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Activision Reveals Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS

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IGN and Yahoo finally got their hands on Activision’s new Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS. When Guitar Hero was announced for the DS alongside the Guitar Hero III announcement, gamers wondered at what kind of wacky peripheral would be needed to play this title. Well, Vicarious Visions and Activision have revealed the “Guitar Grip,” an add-on attachment that plugs into the GBA port of the DS.

Before elaborating further on the peripheral, I’d like to discuss the game itself. Guitar Hero: On Tour is being developed by Vicarious Visions, the team that is best known for handheld ports of the Tony Hawk and Spider-Man titles as well as the Wii and PS2 versions of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (also available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC/Mac, and mobile). The game features a full career mode similar to the previous Guitar Hero titles. Twenty licensed tracks and six guitarists (four characters from other titles and two DS exclusives) will be available.

Multiplayer is a no-brainer, and the DS comes with the traditional head-to-head faceoff mode and the co-op play. The Battle Mode from Guitar Hero III will also be in this title, with slightly different power-ups such as setting fire to other player’s guitar and sending fans to other player, which would force him or her to blow the fire out using the DS’s microphone and sign autographs using the touch screen, respectively.

The Guitar Grip features four fret buttons, excluding the fifth orange button in the console/PC versions of the series. It actually covers a portion of the DS’s bottom, and features a strap so the player can hold the DS easily. There is a slot above the fret buttons for the included guitar pick, which will be used to swipe the touch screen for strumming.

Activision has said the game does not have a firm release date, but is slated for a summer release.

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