one expects a celebrity to behave during an interview. It’s largely his style of humor, which not everyone appreciates.


  • you asked nicely Temple..it’s done..

    as am i

    i’ve truly enjoyed my time here, and Wish you folks nothing but the best

    best of Luck to all BC


  • That’s a knife …

  • uao

    Cerulean, did you happen to read my post (#65) addressed to you?

    Read it again. It’s for your own good.

    The burden of proof lies with you, not the person you libel. Demanding ag prove to a non-entity like you that he’s for real isn’t just obnoxious, it’s irrelevant. You made accusations based on something you saw on TV, you had no real information (you couldn’t even recognize the other guests), and the raving lunacy of your replies (and all of your previous “articles”; I went back and read them) is proof enough for me that this lame-brained piece of gossip isn’t worth defending.

    Frankly, at this point, I hope ag does sue you. Because if you don’t “get” it by now, only a real-life dose of accepting responsibility and facing consequences is likely to penetrate your thick, smug, self-obsessed skull.

    And you sure haven’t done Blogcritics any favors with this thread. What drugs are you on?

    You’ve not only gotten yourself in trouble, you’ve tarnished all of our reputations. Thanks a bunch.

  • he could not explain basic plot of the movie…

    Chrisina Ricci said that he actually…

    sporting a large tatoo on his forearm…

    There are a few things missing from your post, Cerulean: the word “the” before “basic plot”… the “t” in Christina… the third “t” in tattoo…

    …and good judgement.

  • Maynard

    Hold on one second, Gonzo is leaving over this? Where am I going to get my lunchtime laugh?

    See Comment 110, could someone explain that please? This is just insanity.

  • I hope Gonzo isn’t leaving. I’ll email him to make sure.

  • Eric Olsen

    we want our Gonzo

  • Damn straight. Gonzo was one of the small number of folks around here with a semi-open mind. We can’t afford to lose him.


  • Omni Temporal

    Come back Gonzo. We need Excelsior!

  • Excelsior IS great packing material, after all.


  • Maynard

    All you people with <3 for the gonzo man. I just got an e-mail response back from him, and his permission to quote.

    I know him from gaming, specifically, Counter-Strike. He taught a lot of us a few years ago at a LAN center, and I have a lot of fun reading his stuff.

    The e-mail was in answer to my asking why he didn't respond to some of today's posts, and what he meant in this thread.

    "heyas Spazz,

    good to hear from you...

    hope your summer is going well, and your grades better be up ta par, or i'm gonna go to yer house and gank ya in yer own kitchen...

    with that outta the way...about BC

    no h8, no worries...slight Free Speech issue so i'm staying outta there

    nuff said?

    but you and the boyz should scope out the site...a lot of good shit there

    viewpoints frmo all over the map...

    decent thinkers and good arguments...do yas good to open yer heads a bit...K?

    woudl that more young turks pay attention to shit like this...better fer the world

    shotu me sometime , i'll break out the auto-snipah 4 a few maps in-game


    There is your answer. He wouldn't get into any more detail than that and his last e-mail told me to "shaddap and leave it be n00blet".

    I'm not going to argue with him. Maybe you people can. I know I am going to miss the laughs. Now I am going to just have to log in-game and get killed a bunch to hear him rant on Ventrilo.

  • Or you could drop by his blog to schmooze a little. You’ll have to take off your ‘shades, though…

  • I have to say that this is one of the most amazing threads I have read in a while, and I usually skip them…

    still not done reading all of the comments, but it could be a damn script..

    (in voice of Tracey Morgan’s Brian Fellow’s character…”Just think about it!”)

    ~Blogcritics, The Movie!~
    A love story about the ups and down in the cut throat world of blogs!
    Bring the kids!

    I will play myself in a cameo of course…


  • Severn Darden can play me (and he won’t even need makeup!), but he has to wear the bunny slippers from Real Genius.

  • Eric Olsen

    exactly L.Cue! I’m sort of waiting for the ending, though

  • confused

    The end came in comment 110

  • The editors here changed the title to edit out the reference that was objected to. I’m willing to change the other content that was objected to on the say so of the subjects if there’s some way I could be sure of who are, even to the point of asking that the comments be edited to take the drug references out. If the ways I suggested to confirm identity don’t work, maybe there are others.

    It’s very hard to use the say so of the subjects of a story as a basis for amending it without knowing if that is who they are. I’m not interested in slandering people, or even getting them in trouble with their publicists. You’d be surprised at the lengths people go to impersonate prominent people online, even memorizing hundreds of facts about them. I’d actually like to change the content if I could get more confirmation. It’s dissappointing to me that this can’t be resolved more definitively.

    As far as the dropping trou as opposed to beginning to take out his dick issue: It looked like the former. To the thousands of people who saw the show, that’s what they would think. It’s entirely possible that these two gestures can’t be distinguished unless they get pretty far along. This is the kind of thing I would have been willing to correct on his say so.

    Is this gesture funny? On this occasion, everyone there just looked alarmed but Adam Goldberg has been extremely funny in movies and TV shows that I’ve seen.

    It’s disappointing that I can’t confirm his identity enough to amend the article to take out certain things. I’ll leave it to the editors to do any further editing based on their beliefs about the authenticity of his identity and what is right. Go ahead and write that he began to take off this pants. I don’t have any preference in the matter as long as its him saying that. It did look like a gesture of anger to me.

    I’m disappointed that this ended with a whimper and without a way to definitely correct any mistakes. I leave any further editing to the editors.

  • Cerulean, I started out being angry about this post because it made us all look like fools. It made the Blogcritics community look like gossip-hungry sensationalists without any desire to check facts (or spelling). When Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci showed up (and yes, it was them – take the fucking publisher’s word for it), most of us were around to clear things up while you were conspicuously absent. Maybe that’s why you missed the revelation of their identities – YOU WEREN’T HERE. It seems like everyone else has wisened up and moved on, but your comment here seems to indicate quite the contrary. Don’t be stubborn. This was your mistake. If you have such illustrious credentials, you should understand the concept of maintaining one’s credibility. This post may have started with us all looking like fools, but now it’s just you, honestly. Why can’t you just do the mature thing and admit you made a mistake and apologize for it? I think you’d earn yourself a lot more respect around here if you did.

  • or just sod off, whichever suits yr fancy

    BC is not abt verifying identity or authenticity of comments ,just posts

  • You know what, I think I like Aaman’s solution better.

  • confused

    You lost one over this (re:110), now you want to drive off another? So much shit, so little thinking. So much hubris, so little esprit de corps.

    I guess that’s what happens to sinister cabals. I guess this is a side effect of poisoning the wellspring.

  • uao

    Not only do you owe Adam Goldman an apology, you owe all of Blogcritics a big fat one. Get over yourself and realize how much damage you’ve done to a lot of people this week.

    Or take the hints the others have offered you and take a hike. Because you’re poison.

  • uao

    I’m sorry, Adam Goldberg. Me and names.

  • confused

    uao, I meant censoring, deleting comments.
    Cerulean had the right to say what she wanted, even if she was mistaken, or rude, or whatever.

    The wellspring is free speech, and the open exchange of thoughts and ideas. Relling someone to leave because you don’t like what they say, or you are afraid of the consequences is a far greater poison than any kind of thing that can be said itself.

  • The key thing about deleting comments after the fact is that it just shows weak defensiveness and doesn’t solve any problems. If the comments have already been seen and caused offense – or in this case mostly been harmless – deleting them afterwards doesn’t undo the harm, it just makes you look arbitrary and oppressive.


  • No, you’re not the one who keeps bringing this up at all. How could I have thought such a thing? I understand. I have it you’re two people. and neither is really honest with the other.

  • Temple, I’m responding to confused and uao. I am not talking to or about you. I am talking about the practice of deleting comments and the impression which it creates, whether intended or not.


  • uao

    I’m sorry; I was addressing Cerulean about her responsibility to the community, which I think she fails to recognize. That would be esprit de corps.

    I didn’t see what was deleted; so I have no thought on that issue. Frankly, I think the whole article should have been deleted. Not to advocate censorship, but to maintain the integrity of the site’s image to the public it hopes to reach.

    Long day at work today, and I was a little grumpy. I don’t mean she should be kicked out, or anything like that. But I still think she owes the site an acknowledgement that she understands why people boyond a.g. are angry with her post and her subsequent responses to the whole brouhaha.

    I’ll butt out; need to do my own blogging anyway.


  • uao

    oops, meant to close those italics after “kicked”

  • uao

    which I hereby close now? test…

  • uao


  • The whole incident is an embarrassment to the site and the post plus comments should be removed. I thought this kind of thing was only tolerated in the Politics section.

  • confused

    More for unpersons and removal of uncomfortable things. Just toss aside any idea of free speech when you don’t like it?

    Maybe Gonzo was right to leave us. I know this whole thing has made me miss clicking the BlogCritics link to read from my “humble narrator”, or to hear him and Dave go at it and force me to actually think about something. Most of the time it is the interplay in the comments that is the good stuff to read after a decent article.

  • Deleting this post and thread solves nothing. It’s like brushing dirt under the rug. Face up to the mistakes made here, accept them, and try not to make them again. That’s the only way to deal with it sensibly.


  • There’s people here who actually wait poised to slam someone like a ton of bricks because it makes them feel important. They wait for what they perceive as an excuse and do what they always wanted to do. Bryan, the last time I saw you you were slamming Katie Holmes heavy for no reason. UAO, I ignore your posts because that is what they merit. I don’t read them. Based on what I see on this thread you seem to want attention and what you believe is a reason to slam to me is like Christmas to you. What is wrong with your life, only you can say.

    Basically I think I’ve responded to you guys and any similar spirits for all time. If I don’t respond in future, it’s because you’re still pathetic. Get a life!

  • uao

    I’d like to think a woman your age would act a little more mature and sensibly. Glad I finally got your attention though, you know how I crave it.

  • Eric Olsen

    the post has been edited, the comments will remain as they are – the main problem here has been lashing out by several people in several directions. Let’s work on that.

  • Dr. Tristan, M.D.

    Much Ado About NOTHING …………

    IF —-
    1/2 the energy vented in this entire futile useless thread had been directed in the direction of AFRICA — poverty and bad government BOTH could have been eradicated there …………

    reminds me of kids in nursery school talking about how their dad could beat up your dad …..

  • Haven’t had the time to either post or comment in ages, but I got an e-mail from Gonzo too and came running.

    This is beyond a doubt the screwiest thread I’ve ever read. I just skimmed it, but whoever Temple is, he’s the one who should either apologize for his unending vituperative comments or leave BC. (Hell, I thought this was Eric’s site…maybe it’s Temple’s.)

    Is there a full moon or something? Are too many of BC’s posters taking mood enhancing drugs (and not sharing)? Can we get Gonzo back?

    Stay tuned for more mindless ravings of a self-informed mind.

    (If Gonzo absolutely refuses to come back, dibs on “exclesior”.)

  • Eric Olsen

    everyone wants Gonzo back – it’s up to him

  • Nancy

    Any way to start a petition to Gonzo to beg him to come back? I’ll sign first.

  • Dr. Tristan, M.D.


    you’ll leave all the sheep to the ravaging WOLVES ………..

    We need your Voice of Reason and
    standing up for the Underdog…!!!!

    Don’t give in Gonzo …!!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    “Buffy, Buffy come back to me
    Why’d you have to go and OD
    Who’ll take care of Mrs Beasley”?

  • Dont see why Temple should apologize . lts his prerogative to delete comments he sees fit junked.

    Furthermore no one has the right to invade others’ privacy by checking IP addresses

  • Swingingpuss–there are two points. Temple’s continuing arrogance and rudeness to others–if that’s tolerated, then Gonzo won’t be the only one to find somewhere else to rant and rave. The second is who should be able to delete someone else’s post. (Hell, I can’t even edit my own.) My sense is that he was deleting other comments–why is that his right?

    I do agree that checking IP addresses should be off limits.

  • Temple Stark is the executive editor of this site and has privledges that aren’t available to most. One of these is enforcing the official comment policy. If you have any further editorial concerns or if you wish to question Temple’s judgement, please feel free to take your concerns to the Yahoo Group (which you should both be a part of) or directly to Temple through his personal email.

  • Well I say keep the thread. I’ve found it immensely entertaining; it even made me jealous of all the people getting the attention — how sick is that? I wished I had taken a side, any side, just to get a response from AG or CR. Then I could walk into the coffeehouse this afternoon, look all forlorn and pissed, and when someone asked why I could say “Could you back off? Cristina Ricci just took a HUGE bite out of my ass today, and I just … need … to be … alone … okay?” And in my world, THAT would fucking rock.

  • Rodney, the thread is being kept as is and comments will continue to be open.

    I know how you feel, btw. I told my girlfriend that Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci showed up here and she thought it was pretty exciting.

  • Eric Olsen

    I told my dad that Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci showed up here and he said who the hell are they? True story

  • Eric Olsen

    but my son on the other hand … he likes short women, so you can imagine …

  • Shark

    Cerulean: “There’s people here who actually wait poised to slam someone like a ton of bricks because it makes them feel important.”

    Um, after posting some trivial, adolescent crap about an actor’s alleged “meltdown on drugs” that were witnessed on TV — (GAWD! IT MUST BE TRUE!) — this statement gets Shark’s semi-official:


    PS: Dear Christina,

    You blew my mind in Buffalo 66. Awesome performance!

    Shark (despite always averting his eyes when a celebrity enters the room as a matter of principle)

    PPS: Call me if you ever wanna leave the dude with the alleged bad table manners.


  • Until yesterday, all comments resulted in an email sent to the author of a given article, completely with the IP address of the commenter. I modified the process Monday so that the email no longer contains the IP address. All IP addresses are still logged.

    Temple is Executive Editor of Blogcritics.org, which does make this entire thread very unfortunate. Adam Goldberg has graciously agreed to let matters rest, and so I’m closing comments on this thread.