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Acceptance – Black Lines to Battlefields EP

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Energy, hooks, sweet vocals with sweeter harmonies. That is Acceptance in a nutshell. That is Jimmy Eat World in a nutshell. But there’s one difference. Jimmy Eat World writes better, catchier, more musically technical songs (ok so they aren’t super technical, but comparatively speaking). This EP isn’t bad. It consists of 6 songs and 2 live songs for added length. Everything is there. Slick production, some slick hooks, and some great vocals, but really, we already have a better version of this band (which is Jimmy Eat World) so instead of ordering this online, jump in you car drive to Best Buy and pick up the Jimmy Eat World CD. It has everything the Acceptance has, only better, and you won’t have to wait for it to come in the mail.

Mark Brandt

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