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Access Hollywood’s Top Ten Scariest Movies on DVD

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Access Hollywood, that celebrity rumor tv show, recently aired an episode where they gave their picks for the top ten scary movies availible on DVD. So, for discussion’s sake, here it is.

10: The Others
09: Blair Witch Project
08: Carrie
07: Scream Trillogy
06: An American Werewolf in London
05: The Sixth Sense
04: Psycho
03: The Omen
02: Halloween

01: The Exorcist

Honorable Mentions:
Scary Movie
Silence of the Lambs
The Shining
Rosemary’s Baby
The Hollowing
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Old Version)

I will admit to having a weak stomach when it comes to scary movies. So I have not seen any of the above films. However, from what I know of the films I would not have put Blair Witch Project on there, replaced by one of the honorable mentions. Now you discuss below.

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  • Eric Olsen

    dude! look what I put up just below you

  • The Theory

    is there a problem? cuz they look different enough to me…

  • Eric Olsen

    No no problem! just a mind-boggling coincidence of cosmic proportions!!

  • jadester

    Scary Movie scary? has the world gone nuts?

  • The Theory

    it was there for the parody, not the fear factor.

  • How about Lemora? That was about the scariest movie of all time. A mixture of Eros and Terror. Also, what about the Monster Club, what, with those inhabitants of “Loughville”? Omen is dead on for an eerie atmospheric, but how could any list miss out on The Bermuda Depths (just kidding)? A giant turtle? Come on. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • ruprecht

    The Others and the Sixth Sense were not scary. Creepy perhaps but not really scary. I don’t think Blair Witch was all that scary either, but it did leave a lingering something behind afterwards.

    Despite the bad press it gets as mindless slasher films and all Friday the 13th Part 2 was pretty scary (far better than the rest of the series) and probably belongs on any reasonable list.

  • Taina Combs

    I think if you would try to put any scary movies you should at least watch them first. there are very few on your list that are actually scary.

    Sorry to tell ya

  • sheri

    Legend of Hellhouse

  • kelsy

    i liked the texes chainsaw masicer and it wuz really sad but i onley saw about half of it and i thiought it wuz the older version and it wuz pretty good tho!

  • Sophie

    people who think the exorsist is the top most scary film havn’t, obviously, seen many horror films! in parts of it i laughed*sigh* i am waitig for that special director to break the boundries like hitchcock again so i can be frightend for once…. and
    jaws people really???

  • Mandy

    the hills have eyes
    is scary as helll

  • Jimmy jones

    i think it should be
    3.friday the thirteenth
    7.nightmare on elm street
    8.Jacob’s ladder
    10.the blair witch project
    get rid of the werewolf in london one cuz ive never really heard of it and the others and the sixth sense were more suspense movies rather scary horror movies and alien derserves more than an honourable mention. the shining wasnt scary at all it doesnt deserve a honourable mention at all.

  • i think

    all saws
    and thats all really im not scard of much

  • sameer

    wha bout RING 2