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Action Figure Review: Battle FX Star-Lord

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starlord“There’s one other name you might know me by: Star-Lord.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is tearing up the universe. Its opening weekend was a shocker as a story of a grown-up ‘80s kid and his alien friends (including a talking space-raccoon) became the #1 movie in America and set a new record for Thursday night openings in 2014. The charm is clear: quality story-telling with great production value and characters that are as hilarious as they are radical. Thanks to Hasbro toys, the fun does not stop at the movie theater, and the Star-Lord FX Action Figure brings awesome home.

Like the film, the Star-Lord action figure is a quality production. The artistry on the molds border on quality seen in collectible figures that cost ten times as much, making it something that adult fans of the movie might add as an a visual decoration to an entertainment center. Textures are intricate and durable, from the top of Star-Lord’s parted, wavy hair to the flaps of his intricate red trench coat to the shine on his rocketboots. Even on the back, the battery pack is cleverly hidden among the folds of Star-Lord’s famed purse (“It’s not a purse. It’s a knapsack!”).

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the talking aspect of the action figure. Star-Lord has more than a dozen awesome phrases, including two tracks that are hilarious cackling laughter, all recorded from Chris Pratt’s performance in the film. Pratt, judging from his ice bucket challenge, practically embodies the happy-go-lucky spirit of Star-Lord and gives a perfectly toned voice that shows depth of strength and occasional shrill whining.

“That’s going to wear real thin real fast.”

“I come from a planet of outlaws.”

“Hm, I don’t learn. That’s one of my issues.”

On top of the great voice-work, pressing the button and holding reveals a hidden layer of battle sounds, including laser blasts and explosions. While the mask stays on (it is Battle FX, after all), Star-Lord’s eyes light up in tune with the vocalizations and explosions.

The FX action figure also comes with accessories of Quill’s headphones and Walkman and quad blasters. Players can suit up Star-Lord with some tunes to chill or arm him and hold down the battle sounds to plow through the enemy. For maximum awesomeness, both at the same time.


“Someone burned my popcorn.”

The Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Battle FX Star-Lord 12” Action Figure is suitable for toy enthusiasts aged four and up. Kids will absolutely love Star-Lord as they relive the movie. Older fans will enjoy the great attention to detail and hilarious one-liners. One fan has already launched a tumblr to show the on-going adventures of a hero too awesome not to have adventures.

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