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About a Boy: Astrology-based Advice

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heartHello Elsa,

This fall, one of my guy friends is starting college… the same college where I’m an upcoming junior. We went to high school together, and I took him to my senior prom on a whim – but just as friends. I sort of developed some feelings for him after that, but didn’t consider pursuing anything since I was leaving for college.

Now he’s headed to the same school as me. We haven’t stayed in contact that much, but we’ve seen each other on occasion. I am wondering, should I make a move? Or would it would be better to let him experience his first year at school… and let things happen if they happen?

Sign me,

Dear Smitten,

This is so sweet. This is one of the sweetest letters ever. Because you obviously have great feelings for this guy, but you are so considerate you are willing to give him a year to… I don’t know what!!

Well, lemme tell you something about men. Most of them like women!! Especially totally sweet, caring women like you. And you’re interesting too! Know how I know that? Because you took him to the prom!!! Good luck to him, trying to find someone better than you! You’re the kind of woman men remember forever.

But to answer your question – yes absolutely. Make your move, hon. Get that man! Snap him up before some other gal gets any damned ideas, okay? The time to live your life is now!

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