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ACLU – Refuse to surrender

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After the election, many of us began questioning whether our country could withstand the abuse of four more years of the Bush administration and their (lack of) vision for America. 

At a time when only 43% of Americans believed this country was heading in the right direction, Bush still managed to accumulate 51% of the vote.  I will admit, Bush’s reelection was a huge blow to progressive American values but that does not mean there isn’t anything left for us to do.  In fact, it means the opposite — there is plenty left to do.  It’s a small step but we can begin by signing the ACLU “No Surrender” pledge

We may not have won the battle but there is plenty of fighting left to do and we must not negotiate our civil rights, ever.  Yes, we lost the election but 55 million people can still create an incredible amount of noise.

Today our most fundamental freedoms are in jeopardy. Only a bold, spirited movement of people like you who refuse to surrender your freedoms can protect our civil liberties.

On January 20th, George Bush will pledge to uphold the Constitution. Our goal is to recruit 100,000 new ACLU supporters by that day to proclaim “I REFUSE TO SURRENDER MY FREEDOM” by taking this simple pledge:

“I pledge to join with over 400,000 ACLU members and supporters to help ensure that the President, his administration, and our leaders in Congress fulfill their duty to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution.

By reaffirming my commitment to the American values of justice and liberty for all, I am enlisting in a powerful movement to defend our freedoms against assaults on our civil liberties.”

Let’s make it clear to those who seek to take away our freedoms that they are on the wrong side of the law . . . the wrong side of core American values . . . and the wrong side of history. Take the pledge now and stand strong in support of freedom.

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