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About Those Chicago UFO Sightings

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When it comes to coverage by the national media, UFOs (or Unidentified Flying Objects), generally speaking at least, are not a story topping the agenda of your more credible news organizations. In fact, when it comes to such stories, the unwritten rule has always seemed to be that such reporting is best left to the supermarket tabloids.

This week however, was one where the mainstream media apparently never got that memo. Unless I’ve missed something, three stories topped the mainstream news this week:

Gerald Ford’s funeral.

Saddam Hussein’s execution.

And the UFO sighted by numerous eyewitnesses at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

According to the reports, several eyewitnesses (including pilots and other credible personnel) watched a classic disc-shaped UFO hover over the airport before it shot straight up into the air at a very high rate of speed and disappeared into the clouds. If you missed it, you can view an interview with the Chicago Tribune reporter who broke the story here:

So here’s a confession.

I’ve actually followed the subject of UFOs most of my life. I first got interested when, as a pre-teen boy, I saw something strange myself. Without going into all of the details, I saw what I would call a grey, football-shaped object up in the sky while peering out the back window of my parents car during an afternoon drive in the country.

In the years since, I’ve read most of the literature dealing with UFOs out there. I even briefly wrote the “Webwatch” column for UFO Magazine, recommending the best UFO websites to readers during the nineties, the UFO “boom years.”

Like the roughly one half (or better) of all Americans who believe there actually may be something to all this flying saucer stuff, I’ve come to a few conclusions. Now before you reach over to cue the X-Files music, please note my hesitance to state what that “something” may actually be.

I do believe “something” that is not birds or conventional aircraft is flying around out there and has been for sometime. I also believe that most people probably don’t give it a second thought – at least if you believe the surveys concluding that more than half of the population shares the view that UFOs are real.

This is why I find many of the circumstances surrounding the Chicago UFO sighting reported this week so inexplicable. According to the Chicago Tribune report, both the airline and the FAA initially denied anybody saw anything. When further digging by the reporter — armed with a Freedom Of Information Act request no less — revealed otherwise, the FAA admitted they had been contacted about the sighting, which they now dismiss as being due to odd weather conditions at the time.

Perhaps those “conditions” include the perfect “hole in the sky” that some witnesses described the object left after it tore through the cloud cover at O’Hare, and off into space that day.

Speaking of that day, the sighting occurred on November 7th. So why did the national news media wait until this week to report the story en masse? Incidentally, that kind of lag time is not a first when it comes to the media’s timetable in reporting a mass UFO sighting over a major American city.

As I mentioned above, the nineties were kind of a “boom time” for UFOs. Between things like the X-Files on TV, and movies like Independence Day and Men In Black, UFOs and aliens became as much a part of American Pop Culture in the nineties as Gangsta Rap and Monday Night Wrestling. The most popular national late night radio show of the time, hosted by Art Bell, was itself devoted almost entirely to the subject of UFOs. Just between you and me — from lunchboxes to TV car ads — those little grey guys seemed to be just about everywhere.

On March 13, 1997, a spectacular mass UFO sighting took place in the American Southwest. Though it has since come to be known as the “Phoenix Lights” sighting, the strange V-shaped formation of unidentified lights — which stretched across the entire night sky — was seen by hundreds of witnesses across the entire state of Arizona. It was also videotaped by dozens of them.

The videos can still be easily found with a Google search. To save you the trouble, you can check it out here:

The original “Phoenix Lights” event quickly became the buzz of UFOlogy through the Internet and shows like Art Bell’s. Still, as was the case with the Chicago sighting reported this week, it would not be covered by the mainstream media until several weeks later. The “Phoenix Lights” story eventually devolved into a media circus with city politicians donning alien costumes for the cameras, even as one (now former) councilwoman named Frances Barwood urged officials to conduct a serious investigation into the mass sighting.

The question now, as then, is simply this:

If there really isn’t anything to all of this crazy UFO stuff, just why is it that so many folks in powerful positions act so crazy when it comes to the subject? You’d almost swear they were actually hiding something. At the very least, it would seem they’d prefer you and I didn’t know about it.

Now you can go ahead and cue that X-Files music.

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  • Glen, my father was in the airforce and he brought home photos that would freak you. One around the space shuttle on it launch pad in restricted airspace, one chasing the shuttle while it was piggyback on the 747 that carries it back to Kennedy a bunch around a coast guard station.

    I’m with you buddy.

  • Man I’d love to see those Jet. Theres also one Ive seen from one of the space shuttles where a UFO appears to be “shot at” (SDI maybe?) and actually does some evasive manuevers, making what ammounts to a sharp “V-turn” before getting the hell out of dodge so to speak.

    So any chance I could get a look at those pics Jet? You can PM me through the BC group if need be.

    Glad you liked the article. Like you’ve been doing lately, I stepped a little outside my usual box here.

    Thanx buddy.


  • duane

    Kinda makes you go, “Hmmm.”

    Without going into all of the details….

    Please add some details. I’ve heard these kinds of stories from people I trust ever since I was a kid. Never saw anything myself, though.

  • Details? Possibly fodder for a future article Duane. Lets just say it wasn’t birds, airplanes, bad weather, or swamp gas okay?

    Like I said, I may write more about it at some future point.

    In the meantime, thanks for the interest and for commenting.


  • Anon

    I once saw a thing on TLC or Discover or some channel like that about the Phoenix Lights. Turns out if you stand in the same spot as where any of the photography was taken and take the same shot in the daylight, the lights disappear right as they pass below a mountain ridge. Military records for that day show that on a test strip on the other side of the mountain, large floating flares were deployed to illuminate some test grounds. So that one was pretty much explained. The lights are the floating flares, and as they descend below the mountain ridge they disappear.

    This Chicago one though seems pretty different in that no-one is owning up to anything weird going on.

    I think often these things can be explained logically, but a few are real.

  • Thats one explanation Anon. And also one shot from one angle. The lights were seen and photographed over the entire state that night. In some of the video (not the one i included in the article though), you also see the lights blink in one by one in a sequence. There also appears to be a solid mass between them (no stars or atmosphere visible) in many of the photos.

    I never was satisfied with the official “flares” explanation myself. Kind of reminded me of the “test dummy” explanation they used for Roswell. Except for the fact that those dummys were first used ten years AFTER the Roswell crash.

    Thanx for the comment.


  • duane

    OK, Glen. I think I know how you feel about it. You don’t want to start down that road without going all the way. I would be interested in reading your description if you decide to write it up.

    I have a similar kind of deal, but not with UFOs. It’s a ghost story. I always feel like people will think I was hallucinating or that there really is a natural explanation. But after I tell the whole story, which involved me and my then-wife (and she corroborates), and took place over a two-week time span, with all the details, people will believe that there was definitely something weird going on. Ghost? Who knows what that even means? But something not readily explainable in any case.

  • Thats pretty cool Duane. I’ve actually got a ghost story too. In the 70’s i went to a party at a reputed haunted house and actually got “shoved” down some stairs by unseen hands. It was one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had (on some levels, even weirder than seeing the UFO as a kid was).

    Definitely something you don’t forget.


  • Rufus Brown

    The government has continuously hid the truth from us regarding UFO’s.

    Roswell, dismissing the face on mars as a trick of light and then later as just a coincidence, and also not disclosing the fact that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saw UFO’s on the moon when they landed. Google it, you will see numerous web pages of the two astronaut’s comments to NASA and the government of what they saw, and how they were silenced.

    The government likes to be in control of things. They don’t tell us so they do not disturb the status quo. They have a lot of secrets hidden. For example how they spread AIDS among the African American community as well. They didn’t tell us that, but if they admitted to testing 239 chemical weapons on americans from the period of 1949-1969, who would be suprised if they admit this?

  • duane

    Rufus: …dismissing the face on mars as a trick of light and then later as just a coincidence….

    Do you think “the government” is hiding something regarding a geological structure on Mars? Who exactly is “the government” in this case? Do you think that hundreds of civilian scientists have been bought off or otherwise silenced knowing that there is an actual sphinx-like monument on Mars?

  • Heres where the conversation should start to get interesting. Talk amongst yourselves, please.

    Thanx for commenting Rufus.


  • This has just been submitted to Digg.

    Also, currently the number one Google search for “Chicago UFO”

    So go vote y’all.


  • kwilliam

    My favorite theory is that they are all pranks – just time travelers messing with our heads.

  • Glen, if you click on my URL you can view a few of the dozen of photos.


  • Wilber

    My old lady and me were living in the trailer park when a bright light shown down. Next thing I knew she was taken up into this space type craft and wisked away. A short time later she was back. Now the old lady has tits like water melons. Can anyone explain this to me. Sure love them tits.

  • Those aint tits Wilber. Those are your goats ears.


  • Wilber

    They are. Well Im dumbfounded. Who would have ever thought goat ears. Thanks Glen

  • Glen Please let me know if you’ve seen the above mentioned photos as I’ll be pulling them back off the web soon.


  • Jet, could you please them up tonight? I just got home from work and haven’t been able to answer e-mail for the past hour. Going out to dinner right now, but plan on being home later today to work on a new article. I promise to check it out then.

    Thanx buddy.


  • No problem, just click my URL.

  • STM

    I wish those bloody UFOs would make themselves known around the rest of the world so that we can get a look in as well.

    It doesn’t seem fair that only Americans seem to see them ….

  • Actually STM there are more sightings in Mexico, South American and Europe.

  • Clavos

    Stan sez,

    It doesn’t seem fair that only Americans seem to see them ….

    Next time I’m flying with them, I’ll show them where Sydney is, promise…

  • Clavos

    Just leave the opera house lights on, Stan. I’ll let you know when we’re coming.

  • STM and Clavos:

    I don’t know about Sydney specifically, but I do know that UFO sightings are reported around the world. There are actually some fairly celebrated cases from places as diverse as the Soviet Union (Voronezh) and England (Rendlesham Forest has been referred to as the “British Roswell”).

    In Belgium and other parts of Europe there have been reports of huge triangular craft (similiar to the “Phoenix Lights”). In Mexico City, there was a mass daylight sighting in the nineties, where hundreds of people had their video cameras rolling to photograph a solar eclipse.

    As the saying goes–We Are Not Alone…and apparently neither are you.


    P.S. Jet, gonna check out those photos of yours now.

  • Holy Crap Jet! Those are really clear. The arrows weren’t even necessary. Now if these are what you say they are, and they are from the source you claim, I need to give you some advice:

    Remove em without delay (do you hear my nervous laughter here? LOL)

    I wouldn’t wanna see you get in any trouble over this if you know what I mean.

    Thanx for letting me see them though. They are pretty amazing (especially the Coast Guard “cluster”—WOW!)


  • It’s all swamp gas, I tell you, swamp gasssss…


  • Dave’s right, that’s all they were Dave, and no, I’m not going to repost the photos.

    Glad you like them Glen

  • sr

    Dave. When I pass gas my wife thinks it’s a UFO flying through our house. Of course it’s just the dog.

  • Dave,

    Swamp Gas. Exactly. What you saw is swamp gas. That is all that they are. And that goes for you too sr. Or we may have to scatter your dog’s little bones out in the desert.

    -Cmdr. Glen

    P.S. Glad the pictures are down Jet. Let me know if you see any guys in black suits and shades in the neighborhood okay?

    LOL —

  • STM

    “As the saying goes–We Are Not Alone…and apparently neither are you.”

    Obviously, though, we are … the buggers have obviously taken one look at us, and decided: “Not much going on there, particularly upstairs, so why waste money on brain and anal probes when we have a wealth of material to work on in the US.

    I’m not happy, mind. I’m glad they leave Sydney alone, but I’d love a flying saucer to go and do an anal probe in Canberra.

    Prime Minister John Howard would be an excellent starting point.

  • Be careful what you wish for STM. I know I’ve never been too keen on anal probes. Hell, I don’t even like going to see my doctor.

  • James

    Were the UFO pictures taken down, Jet?

  • STM

    Since the Prime Minister’s about to get his arse booted at the coming election, an anal probe might be a good warm up for him.

  • STM

    Glen: “I saw what I would call a grey, football-shaped object up in the sky”

    You didn’t live near a park, did you, old boy, or a football ground??

  • STM —

    I was nowhere near a football park nor was the object I saw STM. Not unless the guy who kicked the “ball” could kick it high enough to soar up above the Olympic Mountains in Washington State and off into space. If thats the case, our Seattle Seahawks could sure use this guy (with respect to our own very capable kicker).

    James —

    I dont want to speak for Jet, but yes he took the pictures down. And yes they were very impressive. But I’m glad he took them down.

    Especially if the main reason he put them up was so I could see them. Thats because I like Jet an awful lot. And to my eye those pictures looked a lot better than what I usually see out there.

    So if these pictures came from a source even close to what he describes (and in my experience Jet’s a pretty honest guy), I think it’s definitely a good thing he removed them.

    Like I said, I like Jet a lot.


  • STM

    I have actually seen the odd Unidentified Flying Object … usually around closing time in the Steyne Hotel on a Friday night.

    That it tends around that stage to resemble either a Fellini movie or the bar scene out of Star Wars might have something to do with it.

    Pardon me for being silly, Glen, I was just giving you a gee-up about the flying footy.

  • No problem STM. And pardon me for sounding a bit mellodramatic in that last post.

    If you can’t keep a sense of humor when you’re writing about this particular subject–rife with kooks and hoaxsters as it is–then you’d be pretty much liable to lose it. So I’ve always tried to balance the two in my experience.

    For me the key in trying to understand this thing has always been to maintain a somewhat skeptical mind and to try to seperate the wheat from the chaffe. At the same time, that skepticism has to cut both ways.

    Which for me, simply means that for every nut-job out there with a story of being anally probed while circling the rings of uranus in a spaceship–there is an equally outlandish official “explanation” from official channels which doesn’t always line-up with the facts. With respect to Dave Nalle (one of my favorite writers here on BC), I file the “swamp gas” right next to the one-armed swiss farmer/”contactee” who calls down spaceships and photographs them at will.

    So yeah, its a tangled web where maintaining a sense of humor is absolutely necessaey.

    But some of our governments “official” statements regarding it’s own interest in UFOs just don’t line up with the facts.

    To me. these statements ring with pretty much the same cadence:

    “I did not…have…sex with that woman”

    “I am not a crook”

    “The Air Force is not interested in flying saucers”


  • fire

    The truth is that the government lies about ufo’s. Why would they tell the truth the one thing there afriad of is not having any power. And if they told us the truth they would lose all power, rules and authority over the world.

  • Pete

    Just stumbled on your blog Glen, but apparently not soon enough to peruse Jet’s personal photo stash. Dammitol! Why so fickle? Isn’t your reluctance to share “really clear” UFO pics with the rest of us pert near what you (Glen) accuse UA and the FAA of? We’ll never crack the lid on this if there aren’t a few good men willing to stand OUTSIDE in their underwear. Lasses, best to stagger your exposure with the lads, if you’re so inclined.

  • Clavos

    And if they told us the truth they would lose all power, rules and authority over the world.

    And that would be because once the government tells the truth, the aliens are released and can take over the world, but if the government continues to lie, the aliens are powerless to move in on us?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense…

  • Ben

    So, this was at the airport. Lots of RADAR. Should have been all over it. I have not seen anyone asking about recordings of the RADAR at the time. What up with that?

  • Alex Bonwit

    Glen, UFOs do exist, in that there are things in the sky that are foreign to many. It is quiet a jump, however, to assume that these things are the result of space aliens visiting our planet.

    I strongly urge you to read a fantastic book on the subject, “The Demon-Haunted World” by Carl Sagan. It is the authoritative text on the subject of ‘alien encounters,’ and explains that there is no evidence to suggest that we are being visited by otherworldly beings.

    While I understand and share your fascination with this possibility, I would suggest instead looking into legitimate scientific efforts such as SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which scans the sky in an attempt to find an intelligently constructed radio transmission emanating from elsewhere in the universe.

    As it stands now, however, given what we know about the laws of the universe and the chance of a nearby solar system possessing a planet hospitable for life, it is highly unlikely that another life form could have reached our tiny planet. Even if they could, It is unlikely they would even know we are here at all. While this planet is our entire world, it would be an insignificant speck to any interstellar travelers skirting the edge of our solar system.

    So while I encourage you to look, and find it well worth it myself, I also strongly encourage you to think critically about all claims and ideas, whether they come from the FAA or from your own mind. As Carl Sagan said, “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”

  • Clavos

    At last, a voice of reason!!

  • Shhh, Clavos, don’t go an interrupt the fun with reason and logic and all that.

    This can never end well. My wife believes that UFOs are something other-worldly, and we’ve just had to agree to laugh about it, so I don’t go around thinking she’s stupid, and she doesn’t go around thinking I’m stupid.

    At least as far as I know.

  • Uh, as Glen will tell you the photos are fairly convincing, but I presented only a few.

    There are also photos of a Chinese patrol on horseback with discs in the background that the airforce captured while the images were being transmitted via satelite to Bajing.

    There’s several of a traffic jam at the entrance to an airbase at sunset with several discs in the sky.

    I even have one in the airforce files of a 1950s porn photo of a nude muscle guy on a beach with a UFO in the sky behind him that was never released.

    I’m tempted to re-post them again, but I’ll have to delete the serial numbers etc. so that the source can’t be traced back.

    These military photos had telemetry codes and source materials included.

    Let me think about it a while.

    Glen what do you think?

  • Merper

    The way I see it, with the trillions of star systems out there, if not even one possesses beings with the capability to fly light years to other planets, then that doesn’t bode well for our own future.

  • slan

    So, Jet, show me those pictures. I never got to see them, all I’ve seen is a couple of comments about how great and clear they are.

  • JV

    Had to chime in (& I’m not trolling, just asking a serious question).

    There’s a paradox: “If they’re so smart why are they so dumb?”

    What I mean is, how could any being with technology so advanced that it can traverse the universe choose to:
    1) Be seen/sightings (after all, we can only send people to the moon, yet we routinely observe things light-years away, besides, just park your ship & watch TV to learn about life on this planet just like we earthlings do)
    2) Cut up cows & leave ’em on the ranch (for goodness sake, just steal them, do your thing, & throw them in the middle of the Pacific never to be seen again–jeez!)
    3) Abduct people (our limited technology already allows noninvasive scanning (even on cows)–why all the probing already?)
    4) Make crop circles (or are they just jerkin’ us around?)

    I don’t mean to offend, but these things just make little sense.
    While I agree there is life on other planets–there’s just too many planets out there that there’s got to be some other living creature–but how can the above phenomena be attribute to advanced intelligence? Isn’t more likely that our limited intelligence is the culprit?

  • real

    “CLAVOS” I BET YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE IDIOTS in the 1800s WHO THOUGHT THE WORLD WAS FLAT. The truth is nobody knows shit. Now thats logic for you.

  • Rob

    I wish I went to Digg earlier and caught this article, so I could have seen Jets pictures. Sounds like they were incredible.

    It’s my first time visiting here but that was a very interesting article Glen and all of the comments after were also very interesting. I’ll make sure to come back!

  • JO

    glen and jet, why such the tease?? just leave them up. if people do come to your door, you would have an amazing story. You are being scared of something which in all likelihood will not happen. if you are afraid of the 1 in 1 million chance the govt will knock on your door, you might as well not cross the street for fear of being hit by a car. you should also play the lottery. lets see them

  • The Earth is ready for some help before They have to tear it down for an inter-galactic by-pass. It could be that the state of the Earth is becoming noisy, violent and annoying to a peace-loving universe. Or traffic is, indeed, building up and, like annoying billboards, nasty, little planets with wars, violence and electro-magnetic noises need cleansing once in a while.

    But, if there were really going to be substantial visits from other of God’s creatures, Pat Robertson would have been informed by his pal, God, on his private line.

    If God and Pat didn’t know, it could not have happened.

    Could it?

  • The simple explanation is that these images were never meant for the general public. They’ve been converted from the original files to .bmps and then again to .jpgs and have lost definition in the process.

    I’m working on deleting the file names so they can’t be traced back.

    I may post them later, I’ll let you know.

    No teasing.


  • snk

    I am very curious to see the photographs.

    If you can, e-mail them to me [Personal contact info deleted]
    Or post them 😀

    keep up with the good work.

  • duane

    Dear Mr. Jet in Columbus,

    I represent a group of federally funded UFO researchers. We have been made aware of claims that you are reputedly the custodian of photographs, the possession of which may constitute a violation of certain national security restrictions or that may lead to the compromise of proprietary information damaging to the U.S. government, as well as to commerical entities within the U.S. It is incumbent upon you to preserve the integrity of this material, and we strongly urge you to take the following course of action:

    (1) Do not further discuss the material, do not further display the material.

    (2) Do not relinquish possession of the material, subject to exception only as per item (5) below. Do not transmit any portion of the material through electronic means.

    (3) Do not delete any versions of the material from computer storage media. Restrict access to your computer storage media through password protection. We recommend that you simply shut off your computer systems for a brief time, subject to Item (5) below.

    (4) Keep hard copies of the material away from heat sources, moisture, and bright light. Do not write on or otherwise annotate the photographs.

    (5) Put hard copies of the material into a single, large, unmarked envelope. Do not fold the photographs or any accompanying documentation. Seal the envelope. Wrap the envelope in moisture-proof plastic. Place the package inside a briefcase, backpack, or any similar carrying device. There is a McDonalds franchise at the Easton Town Center. After removing the package from your carrying device, leave the package under the dumpster, the green one, in the back. Verify that the package is placed well out of sight from a person standing in the vicinity of the dumpster. The dumpster will not be disturbed until Tuesday (9 Jan), so please deposit the package at that location no later than Monday (8 Jan). After you place the package, leave the area immediately. Do not try to contact me. Do not speak to any employees or customers at McDonalds or any other local businesses as regards the contents of the package or the manner by which these contents are being delivered.

    I will contact you again within one (1) week pursuant to delivery on or before the specified date to initiate arrangements to have the contents of the envelope returned to you. If you follow these instructions, I am confident that we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement, the details of which will be provided to you at a future date.

    Mr. Jet, your cooperation in this matter is imperative.

  • Rob

    LOL @ duane

  • Clavos

    OMG, Jet. You’re in deep doodoo, now!

  • mh

    uhh the pics are up for me.. but I agree you should take them down… I dunno, I trust the government to an extent but we lose our basic rights on a regular basis on cell phone logging, and other rights being takin away so yea… I would take them down but thanks for sharing VERY VERY COOL

  • Cute pictures, Jet. That’s all, just “cute.”

  • The Truth

    Jet’s pictures are fake.

  • Okay, click My URL and I’ll be taking them back down in about an hour

    Have fun…

  • Jet,

    Just checked out the photos on your web-site. I have a nasty feeling I know who these dudes are. If they are who I think they are we should be looking very hard with telescopes of all kinds for a rather large planet in the far distance way past the sun, but not quite a third of the way to Alpha Centauri…

  • Phillip are you refering to the guy in the photos?

    Duane send me the longitude and latitude of the McDonalds,

    You’re right “truth” they’re fake-if you want to see that I could do a hell of a lot better faking something than what’s presented, check out the blimp I created for blogcritics by clicking here

    Ruvy I’ve got the telescope warmed up, no what were the co-ordinates?

  • By the way that last comment towards “Truth” was sarcasm, as far as I know they’re genuine.

  • abcde

    you discovered these images after you inherited the computer? You’ve got documents saying what’s happening in each picture? Or did someone tell you?

    “As the chase pilot tried to maneuver closer, the object dove straight at the ground and then vanised into the horizon before he could react.”

  • Each image had an accompanying file number and reference number along with a discription of each (They’re partially blotted out by me). Whether it’s speculation on the investigator’s part or not is anyone’s guess.

  • maccam94

    Too bad there was so much quality lost in the conversions. Zooming in to 2000% in the shuttle photos reveals a classic disc shape, although strangely it looks as if landing legs are down. That’s odd, because fixed landing gear creates drag (so it wouldn’t be on a high-tech high-speed spacecraft), and they probably weren’t extended for landing because they didn’t land. Or maybe I’m just looking at some overmagnified blocky pixels. Wish I could get a look at the originals (just a zoomed in screenshot/crop of the object would be sweet, Jet).

    Jet in Columbus, could you email me a couple snippets maybe? [Personal contact info deleted] I’d really appreciate it.

  • Jet,

    I wish I had co-ordinates. If I did, I’d be making the discovery of the millenium, not the century.

    The ancient Sumerians tell of a huge planet that came into the solar system from afar that caused a large planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter to split apart, and move closer to the sun. The planet which split and moved closer to the sun on a different orbit is Earth and its moon. The Sumerians worshipped the inhabitants of the other planet, some of whom landed on earth and became “gods” using a superior technology that we can see traces of in Egyptian and Babyloninan steles.

    I know it sounds like a nutty tale – but it is not my tale. It is ancient.

    Notice how these saucers congregate around shuttle flights. They’re checking out our own technology.

  • maccam94, somehow I don’t think anything that can hover without wings or a descernable engine would have a problem with aerodynamics.

    I unfortunately have an extreemly slow dial up connection, it took me forever just to download the photos onto my blog.



  • Wow!

    Step away from your computer for a few hours and apparently all hell breaks loose…LOL…

    So I want to clarify my concern with Jet posting up his pictures. My concern was based on the fact that I consider Jet a friend, and I was concerned with his well being. Since the source of these pictures is military, I was simply concerned that Jet could be unwittingly (and quite innocently) posting up something that the military doesn’t want the world to see (particularly given the high quality of the pictures). My concern was that the military might not take too kindly to that.

    We don’t know what UFOs are. One poster here suggested that I think they are from space or something. I never suggested any such thing (although I’d include it as a possibility). It is equally possible that these are secret military craft. Hence my concern for Jet posting something that basically fell out of Air Force Dad’s attache case.

    Okay…now that said —

    Jet I think the cat is pretty much out of the bag.

    At this point, it is probably in your best interest just to leave the damn things up now. If you are going to go public — GO PUBLIC.

    Maybe we should call George Norry about this (and I’m only half-kidding here).

    If you’d like Jet, I’ll host the photos on my site as well. You can PM me about this through the BC group.

    What the F—?

    Lets run with it.

    Much more on this later.


  • I’ve just been informed that this article is off the bloody charts on Digg.

    We at over 500 Diggs and on the front page.

    Jet, keep the pictures up and let me host them as well.

    We have most definitely gone public.



  • Make that 656 Diggs and climbing —

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!


  • Jet,

    We need to talk buddy.

    These photos are freaking nuts (coulda done without the porn shot though — LOL)

    But the cats outta the bag here. The article is HUGE (656 Diggs and #4 on Google for “Chicago UFO”). At this point your best interest is just to keep them up. Weve gone public, like it or not.

    I actually would be willing (eager even) to put these on my blog as well (giving you full credit of course).

    PM me at the BC group when you can. This is just too nuts…



  • Glen, this is about your article, not my photos. I’m a little concerned that once these get out I could get into trouble so I’ve got to pull the plug, reluctantly, but I have to do it. I said I’d leave them up for an hour and I left them up a lot longer than I promised.

    I hope you understand.

    Your friend

  • Marcus

    I once saw a Discovery show on how the UFO:s became this public phenomenon. Not great but it had a few facts that checked out.

    According to this show, CIA employees were actually on the board on the major publicity seeking UFO-organization of the 50:s – 60:s. Some wikipedia checks did seem to confirm this, but not too many people seem to have been following up this lead. Too bad.

    My take on disc-shaped UFOs is that they are experimental propulsion aircraft. Nothing more, nothing less.

    A spool of metal-wire can lift when electrified, as far as I’ve understood it. This could be some variation of that.

    CIA tried a lot of things to get ahead in the cold war. This could be one.

    Regarding this incident: Maybe the CIA needed to reinforce it’s cover before some closer-to-ground-level-spying in Iran, hehe 😉

  • Glen the traffic is from your biline and description, no my photos. You’ve got a great article that doesn’t need my help.

    I hope you understand my friend.



  • Ben, I just UNPOSTED them. They’ve been on line for a total of 4 hours today.

    It takes too long to download them, and frankly I don’t need the trouble I could get into for posting them without permission.

  • Jet,

    I understand completely man. No worries. I gotta tell you though, with all of the traffic this article has generated I think the damage is already pretty much done as far as word getting out to anyone you could get in trouble with. You’ve already gone public, so at this point I think your best option is to be as public as you can.

    But I do understand. If the CIA or whoever was gonna come a knocking at your door (or mine for that matter), I think it’d have already happened by now. So you’re probably okay as far as that goes.

    Wow, this UFO stuff sure brings out the paranoia doesn’t it? LOL….


  • Richard

    Gee! Someone who knows how to be objective about the subject. What is wrong with you? Go back to get more Kool-Aid, you obviously haven’t had any for a while.

    Seriously though, I have also seen objects on three separate occasions that behaved outside the parameters of mainstream modern aviation technology. Two of those instances also involved nearby aircraft that were definitely of US origin.

    Assuming that they are piloted by small, fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri is doing the topic, and any useful information that can be derived from it, a great dis-service and will only prolong the skepticism.

    As for the O’Hare personnel, they should be commended for sticking their necks out and sticking to their guns about what they saw. I just wish someone had thought to take photos.

    Skeptics, read the Cometa Report, also search for UFO’s on YouTube and Google Video. The overwhelming volume of consistent reports over the past 60+ years alone indicates that there is no longer any question as to whether or not they are real.

    Watch the video clips for yourself, there is no more room for doubt – something we do not understand is sharing our airspace with us.

    French Govt. officials say so, the former Minister of Defence of Canada says so, as well as a whole host of former US Govt. officials. Please see Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project.

    Arguing whether or not UFO’s are real is a waste of time. The debate clearly must move on to why we are seeing them in our skies, are they a threat, what do they want, what is known about them, etc.

  • Not to mention the Brits and the Mexicans Richard. I agree with everything you have to say here. Well, except for one thing…

    You infer that my article indicates a belief on my part in the space alien hypothesis. Not true. Though I do think it is but one of many possibilities to be considered (the most likely other suspect being non-conventional, secret military craft).

    The fact is they are real. The question is what the hell are they? And why do people in power behave so strangely about this subject when they publically claim there is basically nothing to it.

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    Thanks for commenting Richard.


  • No problems Glen I’m glad I could help. I’ll think about it over night. It’ll be interesting to see how many copied the photos and how fast they’ll get on the web.

    Since there’s only one source for them (me) it’ll be interesting to watch.


    PS as of this moment you’re still the #1 read article on the right sidebar.

  • Richard

    Oh. Sorry about that. Inference not intended. Your blog certainly doesn’t say it either. Just a post for my fellow diggers.

    I added that part because skeptics seem to automatically jump to the conclusion that those of us who have seen some anomalous airborne objects think that we are seeing aliens.

    Such assertions are usually followed by X-Files/Twilight Zone music in the background while they go on to ridicule some average Joe who has simply seen something very much out of the ordinary.

    I agree with your assessment and I hope that most people do maintain that degree of objectivity.

    We could be talking about:

    1.)Small fuzzy creatures from Alpha Centauri

    2.)Black Budget military craft

    3.)Travelers from Past or Future

    4.)Travelers from Parallel dimensions


    6.)All or some of the above

    7.)None of the above

    The truth is that if a small green guy with big eyes walks up to you and says, “Hi, my name is Leonard Nimoy and I’m from Zeta Reticuli.”, how can we know that he is telling the truth? Off hand we can’t. Not unless he is willing to take a ride with a CNN camera crew in tow.

  • fbi


  • fbi, I’ve posted them twice. a couple of hours both times. If you missed it that’s not my fault.

    As for being afraid, the source of the images may or may not be military. Put yourself in my shoes.

  • Richard

    Oops. Your blog entry is still on pg1 of Digg and I posted comment #127. Tee Hee. Oh well! Hope I didn’t close the thread. Whatever. Some people’s kids. /grins and shakes head

    I’d love to see the pics you have too, but I also think you have reason enough not to re-post. We’re at war, for better or worse, and nobody wants a knock at the door. Not paranoid, just practical.

    The only way the critics will ever take this subject seriously will be when enough people, big and small, start opening up about it.

  • Richard

    Scratch that – pg1 of digg/worldnews

  • Thanx for the heads up Richard. Still Page 1 on Digg World News huh? Awesome.

    I’ve actually been trying to get another article/project for BC started this weekend (a feature column for the music section), but this damned UFO story has really kept me busy. You wouldn’t believe the e-mail I’m getting.

    So I’m gonna make one last stab at starting my “other” project. Hopefully, this cools down a bit during the wee hours. Aw, hell — who am I kidding? I love how well this article has been received.

    Jet —

    Again, understand your position completely. But my offer to host your photos on my personal blog remains open. The genie is out of the bottle now Jet. I still feel your best option is just say screw it and go public. Since quite a few folks have already seen the photos, the more “visible” you are with this, the less likely the damage if you know what I mean. I’m glad you are giving it some thought.

    I really appreciate all the comments everyone.

    Oh, and Go Seahawks (just got back from the game, sorry…)


  • tony romo


  • I think Tony Romo had too much barbeque sauce on his hands. That finish was definitely a comedy of errors –LOL.

    The Hawks got REAL lucky tonight. But a win is still a win. As for the hapless Mr. Romo, he may not be seeing UFOs on the plane ride home tonight, but he may be seeing stars after the flogging his fellow players may have in store.

    Thanx for the comment, umm…Tony.


  • Great job Glen! I’ve always felt that it’s likely both arrogant and short-sided to believe that Earth is the only planet inhabited by intelligent beings. That said, I’m powerfully at a loss to voice an opinion about whether or not we’ve been “visited” at some point.

    The logical side of myself asks this: what are the odds that one of the many thousands of reported UFO sightings is something other than a weather balloon or natural reflections off the cosmos or whatever?

  • Well thanks Eric. it’s a subject I’ve been interested in ever since I was a little kid (as I mentioned in the article) when I had my own sighting. I had no idea this article would touch the nerve that it apparently has though. I half-expected a huge response the last time I had this type of apparent “home-run” article (Howard Stern last fall), but this has really caught me off-guard. Just amazing.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting and hopefully a few of these folks will also check out my new music column. That is assuming I can ever get around to actually this weekend (e-mail has been ongoing for over 34 hours now).


  • Bad typos in that last post. Meant to say 24 hours. Also meant to say “assuming I ever get around to actually starting” my music column.

    Time for some coffee. Gonna be a long night I think.


  • Aussie Orb

    I don’t blame Jet you for being a bit worried about having sensative material like you have. If this duane character is the real deal i think he would only be worried about the breach of security not the images because of the abundance of photos all over the web that can easily be dismissed as a photoshop edited image.
    I was recently watched an interesting video on Youtube.com titled “The man that killed 2 alien greys”. I highly reccomend anyone reading this blog to watch this video and read more about Phillip Schneider who was a geo structual engineer and worked for your government building secret underground military bases.
    Also any sceptics who want some proof of US government coverup and black oeperations concerning UFO’s and aliens watch ” The Discloser Project” on youtube which has ex military officers in front of the national press club in 2001 pre 9/11, stating what they know about UFO’s and aliens.
    Good work Glen keep it up!

  • I would like to see the pics as well Jet if you would be so kind as to post them.


  • Dawn

    I believe that there are things out there that we cannot understand or are too beyond us to comprehend. Thanks for sharing your insight Glen – very interesting.

  • ALL RIGHT-OKAY!!! I just got home. I tell you what I’ll post them, but you all have to agree to pray for me after the NSA or someone comes and arrests me.

    Or at least offer to get a collection together and put up bail!

    I know there are a few more images somewhere on his hard drive, I just have to dig them up.

    Give me about an hour to find them load them onto the server and then put them on my URL. I’d say probably about 3:30 depending.

    I’m not sure of the source of these-they appear to be military. Some are historical and one set is confiscated from a male nude photo session during a police raid in 1954.

    You asked for it.


  • sr

    Read this on the AP that ufo,s are just giant filled helium tits which have escaped their owners and are now flying around the atmosphere. What say you?

  • sr,

    I think you are attempting to give a whole new meaning to the phrase “flying fuck.” something that’ll be out of this world…

  • Okay, they’re posted, I’ll wait till this evening before deciding whether to take them back down or not.

    If I do, I don’t want to hear any bitching, this will be the third time I’ve chanced posting them.

    Click my URL

  • There’s a total of about 15 images

  • Nice, Jet. And thanks for sharing!

  • Rob

    Hey Jet, thanks for reposting! Although, am I doing something wrong? I clicked your URL and I don’t see the photos.

  • Works fine for me Rob, maybe you’ve got a slow dial up like me? Anyone else having trouble?

    Click here for a direct link to the article and photos.

    I just tested the above and it works too if you’re having trouble.

    I thought Glen was hosting this article?

  • John

    Thanks Jet! Interesting photos. I’m interested in the stories that go along the photos. How were they linked to them?

    To Rob: Maybe it’s just your browser’s cache that causes a problem.

  • Rob

    Hey Jet. I’m on broadband, but nevertheless, it’s working now anyway. Those new pics you posted are pretty eery man. Really eery.

    Thanks alot for posting them Jet.

  • I got the link, and the pics just fine , Jet. I am very interested in where the hard drive came from, would be a great story. If you don’t want to publish it, I’d understand,but if you would like to share the info, or “back up” any of those files, my e-mail is underscore between first and last names (the name you grew to know me by), at hotmail.

    Shout me anytime.

  • More photos than my last look Jet. Again, at this point you may as well as just leave em’ up there cause I think the Genie is pretty much out of the bottle now.

    Is there anything we can do about “porn dude” though? –LOL–

    thanx (on behalf of all those inquiring minds who want to know), for reposting.


  • Jet,

    The offer was to post the photos on my personal site The World Wide Glen

    And the offer still stands. Just waiting for the OK from you and some URLs or a pony of reference to link them.

    Yeah, I want to host them. PM me at the BC group and we’ll work out the details.


  • Sorry but the “Porn Dude” is one of the best of the lot in terms of the UFO that’s pictured. Since you’ve mentioned it several times, I didn’t post it to agravate you or anyone else, but to crop him out and just have the UFO on a blank page would look silly.

    You’d be surprised how many thousands of x-rated UFO photos and movies there are, because those crews are always outside with a camera in hand.

    His name is Bud Counts and the photos were re-published later without the UFO.

    I’d rather keep them with me for now. I’ll consider it later.


  • OK Jet. I can understand if you want to keep them with you. But if I were you, I would just leave them up on your site at this point. The damage (if indeed there was ant, which at this point I’d have to say is unlikely) is pretty much done.

    As for “Porn Dude,” I just find that humorous more than anything else. Look at the aliens check out the naked guy ya’ know? LOL…


  • At this point I’m sure there are several mirrors of these photos already.

  • And they’re still cute.

  • Phillip, is it me, or are the left and right sidebars gone and the page taking twice as long to load???

  • STM

    “Just checked out the photos on your web-site. I have a nasty feeling I know who these dudes are. If they are who I think they are we should be looking very hard with telescopes of all kinds for a rather large planet in the far distance way past the sun, but not quite a third of the way to Alpha Centauri …”

    Klingons …

  • I’ve been essentially telling Jet the same thing Phillip. Genie’s out of the bottle so ya might as well just run with it.


  • Dr. Caalebis

    My research confines the so called UFO Parauvortexsation only in that shallow and small demention. Although parts can be viewed. For proper visual interp and rendendition check onto VIMAX/CONTROL FOR HUMANOIDS.


  • Hey Jet you think your web site is helping you with your pro gay ajenda? The photos you have were probably doctored by you. Odd you have so many good photos– It seems to me you probably made em up to promote your political ajenda.

  • Big dog, that you would think I doctored UFO photos to turn everyone gay was to be expected.

    I can relax now.

    Thank you

  • Putting words in my mouth doesn’t help your cause. I said your photos were probably doctored. You obviously are using them to attract people to your site which obviously has alot of text and other unrelated photos underneith them. What is the main message of the text below the pictures other than a political ajenda you have or is it Ufo related? Sorry to state the obvious.

  • duane

    Gays are going pro?

    And what the hell is an ‘ajenda’? Is that Spanish?

  • Try reading instead of spouting dimwitted nonsense.

    Oh wait, dogs don’t read, my bad.

  • Would you mind explaining how the text doesn’t go with the photos? it’s taken from the accompanying reports and I defy you to find one political statement in the entire article?

    By the way it’s agenda.

  • And that, ladles and jellyspoons, is an all-star triple play!

  • Let me understand something here. Big Dog thinks I invaded this article to push my gay agenda???

    I was invited several times not only by the author but by several posters!!!!!!

    I can’t defend the photos because I don’t know where they came from… they sure’s hell look genuine to me.

    it’s a moot point I’ll be taking them down soon anyway.

  • Actually I think the pitcher walked him because he wasn’t worth bothering with.

  • Hahahaha Now I have actually taken the time to read the whole anti God, Anti Christian, Anti Moral rant. Hahhahah now I know you faked the photos to get attention to your web site. Very Christphobic. Godphobic. Religious people are going to do what? hahahahaha Can someone else read the article and not just look at the photos before he changes it. Hahahahahha

  • Unbelievable

  • IgnatiusReilly

    “Big dog, that you would think I doctored UFO photos to turn everyone gay was to be expected.”

    Jet, he had to blame his feelings on something.

  • His “special feelings”?

  • The picture of the naked guy with a UFO in the background probably got him horny and he had unholy thoughts.

    I’m still looking for any mention of being against gone or a political agenda in theat article?

  • Jet,

    I’m sorry to see that some jackass chose to attack you over this. Probably to be expected though –the combination of UFOs and the Internet was bound to bring out some of the loony tunes.

    Anyway just for the record here, as the author of this piece, I totally wwelcome your input. And the whole photos thing just added to what I had already wrote.

    Now hopefully we can just get back on point.


  • you mean there are still people out there that don’t know that the US government has aliens on their payroll?

  • duane

    Fine with me, as long as they’re legal.

  • Glen, I’ve experienced a glitch while trying to post an additional UFO photo and inadvertantly deleted the article. I’ll repost it again, but it might not be until later this afternoon.

    My father had quite a collection but they’re scattered all over his hard drive and he seems to have just filed them helterskelter as he got them and their not named “UFO” so it’s tough searching for them without going through every .jpg and .bmp and .AFU on the whole thing.

    Be patient.

  • Oh no, Jet!

    Keep your eyes peeled for Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura driving up in a silent black car wearing black leather trenchcoats and hats.

    It’s all swamp gas,that’s what you tell them.

  • snk


    Did anyone save the photos?
    Once again, i missed it! 🙁

  • All right, the UFOs are back on line- WARNING-According to Big Dog’s comment viewing these photos will grow hair on the back of your hands, turn you into an anti-christian heathen, turn you instantly into a democrat/communist and make you have homosexual thoughts!

    Oh and something about an “ajenda”

    Just click on my URL.


  • Allen in Chicago

    Jimmy Carter said in a 1980’s television interview that there are entities visiting Earth. From that day forward he has declined to comment further when questioned.

    When I was stationed in Spain, our radar would track “UFO’s” so frequently that it became a normal part of daily business. They intentionally steer clear of aircraft, so there was no alarm. I was freaked out by it a first, but quickly accepted them as normal bogies like everyone else after a few days.

    It’s amazing that in a government that famous for leaks, they’re doing such a darn good job of keeping their lips sealed until death about the alien visitations. Think about it. The implications to society would be earth-shaking, in both good and bad ways. Particulary if the ultimate goal of the visitors is unknown. I think that is the reason why those in the know will not come forward, or leak info.

  • Glen, I went ahead and added that additional image that was causing all the trouble, which is probably one of the most unique UFO photos of all time.

    Because it isn’t there.

    A military jet on a training mission has a shadow of a disc on its wing, but no disc! It happened several times before someone had the presence of mind to grab a camera.

  • Rufus Brown

    They did a good job hiding the JFK Assassination, and most of the United State’s military history, as well as their continuous efforts to keep African Americans in poverty. The point is, they let leak what they want to let leak.

  • Rufus, I’d agree with you but the images at my URL weren’t intentionally leaked… until now any way.

  • Jet cautions, “WARNING-According to Big Dog’s comment viewing these photos will grow hair on the back of your hands, turn you into an anti-Christian heathen, turn you instantly into a democrat/communist and make you have homosexual thoughts!”

    Given that I already have hair on the back of my hands, never was or will be a Christian, and already am a syndicalist socialist, I think Big Dog’s warnings can be taken safely in stride. As for the homosexual thoughts, I’m just too old for that kind of stuff…

    Now I gotta figure out how to save those photos on MY computer!!

  • sr

    Jet. Trust you will watch the game tonight. Im checking out all the pre-game coverage. Good luck and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGATORS. Have wine, rum, lemon chicken, yellow squash and raw oysters. What does this have to do with UFO,S. Not a thing. sr

  • Well I’m certainly glad you shared that with us sr.

  • duane

    Mr. Jet.

    It’s Monday, 8 January. Forget something?

  • Clavos

    Ruvy sez,

    Now I gotta figure out how to save those photos on MY computer!!

    First create and name a folder for them, so you can find ’em later.

    Then, right-click on each (one by one), choose “save image as”, navigate to the folder you just made, and put the image in it. Go to the next one, etc., etc.

  • Clavos

    The University of Florida Gators:


  • sr

    Jet. The Florida Gators proved tonight that the Ohio buckeyes were a fraud. Sorry pal. sr

  • Ewh, ohhhh, ya got me. Oh the pain the pain.

    slumps, to floor.


  • I’ve been sitting here in the middle of the night trying to figure out why the airforce had so many photos of naked guys with UFOs in them, but no women (that I’ve been able to find so far) and it dawned on me that cops would consider it a crime for gay photos of men in the 1930s 40s and 50s and either overlook or keep photos of women in them.

    I’ve been looking for them so you straight guys would have something to drool over too, but so far no luck… I’ll keep looking and will post any that I find.


  • Glen re: comment 147, I think Duane wants his blackmail money. Willing to chip in?

    I SWEAR I thought you were hosting this article?

  • Tell ya what Jet.

    NormallY I wouldn’t be up this late on a week night (although I’m a regular night owl on the weekends, which is when I usually put my articles up). Only reason I am up so late is cause I just got home from a great My Morning Jacket show.

    But heres the thing.

    I think your photos are pretty amazing. I was a little concerned for you because of their source (military, and “unauthorized” I would certainly assume for obvious reasons). But i think that concern is moot at this point. If they cared, you’d have known by now (as would I no doubt).

    But I think they definitely gave a lot of traction to this article, and for that I thank you. As for the “gay-porn dude”, well I guess I just found that part more humotous than anything else. And I certainly never thought it was some attempt by you to forward an “ajenda” (misspelling intentional) as others may have thought.

    Not my cup of Joe to be aure, but I understand the inclusion when put in context.

    My “offer” was to host the photos on my personal blog. And again, that offer still stands. I don’t think that Blogcritics gives me the authority to host then here–although i’ve little doubt you could do so yoursdelf just by posting up your own article (which actually might not be a bad idea).

    All I was doing with my article was offering up my little commenatary on the Chicago UFO sightings. I actually had no clue it would get near this much attention (I actually wish my “Rockologist” column was getting this type of notice as that’s the one I kind of have a long term plan in mind for).

    Anyway, if you’d like to host your pictures on the World Wide Glen I’d love to.

    If not, no worries.

    I just got home from seeing My Morning Jacket. They kicked ass. And I’m going to bed now.


  • Glen,
    As for you hosting the UFO photos… I’ve studied them closely and can find no signs of it, but for all I know they were faked by some kid with a computer for the amusement of my father as were the stories behind them. Because of that, I can’t allow you to make a fool of yourself on my account, so I’m holding on to the responsibility for them for now.

    As for my constantly ranting “I thought Glen was hosting this article!”, I remember how pissed I was when your Neil Young article was taken over on you, and I began feeling guilty that maybe I was doing the same thing. This is your work and I never wanted to steal your spotlight.

    I provided the photos only after several requests, but I never meant to “hijack” this article in any way my friend.

    Another problem is that as I’m discovering images, now that I’m actually looking for them instead of stumbling on to them, images that I thought were one of a kind appear to be sets in some cases and I’m daily adding more photos to the collection.

    It wouldn’t be fair to constantly be asking you to update them, so I’m doing it on my own blog instead.


  • Blogger is down for maintenance, they went down just as I’d corrected one of the images after finding another in the set, so now two photos are squawshed together until they fix whatever and allow me to edit. I also found three more photos of the exact same jet a few months later with a completely different crew that encounterd another disc.

    Will post if blogger ever gets done.

    You’d think they’d do it in the middle of the night like everyone else?


  • duane

    Interesting that UFOs seem to be attracted to naked guys. Hmmm… what to make of this?

    Hard cigar-shaped objects, naked guys … nah … nevermind.

    A planet run by well-manicured warrior-dominatrix type women with large breasts, pointy-toed boots, lipstick, and tight spacesuits who keep men for sex slaves?

    Nah, that was some stupid movie …

    I can’t figure it out.

  • I’ve posted four new images just this minute…
    No naked guys. I found four additional photos of the shadow incodent.

    Blogger’s been having touble of late and you may have to refresh the page before seeing the new images.

    Duane as I’ve explained who would be more likely to be outside with a camera in case a UFO happened by than a pornographer taking photos? Since the female ones were probably kept as souvenirs after the police raids in the 30s 40s and 50s when that sort of thing was illegal, the only ones sent on were the male ones.


  • Duane, we’re going to have to have a talk about those fantasies of yours… this has been a recorded announcement

  • duane

    Just Joshin Jet.

  • duane

    Oh, that looks bad. My #160 is in response to your #158.

    In response to your #159, I say, “Well, Dr. Jet, it all began when, at age 7, I snuck into Mrs. Jenkins house next door, and heard some loud groaning sounds coming from one of the back rooms. I wondered what it was, so crept along the hallway, to one of the bedrooms, from which all kinds of loud noises were coming, not just voices, but a loud metallic clanging sound. Well, I peaked around the corner, and I almost screamed out loud when I saw Mrs. Jenkins and my

    Ooops, gotta run.

  • Oh dear, poor duane. I lied anyway, there’s a group of 31 soldiers from world war II standing in a group with a fleet of UFOs behind them.

  • Boy you guys sure know how to keep a thread alive dont ya? LOL —

    Jet, I’m glad you brought up the problem with Blogger cause I’ve been having trouble there too this week and was wondering if it was just me. Its reassuring to know at least that the problems might be sight-wide.

    Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out soon so we can look at some more of your pics.


  • sr

    Glen. Speak of keeping a thread alive. The miracle of Fatima could extend to the end of time. It,s like that commerial Head On. sr

  • Jet,

    One last comment on your photos:

    The thought of course crossed my mind (for obvious reasons) that they could have been faked.

    Had I hosted them I would have insisted on a disclaimer where I take no responsibity as to their authenticity. Remarkable as some of them appear on the surface, I actually think the probablity of them being possible fakes is quite high–at least as much so as them being legit military photos. If they were, it wouldn’t be your fault of course. You are simply the guy who “found” them. But the bottom line is we really don’t know do we?

    Anyway, I think you made a good call just going with this on your own blog. And I wish you good luck with it.


  • Just got a look at the new ones Jet. Very nice (MORE naked guys though? Like one was not enough? LOL…)

    Some of the pictures are really interesting looking. That cigar shaped thing is really big for one thing (and no, I’m not referring to any of the naked guys).

    Again, I feel caution is justified on these (and I just now noticed you have your own disclaimer up — smart move). But the images sure do look cool.

    Nice find for sure Jet — whatever the hell these really are.


  • One point that convinced me… who the hell fakes photos and provides the negatives for examination?

  • Okay, I’ve pretty much explained that the reason that certain photos were posted was because they’d never been seen before.

    Since I’ve succeeded in offending so many, I’ll be pulling the images permanently at 1:AM tonight.

    My only purpuse was to show some UFO photo that the general public has never seen before.

  • duane

    Oh, now what? No one is offended. Keep ’em up.

  • Jet,

    Now what in the hell brought this on?

    If it is what I said in the post above, I dont understand at all. As to the possibility of the pics being fakes, I am simply agreeing with what you already stated is a possibility (you gave that as a reason, one of many you were going to host them yourself). So I agree. It is a possibilty. Next?

    I even stated that if that did prove to be the case, it would not be your fault (since you only “found” them).

    The only other thing I can figure is maybe the quip about MORE naked guys, which was clearly made in fun.

    Lighten up Jet. Everything’s okay here. Honest.

    What you do with the pics is of course your business. But if it is because of something I said, you are clearly reading it way out of its proper context.

    Peace dude.


  • Well Duane it’s just that it’s a pain going through 3000+ .jpgs looking for images only to be bitched at because they have naked guys in them.

    It would be a shame to have wasted all that time and I’m the only one to see them.

    Tell you what, I’ll leave them up a few more days and post the new ones as I find them, but no more cracks about agendas or trying to recruit blogcritics into becoming fags.

  • Trust me Glen I’m trying to find naked women for you, but there simply haven’t been any so for.

    As for the quality of the images, frankly I could do better without even trying, which leads me to believe they’re real.

    Things are tough for me right now, and I’m a little over sensitive.

    Check every so often, and as I find them, I’ll post them.

    Duane I’m still trying to find that McDonalds…

  • Okay good Jet. That makes me feel better. You’re the last guy whose feelings I’d want to hurt here okay?

    Just understand I can have a bizarre sense of humor okay? The “dudes” don’t offend me. Like I said, I find them more humorous than anything else. That, and I couldn’t resist a crack about a “big cigar” — LOL.

    As to the authenticity of the pictures? I couldn’t really say. I know for sure that you did not fake them, and wouldn’t think to accuse you of that. But the bottom line is we dont really know what they are do we?

    That said, I do think, as I’ve already said, that they look pretty damn cool.

    My vote is keep them up on your site. And to keep them coming if you find more.


    P.S. And to double your efforts at locating naked women in any of them — LOL

  • duane

    Jet, I think it was just one crank caller acting offended by the naked guys. Everyone else is just kidding around. Buck up.

    Glen, you owe me a royalty check for the big cigar comment (#157).

    And I second your P.S.

    God knows there aren’t enough pictures of nekkid women on the internet.

  • Jet, add my vote of confidence in you, and my thanks for sharing all this with us.

    Anybody really gives you any grief about all this, and they can answer to the likes of me and we all know how much of a shitstorm I can bring when the mood strikes.

  • As soon as I get my first check off this article Duane (which wont be anytime soon I assure you), you’ve got your cut.


  • What about me Glen?

  • What about you? Well I suppose I should sign the damned thing over I guess. Of course 100% of nothing still equals nothing right?


    P.S. nice to see your spirits back up though Jet. Ya’ had me worried for a minute there yesterday :>)

  • MAOZ

    Jet #152, “…naked guys with UFOs in them…”?? I would have expected maybe “UFOs with naked guys in them”.

    Just kidding, just kidding; I know that quotation is snipped out of context.

    “The spring is sprung, the grass is riz,
    I wonder where dem boidies is.
    ‘Da little boids is on da wing’ —
    Ain’t dat absoid?
    Da little wings is on da boids!”

  • Asisde from that MOAZ, what did you think of Glen’s article?

  • Nancy

    Interesting article, this. I can well understand anybody in positions involving publicity being reluctant to comment on UFOs or any similar subjects (such as purported ghosts or unknown fauna like Bigfoot); it obviously takes quite a bit to goad them into finally saying something on record. And it IS a salient question, why the government and/or its reps spend so much time denying things that have been caught on tape or witnessed by far too many credible people. If anything, that seems self-defeating to me.

    Jet – ignore BD; some people are just assholes, as you are well aware with JOM. Hope you’re feeling OK, BTW. How are your eyes doing? Are the new meds helping any? In any event, don’t worry about the MPs showing up on your doorstep over unauthorized showing of military photos; Dick Cheney & Dubya have already doubtless been into your mail on the grounds you’re a dangerous subversive, as they have mine, & we’re both on the NSA ‘To Slip On A Bar Of Soap’ list I have no doubt.

    Pretty sneaky of you to put those photos on this site just to push your anti-christian, anti-american, gay/lesbian agenda, btw. Who’da thunk you subversive gays could be that innovative with some photos?

  • TVI

    Glen. When I lived with the Hoppa they told a tail about a creature called Aohmaha. Being close to Missouri they spoke of Momo, the creature of the forest and woodlands. Was told they came from the sky and they would take me into a part of forest where Momo and Aohmaha dwelled. The Momo females although very hairy I found attractive. Shorter then the males and less stinkey I understood their language. Thats when I met Mamasema. We married with the bigfoot tradition of the Momo,s throwing rocks. We now have many children and grandchildren. In 2009 a spacecraft will take us to Imofolic. Have not clue where thats at, however Ive been told it looks like a trailer park and Elvis lives their. Will try to comment at a later date.

  • duane

    That almost sounds a tad bit skeptical.

  • sr

    Duane, no shit.

  • Careful Nancy, I might turn you into a lesbian if you keep talking like that!

  • sr

    Jet. Interesting comment from #182. What say you sir.

  • I seem to remember a whole group of people that killed themselves because they were convinced that a comet was bring a spacecraft to take them to the stars. That’s my reaction.

    Did you see the new photos sr?

  • Nancy

    Graffiti on a college campus wall:
    My mother made me a homosexual
    Underneath, the response:
    If I get her the yarn, will she make me one, too?

  • Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy where did we fail you?

  • Nancy

    I stand w/Dave & Libertarianism on this: I take responsibility for my own failures, but thanx for offering.

    Actually, as a knitting addict, I thought it was pretty funny.

  • ……….uh huh

  • Glen, I found another set of 4 UFO images as I comb through his private collection. They’re very old and when I tried to enhance them so they could be seen better it only made it worse so I settled for simply circling them.

    Its a group of 5 “Clouds” that danced around each other and it appears to be from the early 1900s

    Just click on my url

  • sr

    Jet. Saw the new photos and the image of Fatima on a salami sandwich was quite recognizable.

  • Thanks sr, I knew that if anyone would see it it’d be you!

  • Interesting and entertaining thread – I found it through Google while looking into the Chicago UFO sightings.

    However, the talk here of the UFO pictures is asinine, really. I don’t know this Jet character, and I suspect none of you do, either. His claims that he doesn’t want to post them seem to simply be to increase interest (I’d guess). The photos are too small and too grainy to tell much more than “there’s a grainy saucer” there. The description which acompanies many of them is improbable and contrived (for instance, the same plane from the same exact angle, same cloud cover – but different shadow and different crew).

    I should also note that most of the images look of similar quality as his other (admitted) photoshop job on the blimp. The saucers, while potentially real in the photos, could have been digitally manipulated by a fairly rank amateur (such as myself) to the available level of quality (ie just barely high enough quality to be distinguishable as saucers).

    BACK ON TOPIC: I should note that I mostly agree with the original poster (ie Glen). I’ve never seen anything myself, but I’ve got credible friends who are very ‘no nonsense’ who claim to have seen UFOs. I’ve seen all the videos and

    I think it could be any number of things, but my opinion and guess as to what they are is this: some are ET (mainly the ‘military’ ones that we civies only hear rumours about), some (the majority seen by civilians) are the result of terrestrial ‘black’ projects. The black projects are the culmination of 60+ years of secret experimentation in saucer-shaped craft dating back to Nazi Germany (google for ‘nazi ufo facility’ and search around): they had a large underground facility with a circular pillar launch pad/dock of some sort up in the mountains; the scientists who survived the facility (which supposedly caused odd sickness and death in many of the workers) largely came to work for the United States.

    Interesting that it seems like the design of the saucer photos found – the legit ones that were not manipulated and were determined to not be hoaxes, as best as experts could tell – progressed over the years from something which now looks ‘cheesy’ to something which looks quite modern by today’s standards. Also interesting how the saucers of the bygone eras could be detected – even if only for a moment – on radar, but the ones seen today can not be (or, at least, they can only be detected seemingly at the whim of the pilot) and the ones today can’t.

  • Thank you posting Mr. Caimlas. And I have to agree, this thread has taken both some interesting and some entertaining turns since I first posted this article last week. Anyway, I found your comments most “interesting”, so maybe things will start to move back in that direction.

    Since you more or less asked about who “Jet” is, he is a regular contributor here to the site, and (in my experience anyway at least) a generally very sincere and nice sort of chap.

    Which leads me to believe that he wouldn’t do anything like try to fake his photos. Because he then knows that I of course would have to kill him (easy Mr. Jet, I’m just kidding).

    So I take him at his word when he relates how he more or less “happened” across these —

    As I’ve already stated though (and actually as Jet more or less reiterates in his site’s disclaimer), we really don’t know what these represent, where they really come from, or what they are. So if you choose to follow Jet’s link (which it sounds like you already did), you’ll just have to be judge of that yourself.

    Anyway thanks again for chiming Mr. Caimlas. And welcome to BC’s own loony bin…


  • John

    Caimlas #195: The description which acompanies many of them is improbable and contrived (for instance, the same plane from the same exact angle, same cloud cover – but different shadow and different crew).

    I think the particular description points to the other set of plane photos (to the ones that have been taken from the front of the plane). It might help, if the texts and the photos were grouped together more clearly…

  • Caimlas I’m so glad you enjoyed Glen’s article.
    Apparently you read everything about my UFO photos except the first paragraph… Good for you!

    I’ve rearranged the captions so they’re a little more understandable. They were culled from the notes that accompanied each photo.

    I could enhance, correct and make each one look more realistic, but then they would be faked. I could write my own captions to be more sensible, but then they’d be fake too.

    They were presented as a find from an unknown source on a computer that used to be owned by a retired air force officer.

    they are what they are.

    As for faking anything, that’d make Glen’s great article here have less credibility, and I won’t allow that.

    Judge the artile above and my presented photos separately.

    If you want crystal clear images, I suggest you watch any science fiction TV show or log onto the web. I can create them for you, but there are already so many.


  • Glen, thank you for your words. What do they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions?

    I’ve found a few more images, but I’ll hold off until I can find a few that are “crystal clear” for you.

    The images were never meant to distract from your article they were meant to augment them. That is the one and only reason I posted them.

    But of course you know that.


  • John I’ve moved the captions to beneath the photos. I’d originally text wrapped them around them but too many people e-mailed to tell me that it didn’t work on their little monitors at 800×600 so I moved them incorrectly to above instead of below each image.

    I’ve got a 20″ monitor so it’s presented a little differently.

    thanks for your words.

    The images are what they are.

    Like I’ve stated before, why would I provide the negatives along with the images if I were faking something?


  • Jet wrote:
    The images were never meant to distract from your article they were meant to augment them. That is the one and only reason I posted them.

    But of course you know that.

    Never in doubt Jet. Not for a minute.

  • Thanks Glen

  • Logan

    Hey i have a picture of a UFO i sent to two new channels two days ago. I have heard nothing from them.

    What i will tell you is the camera that took the picture is a Federal one placed in Yosemite vally to take a live picture every hour. Thsi time the UFO was ibn the way and THEY “dont save the pictures” but i did.

    This will be the most popular “REAL” UFo picture ever!!

  • sounds interesting Logan, you should post them somewhere and let us know. To see mine just click my URL


  • sr

    Jet my friend, how are you doing and whats the status of your health? Would you like me to nuke anything for you? Just let me know amigo. sr

  • Thanks just the same sr

  • sr


  • ss

    fuck you all ufos and aliens are real!!

  • Jim Filippi



  • mrbluealien

    Hello all,

    After searching for the ” chicago UFO sightings” I came across this article and tread. (which seems to have expired) I found the article informative and well written. THanx Glen.

    As for the actual November 7th sighting, I found it interesting that the craft shot upward leaving a ” hole in the sky”. If this is true, the craft was traveling as mass. I bring this up because in order to travel trough space/time I think ( this is me here) that it would be necissary to travel as energy, such as light. When light passes through a cloud it doesn’t leave a hole does it?

    Really the question is how do these UFO’s fly. Even it they do travel through space as non-matter, they must change into real matter as we see them.Anybody?

    PS wish I could have seen those photos!

  • Jim Filippi

    One theory is magnetic fusion.


  • Billy Bob

    Prior to my alien abduction from the trailer park I always wondered what the propulsion method was used by alien spacecraft. They told me about the flux capacitor and dilithium crystals putting them into position for M2P2 flight. Believe it or not, Elvis was the pilot. As we ascended to planet Melbatoast I felt A whole lotta shakin goin on. The women on board were beautiful and looked like Anna Nicole Smith. This is a true story.

  • Jim Filippi


  • Janet

    Forget for a moment if UFO’s are real, let’s look at the recent explanations for recent sightings. The one I love most is a Russian test missle entering earths atmosphere over the Mid-West. Now gee guy and gals if a Russian test missle was seen over parts of the Mid-West wouldn’t our fabulous leader being sending troops over there? Janet

  • Jim Filippi


    It was not a missle,it was an old satellite that fell back to earth and burned.


  • Jim Filippi

    River rocks from planet earth

  • Right, one theory is magnetic fusion.

  • Fantastic article, keep asking questions and your eyes to the sky. For the latest breaking news related to Ufology, check out TheObjectReport.com Help us spread the word, we’re doing our part to fight the good fight as well!

  • eriekat

    i don’t know what the hell a url is but I live in chicago and i have a back deck where i was sitting one night with my girlfriend. I told her my friend who use to work for the airlines said I had great airplaine watching from this deck and she laughed. I said to her I guess people really like to watch airplanes fly into O’hare. I never understood that and thought it was funny. Than I see this probe. a circle like object illuminated fly up into the sky. I looked at here and said well now, what is that, my goodness. She said to me, it’s probally a balloon. But when do balloon’s illuminate at night and fly as high or higher than airplains in circular form and go up and move to the east? So i just recently found out about this ohare thing and it makes sence to my observance now!!!! I have proof that I made this observance before this story even broke and now it reconfirms my own personal observance.

  • Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short! (ie: very late in finding this article!)
    I did a news Google search on UFO’s tonight and because of Eriekat’s latest post it brought me to this outstanding article Glen wrote. I was able to read more about the O’Hare Sighting – the sighting many now believe has been “swept under the rug”.

    Kudos to you Glen for writing a terrific article. I only wish I had come on board sooner to comment on it. Here we are, now over a year later and still nothing more on the O’Hare Sighting other than the very thorough detailed NARCAP report.

    Something was obviously seen, but “someone” or many are holding back the authentic videos and/or pics of this incident for whatever reason. I suspect the government is in on this along in bed with the mainstream Media of course. After all, they FEED the “sheeple” to you know, lead us in to a war based on false pretenses and such.. (sorry for the rambling)

    We’ve seen a few things over my way here in Oregon. I’ve tried to tape a few of them, and I constantly struggle to “rationalize” what I’ve seen: Are these “OURS” (wouldn’t surprise me with the current Admin in the White House) or are they from “elsewhere out there” or BOTH?

    Jet, I would have loved to see your pics. I often try to find if there’s something similar out there that look like what I’ve seen.

    Anyway, I hope we find out the truth about the O’Hare sighting. Obviously SOMETHING was seen Nov 7 2006. The O’Hare sighting will be another “Roswell” or “Phoenix Lights” event that will be remembered (while some hope we forget) but we’ll never know what really took place.

  • Jim Filippi

    I recently spoke and interviewed David Adair. Although many people don’t believe his story, I think there just may be some truth (if not all of it) to his event at Area 51 in the 70’s.
    One must keep an open mind and do the research…then make a decision on what you think is the truth.

    Jim Filippi