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Absorbs Bad Energy – Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon Square Mars: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

I don’t believe I have psychic abilities. However, I tend to absorb vibrations and energies from people and the external world. These energies in turn bottle up in me, and I take these energies on as my own. One minute, I’m as nice as pie; the next, an emotional roller coaster who can’t understand why I get so upset or could unleash some electrifying energy onto some poor unsuspecting soul.

Is there a way I can harness these energies to be more productive?

Loose Wire

Dear Wire,

Yes, you can absolutely harness the energy because it's yours. The idea it is coming from outside of you is false. That’s a mind trick — and one you need to mars posterovercome if you want to get on top of this.

See, your Sun in Pisces and your Moon in Virgo are part of a T-square with Mars. And this is a configuration with tremendous energy — of the raw male/anger type. And it is apparent from your post that you are identifying with the yin parts of this, and denying the Mars.

Like this: your Pisces Sun absorbs. Your Virgo Moon wants to be productive. The other energies (Mars) you claim come from outside you. In other words, you are a victim (Pisces) who wants to do good (Virgo). And that’s fine.

But guess what you need to defend yourself? Mars. And what about being productive? That’s Mars, too! Mars is your "get up and go." How can you get anything done if you don’t act? Mars is about action!

So here’s my advice: give up the idea that you are fired upon, because it's not real. Instead, get comfortable with the fact you own a gun — a big one — and force yourself to learn how to use it.

See, all that stuff you unleash on the innocent? That’s you shooting your gun all over the place. And when you do that, who’s the victim, hmm?

Think of it as three points in a triangle. Virgo, Pisces, and Mars in Gemini. AKA, you, you, and you.

Good luck

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  • Alicia

    Hi im just wondering if u can tell me whyi seen to have pshycic abiliies, i have dreams that come true…dejavu all the time and say what others are thinking, words pop in my head that others say later or i end up seeing things that make me feel like on the right track in life. Im a leo/sun, libra/rising and cancer/moon. Pleez help

  • Görkem

    Well, with Pisces Sun, it really can be that you’re a internalizing other people’s energies and I recommend you read about empaths and supersensitives on net. Also some shielding and grounding technique would be useful. You can find all about these on internet.