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Acceptance “S/T EP”

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There is not much new in the world of emo music today. Throw in a whine here, a riff there—presto, you’re an emo band signed to a label somewhere touring the nation. Acceptance, however, is a fresh, much needed breath of fresh air in the mediocre emo world. While the vocals are still reminiscent of bands like Juliana Theory and Further Seems Forever, they are mixed in with guitar and bass solos and drums in such a way as to portray a completely fresh and unique package.

Catchiness in the lyrics and the tunes seem to be the name of the game for Acceptance. Seeing is Believing, for example, has a chorus that will place its happy little tune in you head for hours. Poetic descriptions of life’s struggles and trials and woeful regret from relationships past seem to be prevalent themes on this EP.

Overall, this disc is a wonderful precursor for what should be great things to come from this young band. It appears we have another winner for Militia.

Lyrics- A (Poetic and beautiful)

Objectionable Content- A (Not a darn thing)

Overall Album- A- (A good effort, a little repetitive, but with this much talent, great things are definitely in store for these guys.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • yanni805

    Bad form. Acceptance has nothing to offer. Do not buy this cd.

  • Jeff Petermann

    Have you heard the new EP?